My God is Awesome!

My God is Awesome! The Central Church of God Charlotte NC Choir praising our God, our Deliverer, our Protector, and our Provider. Believe in Him and watch Him start to move YOUR mountains!

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Автор Kinley Williams ( назад)

Автор Gertha Jn Charles ( назад)
Fuck guys boger do you know what Fuck mean have sex so loser

Автор Dana Babe ( назад)
I needed this especially today! Thank you for posting this video.

Автор jesus saved safia ( назад)
HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! from france

Автор John Githii ( назад)

Автор Rosemary Owolagba ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Hull ( назад)
I was sent this just a while ago from a brother ,I am going through some
bad stuff that's life changing but you all know something OUR GOD IS

Автор Latique Saunders ( назад)
Yes my god his awe some lord there is none like u bless ur holy name

Автор festo felix ( назад)
our god

Автор JULIUS DESCARTE ( назад)
god is not dead he is verry alive.amen

Автор charlie miller ( назад)
one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome Praise....

Автор Lilly Williams ( назад)
My God is Awesome! 

Автор Edwin Rivera ( назад)
If trusting in god its bad I don't wanna be rightta!!!!!

Автор Sommer Isley ( назад)
When I go to church (here) this is one my favorite songs to sing, it is
amazing when the whole church comes together in unison to sing! It makes me
so happy. I believe their popular songs are this and Our God.

Автор EDDY TYPER ( назад)

Автор John Mihindou ( назад)
Our God is really an Awsome God and a Miracle working God!!!
Thanks for this blessing video

Автор Gladys Stewart ( назад)
one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome Praise....

Автор Carlos Edmond ( назад)
My church almost did praise break to this song

Автор Yeshua Prophetic Altar Ministies ( назад)
Let's worship the almighty God of all creation.

Автор Yeshua Prophetic Altar Ministies ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Mani From the block ( назад)
I love central church of god they have such amazing music. Go online to
listen to pastors sermons he is amazing.

Автор Mark Polley (1464 года назад)
I love when everyone is realy into praising God

Автор Leah Osouna ( назад)
no one in this world is or ever will be greater than GOD he will always
live amd be part of my life i am about to sit sea and GOD is the only
person i want in my life.I no for a fact he will make me pass for the
school of my choice he just have to put his super with my natural anyhow he
is awesome without him i cant do anything we cant do anything

Автор shermanthemutt ( назад)
One of my very favorite songs. Sitting up recovering from colon cancer in
which part of colon was re sectioned with no further treatments. God is my
healer. Psalms 91:1 He that dwells in the secret place of the most high
shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

Автор Jo-Ann Antonius ( назад)

Автор Darrel Seeloch (79 лет назад)
My god is awesome I love diss song I have lost two of my loving friends who
loved diss song an today is my song 

Автор Sheree Bazemore ( назад)
Yes he is awesome an beyond the word awesome so to God to be the glory in
Jesus name Amen !!!!

Автор Olden Wagoner (1404 года назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Olden Wagoner ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Автор Blanche Flowers ( назад)
Very beautiful song praise Jesus

Автор Prodigal Son ( назад)
Who can stand before my Great God? I know not one.

My God is Awesome!: http://youtu.be/rbdrBfLsNvg

Автор Prodigal Son ( назад)
Who can stand before my Great God? I know not one.

My God is Awesome!: http://youtu.be/rbdrBfLsNvg

Автор Rosalinda Jones ( назад)
God is good

Автор Gregory Creamer ( назад)

Автор Prodigal Son ( назад)
There is NONE like HIM!!

My God is Awesome!: http://youtu.be/rbdrBfLsNvg

Автор Prodigal Son ( назад)
There is NONE like HIM!!

My God is Awesome!: http://youtu.be/rbdrBfLsNvg

Автор Prodigal Son ( назад)
Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him! Our God truly is AWESOME!

My God is Awesome!: http://youtu.be/rbdrBfLsNvg

Автор Nefatari Muhammid ( назад)
My ten year old daughter was diagnosed had umblical hernia.The doctor said
she had to get surgery.But after my pastor prayed for her that lump and
pain in her stomach is gone. When she went back to the doctor no longer do
she has to get surgery.Check us out on YOUTUBE under:The Woman Whom the
Angels Follow.

Автор Arrington Littlejohn ( назад)

Автор Mary Roberts ( назад)
Every time I hear this song it brings joy to my heart.My God is
awesome.glory to God,i am so glad he gave me a chance to know him for
myself and to have a relationship with him.Thank you Lord 

Автор Baraka Sentmore ( назад)
My GOD is awesome

Автор Xiomara Molina ( назад)
I love god somuch my god is awesome

Автор ReyesB.〈33 ( назад)
I love this song!!! He is awesome. This song encourages me && gives me

Автор queen dee ( назад)
This video is awesome. God is totally awesome. He got us! Nothing matters.

Автор jeremy tjio ( назад)
Halleluya, my God is awsome indeed. Praise the Lord God almighty.

Автор Rosemary Frye ( назад)
Thank you Jesus 

Автор Expo_NOcampin ( назад)
Great song I love it this is so a good song I am going to start listening

Автор SuurfinBird ( назад)

Автор Graham Good news ( назад)
My god is awesome truly

Автор Ylanda Matson (260 лет назад)

Автор Love Marie ( назад)

Автор emy junior ( назад)
The Father is AWESOME and his son CHRIST the savior of mankind

Автор princesse dejes ( назад)
my G O D is A W E S O M E 

Автор Rosemary Kelley (1040 лет назад)
I have had this song stuck in my head all weekend long. (Thanks to Pastor
Cameron! LOL) My GOD IS Awesome!! Alleluia!

Автор Delaine Williams ( назад)
My God is Awesome, keep me in the valley, heal when I am broken

Автор Daniel Hill ( назад)
Where is this church and what is the name of it?

Автор jahlion sounds ( назад)
juss cant stop loving this song!

Автор jseba44 ( назад)
My God is so so so awesome and he that comes to him must believe that he is
and that he is the rewader of them that seek Him deligently. I know it
because when I kneel before him in the morning, I stand tall before
everyman in my days endeavors . And right now a people and a nation that
knows me not seeks me to bless me. And I can imagine them say, when i
submit myself to them, "where have you been? we have sought you all this

Автор Heriberto Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Robert Strayer ( назад)
This church is one where you can not only hear the spirit, but see it in
it's congregation. Look at the feelings being poured out by the

Автор David Hensey ( назад)
We all impart what we believe to be true (our values) to our children, even
atheists. It is not just Christians that do that. If you have kids, I am
sure you do the same, so let's be real and be glad that we get to raise our
own kids and impart to them the things that we believe to worthy of
imparting. You impart your values, or a lack thereof, and we (Christians),
have the same freedom as you. Besides, no one can convince you otherwise,
so why waste the time? Enjoy your rights and don't worry about the freedoms
of others. Semper Fi!

Автор Tshego Makati ( назад)
yes indeed our God is awesome.

Автор Asenath Baine ( назад)
Yes he is.

Автор Jean Chris ( назад)
There's just so much power in this song!! what a song!! I've actually
listen and watched it over thirty times and I won't stop listening to it. I
think this song is moving the hand of God to do something for His people.
It's not as if God has forgotten who is, but when we remind Him of who He
is then He just extend His hand to reach out to us. Yeah!!

Автор Ian Martin ( назад)
My God is Awesome!: http://youtu.be/rbdrBfLsNvg

Автор Razboy Starzz ( назад)
Jesuss izz lord

Автор Mimi Love ( назад)
Can't stop listening to this song

Автор Rob McQ ( назад)

Автор Amanda C ( назад)
My GOD is AWESOME!!! <3

Автор K Gre ( назад)
I will worship you always amen you love me you created me beautifully 

Автор Lashanna Stith ( назад)
This song simply put a smile on my face...and also makes me cry becuz the
Love they show for the Lord is truly amazing! GOD IS AWESOME!

Автор Lashanna Stith ( назад)
"When two or Three are Gathered......" This song is very powerful! like
that fact that this is a very interracial choir and i see the love they
show for the Lord!

Автор Lasarah Phillips ( назад)
My god is awesome

Автор Cameron Wells ( назад)
Omnipotence is God knowing everything. He knows what kind of decision we
will make because he knows our heart. But we can still choose to make the
right decision, based on what I believe is true. Jesus foretells Judas'
betrayal in the bible because he knew the compromise in Judas' heart. Judas
could still make the right decision, but because he did not worship Jesus
like the other disciples he betrayed.
This is for Rupert Murdoch. 

Автор Christel Louidor ( назад)
a like this song a lot and it just about praying and worshiping that's why
i go to church i don't go to church because i want to have fun it about
worshiping people i don't go to church for nothing i LOVE GOD

Автор Ruth Marcel ( назад)
Yes he is!

Автор Joseph Ross ( назад)
I love you Jesus!

Автор Joseph Henry ( назад)
God is awsome

Автор amybee40 ( назад)
God, thank You for being our Savior and our King!

Автор Sherry Morant ( назад)
Yep my GOD is Awesome (:


Автор Rose Mary Shaha (1584 года назад)

Awesome!! Praise God!!

Автор alina Desiree Perez ( назад)
Check out this video on YouTube:
My God Is Awesome!
Giver of Salvation!
He Can Move Mountains!
Keep me in the Valley!
Hide me from the rain!

Автор Sinisbal ( назад)
Our God is definitely awesome! Beyond awesome!! I came to Him because I
wanted out of homosexuality. Actually I didn't even know what I wanted but
I just knew that my life, how I lived it until then, needed to change. Then
, through many battles and me falling prey to my own doubts, the victory of
faith came: healing came and homosexuality is gone from my life. But not
only that, but many many other things are gone and all good and new is
here! Truly God is awesome!! He knew what I needed when I didn't have a
clue about anything deeper than feelings and shallow thoughts.
Folks, trust Jesus!!! He LOVES you ALREADY, no matter what you did or what
was done to you. Because HE ALREADY loves you, you can come to Him as you
are, and receive the change in all that needs to be changed.

Автор jahmar erving ( назад)
Yes he is

Автор Kathy Kriese ( назад)
This is absolutely powerful and AWESOME! Praise God!

Автор Brett Clayton ( назад)
Aaaaaaamen Yes, my God is Awesome

Автор Brett Clayton ( назад)
Aaaaaaamen Yes, my God is Awesome

Автор Carolyn Perkins ( назад)
Pray for me

Автор United For Christ Ministry ( назад)
God is Good #allthetime i have listened to this song like a 1000 times, an
oldie but a goodie but always a Goldie, blessings to you my brothers and
sisters from Australia, My God is most definitely AWESOME!!

Автор Shirley Trammell ( назад)
God is great 

Автор Joselle John ( назад)
It's truly amazing this song is really uplifting and powerful thank you for
sharing this wonderful song thank you thank you in Jesus name Amen 

Автор Jersh ( назад)
I really don't like Gospel music of this type but this song is amazing.

Автор all under control ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Tarentee Laing ( назад)
I played this song twice a day for three weeks straight at my grandmother's
bedside before she died. She raised me and I grew up with her my entire
life. I hoped and prayed for a miracle so bad. I miss her so much.

Автор Brenda Vaughn ( назад)
My God is Awesome!: http://youtu.be/rbdrBfLsNvg

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