GTA IV Epic Ramps Stunts 4

I apologize for the sounds, i had to take em off due to copyrighted music.
Stunts made by me and my brother: www.youtube.com/dada9x9

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Автор Harrison Fillpot (4 месяца)
obviously fake. 

Автор Pallab Das (3 месяца)

Автор puffyfin48 (10 месяцев)
yeah im not going to see more of the vid i can tell this is going
to suck

Автор Ali Nauman (3 месяца)
fake fake

Автор fã do excelenciagamer (27 дней)
Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers 

Автор yunus tasdan (4 месяца)
this is fucking awesome !

Автор Teo Avqopashvili (22 часа)
you read me pls

Автор Christopher AndersonTV (1 месяц)
wow "Trials Evolution" looks great

Автор Prohibited Crew (25 дней)
what happened to the original audio?

Автор jedaaa (2 месяца)
one of the most impressive & well produced gaming videos i've ever seen!
consider your back patted ;)

Автор Super Dark Spine Sonic (1 месяц)
how i can get stunts like that???????? 

Автор Desareon Films (1 месяц)
I'm actually more impressed with the camera work, then the stunts
themselves. Good video.

Автор Burnoutpro god (14 дней)
So boring I made better stages

Автор Ernest Wong (3 месяца)
what is the song when the old grandma used the baseball bat to hit the car

Автор Sebastian Adolfsson (2 месяца)
Freakin worst video ever, hate the gta 4 graphics...

Автор Luther Taylor (28 дней)
whats the name of the music at 1:00

Автор AndreasNV (1 месяц)
great video ... her tits at 13:12 though ...

Автор whitehooves (3 месяца)
Why were the old grandmas boobs shaking towards the end. Does he have some
kind of boob physics mod on or is it just a glitch?

Автор Jordan Komosky (8 месяцев)
when is someone gonna make a gta 5 epic ramps stunts i mean come on 

Автор Maty Berka (6 месяцев)
How to please name of the first song (I think it is eminem ...?)

Автор whatever (10 дней)
Cool video...way way way too much dead air tho

Автор Diego Gonzalez (1 месяц)
la cagste con la cancion del principio

Автор FAATUARAI Tefa (14 дней)

Автор xXEnergizedGamerXx (6 месяцев)
new favorite song!!

Автор Brian Long (2 месяца)
Cool jums but this is not gta 5 when you fell of the building it didnt sah

Автор владислав кондратенко (1 месяц)
NACHYALO horseradish

Автор TRILL NATION (2 месяца)
Great pick of a song for those who don't know it's "like toy soliders" by

Автор Mirela Prisneanu (2 месяца)
asa erau rampele sau atii bagat un mod `````````````````````````

Автор Tengsal Sangma (4 месяца)
wow! really awesome guys hats off....!!!

Автор Grirane Mehdi salah (1 месяц)
mother of stunts....

Автор BattleAxe Log (2 месяца)
Its amazing !

Автор Fabinho BBboy (2 месяца)
can you put it to download?????

Автор Athenes Mercy (2 месяца)
great video :) Keep doing it! =D

Автор Teo Avqopashvili (22 часа)

Автор extreme gamer (13 дней)
Woow this is what you call a reall stunt this guy is awsame that was nice
video +like

Автор Stephen Welch (2 месяца)
This is clearly animated it's not what gta 5 look like

Автор enrique vargas (2 месяца)
farsantes es puro recortes / fakers is trimmed

Автор Gamer Moroccan (1 месяц)
Nice Good Game 

Автор Umerabdkhan (2 месяца)
im in uni now,miss being a kid

Автор петр шевчук (4 месяца)
can upload the file where you saved the ramp built?

Автор ezy killa (27 дней)

Автор swyrliebyrd (3 месяца)
This ish was throwed great job 

Автор Parkourninja L (3 месяца)
please not that song it makes me cry

Автор palatrass (3 месяца)
Congrats. Great video, very awesome

Автор Jos Tipker (4 месяца)
GTA LOGIC: No matter how high you fall, as long as you land straight
enough, you're vehicle will be fine.. :')

Автор Austin Dallin (2 месяца)
what is the song called

Автор Gray Au (5 месяцев)
hey my brother tried this in real life and it didn't work.

Автор David Rinehart (2 месяца)
This is not gta 4 

Автор Guillaume Tel (3 месяца)
J'adore cette chanson !!

Автор cheer is life 143 (3 месяца)
even though fake pretty badass

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