Wobble Line Dance

Purple Charlotte Steppers doing the Wobble Line Dance.

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Автор Jen Moulic ( назад)
oh,I love to dance it everyday,easy steps make me sweat,good dancers in all

Автор dan k famous ( назад)
Great vid I got it down and I showed this vid to my other friends and they
got it down we are gonna back it up and working it out at the club

Автор Joni B ( назад)
It's amazing that big fat black bitches think they are sexy.

Автор Helen Mears ( назад)
I love this one and your group is wonderful, when I make my next trip to
the USA can I come and join in

Автор Prima Donna ( назад)
Favorite part:

Автор Sakethia Pitts ( назад)
l love the wobble

Автор Sakethia Pitts ( назад)
l love the wobble

Автор Wayne Jr ( назад)
Im pretty sure they new how to do it that guy didn't need to say anything.

Автор Carolyn Reaves ( назад)
where is this at

Автор Carl Shealy ( назад)
My girl in the purple flowered dress can wobble!!

Автор Essie Proctor ( назад)
thiscis how we do it NC

Автор Misty Hi ( назад)
the dude in the pink shirt n black coat has riddim..he got it going

Автор Angel Medina ( назад)

Автор Angel Medina ( назад)

Автор Tia Flowers ( назад)
The lady in the black shirt is a good dancer!Wish I could move like her!!!

Автор Emily Dawn (1973 года назад)
haha please forgive but this is so white and off culture, maybe because I
am from Missouri ?? And maybe because of the great high steppers here but
this made me giggle, because I can do it, myself which is unusual wish I
was more talented like my friends I grew up with. I think it's great too, I
love line dancing, but very mellow compared to what I'm used to in the
culture here. Maybe it's a good thing, just struck me, pardon my ignorance.

Автор necktieguy1 ( назад)
What fun! Thanks for this post. More people should do this dance. The
song is so simple but has great rhythm. Good instructions, too.

Автор Joy Bramble (1130 лет назад)
Ahhh yeah. This is how they work it out in DC! Wobble, ya'll!

Автор J Carson ( назад)
I like the video. It gives a good basic understanding of the dance. But if
this is meant to be an instructional video, then everyone needs to be doing
the same moves, especially upfront. It's cool if you want to add a Wobble
with a twist video in addition to this one.

Автор eunice flores (724 года назад)
name song..? :)

Автор Bobbie Kosterow ( назад)
Lol, you see that one white person!!??? Me either, lol

Автор Rinata Morris ( назад)
I knew the woman that asked was they being video tape was gonna show out

Автор Larry Shinn ( назад)
one of the best videos i seen yet

Автор annjaaay ( назад)
black boots was throwing me off by turning opposite everyone else. She
needs her own video

Автор Patrick Smoral ( назад)

Автор Iesha Allen ( назад)
Good job

Автор Debi Brownell ( назад)
teaching this today

Автор Aileene Hankins-Moore ( назад)
The girl in the black boots was slamming it, GOOD JOB!!!!!

Автор Daniel Jaramillo ( назад)
What version of the song is that? The intro is cool

Автор becky ( назад)
This video is helping me learn how to do the wobble thank u love this vidoe

Автор buschgardens ( назад)
The gentleman in the front with the red shirt (to the left of the leader)
is KILLING it!! I would so party with this man! He looks like he would be a
riot to hang out with! Lady with the jeans and boots was on point!
Everybody did a fantastic job. Great video. Thank you for sharing!

Автор John Carter ( назад)

Автор dimpleeyes ( назад)
They all killed it. The tall beautiful lady in the front with the glasses
on, jeans and black shirt with the cut out arms was feeling herself and
loved it....Work it

Автор Payton Danner ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Ria Verheezen ( назад)
Thanks this is a loverly dance.

Автор jus Taylor ( назад)
The two chicks n the front need to b put n the back, im sayin they adding
in extra moves ,kind of confusing to the ones thats trying to learn..jus
sayin, but as always u have that one who want the attention

Автор Laiki Huxorli ( назад)
+garyjhunter - You and your crew have totally inspired me! I have been
waking up with the Wobble for a week now, and even went to a line dance
class, where I picked up three more new dances. This is a pretty radical
and positive development since my dance style has up till now (because I
"thought" I couldn't follow cueing) been totally improvisational. Big ups!

Автор Fromplanttotable ( назад)
that lady in the black was into it!

Автор Jean Wunder ( назад)
Looks like the "Bus Stop" to me...

Автор kimora davis ( назад)

Автор Anime Geek ( назад)
i like this dance

Автор Phlem Phlam ( назад)
Black Folk Need no Instruction to dance! It comes Naturally!

Автор claudia zabala ( назад)

Автор Amy Sumowski ( назад)
Love it

Автор x5starhustla ( назад)
Lady in the flower dress super sexy with everything covered up

Автор pickledpork ( назад)
wobble butt.

Автор Terri Cowan ( назад)
I like the song 

Автор glynesia russell ( назад)

Автор jane doe ( назад)
Love these videos! Wish I lived there! I'd so be at this dance class!

Автор Raquel Banaag ( назад)
The lady in eyeglasses (to the left of the leader) is a great dancer..

Автор Barry Marley ( назад)
This is a black dance NOT line dancing :)

Автор headonswivel ( назад)
I've been watching this video at least once a week for the last year. It
never gets old. Love it.

Автор Erica Johnson ( назад)
I love the wobble and the dlow shuffle ttyl uh lol i love it

Автор theedman22 (1099 лет назад)
You guys are awesome! The girl in front with jeans and boots, glasses is
super cute.

Автор Monica Rockwell ( назад)
Great Job!!! I got it :-)

Автор modemwithtotem ( назад)
dont know right from left lmao

Автор gail pedersen (316 лет назад)
that guy in black jacket with pink or orange shirt knows his moves mint
xxsaving this for a workout each day cool work out and learn this dance to
result thanks xx

Автор Kayla Boyce ( назад)
By far the easiest video to learn the dance from, just learning while
dancing it, not trying to count beats in your head. If you're trying to
practice in your living room because you know it will be played at the
wedding you're going top next weekend, this will work just fine. Not that
that's what I'm doing..

Автор noni1959 ( назад)
I added this to my fun videos to dance to. This is so much fun. :)

Автор kathy arenivas ( назад)

Автор Rhea Griffin ( назад)
A few people were nervous when they realized they were going to get filmed
then the music starts and their dancing like a pro! Lol but, I did have fun
watching this!!!!!!!

Автор EliteHero36 ( назад)
Dude haha This song you can easily get into haha I can dance this song all
day :P

Автор CHEER5532 ( назад)
i want me some of that chocolate drop !!! :) Mic boy is a hottie !!!!! WORK
IT !!!!!

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
Glad you enjoyed it.

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
Glad you liked it.

Автор irvingrcwu ( назад)
Thank you sooo much!! It's the best video demonstration I have seen to be
able to learn from... thanks for throwing the count in there!!!

Автор Ivonne Goodman ( назад)
I did this last week at a Halloween Party! I had a blast learning it! I am
the mistress of electric sliding!!

Автор shellywify ( назад)
That was funny

Автор Ruth Ephi ( назад)
i luv it, i love it,,,,,I LOVE IT!

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
LOL Thank you

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
LOL, You should see him when he is showing off.

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
I am glad you found the video enjoyable and useful and that we could help.

Автор E7T39E ( назад)
Aww, y'all so cute

Автор 143skwk ( назад)
I learned it, and it's a really good workout for people who need to start
working out. =)

Автор kitterkat007 ( назад)
This video taught me how to wobble. I love doing it with the video.

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
You can do it! Just follow along with us. It will take you less than an
hour to learn it if you put your mind to it, and just keep playing the
video over and over till you get it. Then you put your own style on it!

Автор missshygirl101 ( назад)
My cousin was trying to teach me this dance 2 yrs ago. I couldn't to it. I
need to be trying to do this instead of just sitting here watching it on

Автор Mercedes Binns ( назад)

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
You can do it!!! Keep practicing and find a group in your area doing it. I
love the way they do it in Detroit, it is slightly different than here in
this video,

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
I will let him know.

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)

Автор garyjhunter ( назад)
LOL! That is actually not me calling the moves that is Anthony "The
General" I will let him know what you said he will appreciate it!

Автор HeaviestWords ( назад)
I must learn!!

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