The LEGO Cable Car

The first working replica of a San Francisco Cable Car made of LEGO. True cable mechanism pulling the trolley forward below the tracks.

Pictures and descriptions can be found on:

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Автор Treni FS ( назад)
Very nice!

Автор scottthewaterwarrior ( назад)
Really nice man. I plan to build a SF stile trolly some time, mine would be much simpler though. Wouldn't run on mindstorms, just powered by a cable.

Автор gushers114 ( назад)
Prototype #2 please :3

Автор gabrielthornmusic ( назад)
Awesome! :)

Автор Josh Funnell ( назад)
You are obviously very sad because an 11 year old couldn't do this, but the thing with you is that i worship you to sacrefice the time, anger (which i know you get building lego) and workmanship towars this amazing model. Keep on building.

Автор kebabuk ( назад)
Cool!! Also this song is from Stuntman Ignition =D great train great game

Автор Torge ( назад)
jo is irg ganz geil

Автор chessie2003 ( назад)
Very impressive. Although this isn't the first LEGO Cable Car (i.e. the one in the San Francisco model at Legoland California), I do believe it is the first to use the true "cable" method for power. Very very very cool!

Автор Cyrmes ( назад)

Автор aLaSdAiRh01620 ( назад)
Lego should put this into production, its amazing!

Автор seeis ( назад)
You should see legoland... It's cool.

Автор jonklein611 ( назад)
mustang nismo off of tokyo drift is the song

Автор Remco van den Bosch ( назад)
beautyfull designe!

Автор Daniel Padova ( назад)
Very impressive!!!!!

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