UFC 196 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

On Episode 1 of UFC 196 Embedded, featherweight-turned-welterweight Conor McGregor enjoys the freedom that comes with his new weight class, eating and training with full energy. Reigning bantamweight title challenger champion Holly Holm enjoys a rare day off, while opponent Miesha Tate goes for an evening run to prepare for her hometown title fight. UFC 196 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog following the stars of UFC 196: McGregor vs. Diaz, Saturday, March 5 on Pay-Per-View.

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Автор BrandonHeat92 ( назад)
Conor Mcgregor is THE GREATEST Fighter who ever lived. #Champchamp #Legend #God

Автор Octavio Vargas ( назад)
Man them steaks looked good.😛

Автор T Cyr ( назад)
2:38 dam..

Автор Chris Nihill ( назад)
what is Conor eating at 1.30 ? look like steak and spinage or something? thanks...

Автор SuperDriven1 ( назад)
anyone else think jon and holly are dating?

Автор Conan ( назад)
1:20 Conor looks like an idiot here, you cant deny that

Автор Darwiin Ewan ( назад)
Miesha tate is hot

Автор Robin Fillmore ( назад)
When I saw the video pictecher i thotut coner was screaming

Автор Brianna Hudson ( назад)
when she said she listens to her thoughts sometimes when she runs im like how idk what i would do if i was running in the dark at night with inky my thoughts

Автор Lol, cool dude ( назад)
lol, the king is back

Автор Mr. N ( назад)
I came from the future Conor loses

Автор Mike Lawrence ( назад)
who else think the pony tail man is overpaid? cant conner read a book or something?

Автор Mat J ( назад)
Connor trainnig "connection with the floor", he knows whats comming

Автор Matt Jones ( назад)
Misha Tate- "I need to take my mind off the fight"

Starts shadow boxing in the middle of the street.

Автор airanator1212 ( назад)
I wanna workout with Conor soooo bad. Nothing feels better than being drenched in sweat and whole body sore from a hard workout and every time I see Conor's workouts it's always that like no other.

Автор FightFan5 ( назад)
too bad izzy was working on his q tip and sprinkler instead of showing holly how to wrestle and get outta that RNC lmao

Автор Nightmare Munoz ( назад)
honestly mcgregor trains more like a stripper than a fighter. Magic mike will lay his fake ass out

Автор 92skid ( назад)
Miesha is so beautiful!!!!

Автор haru glory ( назад)
4:34 miesha should name that thing ronda

Автор haru glory ( назад)
and the gymnastic ring is why conor say he lost..wtf touch butt guy?? conor looked like hes about to die there lol

Автор SRNF ( назад)
Trust me Miesha....we all enjoyed your run

Автор Conor McGregor's Left Hand ( назад)
2:32 Shout out to Jon Jones wearing that Ali jacket. RIP #GOAT

Автор Tyler Durden ( назад)
They didn't even showcase Nate Diaz?

I'm not surprised motherfuckers

Автор HP L1706 ( назад)
Imagine the poor sucker tryna rape meisha Tate in the park get choked the fuck out lmao

Автор ya mudda ( назад)
trains for four straight hours, still full of energy. Can't even go two full rounds with a Diaz brother lmao conor step your shit up

Автор Mr Rager ( назад)

Автор Bianco Nero ( назад)
Anyone get the feeling Miesha might be at rape risk running ALONE, IN THE DARK, THREW THE FUCKING PARK with her big ol ass and sweet titties bouncing up and down, Or is it just me???

Автор AlexW ( назад)
can't stop watching these

Автор David Shu ( назад)
Too much yoga for Connor

Автор Azlan Sulaiman ( назад)
Can someone tell me how to do the Title masking and transition just like in this video? Anyone?

Автор William Hennessey ( назад)
miesha, I was hoping someone would pop out of the bushes, and try and rob you.

Автор Antonio Banderas ( назад)
the children the name of the song that plays at the end?

Автор Mad Ox Media ( назад)
Needs more Miesha running lawwd

Автор The Truth ( назад)
Tired of ghetto ppl and their comments. Keep making minimum wage guys.

Автор NostalgicDays88 ( назад)
that dorky looking Ido reminds me of that yoga instructor on GTA 5 lol.

Автор Van Seaco ( назад)
how awesome would it be if a dude rolled up on Miesha while she's running at night, dude wouldn't know what hit him

Автор Vincent Brown ( назад)
His movement literally meant nothing in the fight.

Автор johan flod ( назад)
Have movement coach gets gassed in second round ....

Автор Djar ( назад)
That was a great AMERICAN ass whoopin there!

Автор Tigran Gasparyan ( назад)

Автор Tigran Gasparyan ( назад)

Автор Djar ( назад)
I hope dana, rogan and all the other fags so eager to suck conor off are feeling really stupid right now. LMFAO

Автор ilovecomedyppl ( назад)
TO all the Connor Nuthuggers talking shit. I called that shit! 209WUT

Автор RDominon ( назад)

Автор Jose Carlos Da Silva ( назад)
ahahahahahahhahaha Nate choke you up like a jiu jitsu beginnerr!!! By the way, find another guy to teach you capoeira ahhahahahahahahahah

Автор Cromlech616 ( назад)

Автор Elyo 'busta ( назад)
macgregor can go to stockton and every houses he passes by...lick their balls!

Автор throughYourTears ( назад)
Nate Bless.

Автор Djar ( назад)
I'm pretty sure this id the funniest thing ever. anyone with me?

Автор Djar ( назад)
ha ha ha conor you dumbass. They're is a textbook example of a shit talking pussy. If I were Nate I would follow conor to whatever weight class he runs to and beat his ass some more. If he can beat his ass once he can do it again right. Take his featherweight belt. Maybe that will send his shit talking ass home with his fairy ass fans. LMFAO!!!!

Автор Bluesrain cancun ( назад)
Ditch the dork and train with some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu people. This guy is just using Conor.

Автор coldass honkey ( назад)
bwahaha moving, maybe you should keep your dukes up mick,didnt look like you had much energy in the second round fag

Автор dancar ( назад)
All that movement shit didn't help out his Jiu Jitsu...tappy tap tap

Автор astrixx ( назад)

Автор kurtis bardin ( назад)
Jon anik gets a tattoo?

Автор MrMystic Mac ( назад)
I dink, terefore i am sure he'll be done in one!

Автор Joseph K ( назад)
Moral of the story here, don't claim you can outmatch a black belt bjj artist,
Oh and another thing, fuck you Irish cunts and fuck Conor.

Автор SpankyCSTX ( назад)
"Ayyy, I'm not surprised Motherfuckers" - Kenny Florian

Автор jamminjackhammer ( назад)

Автор truth bravery ( назад)
the drug dealing, steroid eating and running over pregnant negroe had to show up..

Автор random69ism ( назад)
RDA is a punk bitch that ran and Diaz is gonna get smashed for playin capt'n save-a-ho.

Автор Internet Police ( назад)
Conor is playing touch butt with the movement guy.

Автор evov monbly ( назад)
what a dumb nigger jon jones is... cassius clay jacket???? wtf?? MOHAMMAD ALI renounced that name.

Автор Donald Trump Loves Mexicans ( назад)
instead of training wrestling they're playing touch butt

Автор El Pajarito ( назад)

Автор Alejandro Miqueo ( назад)

Автор NizzyNizerson ( назад)
Say breakfast again

Автор Arbaal The Undefeated ( назад)
Guess Nate didn't want none of that "Embedded" touchbutt-stuff.

Автор Bubba D ( назад)
How can you not like Olives..I put them in my Ice Cream..

Автор dylon dylon ( назад)
i think mcgregor should be careful not to overwork himself

Автор Tailor Sailor ( назад)
Song at the end tho

Автор Johnny Monroy ( назад)
no hay subtítulos deberían de mejor eso att. un fan de la ufc de habla hispana

Автор Dagomxrider ( назад)
That ballet shit don't help on the ground & it's clear this fool has no ground game. He better pray this fight don't go to the ground top or bottom.

Автор jedanjedanjedan111 ( назад)
3:55 Keith Thurman ???

Автор Mike Riffkin ( назад)
Travis cuts beets like a five year old.

Автор Kevin Condna ( назад)
Probably not the smartest idea to show Miesha Tate's address... 3:49

Автор Bear J. ( назад)
@Reece Beauchamp nigga you judging someone's eating utensil? Go outside. Get some air. Wtf haha you're basic as fuck.

Автор Mr 750li ( назад)
As soon as I saw John Jones in the video I fast forwarded it

Автор costinvaly1 ( назад)
What is Miesha Tate's teammate doing in her house apart from cooking? is he fucking her too? you know.. just to.. blow away the negative energies off her body.

Автор migo dang ( назад)
holly holm will dominate this bitch

Автор Léön Kroß ( назад)
So UFC fighters come out with cook books? If not they should, that salad thing at 4:14 looked good. I'm so lazy at learning how to prepare food I just eat chicken breast and spinach every meal.

Автор vikki vimaoñro ( назад)
comen mucho verde

Автор AJ Martinez ( назад)
Izzy is coooooo but how is he so heavy if he trains daily??? serious habits?

Автор Jansen Dawe ( назад)
I can't wait till a single Stockton slap puts Conner back into a respectable state of being where i can actually enjoy watching him fight without being reminded of how much of a D-Bag he turned into after he hit Aldo.

Автор Few Words ( назад)
I think conor needs to work more on his wrestling/bjj techniques maybe...???

Автор Caesario Tanumihardja ( назад)
okay you ronda fanboy fucktards. look at miesha tate. that's a hottie

Автор Michelle Kuzenko ( назад)
"Ponytail, Brazil" All I can hear is Bobs Burgers.

Автор Jon Jones ( назад)
GOAT sighting @2:16

Автор Hunter for Ujiki ( назад)
Конор, больше побед!!!!!!!!!!!!! Конор крут!!!!!!!!

Автор Gustavo Gonzalez ( назад)
Washington (state) should be freezing still at this time of the year?

Автор Sam s ( назад)
do you believe in dragons?

Автор krydda fem ( назад)
the miesha tate girl cant even punch properly and now shes going to fight an ex womens boxing champion lmfao

Автор Nick Ader ( назад)
3:04 Queeeeeeef I swear I hear it

Автор irGuilty ( назад)

Автор Freddie Lawther ( назад)
Jon Jones and Holly Holm have definately fucked

Автор udis udist ( назад)
anybody else skip the holly holm parts

Автор PARCE93 ( назад)
Miesha says she likes to go for a run to clear her mind & not think about fighting... starts shadowing boxing in the middle of the park 3:30

Автор Derek Raschid ( назад)
Miesha took that shirt from Ronda's closet I swear.

Автор Gregory Francis ( назад)
That Cassius Clay jacket is DDOOPPEE

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