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Автор coladict ( назад)
The spider-limbs from Ares' back seemed very random. Then again, I don't
know much about Greek mythology.

Автор RedRebelionXD ( назад)
why didn't the barbarian just ask HADES for help he is the god of
underworld champion right?

Автор jackrayden ( назад)
zeus interdicted the gods waging war on each other but ares attacks
athena's city..that's some logic..athena can't fight ares probably because
she Can't and needs kratos...politics porbably

Автор Date Masamune ( назад)
Back when Kratos wasn't a complete asshole.

Автор Jake Milton ( назад)
omg the nostalgia <3

Автор KTChamberlain ( назад)
Okay, Gaia, we get it, Kratos has PTSD!

Автор Rare Pepe ( назад)
who was the guy that said "YOU AGAIN?!?"

Автор Vijay Kanade ( назад)
Its awesome

Автор qaqa6503 ( назад)
no keep of mind people walking road checheng village/many many years ago
this story history ,about jesus christ ,music cloud ulap meaning tinig
voice boses huwag plastican ang pag-uugali ha ?mandaraya speech ng all
language story history people/

Автор qaqa6503 ( назад)
huwag kang gagamit ng hindi mo profile inggit sa fecebook ////////?

Автор qaqa6503 ( назад)
suma huwag kang magaanyo ng god all people no see god in the worlds

Автор david vitorillo ( назад)
8:45 tat thing looks like kratos hahahaha LOL

Автор NefariousEvildoer ( назад)
13:90 - No, not Wilhelm!

Автор shadyatem ( назад)
ah nothing beats the first game, I loved all the series entries but the
original was the best. The graphics in the cut scenes are spectacular for
PS2 as well. I never noticed till now. Game had a perfect ending too. They
really didn't need the sequels not that I'm complaining though :)

Автор MetalFoxT Dugan ( назад)
why was a narrator necessary?

Автор Cameron Bordewyk ( назад)
I played this when I was a little kid 😳

Автор lane myers ( назад)
Just Curious, Was Actual Greek Mythology Full Of Massacres and Rapes?

Автор William Divine ( назад)
Wait why didn't Ares just have someone else kill Kratos' family? Like trick
him into thinking it was Zeus or something. That was Ares' plan right? To
overthrow Zeus. That way, Ares would have gotten what he wanted and Kratos
wouldn't have killed him.

Автор Killer Clan ( назад)
Ok im not physocotic but that was the most epic suicide ive ever seen

Автор Bryan Grabofsky ( назад)
Cratos kicking ass since ps2

Автор BolterZ Gaming ( назад)
No picture?

Автор jermaine bentley ( назад)

Автор Hayley bourgault ( назад)
I love the power you get when playig this game and watching it. Also the
intellect you get with the parables. 

Автор AssassinLordx ( назад)
Why won't he ask Zeus for help not ares

Автор Tsuru Chan ( назад)
that was plain stupid kratos had everything and he just wasted it ...

Автор freedomslastflight ( назад)
8:40 my favorite quote. Just how much sorrow you see in his eyes.

Автор Sebastian Biel ( назад)
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there should've been two
endings: One where Kratos takes the steps to become the new God of War, and
the second where he refuses and finally dies. It would've been very
interesting at the least i'd think.

Автор MegaJambot ( назад)
What is the order of the God of war games ? I can't quite remember 

Автор NightmareVF ( назад)
These greek gods are fucking dicks... pardon my language

Автор Ismael Ledesma ( назад)
Hey I actually started playing this on my ps2 and though is this the first
one? Turns out it is

Автор Adil Faridi ( назад)

Автор the real ( назад)
first time busting a nut be like 10:39

Автор Mukti Oentoro ( назад)
game for adult, not for kids :D

Автор lu games ( назад)
Thank u

Автор Tito Toela ( назад)
Every man is searchin fo Pandora's box... Get it ? x'D

Автор NRM gaming ( назад)
14:57 oh shit

Автор ShuDeWoop Gaming ( назад)
Mine is weird when I was watching
It said
"the people who search Pandoras box
Lay confront of... Gets cut off by ad
I was like confront of puppies??

Автор Filip Velkov ( назад)
23:37 Even know Kratos watches? :D

Автор Tobias Frolov ( назад)
I've never noticed the images of modern warfare in the final cinematic
before. That really strengthens the idea that this was made to be a
self-enclosed title, because Kratos was imagined to still be the God of War
in modern times.

Автор regi star ( назад)
Saya sangat Menyukai Game ini .

Автор Man Against Amazonian Masterhood ( назад)
Kratos doesn't scare me. Im already married.

Автор joshua lazarus ( назад)
16:35 EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Janna Silva ( назад)

Автор BLλZING STORM ( назад)
I always hated flying singing womens in GoF

Автор Juan Nunez ( назад)
One of my favorite games

Автор ALI MUNTH ( назад)

Автор Corristo89 ( назад)
Weird that this game is really self-enclosed, meaning that a sequel didn't
have to be made. Kind of like with the first Matrix movie, but here the
games kept getting better while the Matrix movies kept getting worse. 

Автор welcometothejungle .eu ( назад)
thx man great

Автор welcometothejungle .eu ( назад)
10 +

Автор Hayabusa Ryu ( назад)

Автор MaraxasLoL ( назад)
Yay god of war

Автор Kevin ( назад)
End the video at 0:48 to turn this into a very depressing video.

Автор Rocco Hunter ( назад)
died, escaped from hell, killed a god, tried to die again (when already
dead), becomes a god, gets killed again(this time without after life), Gaia
brings him back again, kills all the things including zeus, kills himself
again and .............................................. OMG! what's the
logic of this game?

Автор Randall Marty ( назад)
This game is really intriguing. And very well made..

Автор STRANGER805Ox ( назад)
Is it just me or in the very begging you can hear "kratos son of Zeus" the

Автор Mark Jake De Los Reyes ( назад)
Download the god of war 1 in android go to 4shared.com and search god of
war iso download it and install ppsspp emulator

Автор Tyrell D ( назад)
If you talking about Kratos he cant cuz Charlie Murphy's not gangsta enough

Автор Luiz Antonio ( назад)
"And with that act, Kratos set in motion the events that would lead to his

Автор Erika Parker ( назад)
As thick as Tom Hardy was playing Bane in Dark Knight Rises he could
possibly play Kratos.

Автор Bilal Fazil ( назад)
Y did Ares throw a nail to defeat Kratos so stupid 

Автор gjeni88 ( назад)
how you did in full hd the game has not the Cutscenes in hd?

Автор Kiko Melvin ( назад)

Автор SMSenshi11 ( назад)
I like, in the beginning, how they say "Kratos... Son of Zeus...",,, hmmmm
foreshadowing much?!? :)

Автор nguyen tai ( назад)
Kraitos trong game nhin tuong coi dc hon may thang lon lm kraitos tuong
thay gom

Автор Felipe Yakushi ( назад)
this is epic beyond words

Автор maroDC5 ( назад)
you will become death itself

Автор Phinehas Mondy ( назад)
Well Spoken.

Автор RLDessie ( назад)
actually I never played the game. but I'm saying it's not a plot hole. the
spirits of the dead have the option to forget everything and go back to
Earth in the Greek mythology.

Автор BigJoe89 ( назад)
Keep telling yourself that, lol

Автор BigJoe89 ( назад)
No but thanks for mentioning. I looked it up after you mentioned it. Did
they mention this in the game? I dont remember it. Now that i know what
this is i dont get why it would not have been included. I may have

Автор Hazar Taş ( назад)
Mythology can not be logical.

Автор RLDessie ( назад)
never heard of Lethe, the river of forgetfulness? all those who drink from
it forget everything. and they reincarnate.

Автор pasikursu268 ( назад)
Good thanks to youtube

Автор hflgoulart ( назад)
You're aware that the old Greek stories had thousands of gods?

Автор Alvaro Rojas ( назад)
Lol god of war ples god is the real one

Автор Stylow4k2k ( назад)

Автор andre bradwell ( назад)

Автор Kenny Gordon ( назад)
About to watch all of these! A Sunday well spent!

Автор WhiteRoseDeath ( назад)
to understand this you need to read the book

Автор fam lespier ( назад)
This game rocks!

Автор kshitij singh ( назад)
my favourite action game! love GOW 1and2

Автор BigJoe89 ( назад)
The only thing i never understood. If Kratos threw himself off the mountain
and died would he not just be alive in hades? How would this get rid of the
memories or what would that accomplish?

Автор Nickisorochi ( назад)
wow....i am speechless...amazing....what a story.....n what a fantastic

Автор junior fideus ( назад)
Verry good i like

Автор Jouri R ( назад)
What's the song playing at 16:33?

Автор Manufan9090 ( назад)
That lying ho Athena, try to saying Kronos was the last Titan. smh

Автор Bart Verdonck ( назад)
wowowo, i just realised me something, Davy Jones served Calypso for ten
years aswell, and then he was betrayed by her. Do I see a connection?

Автор fuhshck me fudhdhck you ( назад)
in games of course hehe

Автор fuhshck me fudhdhck you ( назад)
lamest god i have ever seen

Автор Nikholai Huffstead ( назад)
epic as fuck

Автор LoLSkillz4KillzLoL ( назад)

Автор Brandon Bromfield ( назад)
really nice vid

Автор Hagz ( назад)
13:16 dat Wilhelm scream.

Автор Hagz ( назад)

Автор Herschel Bowman ( назад)
that took only 2 weeks WOW

Автор Jeffloves beer ( назад)
same voice actor from legend of korra:amon

Автор Matthew Badali ( назад)
It works fine on my SV. It's YouTube or your phone

Автор Matteo Shai ( назад)

Автор Rey464 ( назад)
What is the deal every time the video is about to start I get black screen
and no pause/play button, just a black square.

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