Dead and Gone (Jasper Whitlock Hale)

Jasper Whitlock Hale - Jackson Rathbone
Bella Swan - Kristen Stewart
Maria - Catalina Sandino Moreno
Alice Cullen - Ashley Greene

Software: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 9.0

Song: Dead and Gone - T.I Ft. Justin Timberlake

Clips Used: The Twilight Saga Twilight And Eclipse

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Длительность: 1:14
Комментарии: 36

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Автор Wolf Girl ( назад)

Автор Madisyn Flonta ( назад)
Jasper did not die that was the girls vision

Автор marie murray ( назад)
it was a vision from alice watch the movie and read the book or go twilight
website and read jasper wiki and u see it was a vision from alice or read
seth wiki and the rest of them who died in the vison just squrrel down
where u see twilight breaking dawn part 1 or 2 or go to twilight breaking
dawn part 2 wiki and read the part at the buttom and u will see it's a
vision from alice but i cryed too!!!!

Автор LiZz WiNcHeStEr ( назад)
AWESOME AMAZING BEAUTIFUL i can't describe that *-* :D with which programme
do you edit this video ?! *-*

Автор Missy Blizzy ( назад)
YOU STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD Sike hey Tori

Автор Maryse4life ( назад)
Omg hi!! It's Tori! I like, tracked down your comment.

Автор SamJ ( назад)
I know what you mean!

Автор SamJ ( назад)
This video is awesome! Jasper is my favorite character, but I've only read
the first, second, and last book. He is sooooo cute! Great job on the video!

Автор Missy Blizzy ( назад)
Everytime I look into Jaspers eyes I feel his pain and almost cry

Автор PinkiePie TheGamerz ( назад)
This is my first youtube video i have put in my favourites =-)

Автор PinkiePie TheGamerz ( назад)

Автор mstenorsaxplayer ( назад)
nice. I luv him haha

Автор alyssa wittner ( назад)
best jasper vid everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Автор Corinne Whitlock ( назад)
Jasper has been and always will be my favourite character he's gone through
so much but he still shows how strong he is. This video is just WoW I loved
it, I had tears in my eyes......very poetic and sinfully delicious, great
job! :D

Автор JokersWifeforever ( назад)
My fav character ever since i began reading the series in '08

Автор iv180 ( назад)
Team Jasper -3

Автор Isabella Beaui ( назад)
I'm team jasper!!!!

Автор ladybugcsw ( назад)
Hoe did you get the violin part? That is like my favorite part and I cant
find it and I dont think it is in the regular version!

Автор kaleigh rawley ( назад)
OMG this makes total sense for him in this video

Автор vampyregrl92 ( назад)
its so sad but i love it

Автор kristina tollefson ( назад)
i sao lvoe this vidoe it so cool and sweet

Автор Anney1834 ( назад)

Автор yunadustrialtwifan ( назад)
this is awsome. i really love the editing.

Автор angelicmethod ( назад)
Holy Crap! Amazing!

Автор nekonikkigirl ( назад)
Flawless! 5/5! Can't stop watching!

Автор Stefanie D ( назад)
AMAZING! You did a great job!! PERFECT!!! ♥Jasper

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@Stephycats7785 thanx for the compliment stephy your are a talented vidder
and writer I love all of the stories and videos you do

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@Jusstmiii thank you

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@rekuci94 thank you

Автор LakeBlackwater92 ( назад)
@whitepanther97 thank you

Автор chcbrunettebabe ( назад)

Автор Stephycats7785 ( назад)
You did a great job! It makes my dead and gone vid look like crap. I wish I
had half your talent.

Автор Jusstmiii ( назад)
This was amazing

Автор Réka Vitályos - Bartalis ( назад)
Wow, I love it! Great job! :D

Автор Briie Sykes ( назад)

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