The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Wilda Berrios ( назад)
he is wrong about the Jews here, it is now being taken over by Muslims, and
the gov't is turning against not only Christians, but Jews as well.

Автор walrus grumble ( назад)
You are quite right and so right normally but i don't believe for minute
Comrade Vladmir is oh so 'Christian" although I would welcome it of
course..but don't forget who was the leader of the KGB!!! Bunch of "nice

Автор Daebak69 ( назад)
The guy is a fake. he is not a Greek Orthodox monk. He made the costume

Notice the scenery behind him. How come there is not even a tiny little
breeze blowing? Where is he really? Not in the forest, not in the
mountains. he is in his little apartment, where he lives off the money
suckers send him.

His realname is Milton Kapner. he was born a Jew, but has been spitting in
the faces of his parents and relatives for many years --first as a street
bum screaming anti Semitic hatred near Harvard, now as a fake monk
screaming anti Semitic hate on YouTube.

Автор Evgeniy Klyuchinskiy ( назад)
So go live in Russia

Автор AnarchoRepublican ( назад)
...Putin reportedly hunts Siberian tigers...Obama reportedly hunts older
White men in Chicago bath houses...

Автор TheNoBSZone ( назад)
HAHAHA I stopped listening to this guy the moment I saw his crosses. Noob
to life.

Автор Rasmus Martinez ( назад)

Автор Ruby Honey ( назад)
the jews OWN America

Автор Random Videos ( назад)
Long live Nationalist Russia fighting Zionism. Greetings from Finland

Автор Chris Elmerhiem ( назад)
We had lost our house in Denver and moved up to the mountains for work.
When we saw you, you always made us smile. You do make a difference in
people's lives, never change who you are!

Автор Chris Elmerhiem ( назад)
Hey, I know yo! I used to wave at you going through Silverthorne! Good to
see you I moved west and it is good to see your face!

Автор Jewel Lenhart ( назад)
While i agree with u brother, i must add that muslimhood is also a big
threat. I understand ur platform is jewery but what do u have to say about
the radical Islamic saturation of the US?

Автор beauwulff ( назад)
lol. A sham Russian Orthodox whatever preaching from...where...who knows?

For you Americans out there, these are Kremlin-paid Russian trolls trying
to stir up your fears and hatreds. Your only defense against horseshit like
this is to make an effort to understand what's actually going on in the
world. Otherwise, you're just prey for douchebags like this bearded clown.

Автор Randy Boisa ( назад)
I was in the 82nd Airborne, and I had the honor of training with the I.D.F.
Say this speech to them, we will see how long you keep your teeth.

Автор zerep11 ( назад)
The 'jewification' (little 'j' is fully intentional) of America by those of
"The Synagogue of Satan" - Matthew Chapter 23, and Revelations 2:9, 3:9

Автор Richard Benoit ( назад)

Автор andykruth ( назад)
he talks like a robot

Автор Netinspired ( назад)
that's telling it to these dumb Americans, Bro Nathan. any fool but these
Americans will read through the LIES of their Zionist media: WMD, MAD DOG
GADDHAFI (when actually his people loved him), Monster Assad (when he is
protecting Christians and Shias and Kurds). how much more LIES and DECEIT
before DUMB Americans open their eyes and realize they have been fooled all
along two world wars, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, ALL based on lies, lies, more

Автор br39161 ( назад)
Jewish war against Putin ,with sanctions , military threats , against
Europe with full planned mass immigration and all the rest ... easy !

Автор Jakey Eldred ( назад)
can't listen to a religious fanatics view on politics

Автор Omar Lowe (Rubixcube) ( назад)
Okay so I don't really agree with homophobia it is a form of hate and I
don't understand how someone like Putin holds these kinds of beliefs and
frankly it doesn't do his cause any favors by subjugating people based on
their sexuality. He could for example gain some crucial and powerful
support from homosexuals.

Автор Noor Islaam ( назад)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

Автор Neil Korpal ( назад)
Get me there Russia .

Автор Neil Korpal ( назад)
Yes Putin is great leader and he may be the salvation of this world ,the
States is a immoral sin agog of satin and is Chemically screwed up nation .

Автор Harrahshow ( назад)
Very interesting observation - So in other words America is becoming old
Russia and Russia old American

Автор Dima Dima ( назад)
fuck off

Автор tomb613 ( назад)
Easter Sunday is the celebration much older than Christianity, it is the
celebration of the Goddess Ishtar. A celebration of fertility which is why
we celebrate with eggs and bunny rabbits(very fertile creatures indeed.)
Christianity is the child of Judaism which is the child of Egyptian
religion which is the child of Sumerian religion etc....... Take the advice
of your saviour Jesus Christ, he tells us, "The kingdom of God is within."
Seek out God within yourself, you will not be disappointed. 

Автор ford fairlane ( назад)
Rome is behind the nwo Remember alot of people that claim they are jews
are in fact jesuits Acting as jews

Автор Charles “Chuck” Fred ( назад)

Автор kngofstrngs ( назад)
Passing no judgement on any of Nathaniel's posts I will warn you all that
he is in no way affiliated with the Holy Orthodox Church, nor is he a
priest or monk of any kind. He was once a novice at an Old Calenderist
monastery in Colorado but was expelled. It is sad that he is using the
trappings of the Orthodox Church to bask himself in the limelight. I urge
my brothers and sisters of the faith to mark and avoid this pretender to
the faith.

Автор 401AccessDenied ( назад)
Jewification of America? that's BS.

Автор Ted LeMoine ( назад)
Who cares what this dinosaur thinks. By the way, shave your beard you look
ridiculous. Also stop robbing people and go get a job and be productive in
this world. Religion and Politics do not mix and have nothing to do with
each other. Religion (which ever you choose to believe) is an ideology
which forces you to conform reason and reality to a book written by men
during a time when they believed that the earth was the center of the

Автор Jacob green ( назад)
You have it wrong dude, this is the Islamification if America.

Автор CBuHO naC ( назад)
Hi From Russia) Wt love american people, but we hate u goverment! PEOPLE

Автор BBC6NewsChannel ( назад)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

Автор Piontro Pechetrini ( назад)
Damn!!! Putin makes Obama tremble by just looking at him.

Автор cannapeas ( назад)
Let me get make this clear. The US Constitution isn't worth the paper its
written on. The only thing that makes it look good right now is that it can
be used to limit or stop alot of tyrannical actions that are taking place
in America. But overall, it isn't worth shit. Because it didn't protect us
from gays. It did not protect us from the melting pot that helped create a
sludge society we now call America. Back in the days when the Constitution
was written, it wasn't the leaders that made this country. It was the
settlers. The pioneers. The people. The ones who innovated, did all the
hard work, and fought and protected their own towns from the government. If
a business came in and acted against the best interest of the town, they
were ran out by the people. The government as we know it today had very
limited interference. Because back then local government had the upper
hand. And they were all Christians. And that's truly what guided them to
making USA what it is supposed to be. The original BIBLE came over here
with them.

I have been paying attention to Putin for several years now. And I have
always been a very good judge of character. The man shows more sincerity
than ANY American politician I have ever seen. He's out to impress no one.
The amazing thing here is that he is exerting Christian principles on
Russia. And look what it is doing. CLEANING UP THE COUNTRY. But look at
USA. Exerting "liberation" on America. And its making the country dirty and
corrupt. There's no peace. There is civil unrest. And we are clearly
becoming more and more hated by the rest of the world. Our President is
dirtball who clearly has the body language of a lying sack of shit. Putin
clearly does not like Obama. Neither do I. Of course I hate all our
politicians. They all stink. And always have. We need to rid our country of
the political parties and the media both. Take all trash off television and
radio. Get rid of porn and ads on the Internet. Clean up the schools by
putting the Bible back in there and running off whoever doesn't like it. If

Автор Conor Magee ( назад)
God bless Putin!

Автор Jen WILL ( назад)

Автор America “It Was You Civic duty” Taylor ( назад)
i agree Putin has better morals

Автор moira richards ( назад)

Автор THE RESISTANCE ( назад)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

Автор X-15 ( назад)
That man has GUTS to stand up to those dirty rotten Global Robber Barons &
& & BACK IT UP if the need arises..

As for so called pres Obama at least he to show's intelligence even tho
he's obviously been compromised by hidden forces BEHIND THE SHADOWS, tho
not exactly like that dim witted BUSH whom last i heard did extensive
economic damage here & military damage abroad for really no logical good
reason him & his treasonous cabinet members at all, tho i do remember that
idiot claiming that Hussein so called insulted his daddy, that moronic
chumps excuse to destroy Iraq in 2003...

As far as Obama w/ his smooth talking skills the only thing i feel is that
he's GUTLESS unlike Putin who i described earlyer... 

Автор Neil Korpal ( назад)
Yes he is and because he believes in GOD . He is Greatest leader I have
ever seen .
I hope he does not fall because what is going on is pure evilness in world
with no Diplomacy .

It is about time that world order is not Run buy German banking Cartel or
Roman Catholic Church .

I wish I could come back to land of my Ancestry


Автор Christopher Gambol ( назад)
Jew hater much?

Автор A Lost Pilgrim's Journey ( назад)
May Almighty God Bless You Brother Nathanael!!!

Автор Nehmo Sergheyev ( назад)
Neither one of these guys (P or O) really has any true religious
affiliations. They just do what they believe is most popular amongst their
supporters. They both push that god stuff too far.

Автор vkj878 ( назад)
wtf? You are talking as if the christian religion was something good. just

Автор Gregg Berhalter ( назад)
This guy is a camouflaged Nazi.

Автор Geneva Thatcher (1827 лет назад)

Автор plzgofckyrslf Spears ( назад)
Obama, easily manipulated, easily bought politician with a soul for sale.
**Putin**, a strong minded, not so easily fooled or manipulated Christian
man, who refuses to allow the jewish takeover and jewification of Russia. A
man who does not care if you "feel as though you were born a woman with the
body of a man", and will have your gay parade or transvestite party turned
upside down, quick. That is why I love Putin as opposed to Obama.

Автор edwardsson777 ( назад)
As stated in "Vladimir Putin: The New Ronald Reagan?" both Reagan and Putin
share a lot of characteristics. Reagan came from a poor, working-class
background, as does Putin. This may be why Putin wants to make life better
for Russians, as Reagan did for Americans. You think Obama or Boehner care
about the average American?

Автор ccharlierun ( назад)

Автор DanielSimpson ( назад)
We need Vladimir Putin in Australia, to sought things out, it's gotten bad

Автор daryl oberg ( назад)
Putin needs to come here to America , Walk into the WHITE HOUSE, KICK
OBAMAS STUPID ASS, Throw him out into the street, and run this country the
way it's supposed to be run, With STRENGTH, COURGE,and WISDOM,NONE of which
OBAMA has.

Автор orthotox ( назад)
Another irony: it is the *Christian* right, the Lindsey Grahams and Pat
Robertsons who are in the vanguard of America’s Russophobia. Are they
secretly envious of the revival of traditional mores in the former Soviet
Union, or secretly ashamed of their own complicity in the Zionization of
their own land?

Автор Arthur Mel ( назад)
Hey you fat piece of shit. Kill yourself. You have NO idea how it is like
living in Russia. Keep praying to a piece of shit that doesn't exist. Putin
had his as you say ''good friend opponent'' killed. I literally hope you
die, so you can't spread ur shitty cancer any further

Автор Paloma San Basilio ( назад)
VIVA Putin! Long live Putin!

Автор Achilles Peters ( назад)
In the clip with Putin and Obama, Obamas body language shows that he is
nervous and slightly intimidated probably thinking to himself how he got
into this situation. A real leader would never hunch over like that but
maintain a strong posture without looking down. That clip exemplifies the
contrast between the real deal and a spineless coward.

Автор kharl pringle (312 года назад)
the last american president was kennedy , putin should be in america cas
america needs a leader like him

Автор LizardmanExposed ( назад)
Obama likes to get bent over and over and over.

Автор Daniel Gilliéron ( назад)
Who is more evil, someone who defends the agenda of the biotech/GMO lobby
and thereby sacrificing millions of peoples (Obama) or someone who forbids
the use of GMOs because it is known that they are harmful to public health
and the environment (Putin)?

Автор Billy McMannus ( назад)
Putin is a strong, charismatic, charming, natural born Christian leader.
Obama is just a feminised Marxist pussy lol 

Автор Shadi Herz ( назад)
Salute to Putin from South Lebanon!

Автор Toy Pupanbai ( назад)
'Simpsons' and 'South Park'?
Must have another look, must have missed something!

Автор Toy Pupanbai ( назад)
What's new?
FDR's staff was overwhelmingly Jewish!

Автор HenriK_FPS ( назад)
who da fuck gives a shit about religion, they are all the same crap!
they only served purpose to the powerful ones to brainwash they're people
for thousands of years...
dont worry, in 100 years or less religion will be a small cult thing
followed by the elderly and idiot ones. any enlightened people will think
by them selves and find that true miracles are in nature it self and in all
the complexity of the universe.
its called science, and we can now explain what in the past could not!
its called progression.
and aside from this, just because this religion crap are all just lies and
manipulation graved upon us since our very first day on earth, it does not
mean life is meaningless. it is up to you to discover the meaning, living
life to the fullest and behave in society to ensure its evolution(in other
words: procriate, live and have fun) cus when you die, you will simply go
to the same place before you were born.
420 blaze it get rekt m8
putin has 5 letters, russia has 6 and 5+6»9 and thats the number that you
were secretly thinking about!
putin and iluminati has gotten mind controlled chips into everyone's brains!
i removed mine but im now hiding from iluminati. this will be my last
falcon lorde xxxxxxxxxx

Автор Alina Eusebio ( назад)
everyone that commented should know that Christianity is the same to all
religion sad to say to people who does not have a 3rd eye God and virgin
marry were based off from Greeks mythology and Egypt to take control n
confuse people from remember and retracing their ancestors past knowing
that south America was raped enslaved by the Spaniards and french colonist
there for being said GOD was force upon slaves and then force on to there
children children

Автор UncleSiam (1507 лет назад)
What Putin does would be against the US Constitution and against what our
forefathers ideal and what they wanted to avoid. He makes it a governmental
effort to legislate and govern based on a particular religion, which is
forbidden right in the 1st Amendment.

It is no different from Iran governing it's people under Sharia Law. It is
no different from the Catholic church and its contributions to the
suffering of humanity. No different from what ISIS is trying to do. That is
their right and their country, but the US is not their country. There are
entanglements and paths to corruption when government is mixed with
religious doctrine.

I commend Brother Nathanael's contributions to Liberty, but I would not
trade Talmudic influence for another religious one.

Автор Louise Asaffl ( назад)
They are BOTH puppets.....:(

Автор Jardell Ladouche ( назад)
I defend your right to your opinions but if you love Vladimir so much why
don't move to russia . However I agree that Jews control an unhealthy
amount of wealth and influence in north america. 

Автор rapedby google ( назад)
What do you expect. An Eastern Orthodox religious fool praises a Russia
that blatently uses the Orthodox church to distract their population from
the misery they find themselves in because Russia's wealth is being stolen
by the Kremlin favourites who use part of that wealth to bribe and prop up
the churchman in this video. Doh, only a Russian could be so blinkered as
not to see this.

Автор RV Devoe ( назад)
This Fucking retard does not understand separation of church form state!
Shave that fucking shit off your face and stop fucking 10 year old boys
and go fuck your self

Автор Viktorija PROKOFJEVA ( назад)
Putin is such a great man with his right views on how people should live
their lives. Bible does not say anything about gays, so Putin is right of
allowing gay propaganda in Russia. Those extreme people like to experience
different things including being gay, how people can be sure of safety
their kids, these people are sick. How many those sick people were, are and
will rape kids, how mad they go with fu*king animals. they are sick. Putin
will never allow that in the country while he is alive, and god bless him
for that.

Автор Stefan Cvetkovic ( назад)
wow american orthodox priest

Автор Beau Jaco ( назад)
Fuckin hell this part of the internet is part of seriously, disturbed
religious people. Interesting connections made though.

Автор Carlos Aleman ( назад)
He sounds more like a Nazi than a Christian

Автор Rocksparadox From the blocks ( назад)
This pathetic psychotic bum needs to be taken care of, give him the
medicine he needs or help this useless son of a whore out his misery with a
well placed doubletapped 9 mm.

Автор Leo. N. ( назад)
Hey< your English is good, unless you are dress up monkey.

Автор Zhuosi Xie ( назад)
Putin is life. Putin is hope. Putin is justice. Putin is freedom. Putin is

Автор dubba mofo ( назад)
the light in Jerusalem is coming only during christian ortodox's Easter,

Автор A.F.W. Froschkönig ( назад)

Автор Jiba The Clown ( назад)
I now love the word 'Jewification' and will use it regularly.

Автор Terry Allan ( назад)
But isn't Valria Jerrett Iranian ? And obama has put MANY moslems into
High Positions in our Government. Please be Clear on this.Because I'm ready
to MOVE to Russia.

Автор bill me ( назад)
this guy tells you the truth but you fools still live in denial.. to all
the Christian fucking idiots here claiming passover was jesus's
resurrection.. you are dumb cunts. the passover was a celebration of the
child killing god who apparently sent a spirit to kill the first-born in
Egypt.. Jesus wasnt even born yet nor was Israel even discovered yet you
stupid fucks. christians werent even invented yet... Easter is the
recognised celebration for jesus's resurrection regardless of the date..
fuck you brainwashed fucks cant even get your myths and lies in order..
religion is for wackos.. its brought nothing but hell on earth and control
to the elite.. you idiots

Автор Roger Stark ( назад)
Right on Dude they will all be Going Down Soon We All Hope

Автор Chuck Gallaher ( назад)
People get too obsessed with Jews and go overboard missing the point. The
U.S. is running on an Illuminati/satanic agenda. By far a satanic agenda.

Автор mike .D ( назад)
Putin , at least provides the response that the people of the USA should
offer to their wannabe black President .

Автор Sky Tri (411 год назад)
Who runs America? ...

Автор Harmonica Typhoon ( назад)
.....also, where did you buy that lovely shed? I couldn't find one like it
in any of the garden centres anywhere. But I bought the background..trees n
shrubs..I'm almost ready to start filming.

Автор Harmonica Typhoon ( назад)
There will always be these type that love to correct others thinking their
knowledge is superior than yours. They're serious..gloomy..miserable and
depressive. These videos are just so fun packed and anyone with an ounce of
sense and a love for great humour will know this for sure. Lighten up! For
my part...I've been searching through quite a few garden centres and as
yet, I've found no hats like he's wearing. I guess I could spray a
flowerpot black and that would do but, I found the beard was the hardest
one to copy. I came up with a brilliant idea though..simply wreck one of my
pillows and make the beard from the stuffing? Its almost identical. And
I've a pair of my name old glasses and soon.?I might make some videos of my
own I guarantee you'll not tell us apart. Now......where's that glue?

Автор Andythemanman3 ( назад)
Funny fact, Jesus was a Jew... so you are sorta contradicting yourself
there buddy. BZZ next.

Also, long live our real Lord in savory sauce, the flying spaghetti
monster. May you be touched by his noodly appendage.

Автор Bob Safer (1999 лет назад)
*stupidity intensifies*

Автор William Bongo ( назад)

Автор Dom Degood ( назад)
Obummer is a jew.For you jew lovers watch the 'evil talmud'.

Автор Video Editor ( назад)
com one people . Putin Obama Obama Putin. REligion says good stuff.Always
should do that.But if we emerge our thoughts in one sentence what is the
difference ? For i see perfect balance, not all people are same but if we
had idols now like presidents instead some good musicians back-days in
last centuries or philosophers , what ever makes positive turn out.
all this sh...t is not a joke what we see in news , preparing's and
coming's.Be aware of that!
Spread love otherwise were all gone.

Автор Aylan Chaos ( назад)
Yeah. For about 75 years (on and off) or so we've been in a media war with
Russia. Wake up people. This is a little too theatrical.

Автор Bertharina Rina ( назад)
fixation on political contraceptives

Politicians are a very clever in their research regarding mental
disturbances. Debating you would be foolish, because it is
impossible to change another mind; however, education opens up individual
perception and conception, in every direction of newly discovered pathways,
to merge in the future.

Bringing up Dr. Freud’s Oedipus syndrome, we must conclude that a specific
and particular tribal psychoneurosis is being repressed, within the very
depths of this man’s [ his [ known inhibitions, of which forces having a
tribal related international hysteria.
This psychoanalyst in the early twenties toured America outwardly
proclaiming that all citizens in this state
were paranoid. But then again, being suspicious of strangers is a class

We know that Dr. Sigmund Freud, just as Dr. Albert Einstein and Theodore
Hershel, so-called founder of Zionism, has been co-collaborators as
contemporary partisans, while residing in Vienna during the early
eighteen-hundreds. Several of Freud’s co-workers went their ways, because
they realized that Oedipus complex
had rested upon sex. The late Dr. Ben Friedman declared
phallus worship covers thousands of years from the past. And began to
research into Freud’s ancestry to discover
the nature as one being absolutely spell-bound by some sort emotional
fixation being tied to individual erotic desires. In essence, this bright
man [ Freud , was actually using specific by-words to cover his own

Please allow me to reiterate that the National Psychiatric Association has
gotten away from the tag of
schizophrenia as a catchall to cover specific mental disorders not
understood. The late Dr. Judd Marmor in
his ” Psychiatry In Transition ” and the late Dr. Karl
Menninger in his ” A Psychiatrist’s World ” will support the death of
schizophrenic pandering.

Actually, the psychiatric world has dropped the word schizophrenic from its
nomenclature on mental instability. Decades past, a radio personality,
Major Bows, came on line with the words: ” Round and round she goes, and
where she stops nobody knows.” Generally, this applies to our national
citizens for sure, when anxiety steps forward before Congress, unannounced,
in exploring the public utility of conquoring mother nature.

Yes, indeed, when an erotically inspired suppressed
individual takes a public stand in trying to shield repressed and socially
uncontrolled inhibitions of personal proclivity to wander the psychoanlitic
path ” The Personality Suppression complex Syndrome.” When individuals use a
political front, audience, democrat/republican, this is a pure herd
instinct, in seeking some pleasure principle.

Getting back to Major Bows; he was a spy, but the people could care less;
for he too, said just what they wanted
to hear. nothing! This man was a walking contraceptive in
that he was inhibitted with repressing untruths, self-induced masochism or
the magnetic public venture of
spounting the greatness of contraceptive safety in attempting to shield
suppressed erotic desires of bought into anxiety.

Further.Dr Freud’s social and political contraceptive
is sounding off through specific individuals, in
demanding that their next door neighbors, tax payers,
should pay for the good times ahead. Maybe tax payers do not want to abort
mother nature in realeasing pent up
erotic specifics, rather revealing a guilt complex in
keeping in harmony the daily routine of public exhibitionist demanding via
touting. For anyone to lead their case for contraceptives actually opens a
door to
an earlier childhood that might fall into the realm of Freud’s Oedipus
syndrome. But this identification with at tottler birt is lake a lead
ballon that will never fly. We must conclude that pro-contraceptive
now fit into Fred’s perception of whom suffer from ” The Personality
Suppression Gravitational Syndrome.” All in
all, individual guilt and erotic repressions use the mother nature block.

Автор rfn944 ( назад)
America needs to send all the Zionists packing. They are all totally evil.

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