Wobble Line Dance

Purple Charlotte Steppers doing the Wobble Line Dance.

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* I do not own the rights to this song. *
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Автор garyjhunter (8 дней)
Just saw the guy that everyone recently mentioned on sunday and we were
reminiscing over the good times we had around that time we did this video.
He still dances and holds down the dance floor!

Автор IAmDavante (11 дней)
It's irritating when he says to the right and to the left and going the
opposite way like... Dude, your "right" side is on the left and your "left"
side is on the right

Автор Sue Benavides (27 дней)
man in black and red, is dope

Автор TheBeatSmith (1 месяц)
There is always one......THAT JUST GETS IT!!!!

Автор Monica Rockwell (10 дней)
Great Job!!! I got it :-)

Автор noni1959 (19 дней)
I added this to my fun videos to dance to. This is so much fun. :)

Автор modemwithtotem (11 дней)
dont know right from left lmao

Автор gail pedersen (16 дней)
that guy in black jacket with pink or orange shirt knows his moves mint
xxsaving this for a workout each day cool work out and learn this dance to
result thanks xx

Автор kathy arenivas (19 дней)

Автор Kayla B (17 дней)
By far the easiest video to learn the dance from, just learning while
dancing it, not trying to count beats in your head. If you're trying to
practice in your living room because you know it will be played at the
wedding you're going top next weekend, this will work just fine. Not that
that's what I'm doing..

Автор Marcia Conner (26 дней)
the lady in the blue flowered dress is awesome. So is the frat brother in
the front and the instructor. I love this video!

Автор Jessica Nicole (1 месяц)
Lady in the front in the black n denim is killing it 

Автор Marlena Rh (1 месяц)
I loved watching this. Now I know how to do this dance. 

Автор mhel herrmann (1 месяц)

Автор Eugene Jones (1 месяц)
I love watching the ladies do the wobble dance.

Автор Adriana Lopez (1 месяц)
I love it

Автор Brianna Castro (2 месяца)
Lady in the very front KILLED IT the ONLY one with moves there

Автор Peggy Stoute Morin (1 месяц)
Church lady in the dress is wobbling!

Автор Sabrina Shaw (2 месяца)
She's really good

Автор Hope Scarff (2 месяца)
LOVE !!!!

Автор yoyomadre69 . (2 месяца)
It pisses me off when people do theur own thing! Dance alone then!!!!

Автор WinThompkins (2 месяца)
Will you be making a line dance to the song Thick Love by Quincy Kool?

Автор Kym Cottrell (5 месяцев)
The funny thing is that there is only one white person 😂

Автор Johnnie m Jamaica (5 месяцев)
Girlfriend believe me I remember them days I was the queen of dancing I
used to hit every club every night of the week

Автор Julie Russell (5 месяцев)
Love seeing people having a great time and gettin' down while doing so!

Автор Tanya Brown (2 месяца)
The wobble should be the generation of "GRANDMOTHERS" theme dance.

Автор Patricia Daniels (3 месяца)

Автор yama yousefzai (3 месяца)
wish he knew the difference between his right and left ... SMH 

Автор dougconley (3 месяца)
Nobody electric slides no more?? I must be out of touch. :)

Автор Cole Nalle (3 месяца)
Look at them go!!!!! :) :)

Автор blargrath5649 (3 месяца)
Which way is left again? Guy need to stop taking cuz they ain't listening

Автор Tory Right (4 месяца)
I did know how to do the wobble will I did but I forgot but the first time
I learned was from you peeps so good job keep it up

Автор Mcollins (3 месяца)
he said left they go right he says right they go left what the hell

Автор Kat oon (3 месяца)
Cool ;)

Автор Sue Benavides (1 месяц)
one of my favorite videos, feeling it

Автор Barbara Morgan Ewing (4 месяца)
Closed minded people corrupt the world

Автор kneshadl (6 месяцев)
Lol old heads grooving lol

Автор Theodore Jackson (4 месяца)

Hello Gary Great Job on Your Video. I would love to see you choreograph
this Gospel line Dance on my channel , Tell me what you think ? Thanks

Автор Lisa Kathleen (4 месяца)
wobble,cupid shuffle, wang wit it and electric slide......... WEDDING SONGS
that MUST be played at the reception lol

Автор Drea's Channel (4 месяца)
They did a very good job! 

Автор crazy bug (4 месяца)
i love it but he is telling what to do... :I

Автор Janet Reeves-Wilson (4 месяца)
Ms Faces, black people have been doing what is known now as line dancing
since the seventies, it was called the bus stop.

Автор Andrea Chavez (4 месяца)
One, two, cha cha cha

Автор Barbara Morgan Ewing (4 месяца)
Now that's what I am talkin bout

Автор theedman22 (5 дней)
You guys are awesome! The girl in front with jeans and boots, glasses is
super cute.

Автор Rhea Griffin (5 месяцев)
a few people were nervous when they realized they were going to get filmed
then the music sarts and their dancing like a pro lol but i did have fun
watching this!!!!!!!

Автор CeeCee (1 месяц)
Gary, this is when Purple was fun. Cynt

Автор Thomas Cheung (29 дней)
this is my favorite dance :)

Автор Donovan Shapiro (5 месяцев)
I hate it

Автор natasha holder (29 дней)
Loving it

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