Giants vs. Packers | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues his incredible hot streak, as he leads his team to their seventh consecutive victory with a 38-13 victory over the New York Giants.

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Просмотров: 1591863
Длительность: 7:34
Комментарии: 4793

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Автор Michael Huffstetler ( назад)
Odell beckham I am your biggest fan through all the wins and losses I stick with the NY Giants GO GIANTS

Автор akjcanaidianfries ( назад)

Автор hunter Leffel ( назад)
Go Packers

Автор Glen Watson ( назад)
as a niners fan im still salty we gave him away smh

Автор Jeff King the proud Jets fan ( назад)
loved this moment let's go jets

Автор Reginald McKinney II ( назад)
New York Giants get Leonard Fournette we need a RB.

Автор Sherwin Wade ( назад)
This the same exact play Eli did in the 2011 playoffs, same 06 seconds renaming in the 1st half smh can't make this shhh up

Автор Dang Vu ( назад)
If only the odell beckham had hands. Wait he forgot  them in week 17.

Автор CMD Ridah ( назад)
Don't let this distracr you from the fact that the Giants blew a 6-0 lead

Автор thebjm1967 ( назад)
This game was great if you are a packer fan

Автор Thien Thien Lam ( назад)
just a question you rather see rodger or brady on 59 second left?

Автор XxGiantsGamingXx123 6 ( назад)
That was a bad game

Автор amani mango ( назад)
clay just murdered that play.

Автор Jon obj ( назад)
dude the packers shouldve crushed the giants. I cant believe it was a 1 score game till the 4th quarter. w/ DRC outta the game after 3 plays, no JPP, and no WRs on a team w/ no running game what did you expect? Thats why i knew the packers would get smashed the next game. If it wasnt for the O-line Rodgers would suck.

Автор Pedro Luis Ramos Martinez ( назад)
Boring game. Only in USA this game is watched.
I prefer the NBA.

Автор Marcelina Barr ( назад)
I hate the packers

Автор Lisa Vincent ( назад)
hell yeah packers 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

Автор will031297 ( назад)
Why did the first touchdown count? don't both feet have to touch the zone for it to count?

Автор Enrique Childs ( назад)
Odell Beckham can catch a one hander but can't catch a touchdown or a pass god .

Автор James Waters ( назад)
"The Tisch purge" - 100s?, 1,000s? more???

Автор Joseph Scaduto ( назад)
Giants fan here. You gotta give Green Bay credit. This is the first time in a LONG time that the Giants lost to an actual good team in the playoffs. Packers won because they played better than the Giants. Ya gotta tip your hat to the Packers.

Автор Elise Pauwels ( назад)
Consensus hallway last photo revolution chronic illness.

Автор Tunes342 ( назад)
Beckham and Sheppard dropped passes worth 14 points and Flowers cant protect, reasons why G-men lost in the playoffs. Eli's teammates cost him a chance at another SB run. Another lost year for Eli

Автор Nimra Altaf ( назад)
Beckham did terrible

Автор Adel Clay ( назад)
Pats fan here i love brady doesnt mean i have to hate eli i actually hope he gets another ring before he retires just not against us. That being said ELI SHOWED UP. Just all kinds of dropped passes p

Автор blazinpyromaniac ( назад)
Gotta sign back JPP

Автор Jeremiah LaChausse ( назад)
super hail mary

Автор [NAD3] Stafford ( назад)
I think I realized how odell punched that hole. He has bricks for hands!

Автор x_from_wecks ( назад)
run the Table part 7

Автор Dave Dawkins ( назад)
The Giants addressed their offense a couple years ago by drafting David Wilson for their backfield & kicking game. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. Time now to get a QB who can move in the pocket (thanx for your service, Eli), and a bigish back with speed. I'd do it, even though I'm "sports-old" at 60 ... but I feel Ike I can still compete!

Автор Xxmlgyoshi xx ( назад)
borned and raised as a giants and packers fan

Автор Xxmlgyoshi xx ( назад)
I'm a giant and packer fan so I didn't care who won this game

Автор globalicon2012 ( назад)
Haha stupid fruity giants odell beckham jr fans that are still jealous of lebron and check his hairline out. Have a nice winter summer vacation! This sec loud mouth has no heart, no class, and focus for the game. How dare he go out and have fun on his day off.

This season get a haircut and lose the blonde streaks. he is the reason the giants lost. Haha get over your jealousy of lebron.

Lebron james 3 rings
odell beckham 0 rings

Автор WydFelicity ( назад)
that was a dirty hit on jordy. honestly upsetting.

Автор Doctor Sleep ( назад)
I've been a Giants fan for as long as I can remember, but there's no arguing that the Packers deserved to win, I don't care how much I dislike them, they brought their top game with a solid defensive line and Giants just couldn't cut it. Congrats to them, but I hope Falcons bring on some well deserved redemption.

Автор NX VoidBlade ( назад)
I feel bad for Beckham. Was a diva at the end but I can understand the frustration

Автор Steven M ( назад)
the giants suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор ProTheStalker - Overwatch ( назад)
Aaron Rogers is the Hail Mary king

Автор JesusDaBalliever ( назад)
HaHa Giants Mr. Rodgers came to play

Автор Gem Bakker ( назад)
Heya peeps waste Does anyone recognize larger this%video? 3

Автор B Hansen ( назад)
Go pack go

Автор Vincent Hannah ( назад)
giants did horrible my team

Автор Caroline ( назад)
The way Rodgers moves around/in and out of the pocket is so smooth

Автор Skelly Cheese319 ( назад)
Go Packers.We won again today vs Texas and are going to play Arizona

Автор Four perfect Girls ( назад)
I swear Green Bay packers think they can beat cowboys they thought wrong cuz cowboys are better than green bay they up set me cuz my grandpa died I was praying for them to win but Green Bay are my enemies hate that team cowboys should have won

Автор Jonathan Mendez ( назад)
i hat greenbaypackers

Автор Adela Oliva ( назад)
doo. green dae

Автор George Cliston ( назад)
Odell Beckham Jr = Overrated

Автор Martin W ( назад)
Maybe the Giants did get the Manziel bad luck from partying with him.

Автор Brian Schlaf ( назад)
Go Giants!

Автор Bruno Stars ( назад)

Автор Philp Yung ( назад)
Is there any way to stop NFL players from using their helmet as a weapon on the field?

That's what hurt Jordie Nelson here, the helmet in his rib cage.

Автор 24 Savage ( назад)
That Hail Mary made me religious GODDAMN

Автор K Chapin ( назад)
Love how Odell is completely useless in this game

Автор Edward Velazco ( назад)
Odell sucks

Автор Joseph Collins ( назад)
can't spell eliminated without eli

Автор PetroffPlayz MLG ( назад)
Adams is on my madden team

Автор Thomas Harries ( назад)
somebody better call the fire department

Автор L C L ( назад)
Giants suck. I am a redskins fan. O'Dell's sister is Adele!

Автор well i'll be ( назад)

Автор JdoggPlayzMC ( назад)

Автор JdoggPlayzMC ( назад)
Any one want eli to be 2nd string, and get a new QB

Автор Goldie ( назад)
that Packers o line is amazing. they had Rogers in the backfield for like 15 seconds

Автор Jack Azz ( назад)
Giants fans still think the season was a success because they beat the Cowboys twice 😂😂🤣🖕

Автор Aditya Daga ( назад)
What is Diabetes? The betes that make you die ;P

Автор Gwenlj ( назад)
The cowgirls are right where the packers want them. OVER confident. Arrogant , prideful . The rainbows passes are coming. Bwahahahah

Автор Harrison W ( назад)
Maaaan I didn't realize how good Eli manning is. He made some amazing passes. To bad his receivers couldn't catch them

Автор cfx5000 ( назад)
Packers will tear the mediocre Cowboy defense to shreds.

Автор Ethan Magnuson ( назад)
Odell is dropping wide open passes

Автор Ethan Magnuson ( назад)
What happened to Odell that game but I'm a packer fan

Автор Iker Hidalgo ( назад)
Guess broken enormous sheet brown recent giant assure.

Автор Vinnie P1 Russo ( назад)

Автор Lusky_42 ( назад)
Rodgers has unbelievable pocket presence

Автор Sharon Harris ( назад)
noooooo. I don't want to open my eyes !

Автор idm4christ ( назад)
Come to the boys house. We gonna make you leave early!

Автор Ban Ashrack ( назад)
Giants fans the type of people to say Odell's not a choking hazard

Автор JohnDaDonTV ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel, I'm a rich kid giving away free merchandise to first 200 subscribers email me your contact info after subscribing +JohnDaDonTV

Автор Bryson Hall ( назад)
This Time Aaron Rodgers gets the better of Eli Manning in the playoffs at Lambeau

Автор Tuyen Lam ( назад)
I don't like what the New York Giants did.

Автор Eric Cardona ( назад)
I love how the intro spells "NYG" lmao

Автор Lordy 7367 ( назад)
So this is Packers vs Eli Manning? I didn't really see the rest of the team

Автор Simon Inchrist ( назад)
Dallas will destroy green bay Dallas has the best o line in the NFL we're the number one seed Dallas will crush green cheese come Sunday the giant's was too busy paying chip And Dale LMBO let's go cowboys

Автор Erick Duncan ( назад)

Автор Bat Blasterson ( назад)
The 2016 Giants deserved to lose the wild card game because they were just dirty players. They were lucky to get out of Greenbay alive after that illegal hit on Jordy Nelson. Thanks Eli for being the non-leader you always are you're an idiot to put up with such dirty tactics from other members of the Giants organization.

Автор NCR Trooper ( назад)
1:04 the guy who hit Nelson there should really be suspended or fined for leading with his helmet

Edit: grammar

Автор auot ukun ( назад)
OBJ sucks I was rooting for them but he was so bad, anyway go Rodgers.

Автор Manos_116 ( назад)
I am no Packers nor a Giant fan but at 3:20 Cobbs #18 pass interference on defender Hall #25. I know the time ran out (halftime)
should it have been a flag or no?

Автор OldSchoolLimp ( назад)
I miss the GameDay commentary highlights

Автор Michael Rinella ( назад)
Third time was not charm for the G-Men.

Автор Michelle Gungler ( назад)
Rodgers and Cobb are beastly, thay must have a secret language!

Автор Wolf PackPlayz ( назад)
Giants will win the super bowl next year

Автор Kagen Windley ( назад)
greenbay has to be cheating there is noway that they can win this many games without cheating

Автор Robert Corfield ( назад)
crazy catch

Автор Flintsvariety ( назад)
The refs were checking them sticky gloves!lol!

Автор Perry's Theatre ( назад)
I absolutely love these highlights with the original commentary rather than a post game analyst doing a voice over!

Автор dman1737 ( назад)
Cobb pushed off on the hail mary.

Автор Leeroy Jenkins ( назад)
Joe Buck is one of the best play by play announcers, imo. He gets into it, but Troy Aikman during this game found every way to not give Aaron Rodgers credit for anything. It was all day in the pocket this, all day that. How about the Giants' awful offense and Greenbay's defense when it mattered? Hell, he even blamed the Giants for the hail mary, which was a great play by Cobb by sneaking around to the back, not to mention the perfectly placed ball at the exactly right time to go over 6+ men. I like how Aikman gave no credit to the Packers, but blamed the Giants for literally everything. No wonder there's a petition against him for calling Greenbay games, lmao.

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