Mossberg 390k 16 gauge bolt action shotgun.

Ben Lytle shoots his Mossberg 390k 16 gauge bolt action shotgun.

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Автор Jake Eden ( назад)
I have this gun!

Автор huntertn58 ( назад)
are you shooting rifling shells or bird shot

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@andrewceg That's the spirit... and Alba Gu Brath!!!!!!! (cuz I'm

Автор Andrew O'kitchen (900 лет назад)
@gogdee and it will be :) erin go bragh and Tiocfaidh ár lá

Автор William Smith (980 лет назад)
@andrewceg Whatever, I don't live in Ireland so I guess I don't all the
facts, still I wish Ireland were free.

Автор Andrew O'kitchen ( назад)
@gogdee ha ha, yeah my two uncles were in the IRA and my grandpa as well
(my two uncles dont want to talk about it to much) they said they were
young and stupid when they joined (grandpa on the otherhand says he joind
he done shit got put in jail and he dont give a rats what people think
about it)

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@andrewceg I was reading a article recently made about Liam Neeson and it
was saying that Liam actually has some ties to the IRA and that he supports
it's ideals but he didn't want to talk too much about because he didn't
want people mad at him or his friends in the IRA. GOOOO LIAM NEESON!!!! XD

Автор Andrew O'kitchen (264 года назад)
@gogdee yes i have seen michael collins and it is a great movie i loved it,
james conolly (in my dp) and michael collins are my hearo's

Автор William Smith (526 лет назад)
@andrewceg Well Terrorist usually operate with a cause, the 9-11 bombers
had a cause and they were still terrorists. The main difference is, they
are coming over here and terrorizing us. With the IRA (at least the old
IRA) you have a different kind of warfare, they are not terrorist rather
they are more like resistance fighters, fighting oppression in their own
land. So Yes I support the old IRA and the Ideals they stood/stand for.
Have you seen 'Micheal Collins'? It's a good movie about the IRA

Автор Andrew O'kitchen ( назад)
@gogdee the old IRA were not terrorist's (people now days think just
because you go round blowing things up and killing people your a terrorist
but if your doing it for a cuse then its diffrent),

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@andrewceg Hahaha! Good! Glad to hear it. I don't support terrorist
activies but I do support the Irish Struggle for Freedom and and those
People in Scotland that want to break away from England.

Автор Andrew O'kitchen ( назад)
@gogdee ha ha, my family were in the IRA back in the day, i dident plan on
shooting the shotgun just have it as a wall hanger, and we have pleanty of
guns hear, my dads got a spencer rifle and grandpa has a mauser 98 and
verious other rifles which i cant be bothered naming (mostly .22 cal)

Автор William Smith (653 года назад)
@andrewceg Hey dude please don't make gun barrels out of copper, the only
person you will ever kill with it is yourself. The Copper barrel will
probably explode. copper is way too soft, that's why they forge hard steel
barrels. Besides if you really want a gun just join the IRA! :D

Автор Andrew O'kitchen ( назад)
im in the prossess of making a home made 16 gauge shotgun out of copper, we
baught the solid copper rod and used the drill and lathe so we have one
coppershot gun barrel, we need to get some kind of trigger system after
seeing this video i may try and make it a bolt action shotgun, (note we
have made home made guns before and they do work i should show you some
videos but i cant get them up :(

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@busterbongwater Yeah that's part of the reason I sold mine, 3 shots is
just not a lot of fire power... I've looked and I haven't seen any bigger
clips so you should really start making clips, that would be pretty
awesome. :)

Автор busterbongwater ( назад)
@goldcoastflyer If it looks similar to the one top gun here is using it's a
185, 285, 385, or 485 depending on how old. I have a 16 ga 190. First
production - no serial #'s. The *85 is 20ga, *90 is 16 ga, *95 is 12 ga.
Would love to find extended mags for these things. Might build one LOL

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@goldcoastflyer Well if I still had mine I'd see what I could do, but I
sold my Marlin bolt action 12 gauge. It was a fun, unique gun but I didn't
really need it. Good luck though with yours!

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@sogreatify At this time he had never even seen a Tom Cruise movie. After I
told him he looks like Tom, he watched some and became a fan. LOL

Автор goldcoastflyer ( назад)
@gogdee Sorry I wasnt clear enough, my bad honestly. I meant what model.

Автор Bryce Lennie ( назад)
this guy looks like hes trying to be tom cruise

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@goldcoastflyer What do you mean you don't know? It's a shotgun... what's
to know?

Автор goldcoastflyer ( назад)
You know you look like tom cruise..... by the way I have a mossberg 20ga
bolt action but i dont know what it is please help me.

Автор camaroracer454 ( назад)

Автор camaroracer454 ( назад)
@himrchp i got the same one..

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@himrchp No we never did, I had one too but I sold mine and he still has

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@TimmyLovesHondas It is nice for a while... I had a Marlin 12 guage bolt
action and it had a lot of problems with the clip and the extractor... :P

Автор TimmyLovesHondas ( назад)
I have the Mossberg 395T 28" barrel shortened to 20 in a 12 guage, its not
a bad shotgun and the bolt action is kind of neat to me.

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@himrchp naw we didn't and I sold mine. there is a reason why they weren't
popular... :/

Автор himrchp ( назад)
ever find that 7 round clip? i just do it the hard way, toss one in, load
it, safety on, take clip out, fully load it, and now i have 3 shots. I'm
not very fond of this gun

Автор keithmcgrath ( назад)
@iballgrupe Yes it is,there are quite a few bolt action shotguns around

Автор keithmcgrath ( назад)
@iballgrupe Yes it is

Автор DystruktoBoi1 ( назад)
@npredrider I have a gun just like this also 16 gauge (H&R Gamester Model
349), the barrels are pretty much non replaceable but if u put the choke on
improved cylinder, u can fire slugs pretty damn accurately, and the choke
can be fire in full position and still unload a 00 buck just fine, ive done

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@iballgrupe Yes it is, I shot that one and I had one too before I sold it.

Автор iballgrupe ( назад)
that is not a shotgun

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@She11y That's what I keep saying and most of the people I show it to,
agree. :)

Автор Mitch Evans ( назад)
the guy shooting looks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun!

Автор npredrider ( назад)
Can you put a slug barrel on this gun? And If not can you adjust the choke
for OO buck shot.

Автор tac94540 ( назад)
look around for a j.c. higgins model 583.21 16 gauge with a five cartridge
tube. less that 100 dollars in a lot of places. rock solid gun

Автор 77winkleman ( назад)
I have a Mossberg 385t bolt action 20ga magnum shotgun. I like it alot but
it doesn't feed worth a shit unless you have fired it a few times first.

Автор William Smith ( назад)
@agabla nice I had a marlin.

Автор agabla ( назад)
i got a gun just like this but mine is a stevens

Автор GretzkyTheWonderDog ( назад)

Автор Eric Campbell ( назад)

Автор asimonds422 ( назад)
you can be his stunt double

Автор William Smith ( назад)
I sold my Marlin

Автор JohneyLockhart ( назад)
i got the same gun :P

Автор William Smith ( назад)
in dunnellon

Автор William Smith ( назад)
Tom Cruise..... Yeh everybody says he looks like him.

Автор Jesper Rasmussen ( назад)
Was that dude in Top Gun?

Автор William Smith ( назад)
cool! I have a 12 gauge marlin.

Автор William Smith ( назад)
That's actually my friends.I have a 12 gauge Marlin bolt action though.

Автор William Smith ( назад)
Doesn't he! So many people say that!

Автор Will Thornton ( назад)
i have this same gun but in 20 gauge. very unique. i havent seen any like
them in person besides mine. not many videos of them either. yours looks
nicer than mine though. good gun!

Автор UrbanKnight12 ( назад)
lol dude looks just like Tom cruise

Автор William Smith ( назад)
This is actually my friend's gun.....I will try and find out for you. On a
another note my Mossberg 500 shotgun is a pump action. ;)

Автор himrchp ( назад)
i have a mossberg 16 ga model 190, looks just like yours. wheres ur serial
number located? i cant find one.

Автор William Smith ( назад)
Yes, but that is sort of a headache. But you are right.

Автор nickkrete ( назад)
You are able to put one in the chamber and two in the mag, thus making it a
3 round gun.

Автор marshallspikebanana ( назад)
Magazine, not clip...

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