Build a "Redneck" Jet Boat,,,, Part 9

"Big Rick" doing a test run (third of 3 clips)

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Автор airplane george ( назад)
you might not be a redneck if: your jet boat goes less than 75 mph.

Автор not jeremy ( назад)

Автор NotAsStup1dAsYouR ( назад)
Now that's funny 👍

Автор Mosh head69 ( назад)
I agree, I was going to do this when I was 18, now im 41, and its on my to
do list. You need a pressure pump. They look alike but the insides are
different. Northern carries them.

Автор joecugo ( назад)
Hillbillies need to be sterilized

Автор Bimba Goldberg ( назад)
elektro motor.trai tip fro mi.

Автор Russ Newton ( назад)
The friction loss is not your problem. The pump you are using is made for
high volume at low pressure, thus not providing much pressure at the nozzle
to make thrust. Also, that pump is a "trash" pump, wich is self-priming,
meaning it is not a centrifugal pump, but a positive displacement pump.

Автор Dorival Arellano ( назад)
este motor de maquina de costura, uma tartaruga deve andar mais.

Автор mcgyversworld ( назад)
Jet boat? lol No way! I have a Homelite weed eater with a 6 1/2" mini
mincota prop on it, And it will walk off an leave that what ever it is! But
it sure aint no jet boat.

Автор Lanhoso Lima ( назад)

Автор RafiqMike TheMiz ( назад)
not fast enough

Автор agentgates ( назад)
Hey it's a nice project, thumb up. As for your speed issue you mentioned a
0.5 to 1 or 0.75 to 1 gearbox could help, AFAIK the torque would still be
adequate. Keep it up.

Автор t english ( назад)
Worse jet drive john boat ever

Автор Fergis Labron ( назад)
I like your like jacket.I have the same one.

Автор Sky G ( назад)
lol what a bad video to randomly watch

Автор Sir FarSide ( назад)
Take off the pump, attach a long shaft with a prop... like those canel
boats in Bancock.

Автор Jeff Schwager ( назад)
Nice prototype. That 90 degree pipe bend is what's eating your power. Had
you kept the output pipe shorter, or used 2 x 45's you might not have as
much friction slowing the output stream. Weight and balance is a factor, so
am not sure how things would have worked, given the pump you have, had it
been located further aft. A mid mounted engine with drive shaft to the
impeller may be a more optimal but not as cost-effective design.

Автор patrickrfaul ( назад)
Hey, Slow Down, No wake!!

Автор HellFireVideo ( назад)
Does Big Rick think that life jacket will actually save him? Lol just
kidding, really a great experiment.

Автор Matthew Curcio ( назад)
That is an interesting experiment. I just dont get why spend time using a
centrifugal pump. Centrifugal pumps are meant for higher head low flow
compared to axials. You could have picked up an axial pump from an old jet
ski and hooked up any motor you want (or just the old jet ski motor). I
like the ingenuity but if you had looked at a fluids book before doing this
you could have got a lot more out of it. Like said even modifying your
piping arrangement would help a lot.

Автор Barry White ( назад)
can u put a tow rope and skimboard 

GREAT JOB VERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор NorthernInventor ( назад)
@redcrazylady,,, Haha,,, I did the first test run,,, the rest of the guys
would have paid to try it,,,, everyone enjoyed the fun. ;-)

Автор Susan Millard ( назад)
Very nice !!! LOL you had someonelse guinea pig for you I see (btw did Big
Rick get danger pay? lol)....well done...now you just need a bigger motor
to get more speed out of her. ;)

Автор NorthernInventor ( назад)
@hardtimesx2 Thanks, I always want a high ranking in Redneck society,,,
LOL. We tried 2" , 1 1/2", and 1 1/4 ",,,,,,,,,, the 1 1/2" works best.

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