FIRE Tornado! (Crazy Chemical Reaction)

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Автор Antonio Perry ( назад)
he cute 😂😅

Автор Even H (cheetahfaceind) ( назад)
the fire he made was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Автор rania abounayef ( назад)
It's amazing

Автор Thomas G ( назад)
Permanganates are classified as highly harmful to the environment, esp.
If any of you have that stuff at home, get rid of it properly, don't wash
it down the sink... and I propably wouldn't put any of it in a glass people
drink from, just a thought :D

Автор sakonpure6 ( назад)
Whats with the hate? He is just cautioning you trolls 

Автор 張 振亞 ( назад)
well,where is my tornado ?

Автор Don Meow ( назад)
nice one but i thought it's may show some purple fire :) when i made it
with my friends it was bigger and purple :D but no kaboooms :P well we did
a kaboom only one time and burned the roof :p simple just set a large piece
of sodium in the water then stay far from it like 1 meter because if it
success there will be a lot of kaboooooooooooooooom

Автор Danny Chen ( назад)
wheres my tornado

Автор robetto garcia ( назад)
*quimica* xD

Автор Gavin Monroe ( назад)
That is me at this very moment lol

Автор tomski38 ( назад)
shut up, you're dead

Автор Nandia B ( назад)
This guy pretty

Автор kobo838 ( назад)
This guy is so dumb

Автор Benjamin Nielsen ( назад)
Captain Morgan in the background? I'm in that part of Youtube again.

Автор Amos Backstrom ( назад)
Why does he do all his reactions with normal table drinkware.

Автор UltimateGameTeam ( назад)
New video title. How to get your mom angry XD

Автор Nundloll Imraan ( назад)
2:14 better run moms gonna kill me !!!

Автор Chris Lee ( назад)
how the hell did i get here?

Автор SnakeEyesSOG S.O.G. ( назад)
Mom's dishes. Lol

Автор LuckyGleek ( назад)
thumbs up if you came here because you thought there was a actual fire

Автор tyler stilwell ( назад)
well his moms gonna kill him lol

Автор ihodges215121 ( назад)

Автор Dominic Loporto ( назад)
dude glycerin has a very violent chemical reaction with any oxidizer in a
high and potent enough solution if possible water and air would make the
same reaction

Автор Matt Hering ( назад)
Well done.

Автор Matt Hering ( назад)
Awesome, now that was cool.

Автор Nebujin 383 ( назад)
does he ever expect anything to happen?

Автор Evan fulkerson ( назад)
poopy brown lolololololololololololololololololololololololololol

Автор LastDance ( назад)
Where was the tornado?!

Автор AliveInTwilight ( назад)
hey nice vid! I'm a Chem major, here's a few notes: permanganate stains
anything organic that brown colour, but the stains are remover really well
by hydroxylamine hydrochloride. Also you could have used WAY more glycerin
with that much oxidizer!

Автор Samir Pino ( назад)
cups have feeling to bro what you are doing is wrong

Автор smboyd25 ( назад)
Boo you suck!

Автор Thunderheart2186 ( назад)
Its fire in a glass jar, how did you NOT know it was going to explode xD

Автор SemperPravus ( назад)
Glass cup or plastic?

Автор Kristina M. Cook ( назад)
Wait why did you run away?

Автор Kristina M. Cook ( назад)

Автор AzmodanGaming ( назад)
your jesus you made wine!

Автор MrSkulluk ( назад)
First ingredient being carrot, and second ingredient being sand.

Автор Arsenal FC ( назад)
RIP cup -_-

Автор Keith Lang ( назад)
2:17 you can see Captain Morgan! :)

Автор duckyduck915able ( назад)

Автор Bastian Jerome ( назад)

Автор Yong Kai Chen ( назад)
cap it before bubbles reach the top, then see what happens.

Автор BlessurisHammer ( назад)
As if a normal tornado didn't do enough damage...

Автор bensoloander ( назад)

Автор stopthemadness99 ( назад)
An interesting note on the potassium permanganate: If you can deal with the
skin staining, this stuff is apparently an almost instant cure for
athlete's foot.

Автор Rotting Bagels ( назад)
It...exploded, away from the cup. That's boss.

Автор xhunterx109 ( назад)

Автор Ian Burden ( назад)
O.O It...it...broke the glass cup

Автор Rody Veen ( назад)
And im on the random Youtube video spree again

Автор PickleF4rmer ( назад)
I was supposed to be in bed 2 hours ago...

Автор Dylan E. ( назад)
amazing what a laxative can do!

Автор XionGaming ( назад)
1:50Glass: How you doing fire? Fire: Im good glass thanks for asking!
Glass: Were gonna be best friends forever right? Fire: OF corse! Glass:
Well i slept with your wife Fire: FUCK YOU

Автор Anthony Cardenaz ( назад)
ASU makes me sad :( U of A!! But great video anyway

Автор CPRailRTC ( назад)
I'm mesmerized by this idiot's neck.

Автор h3ad5hOtzz ( назад)
I saw the fire but where is my f'ing tornado! I want the other half of this
promise right meow!

Автор OptimusPrime571 ( назад)
wtf are you talking about? ASU stands for Arizona St.... derrr

Автор NichtsIstVerboten ( назад)
weak sauce

Автор Matt Blundell ( назад)
hardly a tornado

Автор Ian Chromy ( назад)
big fucking deal

Автор Ian Chromy ( назад)
did you finish off that captain morgans on the counter before you did this

Автор wertycookie ( назад)
go on internet icon s 3

Автор CyberPunk with Funk ( назад)
Gloves and goggles are your friends... Seriously that stuff will blind you
and give you a chemical burn as you found out. Also, using the cheap rocks
glass you killed the handle of Captain Morgan with was a bad idea to. Dont
you have some science glass to use? Stay safe, have fun.

Автор xtremebbgfan ( назад)

Автор The Maddog ( назад)
in filipino is aso

Автор Alex Juarez ( назад)
jajaja run RUN!

Автор Ilham Oktariza ( назад)
whether the write on the shirt is ASU??? DOG translate in java is ASU... so
ASU translate in english is DOG...

Автор Ti 22 Fade ( назад)
The way i was taught to make fire is using a bloody Zippo...

Автор LifeWorksCommunity ( назад)
Life Works does not approve

Автор Joshua Ebanks ( назад)
erggg! noe I cant stop looking! LMAO

Автор twiZZted918 ( назад)
haha welcome to the club

Автор sahabdinkassim68 ( назад)
Do something stupid

Автор kbucket611 ( назад)
Its 3 am i should be asleep but NOPE im watching fire tornados :D

Автор NoiseTheory ( назад)

Автор Ashab Alamgir ( назад)
1:09 He was totally hinting a TWSS joke lol

Автор Ethan Mooney ( назад)
05:55 major volume ALL THE way up ear rape. ouch!

Автор Paul Billips ( назад)
How hot does it burn?

Автор Razor Sharp ( назад)
He looks high all the time... LIKE FOR JUST THAT!

Автор TheofficialMiniBeep ( назад)
not realy a tornado just regular fire

Автор Del guerrero ( назад)
i slowed down this video and watched it in super slow motion and i was able
to see a B.B. hit the glass before it broke. Also, there is a cut/ edit in
the video that tells me that the fire was not made with chemicals at all.
This video is a fake.

Автор cindy cruz ( назад)
Omg he broke his glass damnnnn

Автор ★iteachvader★ ( назад)

Автор David Chalmers ( назад)
Ohh noes you done broke your glass.

Автор waleed amjed ( назад)
Uu must really like science

Автор Dale Trudell ( назад)
that purple potion Drink it to Restore your HP and your Mana

Автор James Worrallo-hickman ( назад)
add some aluminium powder to the potassium permanganate, place a small
amount of glycerine to the top, then stand a long way away and wait for the
explosion... much more interesting than this :D

Автор WhatTheFucckk ( назад)
r u a wizzard?

Автор DavidLTG ( назад)
i do not see any sub botton above lol

Автор Groucho ( назад)
Actually it's technical term IS nitroglyceryne. Was created when making the
tunnels through mountains in the 1800's.

Автор Kaze Miyazaki ( назад)
was I the only one who knew the glass was going to break?

Автор TheBOKclan ( назад)
its not nirtoglycyrne its just glyceryne

Автор Tyler John ( назад)
looks nothing like a tornado

Автор Fabian Brock ( назад)
where did you get nitroglixerin

Автор BeyFusion14 ( назад)
That poor glass...

Автор TechEffection ( назад)
Poopie brown skin

Автор Joseph Lopez ( назад)
I can only see the bottles of Captain Morgan in the background.. Do I have
a problem?

Автор Andrew Dunbar ( назад)
Teacher showed us this last week in science

Автор jaymur001 ( назад)
Per man gan ate

Автор joshua .carpenter-jones ( назад)
You got trolled (;

Автор Cosmic Lightning ( назад)
Where is bottles, I only say an eye dropper DUMBASS.

Автор ian bartlett ( назад)

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