Jordan Rudess Continuum spectacular

This is the best video out there of Jordan Rudess burning on the Haken Continuum. Great sound and excellent footage. Enjoy!

Просмотров: 201725
Длительность: 2:23
Комментарии: 194

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Автор awenindoe ( назад)
The continuum is a beautiful instrument in the hands of some musicians. Clearly, rudy is not one of them.

Автор Jack Horowitz ( назад)
that was so fucking lame and he thought he was so fucking cool.

Автор Lee Urquhart ( назад)
1:32 I tried to watch until 1:46 without laughing. *I failed.*

Автор Robyn Hood ( назад)
that is not music.....yack

Автор Von Milash (706 лет назад)
Whats with the stupid fucked up faces this loser makes while spewing this horseshit noise ? Fucking horrible on every possible level.

Автор Von Milash ( назад)
How the fuck is that music? Pure shit. Just noise.

Автор Divided Line ( назад)
This thing is awesome.  I wish it didn't cost 3 to 5 grand.

Автор Donk Rubbler ( назад)
I'll get crucified for saying this, but live music is full of noise and mistakes. I'd rather blast a recording and rock out at home.

Автор xnonsuchx ( назад)
Wow!  That was tacky.  It's like he got the controller as a gimmick.  Anyone could do at least 75% of this.

Автор Pratik Baral ( назад)
now i get why he is called a Wizard...his reactions and sorcery made me believe!

Автор Jonathan Spengler ( назад)
Had to be filmed in America, most of the crowd sitting there like fucking jackasses...

Автор Rogier d'Ancona ( назад)
srry i just say this now +farhan naizi  Dark eternal night

Автор KommandantDahl ( назад)
1:19 Myung: "Fuck this, we're done."

Автор Shawn Fernandes ( назад)
He fingered a girl once.. Once..

Автор sangheili333 ( назад)
Jordan has all kinds of instruments I didn't know even existed

Автор wakomaniac45 ( назад)
LOL glad you though it was funny, cant wait for the new album to drop

Автор Sword of the Spirit ( назад)
So virtuoso...it's a pain to hear it

Автор NKirkwall ( назад)
Clearly I don't think like they do (or you do). I'm not a huge JR fan but I definitely think he has done some very good solos. But I wouldn't say this is one of them. To each his own.

Автор Chris Haspeck ( назад)
clearly you're not a fan ...
I think it's pretty good
Dream Theater thought it was great and put it on their Systematic Chaos
Not to mention it was improvised at first and then Jordan went back and relearned it.

Автор TheYrazz ( назад)

Автор Capt Phelps ( назад)
He has fingered many girls. None have survived.

Автор NKirkwall ( назад)
wow, what a shit solo. cool board though.

Автор Rhuam Peixoto ( назад)
Olha, não nego o talento do Rudess, mas não gosto dele, o que ele faz não é nada de inovador, é apenas o que as guitarras já faziam sem teclas...

Автор TankTaur ( назад)
put a couple of horns on his head and he's like a demon toying with the souls of humanity

Автор ASIA1 ( назад)
This is really something... ut this instrument is more than 3 grands!!!!!!!!

Автор Eric Morse ( назад)
He got laid that night!

Автор number9maggotmaster ( назад)
At 2:04 I know what Jordan looks like when he beats off!

Автор fredo gumbo ( назад)
I sucked them that night...big and bouncy

Автор greywarrior60 ( назад)
Girl in the audiance with white T-shirt: big boobs! Almost swinging out ;-)

Автор makakamakaki (1301 год назад)
He's king of electric instruments.

Автор moncef loulou ( назад)
c trop foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooort

Автор moncef loulou ( назад)

Автор Zaqq ( назад)
@supersmashbrosevil I think it's Dark Eternal Night

Автор Pavone IlGrigio ( назад)
one of these days metal version.. xD

Автор crivera88 ( назад)
Modern day mini moog, cool.

Автор Vadim Gorelov ( назад)
nothing near what you can do with that thing, calm down

Автор Johnnywr ( назад)
It`s like a Patrick Moraz Yes solo with heavy metal chugging along in the background .I`ll stick with Relayer, it`s still more prog than this, and Relayer was released in 1974. Still, he looks like he`s enjoying himself, that`s the main thing.

Автор Farhan Niazi ( назад)
@MarkRosengarten thanx a lot man, \m/

Автор Mark Rosengarten ( назад)
@thecoolfarhan1 The Dark Eternal Night. Check out the studio video here on YouTube of that song. If you think Rudess is banging it here, you have to see how Mike Portnoy comports himself on drums. It's a thing of beauty.

Автор gillz94 ( назад)
If I could get as much enjoyment out of anything as this guy does out of his amazing talent, I will open a happiness factory.

Автор Farhan Niazi ( назад)
kindly tell me the name of this song?????

Автор Adrian Sandberg ( назад)
jordan shows how to pleasure a woman ;)

Автор jakethesnake854 ( назад)
@RX1603 which results in the best musical orgasm possible, 1:30 - 1:50

Автор sk84uhlivin ( назад)
Please tell me where you got this from!

Автор gunteman ( назад)
Continuum spectacular = speculum

Автор Krzefil ( назад)

Автор Mark Rosengarten ( назад)
Now THERE'S a guy who is having the time of his life. It's just so beautiful to see that level of joy on someone's face!

Автор Connor Smith ( назад)
a true madman

Автор Tim Gysin ( назад)
I love his awesome keyboard stand. I wanna know where I can get a big hand to hold up my keyboard!!!

Автор ortew1 ( назад)
Remind's me the music of ELP

Автор Myles McKaig ( назад)
Daft Punk needs one of these, or better yet, 2!

Автор myklmusic ( назад)
The full-size unit is $5,000.00 +...
And worth every penny!

Автор glespri ( назад)
@angie4josh the "half size continuum" coasts 3390 $.
just google for "haken continuum" ;)

Автор jakethesnake854 ( назад)
1:46 - he climaxes

Автор I ( назад)
@shannyfanny46 Fuck off troll.

Автор Nicolas ( назад)
Funny how he changed the entire fingerboard with his iPhone/iPad app

Автор wakomaniac45 ( назад)
this wideo reminds me of wild discovery on discovery channel - "and there goes john myung a rare sight indeed"

Автор Rishro ( назад)

Автор thepalmetto ( назад)
haha he looks like a kid in a candy store

Автор hachibroku ( назад)

Автор Heli0doros ( назад)
1:20 did anyone notice a shadow?

Автор astrophonix ( назад)
This guy is verily the Chuck Norris of keyboardists!

Автор Zakariah1971 ( назад)
Kevin Moore is the "dream" in dt, and when he split the band in '94, melody indeed walked through the door-leaving only theater!

Автор Enache George Matei ( назад)
@HeroOfTheFlames thank you

Автор Enache George Matei ( назад)
is this from a particular song?

Автор Joseph Evans ( назад)
1:30 onwards looks like he is making the sounds with his mouth xD

Автор Michael Maddox ( назад)
While Jordan is one of the most technically-capable pianists I've seen, this sort of masturbatory, non-musical noisemaking really does little to enhance my opinion of his musicality. This video is a great example of why, though I've tried and tried, I still ABHOR Dream Theater.

Автор pinoa7x ( назад)
Godlike music

Автор KyleJPie10 ( назад)
lol right from the continuum to the keytar

Автор Trace Brown ( назад)
he looks good without the mustache

Автор Mark Rosengarten ( назад)
Now there's one happy puppy. That's how I feel when I play his iPad app, Morphwiz.

Автор HustleTV ( назад)
My lady would love if I could move my fingers like that

Автор Tw4tz0r ( назад)

Автор bibendeum44 ( назад)
@bazilmeister thanks, up master portnoy!

Автор bazilmeister ( назад)
@bibendeum44 the dark eternal night. gotta love the evel 7-string riff in the beginning :)

Автор bibendeum44 ( назад)
probably already ansered, but what's the song?...

Автор Gerard King ( назад)
@FrankieBellani There's a vid somewhere on here of him playing guitar.

Автор Werner Erkelens ( назад)

Lol XD
Do you know if there is actual footage of the real Myung tackle?

Автор rrralf ( назад)
@Animostas hahaha he looks like hes reaally havin fun

Автор BlacksmithVRS ( назад)
I bet Rudess beats that "Chuck Norris" guy in a solo duel. With the right hand tied behind his back (that doesn't matter to him). And with the eyes closed (It won't make any difference). And with wheights in his fingers (...). And suspended uspide down.

Автор Ragearainbow ( назад)
even the fingerboard can rotate lol

Автор Imptheshrimp ( назад)
I dunno, man. There's also the kazoo. Plus the continuum looks like it might be somewhat difficult to play.

Автор James Russo ( назад)
im really suprised he has small one

Автор FixxxeR208 ( назад)
I think the continuum is the best and easiest way to get a sound, you know just moving your fingers and creation

Автор Luuk Meijwaard ( назад)
are they playing the dark eternal night?

Автор Meteorotaki ( назад)
I remember this is from the 2007 Europe SC leg, Rotterdam if I remember correctly

Автор Locut Ray ( назад)

Автор Shellewell ( назад)
@XRasenX in your opinion. theres thousands of possibles, i have sought a definite story so many times but never tied all lose ends, and i gotta say, most random ending to album i have ever heard

Автор Shellewell ( назад)
@jennso1990 well i don't know for certain but think it' score

Автор inferno091 ( назад)
that is so cool

Автор FoxPopuli ( назад)
this is the best musical masturbation possible

Автор lolsnory ( назад)
then ur lacking the abillity reconize melodie..

Автор Felix de Zwart ( назад)
He looks like he is playing with a p...

Автор marcel arp ( назад)
Rudez, kiedy przestaniesz ćwiczyć a zaczniesz grać?

Автор slightlytwistedagain ( назад)
LMAO. You translated that to words perfectly.

Автор hympa30 ( назад)
lmao the ending is classic
all hail rudess

Автор wilz373 ( назад)
you gota love songs or albums that are named after sum kinda scientific or chemistry subject/topic !!

Автор Jenns Paetau ( назад)
can someone tell me wich concert is this one plis??? xD

Автор zairuku ( назад)
Prog rock concerts , everyone stands still, so odd.

Автор theclash06013 ( назад)
Yeah, but Black clouds and Silver Linings was pretty amazing, so if it was like that I wouldn't complain

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