How to create Split Screen Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Free download http://tiny.cc/1qazzw


Автор Vud Vuzela (6 месяцев)
What's up with the music? Feels like Im at a Spa.

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Thank you very much, i will use it soon :)

Автор Rishard Chapoteau (7 месяцев)
This was awesome. Helped a lot. One question, why did you add the
transparent video? I can't figure that part out.

Автор Shail Shah (7 месяцев)
If its not multi camera than why to do so much of hard work simply make a
border and keep it above the video...

If you argue please reply so that my confusion gets clear thnx


Автор Artúr Nagy (7 месяцев)
Can you help me, how can I make a diagonal split screen? Thanks for the
help :)

Автор Basit Q (3 дня)
Helped alot! thank you 

Автор Gil Raz (5 дней)
Great tutorial, thank you!

Автор John the Baptist (26 дней)
Excellent tutorial! Thank you! johnthebap-com

Автор haris berbic (6 месяцев)

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very cool!

Автор Margiori Tsiounta (3 месяца)
Thank you for the tip, great "how to" video and very well presented.

Автор XxHardcorexxGamerxX (2 месяца)
Great video! Thanks!

Автор Daniel Chi (6 месяцев)
Thank you very much. Great vid.

Автор Nompilo Sibisi (2 месяца)
This was so great <3

Автор Andrew Nathaniel (6 месяцев)
Just as i wanted to know...
now i can rest peacefully

Автор MataBoolan (6 месяцев)
Great video! I love that there no vocal audio, you just show it. Love it,
and very useful! Now gonna try it myself :-))

Автор cobbletts (3 месяца)
This is fricken Awesome!!!~ Exactly what I needed for my project. Thanks
so much for sharing. I usually tune right off on videos that don't walk me
through it verbally, but your video is done at a pace I can understand, and
I am thrilled beyond measure!!!

Автор robleeandroid (1 месяц)
So soothing

Автор Pro Bullets (8 месяцев)
can you make a preset so we can download it

Автор gilad201 (7 месяцев)
This is the kind of lesson videos i like to watch, with relaxing music
instead of a non-stop talking guy. :)

Автор Supremest (8 месяцев)
this helped a lot on a project, thanks!!!

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (9 месяцев)
I don't quite understand. You can email me your project at

Автор Osvaldo Goytia Guardia (1 год)
Thank you from Santa Cruz - Bolivia !!!

Автор Ocean Shore (11 месяцев)
Simply the best.

Автор tarunbirsingh vohra (9 месяцев)
one of the best thank u

Автор 441509marianne (10 месяцев)
When I try to change left and right like you did nothing happened I don't
see my video reduce why ??

Автор Mo Me (1 год)
I love you my brother! Thank you from UK! I have been pecking my head how
to do this, I actually gave up! And then you came along!!!!! Thank you

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (1 год)
Grazie :)

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (9 месяцев)
Sure. Stay tuned for upcoming quick tips.

Автор AbiAli1000 (1 год)

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (1 год)

Автор Gloss Glimmer (8 месяцев)
Im using cc and I went to Transform and all I have is horizontal flip. What
do I do? I don't see any of those other options to crop, etc. Ive watched a
lot of tutorials and I can't figure it out :/

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (1 год)
You're welcome...

Автор Rovy kate (9 месяцев)
thank you so much!

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (1 год)
You're very welcome :)

Автор MrCarzonekit (1 год)

Автор corynuendo (1 год)
sei sempre il migliore

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (1 год)
You're very welcome :)

Автор Mohammed Doghman (9 месяцев)
Hi, your explanation is clear and thanks for that. Is there a way to start
with one whole image then get a split image? then for example a third image
can be added and thus having three images like you did?

Автор Kobi Zvi (9 месяцев)
Hi There, I'm a big fan. I followed your instructions on the video,
dividing the screen into 3 (72%) horizontal parts, and it worked like
magic. B-U-T, now I have to get out of the three parts and resume the whole
frame. I need the bars to descent gradually, and for the life of me I can't
figure out the right ratio and the correct procedure. Without a smooth
transition out, I can't use it. Would you be so kind as to explain how to
do it? Much Obliged,

Автор Best Premiere Pro Quick Tips (11 месяцев)

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