Dead and Gone (Jasper Whitlock Hale)

Jasper Whitlock Hale - Jackson Rathbone
Bella Swan - Kristen Stewart
Maria - Catalina Sandino Moreno
Alice Cullen - Ashley Greene

Software: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 9.0

Song: Dead and Gone - T.I Ft. Justin Timberlake

Clips Used: The Twilight Saga Twilight And Eclipse

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Длительность: 1:14
Комментарии: 30

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Автор Wolf Girl ( назад)

Автор Madisyn Flonta ( назад)
Jasper did not die that was the girls vision

Автор marie murray ( назад)
it was a vision from alice watch the movie and read the book or go twilight
website and read jasper wiki and u see it was a vision from alice or read
seth wiki and the rest of them who died in the vison just squrrel down
where u see twilight breaking dawn part 1 or 2 or go to twilight breaking
dawn part 2 wiki and read the part at the buttom and u will see it's a
vision from alice but i cryed too!!!!

Автор LiZz WiNcHeStEr ( назад)
AWESOME AMAZING BEAUTIFUL i can't describe that *-* :D with which programme
do you edit this video ?! *-* 

Автор Missy Blizzy ( назад)
YOU STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Sike hey Tori 

Автор SamJ ( назад)
I know what you mean!

Автор SamJ ( назад)
This video is awesome! Jasper is my favorite character, but I've only read
the first, second, and last book. He is sooooo cute! Great job on the

Автор Missy Blizzy ( назад)
Everytime I look into Jaspers eyes I feel his pain and almost cry

Автор PinkiePie TheGamerz ( назад)
This is my first youtube video i have put in my favourites =-)

Автор PinkiePie TheGamerz ( назад)

Автор mstenorsaxplayer ( назад)
nice. I luv him haha

Автор alyssa wittner ( назад)
best jasper vid everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор Corinne Whitlock ( назад)
Jasper has been and always will be my favourite character he's gone through
so much but he still shows how strong he is. This video is just WoW I loved
it, I had tears in my eyes......very poetic and sinfully delicious, great
job! :D

Автор JokersWifeforever ( назад)
My fav character ever since i began reading the series in '08

Автор iv180 ( назад)
Team Jasper -3

Автор Isabella Beaui ( назад)
I'm team jasper!!!!

Автор kaleigh rawley (kaleighboo98) ( назад)
OMG this makes total sense for him in this video 

Автор vampyregrl92 ( назад)
its so sad but i love it 

Автор kristina tollefson ( назад)
i sao lvoe this vidoe it so cool and sweet

Автор yunadustrialtwifan ( назад)
this is awsome. i really love the editing.

Автор angelicmethod ( назад)
Holy Crap! Amazing!

Автор Stefanie D ( назад)
AMAZING! You did a great job!! PERFECT!!! ♥Jasper

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@Stephycats7785 thanx for the compliment stephy your are a talented vidder
and writer I love all of the stories and videos you do 

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@Jusstmiii thank you

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@rekuci94 thank you

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@whitepanther97 thank you

Автор Stephycats7785 ( назад)
You did a great job! It makes my dead and gone vid look like crap. I wish I
had half your talent.

Автор Jusstmiii ( назад)
This was amazing 

Автор Réka Vitályos - Bartalis ( назад)
Wow, I love it! Great job! :D

Автор Briie Sykes ( назад)

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