How to Make a Homemade Analog TV Antenna

In this tutorial, I'll Teach You how to make a simple analog TV antenna.

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Автор Alexis Medina Gamer ( назад)
you suck

Автор TC Meric TENSI (667 лет назад)
Oh man, they emptied the room like a garbage truck. It looks like my room,
I liked it.

Автор asep suherman ( назад)
Nice Video.

Автор Nahar Samat ( назад)
I thought everything (metal sources) is possible to doing antenna/aerial tv
especially combined that with idea to fix problem.

Автор Itimna Anghel ( назад)
Nice video :D

Автор TheCarWashChannel ( назад)
Keep this video! Pirates are now using Analog for their own TV stations!
This is great!

Автор SEIgeMoDE ( назад)
It did in 2007, this is analog which got disabled in 2009. In otherwords
you need a converter box first.

Автор SEIgeMoDE ( назад)

Автор Dang4328 ( назад)
Stop saying get cable, it is a simple demonstration. And people that do use
antennas, as do I, use them to receive better quality picture and it is
free. And you call antenna users fools...

Автор Matthew Hasman ( назад)
Well of course, this is Analog TV, this was made before the digital switch

Автор Christopher Davis ( назад)
get cable, fool.

Автор J Liverpool ( назад)
Nice kid but this does not work. Actually tried this and just wasted all my

Автор Jason Smith ( назад)
This shit dont work i tryed it!

Автор alexei green ( назад)
lol.. You read while you explain......haha

Автор Barry Villacarillo ( назад)
can i have more than hundreds of channels when i use this? pls tell me.

Автор Nathan Kayle ( назад)
@daiatlus79 Digital TV uses the same channels (and thus the same
wavelength) that was used by analog TV.

Автор Nathan Kayle ( назад)
@ChempediaTV Read my comments to @daiatlus79. I make my living maintaining
transmitters that deliver that signal you are receiving so I do know
something about it.

Автор Nathan Kayle ( назад)
@daiatlus79 Yes of course it depends on the wavelength- but we weren't
talking about wavelength- We are talking about form of modulation- and for
any given frequency the antenna doesn't care crap if its NTSC analog or
ATSC digital- its just RF to an antenna. And to clarify things further-
while it's RF it IS an analog signal- modulated in 8-steps of amplitude. It
doesn't become a digital signal until it is demodulated by the TV set.

Автор daiatlus79 ( назад)
@nakayle antennas are dependant upon the wavelength of the signal you are
trying to pick up. length, spacing etc are all important!

Автор HolographicCMS ( назад)
woo familyguys on!

Автор MrElectroman3 ( назад)
On a satellite dish the whole thing isn't the antenna just the little grey
things on the end of the rod That points towards the dish. What happens is
the signal reflects off of the dish into the little grey thing. ( I don't
know what to call it,) u r pretty close tho

Автор TimmyD853 ( назад)
@shartne he forgot it was to hold the think down.

Автор stevimated ( назад)
smarty pants dance! lol why am i watching this again...

Автор Anonymous Network ( назад)
@MrKeithStone You act tho this kid is trying to be a nerd. I dont think he
is trying to be a bookworm. Another thing, a bookworm dont get anything
done if they just read. hands on teaches people more than just a book. you
cant anything without hands on. A book is only recieving knowledge, Hands
on also makes a person experinaced. a book cant.

Автор shartne ( назад)
what was the six volt battery for?

Автор Imacorama ( назад)
mustace guy lol

Автор Zachary Hogan ( назад)
That is the ugliest thing i've seen in years

Автор Stefan Stefanovic (1633 года назад)
man you bee a milioner :DD

Автор AVERAGEINTELL ( назад)
exellect work mate - bummer that your editing is so poor - makes it a
little hard to follow but i am going to give it a try

Автор MrKeithStone ( назад)
This kid probably gets beat up at school? He should be reading a book
instead of making stupid antennas and watching family guy! I'm just saying
if your going to be a nerd read a book!

Автор Gregory Stec ( назад)
Umm, antennas of all types can receive signals of all types. There is NO
such animal as an antenna that receives only analog signals or an antenna
that receives only digital signals. What you are building is a tuned
circuit, that is, a device that is better tuned to received the new
frequencies that have been labeled as 'digital.' Sorry to burst your bubble.

Автор HDMarkos512 ( назад)
how old where you?

Автор Reneil Roño ( назад)
I did everything you said. But It didn't work. I dunno why?!

Автор chickenpoper ( назад)
hehe he says "cock" at 9:22 - 9:23 :P........btw get ur facts straight dude
this isnt a really good antenna ive made better

Автор Angel Perez ( назад)
"my bunny ear Chanel i mean bunny ear" Wat man Wat are u talking about foo
get Ur facts right

Автор Jim MacDonald ( назад)
This did help and took me less than 5 min so it will do until i hook up the
satellite. Thanks.

Автор Potasmic ( назад)
ya need a brighter room... So dark

Автор Nini ( назад)
U might know who to make an antenna . But u sure don't know how to make a

Автор LauraGaynorTV ( назад)
you seriously should stop rambling on...get to the point!

Автор Sterling20073 ( назад)
i agree, this kids awesome

Автор John zote ( назад)
What a bunch of hooie

Автор weirdone17 ( назад)
@TheInventorkid the brian? wow r u retarded or sumthin? its brain and it is
way easier to just buy cable. Satelite is a thing of the past... so are

Автор ching chang ( назад)
@weirdone17 chill hes jus showin stuff he knows i bet u dont even have the
brian to make something like that

Автор fruitloopcomputers ( назад)
you guys just plugg a dam wire into the back of your tv it works perfectly
even though it all went digital

Автор weirdone17 ( назад)

Автор diskman300 ( назад)
It's ironic as hell that you uploaded this on Christmas, why didn't you get
a good antenna for Christmas?

Автор Nathan Kayle ( назад)
@DarkSonicProductions What's not true?- explain your disagreement so I can
set you straight. I've been a broadcast engineer since 1964 so I think I
know a thing or two.

Автор DarkSonicProductions ( назад)
@nakayle thats not true ya know

Автор Dieseldog98 ( назад)
That helped me so much thanks for the vid

Автор Magmanity ( назад)
darkness boy..

Автор whitalexander ( назад)
You guys rock. This is great stuff.

Автор alah911 ( назад)
r u boy or girl?

Автор Nathan Kayle ( назад)
Don't you mean the FCC- not FAA. The FAA don't care beans about TV
channels- only the height and location of the tower. And yes, most DTV will
be on UHF but some will be hi-band (7-13) VHF. UHF works better in urban
areas, VHF better in rural areas. Only a few will be low-band (2-6) and
they will regret it because the impulse noise these channels are prone to
will screw up DTV decoders.

Автор MOIVGSTER ( назад)
ive tried the coathanger antenna and it works great and then i tried your
coffee can antenna but would this antenna still work after they switched to
digital tv

Автор HDMarkos512 ( назад)
hey do you really need the magnet ?

Автор Nicolas S ( назад)
But its a good vid bud, I wish at your age I was doing stuff like this.
Good job.

Автор Nicolas S ( назад)
did he ever use a balun? I just skipped to the end and saw him hooking up
plain wires to the back of the tv and just laughed out so hard.

Автор acravatt ( назад)
Great Video! You provided much more information than I've seen in quite a
while. Keep up the good work.

Автор Brad Smith ( назад)
NVM, the kid must have cut a tip of a coaxial cable off and wrapped the
exposed wires together.

Автор Brad Smith ( назад)
Is it possible to splice a coaxial cable to this design? As in, cut the end
off of a coaxial cable and the internal wires around that of the antenna.

Автор Jethro Van Kins ( назад)
hey mate, you made an ok vid but some tips for ur future videos are spend
some time editing your videos, this will cut down the video time and stop
those nasty cuts between shots. Also maybe post the materials in the
description so that you dont have to spend a minute or so telling us what
they are. And lastly please put vital info and steps in the description
because ur mic isnt top quality. so basically include vital info in
description and make ur vids a bit shorter for us with slow internet.

Автор Triggerhappycanadian ( назад)
Nice video! I got 10 extra channels off the stuff and instructions you said!

Автор howpeculiar ( назад)
Not sure what exactly it is you have made here, or why you assume that it
even works. Your "dish" is not parabolic, is not sized correctly, is at the
same potential as your "feedhorn" and in all reality is just a large signal
plane that happens to work better than your old setup. The taped magnet you
tried to make a toroidal wound inductor on is not helping you. This is not
an antenna.

Автор nicojcbs ( назад)
To dark cant see much would like to see presentation in more light.

Автор y2ksingh ( назад)
What kind of wire did u use to connect to your TV

Автор y2ksingh ( назад)
nice video

Автор josephcboggs ( назад)
yeah thats pretty much what i do

Автор sclerismockrey ( назад)
Some people are dumb. They spell electrical 'electricle'. But you're right,
electriCAL tape is not conductive.

Автор tnhl77 ( назад)
very good and informitive

Автор K7DFA ( назад)
You do realize that you can buy the wire already stripped of the
insulation, right?

Автор K7DFA ( назад)
What the individual who said "rotate it (the antenna) toward the signal"
really meant is you should find out where the broadcasting ANTENNA is
located and rotate the antenna so that the small end is pointed toward that
general direction. Unless you still are using "bunny ears", in which case
you should rotate them ("rabbit ears") so the ends are pointed 90 degrees
away from the broadcasting location (antenna).

Автор rjb7676 ( назад)
wat do u do with the lantern batery

Автор MRHill12 ( назад)
Here in england we use coat hangers they work much better

Автор Jack Mears ( назад)
nice video it helped loads :)

Автор LainieLu1953 ( назад)
I believe that if you watched the video a second time, you will learn that
this young fellow called Mark Erickson's comments about electrical tape
"complete garbage." Start at the 4:56 mark if you don't believe me. Tsk.
Tsk. Tsk.

Автор Sam Johnson ( назад)
well, what is "the signal"??

Автор CSProductions ( назад)
Reason why you have crap reception to start with is due to the antenna is
designed for VHF and not UHF, if you were to shorten the metal rods to
around 6" then it would work far more better. The ferrite is not an
amplifier, it makes the energy transfer more efficient from the antenna to
the cable.

Автор Mohamed Khaled ( назад)
some parts are cut ...didnt totally get it

Автор Sam Johnson ( назад)
has anybody tried this, if so, does it work? compared to bunny ears, any

Автор Sam Johnson ( назад)
you have a high squeaky voice ROFL!!!! good vid...i guess...

Автор gmcjetpilot ( назад)
You are right I meant to say "all DTV on UHF" will be better served by a
bow tie antenna. ("Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna!" not my video or title, but a
good video) I use loose terminology when writing in general to folks on
youtube not experts such as your self. I can say with out fear of rebuttal,
FAA records show most areas will be served mostly by UHF. There are
exceptions in some areas (Las Vegas I recall?). Some Digital stations now
on UHF will go back to VHF after Feb 09.

Автор Nathan Kayle ( назад)
Please explain to me how a TV antenna knows the difference between a NTSC
analog signal and a ASTC digital signal? It's just a piece of metal that
picks up RF. The only thing thats important is that it's reasonably
resonate at the frequency is being received but this has nothing to do with
the modulation method. In fact- when a signal is being picked up by a
antenna it's actually a 8-tier analog signal- it doesn't become digital
until it's demodulated in the receiver.

Автор Nathan Kayle ( назад)
You said "After 2009 all TV will be UHF for HDTV". HD can be broadcast on
any ch- VHF or UHF. I'm perfectly aware many stations will still be 480I
SD. And for your info I had a ham lic when I was 14 and a FCC commercial
lic at 19 and was operating TV BC xmtrs probably before you were born.
Anytime you want to try out-tech me- go right ahead. We can have some
interesting discussions about stream allocations on MPEG encoders and
tuning 8VSB modulators. We can even debate 8VSB vs COFDM if you like.

Автор pleasedontsneeze ( назад)
well said

Автор ChempediaTV ( назад)
that is not true:)

Автор gmcjetpilot ( назад)
I really HATE know-it-all's that can't read. Read what I wrote & TELL me
where I said Digital TV* does not use the VHF BAND? WHERE? No where right.
I'm fully aware of the LVHF, HVHF & UHF spectrum & usage as an engineer &
ham. I know more about antennas then you ever will. Before you write
stupid, READ FIRST. No shit sherlock, digital TV* will use VHF & UHF bands,
but UHF will be utilized more. *GET A CLUE, it's NOT HDTV idiot, ITS
DIGITAL TV, which doesn't have to be HD.

Автор Nathan Kayle (430 лет назад)
You are totally wrong about all HDTV being on UHF. Any channel between 2
and 51 can be used for HDTV. Many stations will be using VHF channels 7-13
because they go farther than UHF signals.

Автор Nathan Kayle (945 лет назад)
There's no such thing as an "analog" antenna or a "digital" antenna. It
doesn't make any difference to a antenna what form of modulation is used.
If it works well on one it will work well on the other.

Автор Anthony Buchman ( назад)
oops type O I ment 2009 sorry.....

Автор Anthony Buchman ( назад)
It's a good video, very good presentation. BUT, analog signal will be off
the air in Feb. 2008 here in the US. But, as I said in other videos there
are no digital antenna.

Автор jasgrip ( назад)
so you americans really feel the economy squeezing effect, and make
homemade antennas lol :P better move to Romania, we are the masters in
doing that, since 1966, reaching Bulgarian television .Don't know what I
mean?Never mind..comunist times ..bleah...get serious, get a nice satleitte
dish or something :D

Автор justmecoop ( назад)
what contry are you in

Автор wysiwydg ( назад)
Don't remove this vid please. This is very educational, and we still have
Analog signal for our TV here in our country for the next 2 years.

Автор cheesynuts1 ( назад)
the kid just wants to watch family guy

Автор John Walsh ( назад)
this kid is brilliant

Автор Dylan Cormier ( назад)
Sure this is the simplest thing on earth, but you gotta admit, this kid is
very smart for his age, most kids couldn't strip a wire on their own.

Автор Ryan Johnson ( назад)
dude to manny jumpcuts couldent understand but i do get what your trying to

Автор bigballa269 ( назад)
Propz Major Propz

Автор vikingscool ( назад)
Yep. That looks like a dish antenna.

Автор Russell Steinhauer ( назад)
is that channel 45 wow that is a big difference from the beginning channel
45 is all static and no sound

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