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Длительность: 23:46
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Автор Helping Hoof (Helping Hoof) ( назад)
I love watching these game movies. I don't plan to play these games but I
sure enjoy the movies

Автор Ya Boi ( назад)
Athena didn't do it on purpose.

All she does needs the approval of Zeus. So it was not her decision.

God of war 3 ruined the francise.

Автор Δημήτρης «Mhtsos» Μπάρδας ( назад)
For those of you that wonder, the chorus says: "Kratos, thanatos" not "son
of zeus". Thanatos means death in greek. The chorus chants that cause
Kratos is about to commit suicide.

Автор Rizal Rifaldi ( назад)
i love this channel, great narrator storytelling.

Автор David Laush ( назад)
Don't know why, but I always yell out ARESSS!!!! 9:15 whenever I'm in a
spooky situation.

Автор De sweeper keeper sharad ( назад)
is there subtiitle

Автор wesker9041 ( назад)
It's incredible how well the graphics hold up.This was ps2 in 05 and it
still looks insane.

Автор Blake Minecart ( назад)
ares is actually the God of war

Автор Nuno The Dude ( назад)
god of war the flashback

Автор Eyad777Misk ( назад)
I liked Athena, I hate how they turned her into a hoe when kratos tried to
kill himself in gow3

Автор Jethro Silva ( назад)
this is bloody and brute gross i just wanna know the story of god of war

Автор Lord Defector ( назад)
Now Kratos goes after Odin, Thor, Loki,

Автор Vip_slayer1 ( назад)
What is song name 16:30

Автор PeixeEZ AZZado ( назад)
this is amazing
this is awesome
this is incredible

Автор XxExtremeSamX ( назад)
all i needed was 16:30

Автор David Toure ( назад)
I remember as a kid when this came out I was so excited, and horny from the
nudity in this game haha. now days all the games suck

Автор Gaius Scipio ( назад)
"I knew a girl at school called Pandora. Never got to see her box, though."

Автор Navin Balakrishnan ( назад)
And now, many years after GOWIII, Kratos is in Scandinavia teaching his new
son how to hunt deer and survive. Just love this series.

Автор Vatan “Wattkit” Kömürcü ( назад)

...10 years athena ! i have faithfully served the gods for 10 years !

Автор Thet Khaing ( назад)
i need god of war game help me you tube all brother

Автор Nai DAngeles ( назад)
my childhood. never can be replaced by all games today lol

Автор Civil ( назад)
Jesus these graphics are crazy for ps2

Автор 4piglite ( назад)
I'm hooked on this whole series. Finished I, II, and III, Ascension, and
now doing the Origins collection starting with Chains of Olympus. Decided
to play them chronologically this next go round. :-)

Автор jessie ruiz ( назад)
huh i thought kratos skin color was natural

Автор Leontious TV ( назад)
BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED little hard though

Автор HOLYFEAR96 ( назад)
God of War is killed, nuclear explosion occurs...........makes sense XD

Автор Youssef ESSAADI ( назад)
Best Game Ever

Автор Wahka naple ( назад)
11:53 kratos is one silent assassin

Автор Brian Rodriguez ( назад)
Omg is it just me but in the beginning, in the background the guy says
"Kratos, son of Zeus"

Автор Lovie Aldaya ( назад)
i can't see anymore

Автор Neze321 ( назад)
This was just amazing great job 👍👍

Автор Vincent Palabras ( назад)
i love the story

Автор Depnialex Pakpahan ( назад)
There's a continuity issue with GoF and GoF Chain of Olympus, at the end
GoF CoO (the supposedly prequel to original GoF), Kratos is at the cliff
after fallen from the sun Chariot, but in the original GoF, he's at the
Cliff by climbing it... i"m confused

Автор Q8latif ( назад)
How'd he get the thunderbolt?

Автор Darth Revan ( назад)
I love the narrator's voice, she makes the story even more exotic

Автор Kevon Cooper ( назад)
I'm very suprised that the piller ares threw didn't kill kratos instantly.

Автор Ernie Esparza ( назад)
ain't that fucking bitch can't even kill yourself also best game I ever
played on the PlayStation

Автор Mayank Arya ( назад)
i cant tell you how scared i was as a kid when the Medusa came😂😂

Автор Brandon ( назад)
New God Of War Game E3 2016


how much times is he gonna kill that man dayumm even when they dead.

Автор Rodri Martos ( назад)
This game is a masterpiece but I think it should get a remake. It may be
unnecesary but it hasn't aged as well as the rest of the series in both
gameplay and graphics. I mean after playing the Resident Evil and Ratchet
and Clank remakes I realised how awesome GOW1 would be if they added a ton
of new bosses and enemies, new weapons and items and new levels. Also they
could improve the gameplay a lot to make it more diverse and fun like in
Ghost of Sparta and Ascension

Автор BLλZING STORM ( назад)
When I was 3 my parents bought me PS2, God of War 1 and Need For Speed
Underground 2,but this is the game I most played,legendary.

Автор Ya Boi ( назад)

There's something beautiful about that whole scene

Автор Lon Sokhon ( назад)
This is a lot shorter then I though

Автор kon kiraku ( назад)
The gods of Olympus have abandoned me...

Автор Hail Hydra ( назад)
Wow, even before he got his family killed, Kratos was an asshole. His
family's death is practically his own fault in the first place

Автор Anitej Misra ( назад)
When the video begins, the chorus says 'Kratos, son of Zeus' in gow 2 it is
revealed he is zeus' son

Автор r322c videos ( назад)
war never changes.

Автор Ben Honorseeker ( назад)
5:56 compare his face to the one from gow 3

Автор Kennedy Daniel ( назад)

Автор Shafi al islam ( назад)
My dad bought it on the PS2 I saw him play it for a bit then that part of
madusa came and I got scared and never played that game the main character
and the monsters used to shit me up when I was little 

Автор muhamad reza ( назад)
Gaia is the only narrator at first, but has actually appeared in GOW 2

Автор Hail Hydra ( назад)
I love how he kills Ares in such a badass way

Автор 1Dairy 1Milk (983 года назад)
tbh i thought mount olympus was the highest moutain?

Автор Firdaus B Nasri ( назад)
well kratos you help zeus and then you kill her
you just one simple mind you do what you just want

Автор gorrow1990 ( назад)
God of War 3 is the best game of the series, but this one still has the
best story and the best central villain. And it was definitely easier to
sympathize with Kratos in this one as opposed to the sequels.

Автор Enter The NiNjA ( назад)
This was one of my first ps2 games (: My mom thought this game was about
cute dragons and fairy's, until she saw the gore & those 2 bitches on the
bed lmao

Автор Emily Martinez ( назад)
grey and red spray paint guy fight a girl sea dragon

Автор Boss Fish ( назад)
Its been like 7 years or something like that since i last played this game
and im fucked off because i still havent made it passed pandora box!

Автор Narrow TheKiller ( назад)
ARES!!!!! 😡🏹

Автор coladict ( назад)
The spider-limbs from Ares' back seemed very random. Then again, I don't
know much about Greek mythology.

Автор jackrayden ( назад)
zeus interdicted the gods waging war on each other but ares attacks
athena's city..that's some logic..athena can't fight ares probably because
she Can't and needs kratos...politics porbably

Автор Date Masamune ( назад)
Back when Kratos wasn't a complete asshole.

Автор Mike Wazawoski ( назад)
omg the nostalgia <3

Автор KTChamberlain ( назад)
Okay, Gaia, we get it, Kratos has PTSD!

Автор Free Movies ( назад)
who was the guy that said "YOU AGAIN?!?"

Автор Vijay Kanade ( назад)
Its awesome

Автор NefariousEvildoer ( назад)
13:90 - No, not Wilhelm!

Автор shadyatem ( назад)
ah nothing beats the first game, I loved all the series entries but the
original was the best. The graphics in the cut scenes are spectacular for
PS2 as well. I never noticed till now. Game had a perfect ending too. They
really didn't need the sequels not that I'm complaining though :)

Автор Foxyguy ( назад)
why was a narrator necessary?

Автор Cameron Bordewyk ( назад)
I played this when I was a little kid 😳

Автор Deseray Jones ( назад)
Just Curious, Was Actual Greek Mythology Full Of Massacres and Rapes?

Автор William Divine ( назад)
Wait why didn't Ares just have someone else kill Kratos' family? Like trick
him into thinking it was Zeus or something. That was Ares' plan right? To
overthrow Zeus. That way, Ares would have gotten what he wanted and Kratos
wouldn't have killed him.

Автор Killer Clan ( назад)
Ok im not physocotic but that was the most epic suicide ive ever seen

Автор Bryan Grabofsky ( назад)
Cratos kicking ass since ps2

Автор BolterZ Gaming ( назад)
No picture?

Автор jermaine bentley ( назад)

Автор Hayley bourgault ( назад)
I love the power you get when playig this game and watching it. Also the
intellect you get with the parables. 

Автор Kyle Trex ( назад)
Why won't he ask Zeus for help not ares

Автор Marlis ( назад)
that was plain stupid kratos had everything and he just wasted it ...

Автор freedomslastflight ( назад)
8:40 my favorite quote. Just how much sorrow you see in his eyes.

Автор Sebastian Biel ( назад)
Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like there should've been two
endings: One where Kratos takes the steps to become the new God of War, and
the second where he refuses and finally dies. It would've been very
interesting at the least i'd think.

Автор MegaJambot ( назад)
What is the order of the God of war games ? I can't quite remember 

Автор NightmareVF ( назад)
These greek gods are fucking dicks... pardon my language

Автор Ismael Ledesma ( назад)
Hey I actually started playing this on my ps2 and though is this the first
one? Turns out it is

Автор Adil Faridi ( назад)

Автор the real ( назад)
first time busting a nut be like 10:39

Автор The LuWeb ( назад)
Thank u

Автор Tito Toela ( назад)
Every man is searchin fo Pandora's box... Get it ? x'D

Автор NRM gaming ( назад)
14:57 oh shit

Автор ShuDeWoop Gaming ( назад)
Mine is weird when I was watching
It said
"the people who search Pandoras box
Lay confront of... Gets cut off by ad
I was like confront of puppies??

Автор Filip Velkov ( назад)
23:37 Even know Kratos watches? :D

Автор Tobias Frolov ( назад)
I've never noticed the images of modern warfare in the final cinematic
before. That really strengthens the idea that this was made to be a
self-enclosed title, because Kratos was imagined to still be the God of War
in modern times.

Автор regi star ( назад)
Saya sangat Menyukai Game ini .

Автор Lets make America a monarchy again. ( назад)
Kratos doesn't scare me. Im already married.

Автор joshua lazarus ( назад)
16:35 EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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