London's 'Muslim Patrol' aims to impose Sharia law in East London

Hard-line Islamists try to impose Sharia law in East London. CNN's Dan Rivers reports on a continent-wide issue. For more CNN videos, visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/

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Автор DJ Gally (5 месяцев)
Fuck ur Muslim law fuckoff back to ur own country ur not wanted nor invited
scum fuckers

Автор LSBonnPower (4 месяца)
I'm from Germany and we are in the very same situation as you guys are.
However, I would like to ask the British people something. In Germany
despite the huge outrage about such behavior in our country, our
politicians keep quiet about this matter, and keep focusing on other
things. Do British politicians do the exact same thing? Ignoring what the
society is outraging about?

Автор Sam Moore (1 месяц)
BreitFART's website is using this video as proof CNN is lying about the
no-go zones HYPE.
I could be wrong, but this group of gentlemen does not seem to represent
the boogieman they are creating. I mean yeah we have the Tea Party Thugs,
the Black panther Thugs, even Greenpeace thugs. So, the UK has some Muslim
Not that you ignore it, but you do not misrepresent.
How about America has no-go zones. Like the suburbs for minorities?

Автор Rodrigo Silva (5 месяцев)
I thought muslims comes to Europe looking for personal freedoms, not for
this shit.

Автор QueensBridgeKicko (6 месяцев)
All the pussy ass Western Europeans will lay down like bitches and take it
but let's see them try this in Russia or the US.

Автор mohamed mohamed (5 месяцев)
that s how muslims thank the hospitality of the westerners in their
countries, they live at the expense of the europeans social inputs and they
harass their freedom , europe must kick them out before it s too late ,
i am a muslim by culture and atheistic by faith

Автор Madara Uchiha (4 месяца)
The world should nuke every muslim state starting from Saudi Arabia, the
shittiest, disgusting and back stabbing cunts on earth.

Автор Ricky Black (5 часов)
take out the haltered and the hyper sensitivity, Muslims could open up
their minds. 57 Islam Muslims country's not no as ever built an airplane,
or a car, not even a toy for the kids. why is that?

Автор CaptainCool07 (28 дней)
'muslim area' huh

Автор Appalled ByFurries (1 месяц)
Leftists on YouTube and other media are claiming this is fake and insisting
No-Go Zones are a fabrication. All this within days after the Charlie
Hebdo attacks in Paris.

It's amazing to me how desperate the Left wants us to turn a blind eye to
this, all while insisting that multiculturalism works.

Автор anne dunn (7 дней)
Muslims don't like dogs ??? Mans best friend ? Guide dogs for the blind
? Why ?? Dogs are part of our culture , What a sad, barren , insipid,
dull, inhumane life these Muslims lead.....Why are they living in our
country , where the DOG is king ?

Автор Alex Rodrigues (4 дня)
Islam: a religion of savages, a pedophile prophet, and mosques that only
smell of unwashed feet. A bunch of retards still living in the Dark Age

Автор Edgar Grande (3 месяца)
cmon motherfukers bring you sharia law to usa and Russia ...I fuckin there
you some motherfuker asking to drop my beer .....

Автор Sonne Mond (5 месяцев)
Perhaps muslims could wear a "M" on their clothes ... so the normal people
could recognize them ... and then we could deport them to a beautiful
place, where they can live with thousands of like-minded persons ...
perhaps with trains ... greetings from germany

Автор Mux (1 месяц)
Isn't it funny that the left propelled multiculturalism to destroy western
values and did so in the name of "tolerance" or against the "opressor",
holding the stadard of same-sex marrige, liberation of women and now the
result is Islam tackling all this at once? Yep, leftists showing all what
they can do: turn something they don't understand into something worse.

Автор fenerbahce262 (11 дней)
I'm a Muslim but in my opinion, they cannot do that, it's not their land,
btw if they did that in Saudi Arabia they'd taken away to be tortured for
24 hours.
As a Muslim I respect the laws of the UK and I'd never go against it, coz
it's not my country.

please like and share the message.

Автор TheHueisOver™ (27 дней)
This is the future you choose
You could have stopped it

Автор Conscious Truth (10 дней)
Arrest these fucking muslim cunts. How dare they live in UK and say 'this
is a Muslim area'. Go and live in fucking Saudi or Iran if you want to be
'in a Muslim area'. Fuck off.

Автор John McDaddy (1 месяц)
fuck all muslims!! fuck muslim!!! get the fuck out the europe and back your
shiti country fuckers,

Автор Sumdude54 (1 месяц)
So full of shit that the muslims don't want them to do that. Those
committing the crimes are their future leaders and will follow them the
second they get power, these people are liers and will wipe out those who
are not Muslim, stop these people. Support the far right.


Автор MultiSplish (1 месяц)
Oy vey! They just admitted that whites are leaving multicultural areas
because they are shitholes.

Автор A Seaof Honey (22 дня)
are the english all crazy?? why they don t send the muslims home to their
motherlands, if they dont like the western lifestyle why they re staying
there? Europe should get rid of them, better sooner than later......

Автор Reza Zandi (23 дня)
Islam needs to be stopped.

Автор adam davis (24 дня)
If they want to come to our country they live by our law an our way of life
if they want to live there way an impose there law why not fuck off back to
the shit hole they came from

Автор colpopcorn (1 месяц)
When will they allow Christians and Jews to hold religious services in
Why should other cultures be willing to permit something those of Islam

Автор StephaneGrappelli (6 месяцев)
Well deserved. CNN has been supporting terror groups (such as Hezbulla,
Hamas and others) for years. Any Islamic group that tends to enforce the
Shari'a law and its punishments is obviously a terror group. I'm glad the
British gov is finally starting to smell the stench of the home-made terror
they've justifying for years.

Автор thingthing1999 (19 дней)
Born and raised in East London, never seen these mugs. Government
propaganda perhaps 

Автор Stakker (1 месяц)
lol at the guy at 1.15. He sounds like he'd had to inhale helium to detract
from the credibility of his statements.

Автор 3lit3gn0m3 (1 месяц)
"I'm not here to condemn or condone anyone's actions" ...are you kidding
me? He was JUST condemning people, and then said that to evade the

Автор Danny Foyle (3 месяца)
I think because of this I mite just go to Bradford and eat a big pile of
pork and bacon in front of the big Muslim buildings and also I mite just
have to wear a bikini while I do it 

Автор 23Aike6 (1 месяц)
lol preventing girls to not wear what they want fuck these fuckers 

Автор Pietro ackermann (1 месяц)
Eine schande für England das die sharia praktiziert werden darf schande 

Автор TheMeelickMafia (26 дней)
People like this need to realise that they need their host country, not the
other way round.

Автор 1975supermike (2 месяца)
Find them lock them up or kick them out of the UK. Filthy stone age
savages. They need to grow the fuck up. Childish scum.

Автор We drink your blood (1 месяц)
FUCK you Europe! You totally deserved ALL of this.

Автор Alexis X (7 месяцев)
It´s mandatory for the world to get rid of 1.6 billion inbred moon-goblin
worshipping befoulers.

Автор 1hiltonball (1 месяц)
Islamaphobia? What a joke! A made up term by the loony lefts which the
Muslim community have used to their advantage.

I hate the religion but not the people. The religion is an insult to human
beings and should have died off in the dark ages from where it comes from.

Автор eric Stoenescu (2 месяца)
We must stand up together against this scum! You guys need to start by
voting UKIP. Also organize protests where you all gather and drink outside
their mosques. Bring bacon. 

Автор FrobblOo (27 дней)
And all this liberal degenerative idiots still want to accept immigrants

Автор 777Jamez777 (1 месяц)
HAAHa fucking pussy brits you've become frenchies. Let's see them try this
in eastern europe i think they will be beaten so badly it's not even funny

Автор Drifter (3 месяца)
I live in whitechapel my self never had any problems I must say I don't
really enjoy burka all over the palce Drinking in public places is
prohibited anyway Allah snackbar 

Автор matthewgen93 (6 дней)
Last time I was in Tower Hamlets about 4 of them pulled up beside me in a
car telling me to leave because I wasn't wanted around that area. If
politicians are too scared to to the dirty work then allow the public..
Allow us to arm ourselves as it was written in the Magna Carta and let the
real everyday hero's start eradicating scum from these countries. 

Автор Vlad IV-77XianRomanian (1 месяц)
Fuck these Muslim assholes...they need to be lined up and shot!

Автор freethinker424 (1 месяц)
These muslim pieces of shit try this in the United States and they'll have
bullet holes in their fucking faces.

Автор Patrick Gabriel (1 месяц)
And now CNN is reporting that these places are fake

Автор swoosh50 (1 месяц)
Whats going on Europe??? You guys going to let this shit happen????

Автор Cup-of-tea (1 месяц)
I'm a Russian and this is a message to the US:

Right now we may be divided but that will only weaken our fight against the
bigger problem that threatens all of us.
We must unite against this danger.

Автор Colin Doherty (1 месяц)
I'm from Ireland I drink where I want SO Fuck u

Автор toads are beast (4 месяца)
Now all we need to do is get rid of the thick fucks that can't tell a
terrorist from a Muslim (Christian British patriot not Muslim patrol)

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