GTA IV Epic Ramps Stunts 4

I apologize for the sounds, i had to take em off due to copyrighted music.
Stunts made by me and my brother: www.youtube.com/dada9x9

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Длительность: 14:49
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Автор martin gonzales serafin ( назад)

Автор Marquess Peeler ( назад)

Автор Forcedminer ( назад)
some of them look fake but thats only because of how perfect the air
control was in gta IV :P

San Andres was the very same

Автор _PVP_ -Brudis- ( назад)

Автор Nicholas Perez ( назад)
it looks so real but its fake no one could perfect stunts like that

Автор IMMACYCLOPS ( назад)
Copyrighted Music: Eminem - LIKE TOY SOLDIERS
For original experience before copyrights ruined it, ready music video
posted by "EminemVEVO" at 00:14 and start this video at about 00:45.
Hopefully you enjoy it :)

Автор onepiece ciao ( назад)
Bello ma mettete anke una musica in sottofondo

Автор Tiffany Bell ( назад)
G t hr hj rrb re u Dr bi iv bf hybrid


Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)
Put fuckin music

Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)
What's the 2nd song

Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)
What's the before the grandma hits song not the first one. Pls tell me

Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)

Автор Im Vibes ( назад)
What happened to toy soldiers by eminem

Автор Juliane Mary ( назад)
iso e muito foda cara

Автор Icecoldk103 ( назад)
F*ck you copyright, I remember watching this video ages ago and it's so
much different now without the songs

Автор Furkan Kosem ( назад)

Автор Malcolm Holmes ( назад)
He is a hacker

Автор Official Ands ( назад)

Автор GeorgeMartin1992 ( назад)
Once again, Youtube ruining what would have been an EPIC video because of
their copy rights.

Автор Charles Banks ( назад)
6:37-7:06 was still pretty cool though!

Автор Thịnh Đức ( назад)
Awsome :)

Автор sebastien faux ( назад)

Автор Peter Vachon ( назад)
Very impressive. Well designed jump sequences and wonderfully executed

Автор Iina ja Pasi Kurvinen ( назад)
Oot iha paska:@ 

Автор Evan Miranda ( назад)
Weres the song

Автор Evan Miranda ( назад)
Hey and the audio

Автор Lord Karlos ( назад)

Автор Teo Avqopashvili ( назад)
you read me pls

Автор Teo Avqopashvili ( назад)

Автор YUTA TV ( назад)
外人のコメントを解釈するとバカみたいで、言葉になってないww fuckfuckfucy!!!!!!!!!

Автор extreme gamer ( назад)
Woow this is what you call a reall stunt this guy is awsame that was nice
video +like

Автор 987 Mo0Z ( назад)

Автор Burnoutpro god ( назад)
So boring I made better stages

Автор samuel romney ( назад)

Автор Mark Lippiett ( назад)

Автор Prohibited Crew ( назад)
what happened to the original audio?

Автор EZY KILLA ( назад)

Автор Marcelo Silva ( назад)
Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers 

Автор Luther Taylor ( назад)
whats the name of the music at 1:00

Автор AndreasNV ( назад)
great video ... her tits at 13:12 though ...

Автор Gamer Moroccin ( назад)
Nice Good Game 

Автор владислав кондратенко ( назад)
NACHYALO horseradish

Автор Elijah James ( назад)
Lol i just read all the comments between puffyfin and that glasroc 

Автор Desareon Films ( назад)
I'm actually more impressed with the camera work, then the stunts
themselves. Good video.

Автор Grirane Mehdi salah ( назад)
mother of stunts....

Автор Joey Brooks ( назад)
Thats pretty bad ass

Автор Rafael Arias ( назад)
Waaaaa....... How

Автор liquid budder ( назад)

Автор Diego Gonzalez ( назад)
la cagste con la cancion del principio

Автор Christopher AndersonTV ( назад)
wow "Trials Evolution" looks great

Автор Super Dark Spine Sonic ( назад)
how i can get stunts like that???????? 

Автор Stephen Welch ( назад)
This is clearly animated it's not what gta 5 look like

Автор Athenes Mercy ( назад)
great video :) Keep doing it! =D

Автор Fabinho BBboy ( назад)
can you put it to download?????

Автор Austin Dallin ( назад)
what is the song called

Автор David Rinehart ( назад)
All edit 

Автор David Rinehart ( назад)
This is not gta 4 

Автор Mirela Prisneanu ( назад)
asa erau rampele sau atii bagat un mod `````````````````````````

Автор alex st-pierre ( назад)
this is so shit

Автор chronos alpha ( назад)
im in uni now,miss being a kid

Автор TRILL NATION ( назад)
Great pick of a song for those who don't know it's "like toy soliders" by

Автор Brian Long ( назад)
Cool jums but this is not gta 5 when you fell of the building it didnt sah

Автор kimer ( назад)
farsantes es puro recortes / fakers is trimmed

Автор Alie Tarawalley (1668 лет назад)
Iets fake who wil survive that

Автор IAteMyName Lol ( назад)
thats GTA5 

Автор Kong Asmming ( назад)

Автор Sebastian Adolfsson ( назад)
Freakin worst video ever, hate the gta 4 graphics...

Автор jedaaa ( назад)
one of the most impressive & well produced gaming videos i've ever seen!
consider your back patted ;)

Автор Nguyen Cuong ( назад)
so epic...

Автор erenay aslan ( назад)
bal gibi yalan

Автор Mr Hewwy ( назад)

Автор BattleAxe Log ( назад)
Its amazing !

Автор swyrliebyrd ( назад)
This ish was throwed great job 

Автор Staryumi 10 ( назад)
what is the song when the old grandma used the baseball bat to hit the car

Автор Parkourninja L ( назад)
please not that song it makes me cry

Автор palatrass ( назад)
Congrats. Great video, very awesome

Автор Rafael Cunha Araujo ( назад)
Idiot music...

Автор Aleksandar Lazarevski ( назад)
this is fake!!!

Автор Guillaume Tel (1688 лет назад)
J'adore cette chanson !!

Автор DX HD ( назад)
Nice stunts, please visit my channel.

Автор Pallab Das (EvilShadow) ( назад)

Автор cheer is life 143 ( назад)
even though fake pretty badass

Автор Garry Millar ( назад)
one Fake. Two You failed the Stunts XD

Автор whitehooves ( назад)
Why were the old grandmas boobs shaking towards the end. Does he have some
kind of boob physics mod on or is it just a glitch?

Автор Devon Johnson ( назад)
Lol that old lady.

Автор Kim Williamson (1504 года назад)
im not being mean but i think its kindda boring

Автор James Thomas (739 лет назад)
what is the song?????????

Автор roblox gaming ( назад)
this song is called eminem soldier boy

Автор Ali Nauman ( назад)
fake fake

Автор electric gaming ( назад)
NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор junerey ballon ( назад)
Wow So Epic Man

Автор Петр Шевчук ( назад)
can upload the file where you saved the ramp built?

Автор Kevin Labrousse ( назад)
comment on fait les circuit ?

Автор ricardo miguel ( назад)
cara mando bem muito bom mesmo

Автор NoahGaming ( назад)

Автор Soraya Redouane ( назад)

Автор Dherlly Castro ( назад)
fodaaaaaaa.... kkkkkkkkkk... da hora d+

Автор Jos Tipker ( назад)
GTA LOGIC: No matter how high you fall, as long as you land straight
enough, you're vehicle will be fine.. :')

Автор Данил Вегас ( назад)
Eminem nice!

Автор Cem Gokcek ( назад)

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