JACK COE, a healing revival during the 1950s, pt1

Evangelist JACK COE Senior, a pioneer of the Pentecostal healing revival movement during the 1940's and 50's. Oral Roberts called Jack Coe Sr.. "a man of reckless faith'. Kenneth Hagin Sr. founder of the Word of Faith Movement says Jack Coe had the strongest healing anointing of anyone in his lifetime. Enjoy these video clips of Jack Coe Sr., one of "God's Generals'.

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Автор William Schmidt (5 месяцев)
Praising my Savior all the day long!!!!

Автор illusionist1977 (7 лет)
I agree and disagree with you. God dose heal with the power of Jesus. I
have seen doctors say God healed the person. The thing is there is very
weak evidence at best for faith healers. remember Jesus talked about fakes.
they have always been with us.

Автор Infinity Cartier (6 лет)
Let's see some medical records of amputees receiving new limbs.

Автор radicalgrace (3 года)
@hipstermi -- Please post on this thread the name of one book alleging that
Jack Coe told people not to go see their doctor. Please post the name of
that book! I already know you can't do it because no book exist.
Furthermore, Jack Coe never stated such foolishness. I OWN volumes of his
sermon material where he works with doctors and encourages people to obey
wise medical instruction. Please get your facts right.

Автор jet1826 (5 лет)
Non of this is real. It's like wrestling. If you'll notice, non of the
healings are anything you can actually see or can be
proved...because...it's bull!! It's all show. Please send this man more
money, if not, find another scam artist to send it to. You know about a
fool and his money...

Автор Johnny Stallings (4 года)
@stlgtrace @stlgtrace no he didn't spend time in jail for that, there was a
case that was thrown out in Florida about healing, or practicing medicine
without a license but as i said the judge threw it out. Because the law
says that particular law does not cover religious rite and divine healing.
You should really do your research before ruining the reputation of a
preacher without cause, . He was not an alcoholic that was AA Allen that
there was questions about that

Автор Infinity Cartier (6 лет)
Any medical records of these so called healings?

Автор hipstermi (2 года)
Instead of your "christ"ian anger and use of all caps...why don't you
answer the questions? All the other "christ"ians ran away from them. can't
magical jesus give you the answers?

Автор hipstermi (3 года)
@radicalgrace our turn to answer questions: 1. why did the Assemblies of
God expel Coe in 53 for "misleading the public"? 2. Did Coe say "that the
day would come when those who consulted physicians would have to take the
mark of the beast." (See Counterfeit Revival by Hank Hanegraaff) Isnt that
telling people to not see Dr.s? 3. if he's a Christian, why was he so fat?
Gluttony sin? Why not use magical healing powers to take care of that? 4.
any proof healings happened and not stageg?

Автор warden phil (5 лет)
It is possible - they do at mine...

Автор Infinity Cartier (6 лет)
I see no record of regrown limbs, only supposed healing of diseases.
Diseases can go into unexplained remission; lost limbs cannot. It's also
interesting to me that these things never happen in the US, where adequate
medical records would easily bolster or falsify any claims. So no, you
don't have my attention.

Автор radicalgrace (3 года)
@xander7ful -- I don't take you seriously. Both Oral Roberts and Hagin
fought against racism and took heat from their denomination because of it.
They even faced death threats. What nerve you've got to not take them
seriously? Perhaps you don't agree with their doctrine (as I do not),
however, you need to examine their fruit and the Spirit behind it...instead
of judging them falsely. Peace...

Автор DCYPL1OF1YESHUA (5 лет)

Автор radicalgrace (7 лет)
I enjoyed the movie 'leap of faith'. It was great entertainment. However,
the reality that the power of Christ Jesus still heals sick bodies and
oppressed souls (through the hands of obedient servants) is a fact, not
fiction. Too many millions, including me, can testify of God's tender
mercies and healing grace to write it off as fake.

Автор jehl (5 лет)
.....gold I do not have, But what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus
Christ of Nazareth, walk." Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up
and instantly the man's feet and ankles became strong. HE WALKED!!! A
man/woman doesn't even have to lay hands on somebody for them to be healed.
It's all done by faith!! Give your life to Jesus, read the Bible, pray, and
the my Lord Jesus Christ will heal you just like he did the crippled boy!!
He is no respector of persons!! My son

Автор divine137 (6 лет)
see TB Joshua. got ur attention?

Автор tacos0up (4 года)
It is quite a step of faith to grab someones arms and move them like that.
Most people that beleive the the Holy Spirit will pray for healing and just
wait, Coe and Wigglesworth put action to their faith and look what happened.

Автор Dan Post (4 года)
@xander7ful But they were healed. They weren't planted or phony. There were
many Charlestons over the years but Coe was different. Most of his meetings
were farming communities where everyone knew everyone.

Автор DCYPL1OF1YESHUA (5 лет)
naahhh u wont be seein me down therr.. peace..

Автор ilililhy1 (4 года)
@xander7ful This is as real as it get`s,O you of little faith.

Автор JesusTrueVine (2 года)
I wonder if Jeff Stevenson is losing many people to Branham message
churches? it seems to be keeping him up at night.Funny thing is I don't see
Branham Christians wasting their time at bashing someone elses church.You'd
think with Mormons and Jehovah witness & all these other weird
denominations he could find something else to do.I bet he is to busy with
Branhams teaching that he has completely lost the plot! The Holy Spirit
would not put up with that behaviour.

Автор thefireman101 (5 лет)
because they would be the dead jews, that jesus preached against- if you
know your bible, even Jesus had ,"Showbiz" following his ministry- healing,
great multitudes flonging his clothing. miracles and wonders. THese
preachers are the genuine article. That peacher that goes to church every
sunday morning and stands in the pulpit, preaching a, "normal" sermon.

Автор DCYPL1OF1YESHUA (5 лет)

Автор radicalgrace (7 лет)
I agree with you in principle that most 'faith healers' have none or little
evidence to prove that God heals through their ministry. However, I have
worked closely with Jack Coe Jr. and his sister Joanna Coe-Herndon. They
are the real deal. I've had skeptics claim that doctors were lying or being
paid off. Some people just won't believe in Christ' healing power today, no
matter what evidence they see. Their mind is made up.

Автор rationalmuscle (4 года)
@radicalgrace Wow... this is really interesting to me RG. Can you tell me
if you do this now, and if so, could you video your next visit? If this is
truly happening, then of course I would believe. I'm not that stubborn. : )
What I've seen when I was a youth pastor (non-denom) and visiting various
churches was pretty lame stuff. God heals or he does not. You're saying he
does. I'd love to see it. Hey... Jesus was okay with Thomas, right? Thanks.

Автор chris (4 года)
@Markks100 because Jack was not wise and refused to lose his weight. Many
close to him said that Jack knew God was trying to tell him to watch his
weight, but he lived as he chose and sadly, God allowed him to do as he
did. God never forces us to do things that he would have us do, it's a
choice. Jack simply did not do the right thing and that was his mistake and
it took his life.

Автор radicalgrace (5 лет)
xanderful7ful, you are very wise to test the spirits. My wife and I
actually lived in the home of Jack Coe Jr. for several months. I personally
worked with the ministry behind the scenes and know that these healings are
real. Jack Coe Sr. published a quarterly magazine "Herald of Healing' that
featured strong medically verified healings. Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn and
others refuse to produce the proof. God bless the legacy of Jack Coe Senior.

Автор radicalgrace (3 года)
@Markks100 -- Scripture is clear...it rains on the just and the unjust. God
is no respecter of persons. The fact that you are saved doesn't mean you'll
never have a car accident, get caught in storm, get sick or die in military
service. Jack Coe died a young man. However, he died saved and died having
served the King of Kings!

Автор BUFORD DOWELL (4 года)

Автор Infinity Cartier (4 года)
@Markks100 lolwut

Автор BUFORD DOWELL (4 года)
FACEBOOK.COM) " IN CHRIST................................IS LIFE! "

Автор radicalgrace (3 года)
@hipstermi --- I have personally handled and read many of herald of healing
magazines. I've also listened to hours of old Jack Coe radio broadcast
where those who receive medical verification of their healing came and
testified. You're missing the whole point my friend. So let me help you get
it. Jack Coe was not the healer...HE SERVED THE HEALER AND HIS NAME IS

Автор samisunc (2 года)
Why would anyone bother to argue with the likes of Xander7ful? Don't
bother, it does no good.

Автор hipstermi (3 года)
@radicalgrace Now it's your turn- can you provide any proof his healings
were real? I saw something in this thread the "proof" was books Coe had
written. Not every neutral. You do know healings like this
indicate...magical powers? Also, plenty of people have shown how to do the
"make leg grow" trick. it's complete bullshit and you can youtube Penn and
Teller doing it.

Автор hipstermi (3 года)
@radicalgrace "Please post on this thread the name of one book alleging
that Jack Coe told people not to go see their doctor" - The Faith Healer,
Eva Simonson "Please post the name of that book" why did you ask twice?

Автор hipstermi (3 года)
@radicalgrace "God bless the legacy of Jack Coe Senior" I'm sorry...why are
you defending this man? I read accounts he preached to NOT go to the Doctor
and linked it to the mark of the Beast. If true...how many people suffered
cause of him? I never got the Christians who believed that. How would one
know God didn't inspire the men that made medication, chemo, etc? On top of
that before he died, Coe got a tracheotomy. This means by his own preaching
Coe consorted with the Beast?

Автор radicalgrace (6 лет)
Dear friend, you're late! God's been doing that already and for 2000 years!
Jesus healed scores of lepers. Jack Coe Senior (as featured in my videos)
went to leper colonies and did the same thing! Do all limbs grow back? NO.
But do some? do all get healed? Absolutely not. Why not? Who knows. But we
thank God for those who do receive!!!

Автор SaudaraLink (7 лет)
I"ve read that Coe was arrested in Fl. For practicing medicine without a
license. The case was thrown out, according to Dade County records, because
there were doctors willing to testify to the numbers of people healed
through Coe's ministry.

Автор Rachelle Layzell (3 года)
Well if we are judging the methods of healing, what would you do if you
watched a revivalist spit in some dirt to make mud, then smear it on a
blind person's eyes. I call that VERY unconventional! I'm so glad that we
didn't throw out the books of PSALMS, PROVERBS, ECCLESIASTES & SONG OF
SOLOMON, because the authors of those books were responsible for MURDER,
ADULTERY and POLYGAMY, however, God said that David was a "Man after His
Own Heart!" & Solomon is admired to this day for his wisdom.

Автор radicalgrace (4 года)
@rationalmuscle - - your 'suggestion is very late. I've been visiting
hospitals praying for the sick for over 20 years. Not only do I do this - -
but thousands of churches have hospital prayer teams. People like you don't
believe because modern Christianity no longer practices the works that the
apostles and Christ told all believer to do. Its not your fault. The church
needs a true revival.

Автор jehl (5 лет)
...........continued about to enter, he asked them for money. Peter looked
straight at him, as did John. Then peter said, Look at us!" So the man gave
them his attention, expecting to get something from them. Then Peter said,
" Silver or

Автор radicalgrace (6 лет)
Marjoe Gortner is a huge joke. No different that Peter Popoff or Robert
Tilton. At least Gortner came clean and admitted he was a fake. But Jack
Coe, AA Allen, Kathryn Kuhlman, John G. Lake, TL Osborne and many others
have given us a SOLID LEGACY of faith that Christ is risen and still heals
today. Dont pitch out the baby with the dirty bath water of others!

Автор frits vansanten (7 лет)
hahahah I love this man blessing rip

Автор franknhonest (7 лет)
This charismatic heresy goes a long way back...

Автор C kendal (3 года)
@xander7ful Man you have no clue of this. my Pastor 88 years old was healed
from arthritis when he was 36 by this man of God!! and he still alive today
to tell it!!

Автор illusionist1977 (7 лет)
watch the movie "leap of faith"

Автор royaleagle1961 (3 года)
@Markks100 You are asking why Christ die at the age of 33? why John the
Baptish lost his head? sound the same to me like those who cried out, "If
Thou be the King of the Jews, save Thyself !"

Автор rationalmuscle (4 года)
@radicalgrace Might I suggest that you visit St. Jude's Hospital? There are
hundreds, make that thousands of children currently dying from horrible
diseases. They sure could use verifiable, bona fide miracle-working. If you
are not empowered to heal, surely you know someone who is. Do this, capture
it on video, and you'll make a believer out of thousands of YT atheists.

Автор jet1826 (5 лет)
Yes, you'll be in hell, too. You are not Christ and you sin like the rest.
For instance...taking upon yourself to make judgements of others. That's a
sin, ass hole. Try to make everyone thing you are Christian is hogwash. You
wouldn't be here. dumbshit! Go Fuque yourself!!

Автор omogaju (5 лет)
At first when I read you comment, I thought there would always be people
who have a different view; but considering what I know about Jack Coe I
felt it my duty to let you know that this man and his wife sold their
personal house to build an orphanage...he may have made mistakes in his
life time but he is certainly not quack, fraud or charlatan.

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