Taylor Jo Doherty.

I will miss her MORE then any of you know.

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Автор DaddyCooL009 ( назад)
she shot her self and she was abisexual? and u r hoping she rest in peace ?
yeah my ass

Автор TatianaSword ( назад)
I have her head in my fish tank

Автор bearstarnj ( назад)
i came across this video makes me cry i lost my best friend when i was 27
and 13 years later i still miss her as much as the day we lost her the pain
of losing a great friend never goes away .last year i almost died she had
to be watching over me all the doctors said it was amazing i survived
**rest in peace taylor jo

Автор Mathew George ( назад)
she will be missed.....i cant understand why pretty girls like her die....i
should have died instead of her..

Автор braposo23 ( назад)
@XxSaphiirexX sometimes parents jus gotta accept their kids its not like
she was on drugs, god bless her

Автор Jacquelyn9184 ( назад)
She was so beautiful!!! That girl who she is hugging on 1:48 look just like
her the same tan skin and smile who is she is that her sister

Автор napalmdeatho1 ( назад)

Автор ShiShiMendi ( назад)
oh im so sorry for the loss. i know its been a year but still death is hard
to get over. shes a beautiful girl. im sorry but how did she die?

Автор DisneyMousse ( назад)
Was this the slut that i remember seeing at the girls bathroom jacking off
on a sybian.

Автор julbar96 ( назад)
i feel so sorry for the mother my girl went to school with her and knew
her. keep her happy pictures going she is so beautiful. 1st time i have
watched this video and i cried so hard. my girl almost killed herself on
sunday and she is gettting help and she told me about this video. im turley
sorry for the parents i dont know how i would feel keep the faith. we have
to do something to let these kids know life is hard but it always gets
better. rip taylor she is watching over her friends now

Автор imyourownheart ( назад)
Real happiness in this life can only be found in God. That's why many
people take their lives,cause they didn't experience the wonderful life
with Jesus. My friend, did u ask Him into ur heart? Where will u go after u

Автор johnnyv1938 ( назад)
God is really grateful he has an angel like Taylor. Just watching the
videos and seeing all that has been done to keep her memory alive speaks
volumes and how much she was loved and is missed. Taylor is looking down
and smiling on all of you.

Автор johnnyv1938 ( назад)
I feel for everyone of you affected by this tragedy. I pray for for
everyone whos heart has been wounded.

Автор johnnyv1938 ( назад)
you don't know that

Автор johnnyv1938 ( назад)
Yeah she did the right thing i agree. My response was directed at someone
asking how she died. i was not talking about her sexual prefrence ect.
Sorry if my comments have been taken the wrong way.

Автор lyssax52395 ( назад)
please reply.... is this pats daughter?

Автор tayler0333 ( назад)
That sucks. maybe her parents got really really mad?

Автор OmerK ( назад)
She did it right after she told her parents she was Bi.

Автор johnnyv1938 ( назад)
sometimes not knowing is the better thing. Offer support to her friends and
family and write positive comments and not continue playing over what

Автор tayler0333 ( назад)
how did she die? i knoe commet suicide but how?

Автор shellshs ( назад)
I met her one summer and we talked every day .. You could trust her with
everything .. I wish all the talk wouldnt have became a reality.

Автор Mangolicious505 ( назад)
ooomg she was so beautiful & young :( rest in peace beauty<3

Автор cgcimprov ( назад)
tell her that you love her and that you never want her to go. give her
smile, a helping hand. maybe that's all taylor needed. we miss you taylor

Автор maori14 ( назад)
II d!dn't knOw hur .. Such a trag!c waste of such a bOOt!fuL yOung angeL ..
maii thOughts are her fr!ends .. SOrry bOwt yOur guys LOST:( .. BYE Tay ..

Автор michtorres08 ( назад)
its by mandy moore but i forgot the title!

Автор Faithbean ( назад)
what song is this it's great for this Video. This is such a tragedy that
this happen to your friend. I am so sorry for you loss. God Bless Taylor
Jo. I never knew her but I am Mourning the loss of her. God's Angel Rest in

Автор tOplOaDerCZ ( назад)
such a tragic waste of such a beautiful young angel, my thoughts are with
her friends (Not parents)..Bye Tay...<3

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