London's 'Muslim Patrol' aims to impose Sharia law in East London

Hard-line Islamists try to impose Sharia law in East London. CNN's Dan Rivers reports on a continent-wide issue. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/

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Автор Abdullah Boonbar (1 день)
It´s mandatory for the world to get rid of 1.6 billion inbred moon-goblin
worshipping befoulers.

Автор Lucy Lloyd (3 месяца)
You say that "Pretty much everyone was a paedo back then".... What
independent studies are you using to get this information? Or are you just
inventing that to bluster your weak argument? And even if every was, we
are only talking about one who is now called a Prophet but was nothing more
than a pervert. 

Автор Paul Rudholm (4 месяца)
Allah is the same as God in Arabic. Look it up.

Автор raj rodriguez (8 месяцев)
There is no such thing as moderate Muslims or extremist Muslims. Islam
itself is very extreme and a hateful ideology. It is in fact in the Islamic
sources such as the Quran and Hadiths that Muslims are to actively seek
to engage in spreading Islam and Sharia Law wherever they are. These are
the orders of their prophet Muhammad. But of course Islam is never going to
be practical in the modern world and so most Muslims living in the West are
simply embarrassed about this fact and refuse to admit it.These scumbags in
the video are merely following their religion in its strictest accord.

Автор TheLondonCyclist (4 месяца)
Let them try this around my area. They'd get their throat cut.

Автор Tom Britton (5 месяцев)
Oh my god, so many morons in the comments, such idiots...

Go read the Quran and learn what Islam is about, go and research all
religions, then research who this guy Hitler was as you all are talking
like he did...though I bet you already know who he was but you don't think
you are the same.

Автор Ibrahim Alsaeed (5 месяцев)
That's the major side effect of being a free country.

You have to tolerate and accept the people who are inflicted with the
nastiest virus that is called Islam.

Автор hooligangster1993 (7 месяцев)
destroy all the mosques, ban the burkas and send all the troublemakers back
to whatever country they came from. If not this problem is only gonna get
This isnt muslim territory, this is british territory and muslim culture
doesn't belong to the british culture.
If you fuckers want to live here you got to adapt to us and to our culture
& if you don't like it you can fuck off back to iraq or whatever shit hole
you came from.

Автор Silentsam7532 (7 месяцев)
No idea should be held as sacred. We need to let people know religion is
stupid. I had a good long talk with a Muslim girl about science, and how
she is wrong and so is her dad, that the Quran has no science in it, and
that it was a Catholic who made up the idea that it does.

Education is the key. I know one girl who was Muslim, and after taking some
philosophy classes she left her religion, and her abusive husband with it.
She is finally enjoying life, enjoying wine, sex, and life in general.

Автор GEORGE LESNAR (3 месяца)
England is a christian country europe belongs to the christians these
muslims must be sent back to their countries 

Автор Baghuul (7 месяцев)
In Norway rape is becoming an epidemic, where almost all cases of rape are
done by Muslim immigrants. Where many times the perpetrators are given a
slap on the wrist community service.

Автор Mike Hawk (3 месяца)
Enough of this bullshit.
Grab the pitchfork and torches. We march!

Автор MsMommaRose (4 месяца)
Never trust a dog hater. I believe in Dog. Dog is all loving. 

Автор Mikey Donnelly (7 месяцев)
Fucking sewer rats, parasites living off our government, raping our young
girls and trying to run us out of our own country like they were ran out of
there's. Useless jihadist cunts. Go and kill yourself, and be greeted by
your Allah with your virgins. 

Автор H solem (7 месяцев)
fuck it, get them out. im sick of it. we dont need muslims in europe. call
me a racist, i dont give a shit. 

Автор Kamal Mustafa (3 месяца)
Maybe these people are highly misguided Muslims or it is another media
hype. Anyway, if this is true, I would like to say that Islam cannot be
imposed according to Allah's saying in the holy Quran "There is no
compulsion in religion"

Автор carlito brigante (5 месяцев)

Автор Ole Kristian Holte Myhre (5 месяцев)
ALL NON-Muslims UNITE against Islamic and Muslim-Extremists - The
Culture-War(s) is coming.......

Автор Google Plus Sucks (4 месяца)
I'm a Muslim and I live in London, I been to Whitechapel many times and
never saw this. I dont doubt it happens but I never seen it. If their is
any Muslims willing to get together and beat the crap out of these clowns
get in touch. I am more then happy to put these ignorant monkey in their
place. We are guests in this country and we have no right to change the
established way of life.

Автор AHLE SUNNAH (3 месяца)
many christians have become atheists thanks to their culture of
alcohol,pawn channels,gambling channels,

Автор Alonso de Hojeda (5 месяцев)
There is our democracy. Thank you Zionists for multiculturalism. This is
the true face of diversity...

Автор ThePrivateJoker (3 месяца)
muslim area? Deportation will be the result.

Автор dan Hamakua (5 месяцев)
The UK's willingness to tolerate and in fact enable the spread of islam
will lead to its own destruction.

Автор 333payaso (6 месяцев)
Where are the Crusaders of England???????????????????????

Автор Rebecca Smith (2 месяца)
Absolutely nowhere in the UK or the USA is a 'muslim place' this is
completely sickening and won't be happening for much longer

Автор strada moto (4 месяца)
Islam is evil masquerading as good, with a billion brainwashed morons who
think they pray to a god, who causes more pain and suffering than anything
known to man. They are all pigs.

Автор Jimmy Brown (5 месяцев)
Bloody ''Muslims'' they have more faces than the town clock, not them all
but the bad ones are fucking horrible bastards preaching there hate. Ach
well where is my bacon piece....... Broon sauce ??? Smelly horrible

Автор Tazz Warr (4 месяца)
At the end of the day. All the blame is due to lazy fuckin chavs. The
bastards do fuck all but claim dole and make more fuckin baby chavs. They
cause strain on the welfare, healthcare, educational and probably all other
systems of the uk, As a result for the UK to survive it has to import all
sorts of immigrants from abroad to do jobs that chavs are too "posh" to do.
Regardless of what any political party says they all eventually come to the
same conclusions and leave the gates open. So if you want to reduce impact
of immigration cure the source of the problem and give these fuckin chavs a
lesson. Before anything I am British and I do not blame immigration, I
blame the source of why the UK needs immigration.

Автор patton303 (4 месяца)
Churchill is rolling in his grave. He'd have thrown these cunts back into
the sea. 

Автор JoeOnWoW (7 месяцев)
It's not a Muslim area it's England where everyone can live the way they

Автор forgottenmemories63 (7 месяцев)
Sharia my ass, Allah my ass, Islam my ass, Grab your Shotguns, To War !!!
Finish the Crusade that your ancestors started.. Only this time, It's not
just the Christians..

Автор Matt Bonnell (7 месяцев)
FUCK ISLAM!! Its the worst, most evil group of people on the face of the
earth. Its not ok to kill, rape, and steal from people. But the Koran
teaches that any non-muslim can be killed, raped, or have everything taken
from them just for being a non-believer. And don't any of you fuckheads try
to say other wise, I can give you the exact passages if you try to. Their
prophet raped and killed people for crying out loud. Not to mention all the
Islamic bullshit has been proven false by history. Muslims are evil,
un-evolved, savage hethans that need to wiped off the face of the planet.

Автор zombihunta delboy (4 месяца)
Strange how people try use science as a means to try prove god is not real

Even your definition of god has been tamped with

You can't put a image to god not possible

God is life in you the driving force what makes you be alive and not dead
The science as you call it energy

What is science is a term for things what are happing it allows us to
record it and explain it

This is in the creation the universe with it god created it it's a part of

God is not being or super being god is not any type of being

even the word god when said to you is like a supreme being or god like
being coming from clouds as its presented to you via story modes Hollywood



God is a whole

It is unexplainable

The life in us and any other living thing is the same

The body can be different but the force what makes things be alive and not
dead is the same force

It's what governs the whole of the universe not just earth as a planet but
everything and beyond

Even your mind of god

Is like how can they be god and world be this bad why is not god stopping
all this

Ow this means gods not real then

This view has be giving to you by people who don't want you to see truth
and who are doing all this

Man in the name of god and science taking gods reputation and using it as
their own

The world is the way it is because of man not god

It is not possible for god=universe life=force=energy to get involved as it
is not a being and can not intervene

Like spiritual or good people who feel within can and do fight and write

It is not my organs why I choose to tell you this

I am compelled by something within me

All the books

We are fighting over books and and don't even realise that the life and
just living just being here alive is the true gift the true light instead
we fight over books

Muslims summit to islam

Others submit to state as god

I think the most powerful tool on this world has been man keeping other man

Why most people believe god is not real is because of how they have been
learn and told any truths but god is fake and bible has no historic truth
likewise with Quran

Because it we man writing these things on hard times suppressed times darks
times saying man is not god to those who try be more supreme than other man

All of it is control

They are using what the life of earth is trying to explain

If the is no god

How can you have the same force what I have ? Life energy

We not connected ?

Is earth separate because we border our selves with nations and not as a
whole as earth

How does something be out of nothing

Scientist=MAN will say well at the beginning two particals floating they
hit each other and bang everything and us and our mind here bang here alive
living well

Man trying to play god

This life is way beyond man

Life in you is beyond man

And man has grudge against or a spiteful thinking to try prove god is not

Do everything they will murder hundreds of people like hah where's god know

We all go from here as we all came here

Being born and dieing are two same thing

We are born into this world and we will die

Автор chica476 (2 месяца)
I think Britain needs an intervention. Care to guess what would happen if
you tried imposing YOUR culture in the tribal lands of northern Yemen?

Автор Toby Moray (8 месяцев)
Your biology test question for today is? Which is the odd one out, a
salmon, a prawn, a lobster, a crab, or a Pakistani run over by a bus?
Answer the salmon, which is a fish. The others are all crushed Asians.

Автор Chris Bartley (6 месяцев)
Muslims don't want alcohol on the streets, but they sell it out of their

Автор McBears1 (6 месяцев)
I wish sharia law forbade one from receiving welfare--THAT WILL NEVER

Автор ITSALLDERIVITIVE (5 месяцев)
I want out of London. I'm white

Автор airishpikey (3 месяца)
And this is why we need c18 back they would fuck up Muslim patrol 

Автор Lucy Lloyd (6 месяцев)
The Prophet Mohammed had sex with a 9 year old, so is child rape allowed in

Автор Rebecca Smith (2 месяца)
Burkas will be made completely illegal if you just vote for the 'British
National Party' on the 22nd May 2014. VOTE FOR THE 'BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY'
Banned BNP 2014 Broadcast

Автор Toby Moray (8 месяцев)
Sand niggers go home! And take your stupid Allah and your paedophile
prophet with you!

Автор Lucy Lloyd (5 месяцев)
alcohol = bad.... Short skirts = bad.... Raping small children = OK, if
you are a Prophet.... Stoning young girls to death if they want freedom =
good.... Lying to your own children = very good if it brain washes them
into believing your silly God. 

Автор AndyPips (28 дней)
My message to these people is that I don't fucking tow the line for any
god. I feel so sorry for the Muslim folk that keep themselves to themselves
and just get on with things. These yobs are using their 'faith' as an
excuse to cause trouble. The Christian patrol groups are no better. They're
simply one group of extremists aggravating another.

Автор Super101Hero (2 месяца)
If I caught this so called patrol in my area, I'd take to them with a
baseball bat

Автор Noctica (2 месяца)
But religion. Why?

Автор Richard Kokubugata (1 месяц)
When did England and the rest of Europe become so weak that they started
allowing a cult with fascist ideology infecting our society? These
extremists hate England, so the only reason why they would be here is to
invade it slowly internally. They demand respect but they give none, I
don't see how its fair to us...

Автор Kranken Kumpel (2 месяца)
the important question remaining is the why the muslim patrol in the
England? I thought it was England? I know the facts because Englishmen like
the drink as do I. Why the harrassment by muslim patrols. They could
probably could start the fight if they ask the wrong drunken man hehehe

Автор Rasputin dad (2 месяца)
There are nutters in every community !...these guys dont have a clue about
religion !!
I am sure these handful guys are unemployed .

Автор EnjoyablyC (29 дней)
lol nice country. this is what happens when white people lose their spine
to liberalism. enjoy !

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