2013 Memorial Weekend at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes

The 2013 Season is upon us and in full swing. Wild, Wild, Wild!

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Автор Ginny Moore ( назад)

Автор Dan Johnston ( назад)
That bronco at 1 03 is so AWESOME i think that is the best ride in SLIVER

Автор gmor54ars ( назад)
Want to be there so bad 

Автор Joe Currie ( назад)
This is the most redneck thing I've ever seen....

Автор Jake Lang ( назад)
Can't wait for 2014.. Yeah baby!

Автор Kyle B: The Cheesy Crafter ( назад)
1:29 My dad works next to the driver in that rail :)

Автор Gip the Creature ( назад)
I love Michigan!

Автор LoogieRules ( назад)
2:52 redneck water ski

Автор Ryan K ( назад)
1:16 Get off the damn track camera guy!!

Автор Tom Miller (MXSauce) ( назад)
5:05 you know what I'm gonna say!

Автор AltaRepublic ( назад)
LMAO! @ 1:57 "That's what you get for showing off you dumb ass!"

Автор Pirate Hat ( назад)
Qatar:Sealine is better

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
Mears, Michigan 

Автор jsabo4 ( назад)
This is in michigan right? If so where? Like what city!?

Автор Framed life ( назад)
2:33 just seen and took pictures for my company of that pink truck in the
middle, Rude Racing I think at the 2013 Michigan Trucks Gone Wild event.

Автор LaxRat94 ( назад)
i feel like i saw a decent amount of ford rangers in this video. and that
makes me happy

Автор aventuranoxingu ( назад)
Legal mano. dirigir na areia e surpreendente, e emocionante.

Автор Tmaxxnc ( назад)

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
You will. The History Channel. 

Автор Tmaxxnc ( назад)
what ever happened to the bad company jeep i haven't seen it in any videos
in a long time

Автор Ptown Hounds ( назад)
Hahaha you were all about Timmy's Bronco 

Автор JustGiviner ( назад)
I love to guy at 0:52

Автор Cole Hewitt ( назад)
I was at the very end of the video jumping the quad :D

Автор EAM Engineering ( назад)

Автор Justin Brevik ( назад)
1:55 " thats what you get for showing off ya dumbass " hilarious good

Автор BleepinJeep ( назад)
Nice video! wish we had something similar around here!

Автор SilverLakeSandDunes0 ( назад)
Workin on the truck

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
What's happening Parker?! 

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
You can buy that smell from Dune TV for..... lol

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
I heard they implemented helmet laws in the UTV's?

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
Thanks man!

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
Thank you.

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)
Still messing with it, but coming along, thanks.

Автор DuneTV1 ( назад)

Автор kfstoyota ( назад)
nice vidoe

Автор Kyle Kustka ( назад)
0.51 right corner lol

Автор Kyle Kustka ( назад)
3.32 wtf

Автор Chase Beard ( назад)
Sweet video as always! 

Автор Buddy713 ( назад)
the 4th is coming soon... can't wait. taking the bike and the cameras.
getting a lot more video this time!

Автор allmotorhash ( назад)
almost looks like worth the trip south california san dunes suck now 

Автор Dakind brew ( назад)
It's been way too long!! The sand..... it calls to me. Wish I could smell
those banshees!

Автор SilverLakeSandDunes0 ( назад)
Hell yes! BTW its parker

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