London's 'Muslim Patrol' aims to impose Sharia law in East London

Hard-line Islamists try to impose Sharia law in East London. CNN's Dan Rivers reports on a continent-wide issue. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/

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Автор boy hill ( назад)
these euhh Muslim,s are pigs, these muslims must all be shot, bomb all the
muslim countrys now, before it,s to late.... they are all the same!! they
ar trojan virusses, bomb them all, muslims are centuries, of inbred, all
pedophiles, child rapers, and child predators

Автор Willy Stroker ( назад)
I'd like to see them try this in the U.S. where the citizens have guns to
blow their fucking heads off.

Автор William Haltom ( назад)
In america we have ppl like this. Theyre called the Westboro Baptist Church
and we dont fucking put up with them. They can barely stage one of their
protests now without being chased away. We would NEVER let them take over
HALF a fucking city!

Автор Stevieo Harrie ( назад)
I am glad that we in America are still allowed to own guns! If they come
here and start that shit with me, I'll deal with them. Liberals want to
take away private gun ownership so that we can be easily vitimized by
people like this!

Автор Walpole Rd ( назад)
I heard the guys were imprisoned for harassment. When were these patrols
taking place? I've never seen them on the street.

Автор Johnathan Morris ( назад)
And people in america still think we should take all guns from civilians,
when those same guns are saving their asses from this happening when they
try this, and they will try this over here. Only a matter of time, and we
won't stand for this.

Автор Adolf Hitler ( назад)
For every Islam patrol call in 10 soldiers fully armed , they're terrorists
treat them as such !

Автор Dennis Rivers ( назад)
Is this for real? are there still "muslim patrols" there? can anyone from
UK confirm this? need to go to London in few weeks..

Автор The Prestigious ( назад)
What a surprise, a lot of whites prefer to live with other whites.

Автор Jackie Davies ( назад)
take your sharia law and stick it . i will live my life how i want .
religion is a false promise dont you realise it was created to control you

Автор John Doe ( назад)
Nice dresses u pig scum

Автор wearefromoutthere ( назад)
ou should start patriotic pig patrols and come to there areas wearing pig
noses and bearing large amounts of bacon bits and pepper spray.

So, when they start harassing people you can step in and give them a
reality check.

Автор Prabhat Verma ( назад)
There are radical muslims and moderate muslims: A radical muslim wants to
behead you! A moderate muslim wants a radical muslim to behead you.

Автор nigel melton ( назад)

Автор The Decider ( назад)
Fucking Savages

Автор joe clayton ( назад)
Fuck off back to your sand boxes if your not happy in this country!!!

Автор SIMONE ESPOSITO ( назад)
Sharia Police should be banned immediately

Автор jamesonguitars (726 лет назад)
Enough is enough. We've suffered weak government since ww2 - now we're
reaping the "benefits". "Baroness" Farsi is an attention seeking twat.

Автор James Barack ( назад)
radical Islam at its finest. deport these people back to Iran or saudi
Arabia, where shariah law is fertile.

Автор King Kobi ( назад)
These cunts deserve nothing but a one way fucking ticket to Syria and Iraq

Автор vv singh ( назад)
an anti muslim patrol should be made, to stop muslims causing
trouble,raping girls,trying to convert people etc, I think that would make
a difference lol

Автор Chrisfragger1 (1962 года назад)
This shit wouldn't fly in America.

Автор Paul Kreuz ( назад)
Meanwhile in Englistan...

Автор dornye easton ( назад)
Where are the mealy mouthed cops !!

Автор The Donald ( назад)
Yup, the problem is integration. They just see London as a place to live
and still be an extremist. I just hope Canada doesn't turn into this.

Автор Sevilou ( назад)
Just try to go up to a drunk Pole with your retarded practices, you will
hear a muffled '''SPIERDALAY'' and then he will fuck you up. Just wait for
the backlash of this, you will be running and not even fucking Merkel will
save you.

Автор na7tiu6ka ( назад)
I liked when in one video they made it like they are soooo polite and nice.
But actually are rude and intolerant idiots.

Автор Devilsmonkey69 ( назад)
Ive seen Russian people in Russia beat up these pakis on the street simply
because they don't want them in their country. I'll happily allow Hindus,
Sikhs, Jews migrate into my country since they respect our culture and
don't force their religion on us, unlike these Muslim scum who go round
raping our women and then get away with it because they use their religion
as a get out of jail free card. Muslim scum.

Автор Blahblah ( назад)
3:06 Is this guy suggesting that the people who move away are racist? Dude.
Their pets are being poisoned to death, and they are being harassed for
walking down the street while minding their own business. Would you stay in
that type of environment? Would you raise your kid there? Nobody would,
regardless of ethnicity. That's about safety.

Автор BeamingSplendor ( назад)
Anyone else thinks we should be deporting these sons of bitches?

Автор Bulldog ( назад)
'Muslim area'. What an aggressive bunch of backwards cocks. These fuckers
should be deported back to the sand where alcohol doesn't cause problems.

Автор zbigniew siedlecki ( назад)
fuck allah

Автор The Dollar Guy ( назад)
Haha! This part of the Earth used to have the ability to make Concorde
supersonic jets, spacecraft parts and other science stuff. London's new
industry? Prayer rugs, call-to-prayer public address sound systems and the
expanding market of call-to-prayer PA service technicians. You might get
your guns back though, or see them at least when pointed at you if you miss
the prayer session or don't have your rug positioned correctly on the
floor. That science stuff makes god very angry because the special chosen
ones of the religion said so. Your divinely granted duty is to follow and
not ask questions of any kind.

Автор Carol littlecarol ( назад)
they are dolies there families are dolies ,they cant get out of bed to pray
let alone to work and keep your own families so live off the state,,whole
communities including the immams are lazy dolies and like all dolies they
got nothing to do but teach there children their none work ethics so you
get more dolies /// that is really quite britsh,,, they learned our ways
fast lol

Автор verouilles mount ( назад)
Let's just deport all of the Muslims and be done with it. Stop this
nonsense talk about 'Islamophobia' and 'community cohesion'.

Автор mogadishusneeze ( назад)
If they don't like it then very simple solution...fuck off back to a muslim
country you scum

Автор chefextra ( назад)
'the more intimidating patrols'...............??! There shouldn't be any

Автор Hungaria56 ( назад)
These islamic bastards should all GO TO HELL! Or back to their islamic
shitholes from where they came!


Автор Konstantin Gerolsteiner ( назад)
This is not a Muslim area, this is a English area! Go back to your filthy,
backwards countries where you can throth in your oppressive and disgusting
religiob you vile people!!

Автор David Brown ( назад)
Fuck off back to your own countries if you like persecution and violence.

Автор cman2223 ( назад)
stop blaming white or any other people from moving away from people that
aren't cultural like them its called human nature idiots

Автор Matt Neville ( назад)
Nice dresses lads 

Автор Gurdit Singh ( назад)
only that girl stood up...

Автор Gurdit Singh ( назад)
if this is sharia,i m sorry.
stopping a person from drinking beer in an alley..
r u serious!!?..
it's an individuals choice,
u can't force them..

Go ahead implement sharia .,
,on your community!..
hell! not even on your community, will start chopping their hands off
& stone them to death....

thank god, Sikhi is so progressive in nature

Автор Ime E ( назад)
Fucking idiots, what in their right mind makes them think sharia lws have
any signifcance in the secular and unreligious society? Haha fucking

Автор John Lemon ( назад)
id like to step up mosque as a western patrol and stop them from fucking

Автор kingslove666 ( назад)
This Muslim are really lazy. they run away from their country and come to
another man country to cry for food. go back to your Islamic country and
fight for your land . we don't need your bulshit preaching . take all your
women and if you like cover their entire body we don't care. just don't
bring it to London

Автор Szawel Saulencijus ( назад)
They are not muslim they are retards,Turks do drink. Just fuck them in the
ass in prison...

Автор knight2battle ( назад)
Muslim assholes paid by Israel,USA or whoever..

Автор jim crow ( назад)
Islam is dying.
People are running away to live among the "Kuffar"... not Indonesia, not
Saudi Arabia.
ISIS is Islam, butchering people, raping children and destroying heritage.
We don't want them.
They are useless.
Piss off.

Автор Ron bat ( назад)
Very tolerant indeed, let's all be tolerant of intolerance

Автор gmanon ( назад)
When I first heard this in Alabama, US; I honestly thought it was a joke.
The same when I heard about same sex marriage.

Obviously this movement do not represent the Muslims community, but a group
of people looking for holy wars. When had anyone seem a group of immigrants
seeking to change the laws of the country they had chosen to live?

If they left Islam is because they do not want to live under the Islam for
whatever reason.

Implementation of Muslims laws is no other than an excuse to legally kill
Christians in Christian countries. Those people seeking that type of legal
transformation, should be deported and send to jail for disrupting the
peace of a foreign country. They should be considered enemy of the state.
Making it clear; not the Muslim community, but those who are trying to
change the law of a country.

They are conspiring against the constitution and the order.

Автор Paweł Wyrobek ( назад)
go on streets ? Shame

Автор mrairshowpilot ( назад)
don't like Europe law soo fuck you get back to your Rape country you
fucking terrorists go rape some goats and some young girls perverts

Автор XSatampraZeirosX ( назад)
The number wasnt small, I found their site years ago (which they since
closed down) and it had hundreds of comments, now hundreds might seem like
a small number, but the site was up for less than a month.

Автор Mr.Bremos96 ( назад)
Such a retarded group. You give muslims a bad image.

Автор Judith T ( назад)
Shouldn't people be more concerned with why people are moving away? I don't
think it's a simple matter of not liking the view, but that they don't feel
safe in their own home towns.

Автор Szanto Anita ( назад)
ОНИ гребаный идиотов, ЕСЛИ DONT RESPEK Европы ВЕРНУТЬСЯ вашей стране.

Автор luminoushedgehog ( назад)
If and when these more radical aggressive Muslims come to America, they
will be met with armed, angry white men. I am not saying that's a nice or
good thing, but it's good at least that the Muslims will find resistance.

Автор Mad Man ( назад)
Wtf yo this shit will never happen in the U.S. We would just shoot u pussy
ass bitches just go back to ur countries if you don't want to shit what the
fuck is wrong with these people

Автор gotohell gotohell ( назад)
muslims have no respect for others rights..

Автор CK Wunch ( назад)
Most places in the UK the residents do not want drinking on the streets as
it leads to petty crime all the way up to violent disorder. This isnt a
muslim thing, its most towns ask the councils to curb street drinking.

As for the women being harassed, the video makes it clear - the people
responsible were arrested. The UK already has laws, if you experience it,
report it.

Автор Victor Vic ( назад)
Muslim patrol? My ass. I don't believe there are idiots who spend their
time imposing retarded Sharia law on others. They even have started this
shit in my country. What a bunch of dopes.

Автор RTR TRUTH MEDIA™ tomlacovara ( назад)
These are not true Muslims.....i suspect that these idiots are working for
British Intelligence. They are intentionally causing hatred toward the rest
of the peaceful Muslims that live there. The friends that I have that are
Muslim are NOTHING like that. They are good people. In fact, they act more
Christian than most of my Christian friends. This is a frigging shame.

Автор WaligorskiTeksty ( назад)
Deportować to muzułmańskie gówno!!

Автор Robbie Dee ( назад)
I cant believe the people of london are even listening to these muslim
idiots!!! If they dont like british culture then LEAVE our country!! Who
the fuck they think they are walking british streets trying to shout their
orders!! Arrest and deport them.

Автор jon willard ( назад)
Flash em your titties girls.

Автор Adriánó Bakos ( назад)
Reincarnate Ian Stuart Donaldson!!!!!

Автор Cabin Fever ( назад)
They are muslim and coloured, no hope for them.

Автор aSmallDogFartin ( назад)
if you want sharia law,fuck off back to your country of origin....

Автор martin boss ( назад)
If i would live in london, i ll fuck em all, baseball bat and taser will
show those muslim fags who is boss here, fuck islam

Автор kbrascco ( назад)
Smelly paki Muslim cunts

Автор Sher khan ( назад)

Автор Sher khan ( назад)

Автор turizmo gamez (1948 лет назад)
I see many people in the comments making fun and criticizing Arabs because
apparently every single Arab is a Muslim but apparently I'm a Christian and
I'm an Arab *Mind blown*
And not all Muslims are bad my best friend who is a Muslim is against
sharia and never wants to marry more than one woman and does not have a
problem with gays and not only him but many Muslim people that I know agree
with him 

Автор Vasco Machado ( назад)
Wtf this is just ridiculous.try this in my my island( Azores ,ilha terceira
will salalute you)

Автор Peter Armitage ( назад)
poison poor animals?! Seriously, you cowards only attack the weak, or you
attack in large mobs. Deport all mulsims - the "good" muslims still engage
in demographic war, so actually they should also go - its a few centuries
to early for them to live with us peacefully!

Good vid, CNN!

Автор Peter Armitage ( назад)
If you muslims start do that in Swiss before my appartement, i shall take
my SIG 551 SWAT and shoot the shit out of you scum! I will defend my
heritage, because it is worth doing so! Im gonna culturally enrich you
muselfags with *BRASS*, if you ever dare to do this infront of my home.
Dont ever dare to do that in Zurich, or we will come with our assault
rifles, you cowards! Your only powerful in masses, as you are dumb
vigilantes, who should *ALL BE DEPORTED ASAP* ! Why are you not doing this
in tiny Swiss? Because we are armed to our teeth, right? Thats the reason,
you are scum, you muslim welfare-immigrants! Eat brass!

Seriously, try it, im gonna snipe you until your limbs stop twitching!

Автор arcadia51 ( назад)
throw em in shit of the pigs

Автор Nolan Aubuchon ( назад)
I REFUSE to bow down to a pagan black stone! IDOLATRY violates the second
commandment! Kafir and proud! I worship God alone :)

Автор john david ( назад)
Fuck the muslim cockroaches.Dirty cunts...

Автор DirectDemocracy100 ( назад)
Islam is a radical ideology, like the national socialism was.
Fuck off Islam.

Автор peramaribg ( назад)
I have a solution. You take a large part of land, similar size of Kosovo,
you will must include London as it is most infiltrated. You create them
government give them all land and your industries that are on that
territory, or else...

Автор Jason Milton ( назад)
Islam is a cancer to world!! Now the Arabs are moving to the west to spread
their disesse cult. Cameron, Merkel and the EU don't care about the native
people of the UK or Europe. Them and the rest of EU leaders are so
naive, to allow anyone to come in Europe and destroy our cultures.. so they
can stay in power for many years and be rich.

FUCK them AND FUCK THE corrupt EU!!!
Somethings got to Change or thier will be a new revolution in Europe.

Автор Tundmatu Bussijuht ( назад)
It's time to get off this shit in Europe!

Автор Muhammad Ali ( назад)
I hope these idiots in this video who claim to be Muslims watch this and
read these comments to know what they have achieved. Shame on them. What
they are doing is just what thugs do and then they have the audacity to
attach Islam's name with it. Go to Pakistan and implement it there or
better yet go to Burma or Gaza and liberate the Muslims there. But you
won't coz you're cowards. Here you do it coz it's probably one of the most
tolerant countries in the world to all races and religions.

Автор william werner ( назад)
WoW!Get out of Britain.Go back to your mother country.

Автор Londonietis ( назад)
Europe for europeans!

Автор Duster Foxworth ( назад)
Ban Islam

Автор frankfurt Ghettoking ( назад)
UK = garbage country
Full with muslim scum , more muslims Than British cititzen hahaha

Soon they Chance Name UK = Allah country


Автор 121Adasko121 ( назад)
fuck muslims!

Автор ryelor123 (1472 года назад)
Hahaha, this is a good lesson of how NOT to run a nation. Liberals would
defend this until they get to eat the stew they cooked.

We need to start a nuclear war with Russia so these degenerate and obsolete
cities of both the USA and the "U"K can be excised while Ivan burns.

Автор Taurosa ( назад)
Can an actual English citizen tell me if this is accurate?

Автор YouTube Account (1515 лет назад)
Maybe we need a new Hitler?

A democratic and not hateful one

Автор George Green ( назад)
This filth needs to be removed from Great Britain. until it is Britain is
not Great

Автор Kim Jong-un ( назад)
Enjoy the war....

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