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Автор Corristo89 (3 месяца)
Weird that this game is really self-enclosed, meaning that a sequel didn't
have to be made. Kind of like with the first Matrix movie, but here the
games kept getting better while the Matrix movies kept getting worse. 

Автор Guts Likes It In The Ass (8 месяцев)
First game to give me nightmares as a kid... : /

Автор DeRodd DeBose (6 дней)
Okay so I know kratos and that old woman are black. But was his wife black?
I couldn't tell. I know the daughter is because she had her little Afro and
clearly her dad. 

Автор Umji (3 дня)

Автор ShuDeWoop Gaming (2 месяца)
Mine is weird when I was watching
It said
"the people who search Pandoras box
Lay confront of... Gets cut off by ad
I was like confront of puppies??

Автор Fiction or Fantasy (2 месяца)
Kratos doesn't scare me. Im already married.

Автор Mukti Oentoro (1 месяц)
game for adult, not for kids :D

Автор Tobias Frolov (2 месяца)
I've never noticed the images of modern warfare in the final cinematic
before. That really strengthens the idea that this was made to be a
self-enclosed title, because Kratos was imagined to still be the God of War
in modern times.

Автор MegaJambot (1 день)
What is the order of the God of war games ? I can't quite remember 

Автор Ismael Ledesma (17 дней)
Hey I actually started playing this on my ps2 and though is this the first
one? Turns out it is

Автор NightmareVF (5 дней)
These greek gods are fucking dicks... pardon my language

Автор Salle Voznick (9 месяцев)
236 Barbarians disliked this video.

Автор Adil Faridi (18 дней)

Автор Randall Marty (4 месяца)
This game is really intriguing. And very well made..

Автор Juan Nunez (3 месяца)
One of my favorite games

Автор Erika Parker (5 месяцев)
As thick as Tom Hardy was playing Bane in Dark Knight Rises he could
possibly play Kratos.

Автор Luiz Antonio (5 месяцев)
"And with that act, Kratos set in motion the events that would lead to his

Автор Viktor Sečić (6 месяцев)
How can Kratos shoot lightning bolts like a Zeus?

Автор lu games (1 месяц)
Thank u

Автор as ew (6 месяцев)
Really rather disjointed from what is happening. It mentions a Hydra that
we never saw, and jumps about a lot.

Автор Filip Velkov (2 месяца)
23:37 Even know Kratos watches? :D

Автор Kevin Forbes (4 месяца)
End the video at 0:48 to turn this into a very depressing video.

Автор BLλZING STORM (3 месяца)
I always hated flying singing womens in GoF

Автор joshua lazarus (2 месяца)
16:35 EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Janna Silva (3 месяца)

Автор regi star (2 месяца)
Saya sangat Menyukai Game ini .

Автор Felipe Yakushi (6 месяцев)
this is epic beyond words

Автор the real (1 месяц)
first time busting a nut be like 10:39

Автор Jaliyl Bruessard (8 месяцев)
Charlie Murphy should play him in a a movie

Автор MaraxasLoL (3 месяца)
Yay god of war

Автор Bilal Fazil (6 месяцев)
Y did Ares throw a nail to defeat Kratos so stupid 

Автор STRANGER805Ox (4 месяца)
Is it just me or in the very begging you can hear "kratos son of Zeus" the

Автор SMSenshi11 (6 месяцев)
I like, in the beginning, how they say "Kratos... Son of Zeus...",,, hmmmm
foreshadowing much?!? :)

Автор Renato jackson (8 месяцев)
God Of War 1 All Cutscenes Story Gameplay Movie

Автор JACK JAM JAM (8 месяцев)

Автор Tito Toela (1 месяц)
Every man is searchin fo Pandora's box... Get it ? x'D

Автор Rocco Hunter (4 месяца)
died, escaped from hell, killed a god, tried to die again (when already
dead), becomes a god, gets killed again(this time without after life), Gaia
brings him back again, kills all the things including zeus, kills himself
again and .............................................. OMG! what's the
logic of this game?

Автор Tyrell D (5 месяцев)
If you talking about Kratos he cant cuz Charlie Murphy's not gangsta enough

Автор Mark Jake De Los Reyes (4 месяца)
Download the god of war 1 in android go to 4shared.com and search god of
war iso download it and install ppsspp emulator

Автор Jeremy Hollywood (7 месяцев)

Автор NRM gaming (2 месяца)
14:57 oh shit

Автор gjeni88 (6 месяцев)
how you did in full hd the game has not the Cutscenes in hd?

Автор imdegde Supartha (7 месяцев)
.g .God Of War 1 All Cutscenes Story Gameplay Movie:

Автор AceOfBlazes (1 год)
I must say, for a PS2 game this had some damn good CGI cutscenes.

Автор Medival Jonsson (1 год)
Maby opening the box was the reason he could kill the gods. It might have
changed his genetics or made the gods weaker/less immortal.
I just cant see if Kratos are a hero or a villain.
He removed bad gods yes. But he did it for selfish reasons.

Автор Michelle Grijalva (8 месяцев)
The guy who voices Kratos IS black. Doesn't matter to me. He does a good

Автор Kiko Melvin (6 месяцев)

Автор bLuPlastic (1 год)
The Pandorica opens......

Автор Archie Cairns (6 месяцев)
So glad uv made these videos 

Автор Just Appeared (7 месяцев)
I like him more in gow 1 than in gow 2 where he had that angry expresion on
his face all the time, he kind of became too linear with vengance as his
only goal and objective. In the 1st part we could see a Kratos with mixed
emotions, going through different areas as he look upon massacared corpses
seeing himself in those deeds while at the same time his painful flashbacks
revealed us how tragic character he was. Cheers !

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