GTA IV - Ramps montage

I apologize for the sounds, i had to take em off due to copyrighted music.
Stunts made by me and my brother: www.youtube.com/dada9x9

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Автор Juan Ignacio Fuentes Pulgar ( назад)
were is the audio?

Автор Iceman ( назад)
I remember watching this back when it came out, used to be one of my
favorite vids what happened to the music?

Автор steen bue ( назад)
lol 😎😎

Автор DoggyDoge ( назад)

Автор Gerardo Araneda ( назад)
i have the video whit the music, but in 144p :v

Автор 8-BitGoldGunner 3D ( назад)

omg nostalgie

Автор Cristhian Msres ( назад)

Автор ibounce_ BuLLeTzx ( назад)
da start is funny tho :D

Автор Cristhian Msres ( назад)
como se llamaba la cancion que tenia

Автор NitroMachine15 ( назад)
that intro nearly killed me XD

Автор Sharik James (Kenshinslazy) ( назад)
it's so bland without music

Автор TheCestPasMoiSurLeLogo 78 ( назад)
5 000 000 of look

Автор DyTroll 4K Prankkk ( назад)
porque el sonido ya no se escucha

Автор MR. drum pads Drmpds24 ( назад)
ya pas de musique

Автор Muhammad BinIhsan ( назад)
add music man

Автор Arsenal Gameplays ( назад)
Anyone know the music that had this video?answer me if you know!

Автор 남자 BJ ( назад)

Автор 남자 BJ ( назад)

Автор FoxTrot gaming ( назад)

Автор Maciek2131 ( назад)
Can you please reupload this to dailymotion or something like this? Also
you can just adjust speed by 5% and yt copyrights won't affect vid

Автор Maxi Tutos ( назад)
Que buenos recuerdos

Автор Andy Rimell ( назад)
Why is there no song to this anymore is it beacause of copyright

Автор Cj Foust ( назад)

Автор Shazaan Imam ( назад)
i have played almost all the gta's jst waiting for the new one

Автор Shazaan Imam ( назад)
can we download mods in Ps3 or ps4 or it comes with other CD's

Автор Numbuhilostcount ( назад)
Copyright can suck my arse!!

Автор Sebastian Lara ( назад)
cool stunts

Автор Desenvolvimento Economico Prefeitura ( назад)
como que. vc comsege fazer iso uaaaaau

Автор coolman035 ( назад)
This was much better when eminem's song was playing

Автор Harryo ( назад)
Dude how did you record this?

Автор martin gonzales serafin ( назад)

Автор Marquess Peeler ( назад)

Автор Forcedminer ( назад)
some of them look fake but thats only because of how perfect the air
control was in gta IV :P

San Andres was the very same

Автор PvP BrudiZ ( назад)

Автор NicoMr805 ( назад)
it looks so real but its fake no one could perfect stunts like that

Автор IMMACYCLOPS ( назад)
Copyrighted Music: Eminem - LIKE TOY SOLDIERS
For original experience before copyrights ruined it, ready music video
posted by "EminemVEVO" at 00:14 and start this video at about 00:45.
Hopefully you enjoy it :)

Автор Bladehunter ( назад)
here are some of my montages they dont have good quality but enjoy

Автор fr0zeN ( назад)

Автор onepiece ciao ( назад)
Bello ma mettete anke una musica in sottofondo

Автор Tiffany Bell ( назад)
G t hr hj rrb re u Dr bi iv bf hybrid


Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)
Put fuckin music

Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)
What's the 2nd song

Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)
What's the before the grandma hits song not the first one. Pls tell me

Автор 'randy aguirre ( назад)

Автор VIBES ( назад)
What happened to toy soldiers by eminem

Автор Juliane Mary ( назад)
iso e muito foda cara

Автор Icecoldk103 ( назад)
F*ck you copyright, I remember watching this video ages ago and it's so
much different now without the songs

Автор Furkan Kosem ( назад)

Автор Shark Montages ( назад)

Автор erick juarez ( назад)
Fuck the video was so much cooler with the music! Fuck copy right

Автор Malcolm Holmes ( назад)
He is a hacker

Автор Official Ands ( назад)

Автор Charles Banks ( назад)
6:37-7:06 was still pretty cool though!

Автор Thịnh Đức ( назад)
Awsome :)

Автор sebastien faux ( назад)

Автор Besim Hasani ( назад)

Автор Peter Vachon ( назад)
Very impressive. Well designed jump sequences and wonderfully executed

Автор GOKU GT ( назад)

Автор Iina ja Pasi Kurvinen ( назад)
Oot iha paska:@ 

Автор Evan Miranda ( назад)
Weres the song

Автор Evan Miranda ( назад)
Hey and the audio

Автор Lord Karlos ( назад)

Автор Teo Avqopashvili ( назад)
you read me pls

Автор Teo Avqopashvili ( назад)

Автор YUTA Garage ( назад)
外人のコメントを解釈するとバカみたいで、言葉になってないww fuckfuckfucy!!!!!!!!!

Автор extreme gamer ( назад)
Woow this is what you call a reall stunt this guy is awsame that was nice
video +like

Автор 987 MoOZ ( назад)

Автор Burnoutpro god ( назад)
So boring I made better stages

Автор Mark Lippiett ( назад)

Автор Matthew Yagunich ( назад)
what happened to the original audio?

Автор y ( назад)

Автор Carl Johnson ( назад)
Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers 

Автор Peter Dreyfuss ( назад)
the diffrence between this and gta v is just massive

Автор Luther Taylor ( назад)
whats the name of the music at 1:00

Автор AndreasNV ( назад)
great video ... her tits at 13:12 though ...

Автор ماين كرافت -Minecraft ( назад)
Nice Good Game 

Автор владислав кондратенко ( назад)
NACHYALO horseradish

Автор Elijah James ( назад)
Lol i just read all the comments between puffyfin and that glasroc 

Автор Alex Cowan ( назад)
I'm actually more impressed with the camera work, then the stunts
themselves. Good video.

Автор Grirane Mehdi salah ( назад)
mother of stunts....

Автор Joey Brooks ( назад)
Thats pretty bad ass

Автор Rafael Arias ( назад)
Waaaaa....... How

Автор liquid budder ( назад)

Автор Lexus DG ( назад)
la cagste con la cancion del principio

Автор Рас крутка ( назад)
Money for games in 30 seconds


Автор Christopher AndersonTV ( назад)
wow "Trials Evolution" looks great

Автор Super Dark Spine Sonic ( назад)
how i can get stunts like that???????? 

Автор Grove Street Mafia /Games/Music/Updates/And More! ( назад)
Good Game :) lol

Автор Stephen Welch ( назад)
This is clearly animated it's not what gta 5 look like

Автор Killsteal ( назад)
great video :) Keep doing it! =D

Автор Fabinho BBboy ( назад)
can you put it to download?????

Автор Austin Dallin ( назад)
what is the song called

Автор Vulcan Plays82 ( назад)
All edit 

Автор Vulcan Plays82 ( назад)
This is not gta 4 

Автор Fire gamer ( назад)
asa erau rampele sau atii bagat un mod `````````````````````````

Автор alex st-pierre ( назад)
this is so shit

Автор TRILL NATION ( назад)
Great pick of a song for those who don't know it's "like toy soliders" by

Автор Brian Long ( назад)
Cool jums but this is not gta 5 when you fell of the building it didnt sah

Автор ali kanon ( назад)

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