London's 'Muslim Patrol' aims to impose Sharia law in East London

Hard-line Islamists try to impose Sharia law in East London. CNN's Dan Rivers reports on a continent-wide issue. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/

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Автор QueensBridgeKicko (1 месяц)
All the pussy ass Western Europeans will lay down like bitches and take it
but let's see them try this in Russia or the US.

Автор DJ Gally (14 дней)
Fuck ur Muslim law fuckoff back to ur own country ur not wanted nor invited
scum fuckers

Автор Alexis X (1 месяц)
It´s mandatory for the world to get rid of 1.6 billion inbred moon-goblin
worshipping befoulers.

Автор Rebecca Smith (4 месяца)
Absolutely nowhere in the UK or the USA is a 'muslim place' this is
completely sickening and won't be happening for much longer

Автор AHLE SUNNAH (5 месяцев)
many christians have become atheists thanks to their culture of
alcohol,pawn channels,gambling channels,

Автор Kamal Mustafa (4 месяца)
Maybe these people are highly misguided Muslims or it is another media
hype. Anyway, if this is true, I would like to say that Islam cannot be
imposed according to Allah's saying in the holy Quran "There is no
compulsion in religion"

Автор Glenn Maxwell (2 месяца)
bunch of losers.

Автор Abdullah Boonbar (1 месяц)
It´s mandatory for the world to get rid of 1.6 billion inbred moon-goblin
worshipping befoulers.

Автор ASTR0WIG (4 часа)
A mass-burning of the Qu'ran and deportation of the Muslim Population at
gunpoint would be excellent refreshment for the minds of the British. If
the bastards want the Dark Ages, which is what their superstitions book
proclaims, let them have it! 

Автор GEORGE LESNAR (5 месяцев)
England is a christian country europe belongs to the christians these
muslims must be sent back to their countries 

Автор Jack Lewis (3 дня)
Ok fair enough, alcohol can cause problems. But a guy walking around on his
own with a beer is hardly doing any damage.

People are allowed to drink and your 'Muslim area' is in a non-Muslim

Anyway don't Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet? Didn't Jesus drink? These
guys aren't acting on behalf of Islam, they're acting to gain control USING
Islam for their own gain, as if to clean their arses with what's considered
the holy book and the word of Allah.

They are thugs and traitors against the religion of their people. They are
letting innocent Muslim people down, and the God they supposedly serve so
devotedly, creating hate against their families... But they don't care.

Автор Kyle Sesh (7 дней)
If they do that in my area, I'll ensure I get arrested for a hate crime

Автор JJ Harvey (18 дней)
These people are just as bad as groups like Britain First and the EDL.
Whatever your Religion, keep it to yourself. I've met plenty of nice
Muslims who hate these sort of fanatics.

Автор Kris Merritt (17 дней)
When we gonna turn that region into a glass factory, shit is long overdue.

Автор StephaneGrappelli (1 месяц)
Well deserved. CNN has been supporting terror groups (such as Hezbulla,
Hamas and others) for years. Any Islamic group that tends to enforce the
Shari'a law and its punishments is obviously a terror group. I'm glad the
British gov is finally starting to smell the stench of the home-made terror
they've justifying for years.

Автор Staying Classy (27 дней)
"alcohol causes crime" - yeah because you dirty sand rats are jumping
people for drinking. Go back to your third world shithole.

Автор Jack Lewis (3 дня)

I love those pawn channels... Get a good price for all my old shit, from
the comfort of my own home.

Автор patton303 (6 месяцев)
Churchill is rolling in his grave. He'd have thrown these cunts back into
the sea. 

Автор xmac (1 месяц)
Why are they not getting arrested ? 

Автор patrick from germany (1 месяц)
looks like my country Germany in the Year 1933-1945
Muslim Patrol is the same like Hitlers SS they punished german people
when they not do what they want ( the same rassist ideology against jews
and other religion ...........why you nit kick them ass its your country
???? all people who are against britain you must kick into desert back you
cannot live in freedom with your enemys who call sharia or UK go to hell

Автор TheLondonCyclist (6 месяцев)
Let them try this around my area. They'd get their throat cut.

Автор kriss3d (1 месяц)
Wait Wait.. First he says the muslim patrols are to "fight" the drunken
behavior and such. But when asked about the sharia law they are trying to
impose, suddenly he don't want to condem anyone?

At least pretend to not be a snaketongue if youre trying to create a war...
Cause that the only realistic out one i can see. Sadly. 

Автор Paul Rudholm (6 месяцев)
Allah is the same as God in Arabic. Look it up.

Автор Google Plus Sucks (6 месяцев)
I'm a Muslim and I live in London, I been to Whitechapel many times and
never saw this. I dont doubt it happens but I never seen it. If their is
any Muslims willing to get together and beat the crap out of these clowns
get in touch. I am more then happy to put these ignorant monkey in their
place. We are guests in this country and we have no right to change the
established way of life.

Автор chica476 (4 месяца)
I think Britain needs an intervention. Care to guess what would happen if
you tried imposing YOUR culture in the tribal lands of northern Yemen?

Автор strada moto (5 месяцев)
Islam is evil masquerading as good, with a billion brainwashed morons who
think they pray to a god, who causes more pain and suffering than anything
known to man. They are all pigs.

Автор Aleksandar Dzever (4 месяца)
"This a muslim area"


Автор airishpikey (5 месяцев)
And this is why we need c18 back they would fuck up Muslim patrol 

Автор seif deiab (4 месяца)
Sharia is not in Quran! No one can control a society to believe, to not
drink, to not sin, etc. That it only God Almighty work! He is testing us.
This life is a game. It's either you win or lose. But no one can control
the game except God Almighty! God made us weak to sin and look for His
mercy and change ourselves. Islam is a religion, not politics! Not laws! In
the prophet time, he had to deal with lots of transgressors in his area,
you know what God told him? "As long there is peace ,leave them lone, I
will deal with them in the after life." (don't know where exactly, but i
read it xD ) So please, vote no for sharia, but be kind to Muslims and
educate them.

Автор Lucy Lloyd (5 месяцев)
You say that "Pretty much everyone was a paedo back then".... What
independent studies are you using to get this information? Or are you just
inventing that to bluster your weak argument? And even if every was, we
are only talking about one who is now called a Prophet but was nothing more
than a pervert. 

Автор Rebecca Smith (4 месяца)
Burkas will be made completely illegal if you just vote for the 'British
National Party' on the 22nd May 2014. VOTE FOR THE 'BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY'
Banned BNP 2014 Broadcast

Автор Mike Hawk (5 месяцев)
Enough of this bullshit.
Grab the pitchfork and torches. We march!

Автор Johnny Twohats (7 часов)
Get rid of them.

Автор ThePrivateJoker (5 месяцев)
muslim area? Deportation will be the result.

Автор Aleksandar Djordjevic (1 день)
the worst thing is... the muslims nowdays are going to have the same
problems like jews before ww2. they isolate themselves. my opinion is...
its just a matter of time when the next war will break out in europe. 

Автор AndyPips (2 месяца)
My message to these people is that I don't fucking tow the line for any
god. I feel so sorry for the Muslim folk that keep themselves to themselves
and just get on with things. These yobs are using their 'faith' as an
excuse to cause trouble. The Christian patrol groups are no better. They're
simply one group of extremists aggravating another.

Автор EnjoyablyC (2 месяца)
lol nice country. this is what happens when white people lose their spine
to liberalism. enjoy !

Автор boxing1000 (8 дней)

Автор Carl Sanderson (9 дней)
Ad lik to see them patrol my neck of the woods they'd be kicked to fuck 

Автор Sonne Mond (13 дней)
Perhaps muslims could wear a "M" on their clothes ... so the normal people
could recognize them ... and then we could deport them to a beautiful
place, where they can live with thousands of like-minded persons ...
perhaps with trains ... greetings from germany

Автор J52192 (11 дней)
You let them in, it`s your problem. You can only deal with them if you kill
them all in your country. This is the only way.

Автор Hornet (14 дней)
Muslims should be in muslim countries if they don't like it here.

Автор Samuel Samenstau (13 дней)
Ok. So everyone drinking alcohol might turn violent and harm others.
Everyone. Cuz some people have shown this behaviour while being drunk. Just
ignore the remaining 100.000's who drink alcohol and remain peaceful.
That's why we need to get rid of alcohol.

Now exchange "drinking alcohol" with "following Islam", "being drunk" with
"being muslim" and "alcohol" with "Islam".

Get it? Sounds intolerant towards alcohol/muslims? I smell religious

Автор Aaron Conde (13 дней)
Thank you for reporting this. People need to be aware of what's happening 

Автор Slim Stickly (14 дней)
Fuck this mozlem scum. Run the monkey bastards over with a car. 

Автор Charles Kerry (16 дней)
doesn't get cold wearing does Muslim skirts in the UK?

Автор boratfromkazax (14 дней)
Why would anyone move to a new country to uphold the laws of the old
country? Oh yeah, sandniggers.

Автор Steve Blum (15 дней)
STOP this bloody fuckers asap!

Автор jot randhawa (5 месяцев)
This is stupid. It's actually funny that these Britishers ruled over many
countries and almost made their lives hell and now getting that back and
it's hurting a lot. KARMA is a BITCH.
Every religion have extremists, who go too far explaining how good their
religion is, but really leave it to the people if they want to accept it
they will, if they don't want to accept it then leave them alone, why
harass them? This has been going on for too long now, but haven't seen any
other religion forcing people to convert to their religion other than
muslims. I am from india and a sikh, get it straight, you cannot come to a
western country and impose your religion and laws on their citizens. They
don't ask you to convert to their religion on entering their country why
force their people into yours? 

Автор ich du (21 день)
western just wack up and notice: one day muslims extremist will raid you.
""Beat the root now"""

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