Royals Lorde Garin Choir 2013 Mahitoi

Garin College Choir performing Royals by Lorde for Arts festival Mahitoi. Enjoy :)

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Автор Themaremonstrum ( назад)
I like it!! Please check our onw version as well: "Bodypercussion by The Bodyphones & B.E.C. - Royals (Lorde)"

Автор Tasha Williams ( назад)
Love it! Great job guys

Автор Alex Adams ( назад)
Girl at beginning doing solo is amazing she is better dan em all they are all leaning on her she is the glue

Автор jaime ( назад)
Fourth girl from the left(back row) doesn't like the soloist girl.She was giving her the dirty look and muttered something at the end of the song.

Автор Yannick Recanatini ( назад)

Автор LithVXD ( назад)
Lead singer allows voice to crack too often.  Sounds like she's tired of singing the song.

Автор Thomas Grubb ( назад)
Wow!! Very powerful!! Gave me the same chills from the original album! Great job!!

Автор brisa cuevas ( назад)
The soloist doesn't have a good strong voice

Автор Darlene Son ( назад)
The solo girl is good at the beginning she kind of sound like Lorde a little

Автор Darlene Son ( назад)
Lovely voices every where

Автор brunoradiotv ( назад)
Amazing! They kept the same music atmosphere.

Автор Trayahna morrison ( назад)
holly molly there are the best wow

Автор Maya Giselle ( назад)
She's rushing

Автор TheMaux79 ( назад)
amazing perfect.. but I would love to hear soon a video footage with a professional microphone

Автор Alex Thomas ( назад)
Anna Robinson :)

Автор jasmine van lear ( назад)
so good!

Автор Trey Thornton ( назад)
good but lead singer ;/

Автор Kenneth Bufford ( назад)
Dat harmony ohhhh

Автор Camila Angeles ( назад)

Автор Jonae Virgo ( назад)

Автор thetoymaniacs ( назад)

Автор Amari Wilson ( назад)
this was so good !

Автор opet22 ( назад)
still waiting for the better version of this cover

Автор Tay Pacheco ( назад)
Go on the x factor or something people need to hear you guy's voices♥

Автор Prettyrickeyfontaine _ ( назад)
Yesssssssssss!! That was hott....real nice, the soloist she killed it,!!

Автор Carlsan Fajardo ( назад)
where did you find the instrumentals

Автор Angela Allen-Watson ( назад)
Awesome! Really tight sound, ladies!

Автор legalsolutions07 ( назад)
Sounded great! Well done.

Автор janette vargas ( назад)
fo real ima ask my choir teacher if we cn sing thiz sng

Автор 1950ajg ( назад)
best cover ever!!!

Автор ashley jensen ( назад)
great job girls!!!

Автор Melissa Beretta ( назад)
End up in the business

Автор Melissa Beretta ( назад)
The one girl who sings the most lyrics will most likely w

Автор Sofia Faltas ( назад)
Woah...that's just.....woah

Автор Camille F ( назад)
beautiful girls, beautiful voices :)

Автор Kait Gabe ( назад)
Y'all should go on Xfactor or something :) great job!

Автор Tiffany Rouge ( назад)

Автор Ruby Angel Styles ( назад)
Dang!!!! You guys sing so AMASING!

Автор abbey 101 ( назад)
Love it

Автор Lula Jackson ( назад)

Автор abbey 101 ( назад)

Автор senitima ( назад)
:) love it

Автор Danika Seide ( назад)

Автор The Chocolate Goddess ( назад)

Автор Sarah Chamberlain ( назад)
Where'd you get this sheet music??? I'm trying to find this for my all-girl show choir

Автор Caitlin Williams ( назад)
The lead singer is great, and so are the others! If my choir did this we would not look bad.

Автор Tricia Tran ( назад)
i love this.

Автор Shellbabexo ( назад)
Wow my choir is shit compared to them. The songs we sing were born before jesus. Ugh

Автор Teresa Lynn Johnson ( назад)
Beautiful Girls !!!!! Awesome!!!

Автор Janine Scarcella ( назад)
Amazing. What's the name of the lead singer? Shes great

Автор MissLilaBlau ( назад)
Wow that was great *-*

Автор James Slade ( назад)

Автор Zoie Hass ( назад)
so good! if my choir did songs like this, then I'd actually be proud of it lol. sounds amazing

Автор Addya ( назад)
This is the best cover of a song EVER

Автор JoannC830 ( назад)
This is my favorite cover of this song and one of the first covers

Автор LEGOVault ( назад)
You girls are killin' it! Awesome job! Im in love with the lead girl.

Автор timstime1970 ( назад)
im in heaven..what amazing harmony.. and that lead singer with the long dark hair has such a perfect voice wow..whats her name? she sounds a lot like lorde but better.

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
Thankyou very much :)

Автор Jona Selle ( назад)
really like that!!!!

Автор jaime ( назад)
Subscribed. :)

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
No sure be my guest :)

Автор Marcela Bonilla ( назад)
Thats good

Автор jaime ( назад)
I was just being silly,you cute Kiwi. And It's not like I have a chance with someone like you...not to mention you live so far away.Is it okay if I subscribe to your channel,or you might find that creepy too?

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
Um ? even if I was i wouldnt date a youtuber

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)

Автор SprinkleOfLlama ( назад)
This is unreal! So amazing!

Автор southKoreaeatdogs ( назад)
good fucking job ladies,

Автор Ross Houston ( назад)
Wow, that's not creepy AT ALL,,,

Автор Ross Houston ( назад)
Wow, that's not creepy AT ALL,,,

Автор jaime ( назад)
You're definitely a cutie.Are you single?

Автор mentosmariel ( назад)
You are one of the only people that dont speed up. Most people who try to cover this speed up noticeably especially during the hook.

Автор Trag3dyInV3nus ( назад)
this was awesome can't wait to hear more from them

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
Don't know about cute haha? but yes that is me

Автор jaime ( назад)
Which one are you? The cute one in the back?

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
Hey guys sub to my channel I'm going to be uploading more of this choir and other stuff too !! so a sub would be much appreciated

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
She looks a lot like Lorde doesnt she :)

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
Yes I am :)

Автор jaime ( назад)
Hi from Canada.Great job! Are you in this video?

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
Sorry We kind of just went with it we don't have definitive sheet music :)

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
We kind of just made up I guess :)

Автор Danaan Hunter-Brown ( назад)
Yes it is :)

Автор twinkywinky426563 ( назад)
wait whaaat? i thought that chick was lorde..

Автор Shelly Feliciano ( назад)
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Автор sofia wesley ( назад)
Private schools can be cool(:

Автор wicked1ss ( назад)

Автор Cheyenne ( назад)
Wonderful cover!

Автор Nonno Yuyu ( назад)

Автор Biddy Mahy ( назад)
Wow great singers, whish my schools choir was like this.

Автор mrgsus8a2 ( назад)
Balls, this is great!

Автор Peperosasarona faoa ( назад)
Nice job!

Автор jaime ( назад)
Is this in NZ?

Автор Jeffrey Patterson ( назад)

Автор Maen Khazaleh ( назад)
too good

Автор amwessel3 ( назад)

Автор Nigel Niessen ( назад)
yes, she has a natural style of her own, another good prospect.... a beautiful song!

Автор grendelwasajedi ( назад)
someone farts into the mic around 2:58

Автор EuJune Kim ( назад)
Love it!

Автор Sade' W. ( назад)
they should do a tori kelly cover! she's always got harmonies in her songs. i bet it would sound amazing.

Автор Gary Nz ( назад)
Sorry the lead signer does a nice job but doesn't really do it for me, however love the harmonies...

Автор Adam Brown ( назад)
Best cover on YouTube currently.

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