My God is Awesome!

My God is Awesome! The Central Church of God Charlotte NC Choir praising our God, our Deliverer, our Protector, and our Provider. Believe in Him and watch Him start to move YOUR mountains!

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Автор Joshua Joshel Buen ( назад)

Автор iRockTheRhythm ( назад)
This has gotten me through so much.....So motivational! If you all have a
moment please check out my friend's GoFundME for her chihuahua we are
trying to get the word out thanks!
https://www.gofundme.com/1HelpHimWalkAgain !!!God bless!!! Please keep her
in your prayers

Автор June Gregory ( назад)
This is wonderful. It lifts us beyond our circumstances however bad they
may seem. Keep your eyes on our Awesome God.
He is our eveything

Автор Gaby vit ( назад)
A paz do senhor!
Vocês são bênção na mão de Deus. Brasil

Автор Damien Baldwin ( назад)
thank u jesus

Автор Gih Freitas ( назад)
Meu Deus é incrível💙💙

Автор Nathaniel Jemison ( назад)
thank you Jesus for your great praise music...love you jesus

Автор Elijah Sigure ( назад)
power in song

Автор Adeienne Tate ( назад)
I love God

Автор Heaven Hines ( назад)
now stealing god from me yall people just need Jesus that way

Автор William Miller IV ( назад)
I'm watching this so I can sleep

Автор Mariam Al-Hassan ( назад)
Praise the lord

Автор Mariam Al-Hassan ( назад)
Are god is awesome

Автор Julie griffin ( назад)
a Anthony hamalton

Автор Wallace Grant ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Damien Augustin ( назад)
hallelujah! Praise be the Name of the One true God, King And savior My Lord
Jesus! Still moving and healing even now! Recieve His fresh Wind of Glory
now and forever!

Автор Sandro Cruz, intervencionista ( назад)
Muito lindo, DEUS seja para todo sempre louvado.........

Автор Heaven Hines ( назад)

Автор Reinaldo luiz brito dos santos ( назад)

Автор SUNITA SINGH ( назад)

Автор Carol Campbell ( назад)
God is awesome!!

Автор Xavier Byrd ( назад)
God brings people together

Автор Stella Lucia Ribeiro ( назад)
lindo louvor

Автор Samuel Kamera ( назад)

Автор Peter Bircham ( назад)
Still the best video on youtube

Автор Dan Lill ( назад)
Just returned to the site, again and it is still AWESOME. Sent the link to
a friend with bladder cancer. He is strong in his faith but is facing
difficult times ahead. I raise him up and that's not generally what
Catholics say a lot!!!

Автор Gwen Bailey ( назад)
thank you Jesus

Автор Cassandra Bailey ( назад)
Thank u JESUS.........

Автор Zombiehead 17 ( назад)

Автор Robert Strayer ( назад)
Still watching a year later for comfort, strength, peace, endurance, God's
love is addicting........I keep coming back for more, and more and the well
never runs dry. The eternal wellspring ...............keep singing...I'll
keep coming back.

Автор Jackie Gibson ( назад)
The Anointing does make a big difference I agree.

Автор Jackie Gibson ( назад)
The Anointing does make a big difference I agree.

Автор Alex Malomojellah ( назад)

Автор Lashanna Stith ( назад)
I cant stop watching this...my favorite part about this video is the choir
emotions....I love choirs that believe in what they sing :) this is an
awesome song!

Автор Katlego Shole ( назад)

Автор Bruce Clements ( назад)
My God Is Awesome !

Автор vidiansodality ( назад)
Thank you Lord, my deliverer and provider. Thank you Cary for allowing God
to use you in such a powerful way.

Автор Monsieur KIMIA (Fullstreet1989) ( назад)
Wonderful, i like it may god bless them

Автор Linnet Mbotto ( назад)
Who is the lead singer?

Автор MICHELLE Desa ( назад)
my god is Awesome .yes he is . my god is holy

Автор Priscilla Pattarino ( назад)
My God is Awesome! Yes he is!

Автор Mc Bebee Ramadhani ( назад)
napenda sana nyimbo za dini

Автор Daughter of the King ( назад)
Nehemiah 1:5
Then I said: "LORD, the God of heaven, the great and awesome God, who keeps
his covenant of love with those who love him and keep his commandments ",

Автор Radio Tv Xfm ( назад)
God is really awesome!!!

Автор marleen cameron ( назад)
Yes he is...... goose skin.

Автор Sitting Bull ( назад)
No evidence for a God. A lot of evidence for evolution.

Автор Tite Christelle Fallone Waza ( назад)
mon dieu est si grand

Автор rocio lua ( назад)
Omg....!! Awesome....!!

Автор Karla Monterrosa ( назад)

Автор Amelie Liza ( назад)
sewewev t

Автор Leirici Gonzaga ( назад)
lindooooooo, Meu Deus é incrível

Автор Bukol Odeleye ( назад)
i love this song

Автор 299 794 ( назад)
Yes God is so awesome because he created everyhing including pain, hell,
the devil, suffering... wait why would he burn innocent people in hell
again? Oh yea its just a scare tactic because all he is a little guy
forcing people to worship him for no reason and punishing those with an
actual brain for the same sins he created in the first place

Автор Terricia Radcliff ( назад)
This song is truly my testimony, when my God said that everything the devil
took from me he was gonna give it back. Let me tell u saints he did just
that, and I praise his holy name. protector, might, provider, holy
hallelujah and amen &amen

Автор Christ-El 101 ( назад)
God is so awesome

Автор Way to fresher than you ( назад)

I love seeing All the People Together 💗

Автор Way to fresher than you ( назад)
My Favourite Song Of 2015.

Автор vidiansodality ( назад)
This has become my battle song. Praise you Lord!!

Автор Ishiombo Rantings ( назад)
This song was sang at church today & it will be my anthem for the week.

Автор Carlos Bandeira ( назад)
That´s a wonderful and powerfull song.
God bless you all.
Carlos, from Rio, Brazil.

Автор adegoke oshunniyi ( назад)
Thank you very much for such a wonderful and soulful rendition. of this
song. It blesses me each time I view it. God bless you.

Автор Sammy G ( назад)

Автор Tarrance Weaver ( назад)
My God is Awesome!!!
For the ones that are having a tough time believing please checkout a book
that God placed on my heart. My brother was murdered by his father-in-law
and our paths crossed years later. Revenge was on my heart, but God had
other plans. Please read the sample below:


Автор John Leduc ( назад)
i have to listen to this song at least 2 times or more a day Praise God

Автор Thierry Nsasi ( назад)
Great song!!!!So amazing

Автор Kinley Williams ( назад)

Автор Gertha Jn Charles ( назад)
Fuck guys boger do you know what Fuck mean have sex so loser

Автор Dana M ( назад)
I needed this especially today! Thank you for posting this video.

Автор jesus saved safia ( назад)
HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! from france

Автор John Githii ( назад)

Автор Latique Saunders ( назад)
Yes my god his awe some lord there is none like u bless ur holy name

Автор JULIUS DESCARTE ( назад)
god is not dead he is verry alive.amen

Автор Lilly Williams ( назад)
My God is Awesome! 

Автор Edwin Rivera ( назад)
If trusting in god its bad I don't wanna be rightta!!!!!

Автор Sommer Isley ( назад)
When I go to church (here) this is one my favorite songs to sing, it is
amazing when the whole church comes together in unison to sing! It makes me
so happy. I believe their popular songs are this and Our God.

Автор EDDY TYPER ( назад)

Автор John Mihindou ( назад)
Our God is really an Awsome God and a Miracle working God!!!
Thanks for this blessing video

Автор Gladys Stewart ( назад)
one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome Praise....

Автор Carlos Edmond ( назад)
My church almost did praise break to this song

Автор Mani From the block ( назад)
I love central church of god they have such amazing music. Go online to
listen to pastors sermons he is amazing.

Автор Leah Osouna ( назад)
no one in this world is or ever will be greater than GOD he will always
live amd be part of my life i am about to sit sea and GOD is the only
person i want in my life.I no for a fact he will make me pass for the
school of my choice he just have to put his super with my natural anyhow he
is awesome without him i cant do anything we cant do anything

Автор shermanthemutt ( назад)
One of my very favorite songs. Sitting up recovering from colon cancer in
which part of colon was re sectioned with no further treatments. God is my
healer. Psalms 91:1 He that dwells in the secret place of the most high
shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

Автор Jo-Ann Antonius ( назад)

Автор Darrel Seeloch (80 лет назад)
My god is awesome I love diss song I have lost two of my loving friends who
loved diss song an today is my song 

Автор Sheree Bazemore ( назад)
Yes he is awesome an beyond the word awesome so to God to be the glory in
Jesus name Amen !!!!

Автор Blanche Flowers ( назад)
Very beautiful song praise Jesus

Автор Rosalinda Jones ( назад)
God is good

Автор Nefatari Muhammid ( назад)
My ten year old daughter was diagnosed had umblical hernia.The doctor said
she had to get surgery.But after my pastor prayed for her that lump and
pain in her stomach is gone. When she went back to the doctor no longer do
she has to get surgery.Check us out on YOUTUBE under:The Woman Whom the
Angels Follow.

Автор Arrington Littlejohn ( назад)

Автор Mary Roberts ( назад)
Every time I hear this song it brings joy to my heart.My God is
awesome.glory to God,i am so glad he gave me a chance to know him for
myself and to have a relationship with him.Thank you Lord 

Автор Baraka Sentmore ( назад)
My GOD is awesome

Автор Xiomara Molina ( назад)
I love god somuch my god is awesome

Автор Lashiaa. ( назад)
I love this song!!! He is awesome. This song encourages me && gives me

Автор queen dee ( назад)
This video is awesome. God is totally awesome. He got us! Nothing matters.

Автор jeremy tjio ( назад)
Halleluya, my God is awsome indeed. Praise the Lord God almighty.

Автор Rosemary Frye ( назад)
Thank you Jesus 

Автор Expo_NOcampin ( назад)
Great song I love it this is so a good song I am going to start listening

Автор Tim ( назад)

Автор Graham Good news ( назад)
My god is awesome truly

Автор Ylanda Matson (261 год назад)

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