MotoGP™ - Best of slow 2012

Enjoy some of the very best super slow motion action from MotoGP™ in 2012. Cornering, crashes, celebrations and saves all reduced from 350 km/h to spectacular slow motion, where every detail of every angle can be appreciated to the maximum.

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Автор Nacho Guerrero ( назад)
Me encanta

Автор ramli pardenas ( назад)

Автор Dicky L (1955 лет назад)
I believe i can fly

Автор ธนาวุฒิ อินทร์สละ (750 лет назад)

Автор paola martin ( назад)
la musique, les images, tt est bo

Автор ethel212oasa ( назад)
This video is in MotoGP 13 game <3

Автор adrian José lopez morales ( назад)
La vida misma 

Автор Justin L ( назад)
Song Name pls :3

Автор Giovanni Dewangga ( назад)
Nearly pentatonic sound, some tune are not in pentatonic tune

Автор hiphoppin9 ( назад)
what was that at 2:32?

Автор Dany Hakim ( назад)
who are say this song was from java indonesia,you were right.

Автор Command ( назад)
What the puck @2:31

Автор Zukufu exter ( назад)
Song name Jalan Jalan - Lotus this is the closest one

Автор Enderfailer ( назад)
I love highspeed cameras! :)

Автор 3pacavelli ( назад)
Really graceful when you slow it down..

Автор Athif Tsabit ( назад)
music is from indonesia?

Автор Ponti Ramanta ( назад)
more like sundanese melody, thanks god I've found another people with
similiar thought, hahaha

Автор Petr Klement ( назад)
1:34 best of moment :)))

Автор puji syukur ( назад)
like the song JAVA, INDONESIA,....?

Автор blegukutuk ( назад)
i see this video in motogp game!

Автор pulasminyak. blogpost ( назад)
Shut up and take my money musician!

Автор paola martin ( назад)
j'adore cette vidéo, je me la repasse en boucle, j'aimerai connaitre de ki
est cette musique, si qqun le c, merci de me le dire

Автор The HowTo Pro ( назад)
call the musician please, i wanna talk to him about this music :P

Автор Martin Antony ( назад)

Автор Martin Antony ( назад)

Автор Jack Gläser ( назад)
stupid bus drivers^^

Автор kurt bailey ( назад)
Same people who liked your comment. haha.

Автор MrAlexNef ( назад)
definitely yeah )))

Автор atreewithnolife ( назад)
25 tin top drivers dilike this vid dead from the bollocks up!!

Автор mattybutta ( назад)

Автор alfarabi 74 ( назад)
Song Please!!

Автор Jason Han ( назад)

Автор BeeWee ( назад)
best. video. on. youtube...

Автор xXRandy14Xx ( назад)
Echt geile aufnammen haste gut hingekricht

Автор KimTreize ( назад)
so moody music, name?

Автор Jose Antonio Paredes ( назад)
The chain is on the other side... -.-'

Автор Paul McKenzie ( назад)
Poetry in motion!

Автор Ben Saurin ( назад)

Автор mudi koothi ( назад)
1:43 \m/

Автор Edson Rodrigues ( назад)
galera por favor Alguen sabe o nome da dessa musica ai eu sei q uma versa
modificada da versão original essa é a original -->Jalan Jalan-Lotus'<-- só
q essa ai do vídeo e uma outra versão sobem o nome dela !!??

Автор Edson Rodrigues ( назад)
kara tentei baixa esse video de varias maneiras mas n consigo n pow ! nem
pelo real player nem pelo Vdownload ?????

Автор Tyler Jackson ( назад)
I was noticing that as well. Watching that made my knees hurt...

Автор Jaejoong Kim ( назад)
sao nhìn thảm quá

Автор Nicolas Pe ( назад)
22 Formula 1 pilots dont like this video....

Автор Silvana Fortunato Maximino ( назад)

Автор Nathan Grover ( назад)
only 3 seconds in slow motion;)

Автор TheHayabusadu77 ( назад)

Автор VIPFloo ( назад)
00:25 Air Abraham

Автор Sovixful Gaming ( назад)
Video for all the praise, and as for the Moto GP this is the most beautiful
sport in the world make me happy when I look at one race

Автор Pokegoal ( назад)
google search: minervino melita toniolo

Автор Kevssx720 ( назад)
I got this shit on my piano I learned it idk wat song it is lol

Автор KUMBA54 ( назад)
Impresionante al minuto 2:31!! =P

Автор 123PetrolHead ( назад)
lol at 0:50, didn't know chuck norris raced!

Автор Lufty675 ( назад)
Awesome video

Автор markcamp1 ( назад)
That Moto 3 Crash (Fenati 5) was almost the worse...his hand and foot
almost went into the rear wheel and chain! Yikes!

Автор Sikak Claudia ( назад)
nul la musique de fond!!!!!

Автор Mike ( назад)
Seriously, WTF?

Автор Donald Crump ( назад)
2:31 dude highsides over his own knee puck

Автор Emilio Lopez ( назад)
your joke is bad and you should feel bad

Автор Nascar lover ( назад)
lol at 0:50

Автор Miezi11101990 ( назад)

Автор Efrain Mcshell ( назад)
MOTO GP is always the best!

Автор Marcos Fireline ( назад)
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice slow.. ++++++ pls.

Автор Geo Rabbit ( назад)

Автор TimDingo ( назад)
That's Spies, not Lorenzo ...

Автор ed t ( назад)
2:23 you can see lorenzo's chassis flexing at the rear wheel..

Автор Jane Doe ( назад)
i would watch motogp more often if this were the speed shown on tv.

Автор curtis airdrie ( назад)
this video even made falling beautiful...

Автор Ƭ ƲƑƑƛƧ ( назад)
Great video

Автор irawan ocay ( назад)

Автор My2002R6 ( назад)
Search the video titled MotoGP™ in Slow Motion

Автор Вася Карданов ( назад)
its so beautiful !))) awesome!

Автор Rifaie Ahmad ( назад)
i love the song ~

Автор MaxHeggy ( назад)
is the musik "Gamelan" from Indonesia ??

Автор BFTR ( назад)
Does anyone know the name of the brand that the guy on 00:24 is wearing
with a wolf on top?

Автор Visakh Asok ( назад)
What's a slow motion compilation without Casey Stoner sliding the RCV
through Turn 3 in Philip Island?? Dorna sucks!!

Автор Rumplestine ( назад)
great one, awesome to see what these bikes really go through.

Автор アイルトン セナ ( назад)
is ftreryu vhgaytree khuyaner dzrestht^^!

Автор laufalauTV ( назад)
i'm in love.... with slowmo.

Автор shane s ( назад)
I don't understand how there can be a "best of slow motion" without Stoner,
who was clearly the star of the slow motions all year! Seems like MotoGP is
a bit bitter about him leaving.

Автор monoqoque ( назад)
he went for fishing!!!!! :p

Автор TheAK47s ( назад)

Автор Eins NNR ( назад)
Great Sound opening. . .like "Gamelan". . .

Автор Agathe Pô ( назад)
magnifique ! en HD.... juste... waouh... la moto mais quelle émotion !

Автор wawero23 ( назад)
fucking awesome!! , more please !!

Автор Chris Hastings ( назад)
i could whatch that for hours

Автор Anarki3000 ( назад)
So sweet!

Автор xTopperHarley ( назад)
Abrahám doing his best. Muehehe.

Автор lukman pae ( назад)
gamelan mas bro

Автор Lucas Santana Vlog ( назад)
muito show!!

Автор MrAlexNef ( назад)
Who disliked this video? О_о

Автор TheSighBored ( назад)
Thumbs up to MotoGP.. Nice video..

Автор Antoine Peyralade ( назад)
Le slow motion nous fait redécouvrir la vitesse ! :)

Автор Casper FSLA ( назад)
Jesus this is beautiful !

Автор Ivona Flakus ( назад)
awesome video!!! :D

Автор khelmyz ( назад)
javanesse gamelan as music background! :)

Автор Renato Magalhães da Fonseca ( назад)
afinal existe beleza em meio ao caos !!

Автор Carter Chan ( назад)
The music match will the video is wonderful :D

Автор ryu600RR ( назад)
now show the video again in full speed

Автор cyclevlogger ( назад)
they tend to hide the song...lol

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