FIRE Tornado! (Crazy Chemical Reaction)

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Добавлено: 2 года
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Автор Carlos Gibson (1 месяц)
lol you are really afraid of fire hahaha

Автор Lukasz Gluchowski (4 месяца)
BADASS!! U broke the glass :O im gonna tell mom

Автор AJ Cary (1 месяц)
put hand sanitizer on a table and put fire on it and put it on your hand

Автор Mileyard Gigahertz (2 месяца)
where's the tornado?

Автор Mikey Montgomery (1 месяц)
you should do thermite 

Автор God King OF RTW (23 дня)

Автор Nicolas Bordelon (2 месяца)
try putting the mixture in a balloon

Автор Rebecca Peterson (1 месяц)

Автор edalB tsaL (5 месяцев)
Time for fire shots!

Автор Ultrachem Cz (1 месяц)
Simple and no so dangerous. I know some more powerful (and anso more
dangerous) chem. reactions. :-D

Автор ElevatorSG and More! (3 месяца)

Автор EyeVenom MC (4 месяца)
Try Putting Nos On a Water bottle...

Автор blackarrow2220 (3 месяца)
Were did u buy the chemicals at 

Автор Shadowfotter (5 месяцев)
your mom is going to kill you

Автор UnseenKnight (4 месяца)
ur such a dumb ugly shit dude for real. all the shit u do is stupid and
never holds up to what the title says.

Автор kevin trinh (4 месяца)
Black stuff+clear stuff = so racist shit here

Автор TheofficialMiniBeep (10 месяцев)
not realy a tornado just regular fire

Автор MCcookiebreath (1 год)
That's actually more incentive to subscribe. Maybe one day he'll upload a
video of how he lost his eyebrows.

Автор Tyler John (1 год)
looks nothing like a tornado

Автор Paul Billips (10 месяцев)
How hot does it burn?

Автор Dylan E. (8 месяцев)
amazing what a laxative can do!

Автор raquel wheeler (1 год)
Yea let's teach both adults and kids how to play with fire! lol

Автор Chris Elliott (1 год)
i hope ur parents didnt get mad at ur experiment

Автор BlessurisHammer (8 месяцев)
As if a normal tornado didn't do enough damage...

Автор Benjamin Fischer (7 месяцев)
does he ever expect anything to happen?

Автор Funkyrowanpixie (1 год)
nope i did too

Автор amurican35 (1 год)
moms gonna be pissed

Автор Dale Trudell (11 месяцев)
that purple potion Drink it to Restore your HP and your Mana

Автор Erden Mensch (1 год)
2:11 whyyou run away ? Did the Fire run after you ?

Автор wertycookie (9 месяцев)
go on internet icon s 3

Автор jaymur001 (1 год)
Per man gan ate

Автор ytiti1 (1 год)
This guy is a psyho pyromancer just like me.

Автор tomski38 (6 месяцев)
shut up, you're dead

Автор Rick Weber (1 год)
Gloves, goggles, proper equipment. Science is awesome, but please be safe
in the future.

Автор bang56890123 (1 год)
do you have contacts in

Автор Jason Esparza (1 год)
I would have subscribed but I am not a fan of how unsafe you are.

Автор Benjamin Nielsen (6 месяцев)
Captain Morgan in the background? I'm in that part of Youtube again.

Автор SemperPravus (8 месяцев)
Glass cup or plastic?

Автор ivica barić (1 год)

Автор Cosmic Lightning (1 год)
Where is bottles, I only say an eye dropper DUMBASS.

Автор Anthony Cardenaz (8 месяцев)
ASU makes me sad :( U of A!! But great video anyway

Автор Chris Allsopp (1 год)
can u tell me the names of the things u used cause im gonna try it

Автор Antonio Anselmo (9 месяцев)

Автор Joseph Lopez (1 год)
I can only see the bottles of Captain Morgan in the background.. Do I have
a problem?

Автор Matt Blundell (9 месяцев)
hardly a tornado

Автор Goliath YZ (1 год)
0:26 that is one fucking nice toaster...

Автор CC Wash (8 месяцев)

Автор Pbs063 (1 год)

Автор Killa_shark_ninja (1 год)
Dude when heat and melted rock come together it'll make a reaction that ll
make it explode the glass

Автор Kristina M. Cook (8 месяцев)
Wait why did you run away?

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