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Автор bLuPlastic (7 дней)
The Pandorica opens......

Автор AntiRivet (3 месяца)
Chains seared into the flesh as a constant reminder of his pledge. Dude,
Greek fraternities were a thing even back then?!

Автор AceOfBlazes (18 дней)
I must say, for a PS2 game this had some damn good CGI cutscenes.

Автор amalfi5000 (20 дней)
Somebody PLEASE! make a new game franchise where there is a new hero and
Kratos is the antagonist.

Perhaps the new hero serves the one true God. Sees all of Greek's "gods" as
pagans. Same as Kratos.

Автор AlphaFlashUnlimited (29 дней)
What I don't like about these games is that Kratos should never have opened
Pandora's Box, even if in order to kill Ares. Opening the box is what
caused the Greek Gods to become corrupted in the first place, basically
causing Kratos to end up killing them all. Another thing I don't like about
these games is that Kratos is able to kill Ares or any of the other Greek
Gods at all. The Greek Gods are immortal by definition, thus they can never
truly die. Kratos should not have been able to kill Ares or any of the
other Greek Gods at all.

Автор Medival Jonsson (28 дней)
Maby opening the box was the reason he could kill the gods. It might have
changed his genetics or made the gods weaker/less immortal.
I just cant see if Kratos are a hero or a villain.
He removed bad gods yes. But he did it for selfish reasons.

Автор Aditya Rajan (2 месяца)
Ares failed

Автор BrunoBRPE (3 месяца)
Kratos = coward, hypocrite, selfish, mindless... I know all the games and
the worst thing is that all these adjectives about this freak are true. I
can't call him even anti-hero, because anti-heroes do save people, in their
He is a coward because he kills defenceless humans just to use their bodies
to activate mechanisms. Also because he kills titans and other creatures
who are imprisoned and have made him no harm, in order to get their
artefacts or powers. He is hypocrite because everything that happens in the
series is his fault, including the deaths of his wife and daughter. But he
blames the gods, he's not man enough to admit his mistakes. Selfish because
he cursed and destroyed the world, knowingly, just to seek his revenge.
Nobody and nothing else matters. And mindless because he doesn't think, he
just does all the shit without considering other ways.
I can't believe I have wasted time and money buying his games. But I learnt
to always check the stories and part of the walkthroughs of every single
game I plan to buy since this rubbish.
Not to forget the arrogance of the author, making Hercules, the biggest
hero from the ancient myths, look like a stupid brat. How pathetic. u_u'

Автор AnimelovingGabby (3 месяца)
21:13 Athena you are full of sh*t..... morn the death of our brother MY ASS

Автор MrBrandonStar (1 месяц)
Santa monica studios is the god of games

Автор Urooj Durrani (1 день)
It is my favorait game

Автор DariusFisback (3 дня)
I wanted to see the bad cutscenes when you die, or fail. they were done
pretty good too.

Автор Ben Prs (9 дней)
Them titties

Автор dvo456 (1 месяц)
there's not any gameplay on this video. Just the cutscenes

Автор Elcabronazisto (2 месяца)
GOW I was harder then all the rest

Автор Israel Pierre (2 месяца)
Kratos is the most powerful even though he is a monster

Автор David Fox (4 месяца)
Hollywood really needs to pay attention to the work of game developers.
This is an example of fantastically creative writing.

Автор El Puma Loco (3 месяца)
hahaha did Gaia say at 7:19 "The youngest and baldest"?

Автор james randy (3 месяца)
hmm so god of war 4 ? for PS4 ? :D please!

Автор Adea Biederwolf (2 месяца)
Is this it!!???

Автор Vintage Gaming (2 месяца)
What's the difference between nightmares and sins?

Автор PhobisProductions (3 месяца)
Are you playing on PS2? Or PS3, cause I know they re-released it on PS3.

Автор SuperDarklord69 (2 месяца)
No matter how many times I watch the cut scenes or play the games I still
love his story!!

Автор Chris Ramos (1 месяц)
They really should make a movie based on this game.

Автор Kathleen Argueta (3 месяца)
Or maybe its me :o

Автор Miguel Gonzalez (3 месяца)
The guy 2 ppl below me doesnt think Kratos is a complete beats..

Автор christian Garcia (3 месяца)
he died 4 times now?

Автор struancurtis (2 месяца)
Some of these flashbacks could be for Walter White. His wife is against
what he's doing, and accuses him of doing it only for himself. Eventually
his thirst for power is his own downfall. Plus he's bald and has a beard. 

Автор Nabeel Aziz (1 месяц)
sheesh My ps2 god of war didnt show this shit

Автор GAH NDi (2 месяца)
how did i manage to play this game at age 6 or 7. I remember playing this
at really young age..Lol wtf i problably died all the times

Автор Airwin Bondoc (3 месяца)
:D God of war 4 plss

Автор King Coke (4 месяца)
Wonder what song is playing in the first 10 seconds of the video

Автор Irish Carmine (1 месяц)
For me, Linda Hunt's voice acting made this even more special.

Автор Kalia Sandoval (1 месяц)
People that talk a lot of bullshit about God Of War calling it sorry and
Kratos a coward etc your punk butt isn't a true God Of War fan! If you
don't like it don't watch the video or own the game it isn't that hard! God
Of War is the shit and I have all of the games but I'm working on getting
that that you get a head of Kratos God of War Ascension came out!!!!!!

Автор zaheer siddiqui (1 месяц)
This game is awesome..!!..


Автор Ruben Duarte (3 месяца)
Zeus could kill Ares easily.

Автор hamza The Survivor (3 месяца)

Автор Alicia Sulek (3 месяца)
Eliguy 2 they did

Автор xSecretChuckles (2 месяца)
5:05 Is this Artemis?! 

Автор Tyler White (3 месяца)
I'm replaying this on my gow collection disc and it keeps freezing at the
part where he sees the Harpy and has a flashback...so frustrating

Автор Alberto Fuentes (4 месяца)
I couldn't past this game because it would always freeze on the part were
you see Ares destroying the city of Athens

Автор eliguy2 (4 месяца)
I dont like how most of the cutscenes are flashbacks. Theres so many of
them, they might as well make a GOW game about the story of him becoming
the ghost of sparta

Автор esteban orozco (4 месяца)
No loca vi

Автор henry manzano (4 месяца)

Автор Mortal Kombat vs The World Tournament EvE (6 месяцев)

Автор DeathStalker☢ (24 дня)
1:57 beewwwbbbiiieessss

Автор Otis Fitz (4 месяца)
This is the best game ever invented 

Автор Sonic Mario Fan (2 месяца)
this god of war game is my faviorte god of war game of all time

Автор trevonw67 (2 месяца)
If i do recall greek mythology Hercules killed his family out of pure rage
(i.e no one made him) so i wouldnt go as far as ta say he's any better den
kratos :/ p.s quit hatin on kratos so much 

Автор aurelius7778 (5 месяцев)
If they ever made God of war a motion movie then I think the guy from Games
of Thrones Drogo to play Kratos.

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