GTA 4 - 25 Ways to Die

First GTA4 Video of mine, 25 ways to die! enjoy! More to come in the future.

song in credits - Moby - Extreme Ways.
Apologies to Grimz03 in advance i forgot to put him in the credits! thx for helping.

Typo - i noticed #2 has yourr, noticed to late oh well!

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Автор CommentSpaceRBLX ( назад)
This video reminds me of another video.

Автор The_Pro_Ducht_Gamer ( назад)
the last won is funny

Автор robert saenz (1823 года назад)

Автор devonmckinnon5 ( назад)

Автор Никита Воронцов ( назад)
0:14 ааааа

Автор MrSuicide2000 ( назад)
who had a bit of trouble reading the words in the video

Автор conkervstediz5 ( назад)
ten should be try to perform a leap of faith

Автор bermudianbeast33 ( назад)

Автор luca sprecher ( назад)
dudes this guy is fucking awesome

Автор TheMrLenonToes ( назад)
I love how the granades blew up to the beat of the song

Автор Rihanna1079 ( назад)
15 didn't look like it was a death

Автор The Notorious D.A.N. ( назад)
i dont think he "fell" of the building more jumped

Автор Harry Wynn ( назад)
i wonder if a striper has ever wiggled their bum into a persons face and

Автор hectela ( назад)
lol the song goes with the video. lol

Автор SwineProduction60 ( назад)
I kinda wish that if you were to get sliced by a helicopter, you actually
get sliced!

Автор Georgia Cotton ( назад)
@Gasoline2010 Lol i was just thinking that!

Автор Georgia Cotton ( назад)
@Gasoline2010 Lol i was just thinking that!

Автор ChaosFirst ( назад)
what about drowning? Cmon!!!!

Автор Fanfapstick ( назад)
25 was best

Автор metalbustah ( назад)
Tips for video 1: Blow up a gas station 2:Explode a helicopter in a tall
building 3: Stunt Fail 4: Be killed by the military 5: Go into a weapon
shop and kill the owner then just wait :D there comes like 4 armed guys

Автор NewEnglandboy453 ( назад)
@ballssacky short for grenades

Автор corpsetime ( назад)
fucken spastic, but hey i like this. apart from the niggers at 2:00 ganging
up on the white bloke. glad that only happens in this game. not reality.

Автор Karma Amrak ( назад)
3:31 fartpower

Автор linzicaraolcom8 ( назад)
Get hit by 2 helicopters you just blown up above you

Автор Ferrari73703 ( назад)
27: Crash your chopper into the sea.

Автор keyasia coleman ( назад)
25 wuz funny

Автор BornDubstep ( назад)
:D i love the end :D im going to stip club and do it

Автор ballssacky ( назад)
what the fuck are nades

Автор A ( назад)
@giganotosaurus2000 no 0:01 to 4:08

Автор Morgan Wolfskin ( назад)
i love how at 1:46 the nade explosions are in rythm with the music!

Автор germompar ( назад)
thats the whole thing .

Автор T.D. Herren ( назад)
The part where he died was EPIC !!!!!! !:D

Автор Intoxiqated ( назад)
I liked the part where he died.

Автор Tommy Gray ( назад)
can you do gta sa 25 ways to die?

Автор MoonlitLycan ( назад)
14 is synced 2 the song

Автор Arshon Mihandoost ( назад)
Best part 25

Автор DanPr Productions ( назад)
This must be an achievment! :D

Автор TheBause ( назад)
Bourne Identity credit music= SWEET!

Автор JohnnyMan XD ( назад)
1:40 Is that a glitch? 1:49 THE BEST PART
THUMBS UP FOR YOU DuvalAK47 I'm a BIG fan!

Автор Edwin Martinez-Vazquez ( назад)
at 1:49 (#19.) the explosions matched the hey in the song wtf

Автор OllxTont124 ( назад)
10- Thats accidentally jumping over a wrong edge

Автор xulry ( назад)
no,12 is funny :D

Автор mshukri717 (1173 года назад)
thumbs up if this is as gay as justin bieber

Автор SuperJamezboy ( назад)
2:09 get fucked up by Cee Lo Green with a baseball bat!

Автор mudkip20001 ( назад)
hey, hey theif! WHAT! knife.

Автор stephyliciousss ( назад)
CJ from The Hood would`ve survived all of them and still have some health
left on.

Автор MaggOut ( назад)
@azurephantom100 oh i get it!! thx! actually makes sense lol

Автор azurephantom100 ( назад)
@Emil1499 when you have just a little bit of life left run around in a
tight circle it should do damage and you'll die and it looks like you
tripped and died. also in GTA SA running to fast well do damage too so...
get it?

Автор MaggOut ( назад)
@azurephantom100 i don't get it

Автор MaggOut ( назад)
hey you forgot your crap card!

Автор azurephantom100 (416 лет назад)
one of the most messed up ways to die in GTA vice city and GTA San Andreas
is to trip and die in vice it looks like you trip in slow-mo XD caan you do
that in GTA 4 too?

Автор gumlover4321 ( назад)
LOL @ 25

Автор siy202 ( назад)
lol 25

Автор Eittor Lima ( назад)
@Rockyyy06 that should be the number 1.

Автор MrGatokill54 ( назад)
Ey duval you get ps3 online??? My ID online is: gatokill54. Ok??

Автор Filip Nedeljkovic ( назад)
@Rockyyy06 hahaha!!!

Автор 12demolisher ( назад)
@6Fools yes :D huh "boomb" huh "boom " huh "boom " XD

Автор counterclockwise123 ( назад)
I think I like part 2 more, but this is still good

Автор FANGSUP7 ( назад)
Can someone help me out, i'm trying to find the version of Bang on the Drum
All Day that's in this video. I can't find it anywhere, help please?

Автор Evan Carabona ( назад)
if only there's a Rikishi sized stripper... oh, that would make gta perfect.

Автор Rami DSO ( назад)
lol 25???? best way to die XDD

Автор Bogdan Milicic ( назад)
Love it dude!

Автор 93bendzsi ( назад)
Great video

Автор xbon1 ( назад)
24 was the best imo. Nice vid

Автор Gerald Wolf ( назад)
Can U die like that? Snopes.com will tell you.

Автор Rhys C ( назад)
15. he didnt actually die I dont think... still good video.

Автор AgentBSmith ( назад)
Great ending son (for all you nublets who dont know the credit song it is
moby extreme ways)

Автор Frozen Glacier ( назад)
@auttomstar481 it's not funny to make fun of ppl who have seizures

Автор Brugle Butts ( назад)
Dude whats the name of the song at the end of the video?

Автор Auttumstar481 ( назад)
27 rave too hard you have a seizure followed by mass diareah followed by

Автор Auttumstar481 ( назад)
what is da music

Автор Vidiogamemaster1324 ( назад)
@TheTichoun airport

Автор shadowdragon1396 ( назад)
Lol gnarly stripper flatulence

Автор sexiiboy 69 ( назад)
where do u find helicopter in online?

Автор gabrocki ( назад)
@Rockyyy06 that kills YOU not Niko. :)

Автор xxbloodstainedlovexx ( назад)
I like how you included drowning duck hole

Автор PQH1612 ( назад)
what's the music of this vid?

Автор viperfang34 ( назад)
number 20 is my favorite!

Автор MegaBelkin54G ( назад)
@cockatiel194 but its funny :D that killed me there the farts

Автор BLH ( назад)
nice timing with the music at 1:55

Автор Kody Harlen ( назад)
Thumbs up if you think the best part was at 0:42 - when you stopped the

Автор FOKAFanXXl ( назад)
@brokenplanet1 hahaha everybody laughts N00B!

Автор Tike ( назад)
i want to learn to fly!

Автор Jp007 ( назад)
The new disease: GSF: Gnarly Stripper Flatulence.

Автор iialphaiiXD ( назад)
Nade loves the beat :D

Автор CamelBallZee ( назад)
25 is disgusting.... but funny :D

Автор TheRandomGuys1999 ( назад)
i :') AT 25

Автор kingdarius137 ( назад)
i love all of them lol

Автор mikeiscoold ( назад)
how did you filmed it

Автор mikeiscoold ( назад)
2 is my favorite

Автор TheDudeFIN ( назад)
what is music?

Автор Obi-Wan Kannabis ( назад)
@tousmane14 lool, you would need a hard disk drive to play that...

Автор Consola ( назад)
i wish u could break through all windows and go in all buildings

Автор joetman123 ( назад)
I laughed my ass off at #25!

Автор TheAlfredoChelios333 ( назад)
awesome music (:

Автор GoodKitty2899 ( назад)
@Rockyyy06 i died of that but unforunately medical services brung me back
:((( LOL

Автор Yisus Chrust ( назад)
Number 10 should Be Jump of a building Nice video

Автор xbox360fani ( назад)
25 xDD

Автор Bruno Daenen ( назад)
duh all of them is obvios that you could die from those things :P

Автор Mrdede Smith ( назад)

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