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Автор Harrison Fillpot (7 месяцев)
obviously fake. 

Автор Charles Banks (1 месяц)
6:37-7:06 was still pretty cool though!

Автор Ernest Wong (5 месяцев)
what is the song when the old grandma used the baseball bat to hit the car

Автор Luther Taylor (3 месяца)
whats the name of the music at 1:00

Автор Christopher AndersonTV (4 месяца)
wow "Trials Evolution" looks great

Автор GeorgeMartin1992 (1 месяц)
Once again, Youtube ruining what would have been an EPIC video because of
their copy rights.

Автор Juliane Mary (9 дней)
iso e muito foda cara

Автор jedaaa (5 месяцев)
one of the most impressive & well produced gaming videos i've ever seen!
consider your back patted ;)

Автор Icecoldk103 (18 дней)
F*ck you copyright, I remember watching this video ages ago and it's so
much different now without the songs

Автор Furkan Kosem (18 дней)

Автор Peter Vachon (2 месяца)
Very impressive. Well designed jump sequences and wonderfully executed

Автор Desareon Films (4 месяца)
I'm actually more impressed with the camera work, then the stunts
themselves. Good video.

Автор Marcelo Silva (3 месяца)
Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers 

Автор Malcolm Holmes (1 месяц)
He is a hacker

Автор Maty Berka (9 месяцев)
How to please name of the first song (I think it is eminem ...?)

Автор Mark Lippiett (3 месяца)

Автор Teo Avqopashvili (2 месяца)
you read me pls

Автор sebastien faux (2 месяца)

Автор AndreasNV (4 месяца)
great video ... her tits at 13:12 though ...

Автор Thịnh Đức (2 месяца)
Awsome :)

Автор Evan Miranda (2 месяца)
Hey and the audio

Автор FAATUARAI Tefa (3 месяца)

Автор Iina ja Pasi Kurvinen (2 месяца)
Oot iha paska:@ 

Автор samuel romney (3 месяца)

Автор Ali Nauman (6 месяцев)
fake fake

Автор Stephen Welch (4 месяца)
This is clearly animated it's not what gta 5 look like

Автор Fabinho BBboy (5 месяцев)
can you put it to download?????

Автор David Rinehart (5 месяцев)
All edit 

Автор Brian Long (5 месяцев)
Cool jums but this is not gta 5 when you fell of the building it didnt sah

Автор владислав кондратенко (4 месяца)
NACHYALO horseradish

Автор Diego Gonzalez (4 месяца)
la cagste con la cancion del principio

Автор Prohibited Crew (3 месяца)
what happened to the original audio?

Автор Hikiru Senpai (2 месяца)
What the fuck? This is retarded

Автор Gray Au (8 месяцев)
hey my brother tried this in real life and it didn't work.

Автор Evan Miranda (2 месяца)
Weres the song

Автор Grirane Mehdi salah (4 месяца)
mother of stunts....

Автор Gamer Moroccin (4 месяца)
Nice Good Game 

Автор whitehooves (6 месяцев)
Why were the old grandmas boobs shaking towards the end. Does he have some
kind of boob physics mod on or is it just a glitch?

Автор Parkourninja L (5 месяцев)
please not that song it makes me cry

Автор Garry Millar (6 месяцев)
one Fake. Two You failed the Stunts XD

Автор Pallab Das (6 месяцев)

Автор Teo Avqopashvili (2 месяца)

Автор palatrass (5 месяцев)
Congrats. Great video, very awesome

Автор Burnoutpro god (3 месяца)
So boring I made better stages

Автор Rafael Arias (4 месяца)
Waaaaa....... How

Автор Elijah James (4 месяца)
Lol i just read all the comments between puffyfin and that glasroc 

Автор BattleAxe Log (5 месяцев)
Its amazing !

Автор Tengsal Sangma (7 месяцев)
wow! really awesome guys hats off....!!!

Автор Joey Brooks (4 месяца)
Thats pretty bad ass

Автор Austin Dallin (5 месяцев)
what is the song called

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