The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Vlasta Molak ( назад)
Which allies had "labor camps". We are not talking about "labor camps" in
Russia, during Stalin dictatorship, but death camps in Nazi Germany
occupied Poland and also some in Germany and Czechoslovakia, which had
Terezientadt to fool people about industrial scale extermination of the
Jews of Europe. You clearly never studied history.

Автор Vlasta Molak ( назад)
You are cleanly brain washed by defamatory inventions against the Jews.
Judaism was severly repressed under Communism, and if there were some Jews
in the communist government they were no more Jews than you are, as they
had abandoned the ethical teachings of Tora and Talmud.

Автор mark appleby ( назад)
if they were horses, Putin would be a Stallion, obama would be a gelding,
with a bad leg and the mange

Автор mark appleby ( назад)
Putin is a real leader,wish we had a man like him as our leader

Автор mark appleby ( назад)
Obama is the lowest form of life on earth, with the exception of Hillary

Автор Vlasta Molak ( назад)
If you have 100 Jews, they will have 101 opinions, as Jews like to discuss
and argue about everything. That is why Jews had been successful as
lawyers, doctors, businessmen etc. as they like do find out what is
reality. As far as Messiah is concerned, very few Jews wait for him, as God
helps those who help themselves.

Regarding discussions about Christ as a Messiah, if Messiah ever comes to
Earth, then we can ask him/her is it is FIRST or SECOND coming...why argue
about such things and kill each other for it ;-)?! As for Mahdi ( some
Muslims have belief in Islamic Messiah), it is up to ISIS ;-)!

Автор Ronny Wallberg ( назад)
six orbs of light in formation of a cross came all the way down to me and
flew by at slow speed and their communication with feelings Pictures and an
extreme form of telepathy and during that time they placed a feeling
of love inside of me so strong that I had a hard time breething. This was
the third time throughout history as that had happened and the reason why
the Roman empire were christianized

Автор Ronny Wallberg ( назад)
I Close doors so that they cannot be opened and I open doors so that they
cannot be closed and for me a door Always will be open

Автор Karl Tjokro ( назад)
Putin looks like Mao Zedong and Stalin.

Автор Karl Tjokro ( назад)
Putin is stupid.

Автор shadowberetta ( назад)
I just ordered a book about uncle Putin and I can't wait to read it. I will
not even read a sentence about the sissy oBUMa.

Автор Ruth Yoerg ( назад)
At least Putin has better sense than Obama.

Автор Vlasta Molak ( назад)
I visited Russia and Ukraine in 1991, 1992 and 1995 and still have friends
there... There were several opponents of Putin who were put to jail or
assassinated... Many journalists had been assassinated for writing things
that Putin my not like.

Автор ShamelessGit ( назад)
Hey Brother Nathaniel, what do you think of the Patriarch's recent
heresies? Like he met with the Pope, prevented other Bishops from voting at
recent councils, and he supports divorce. I moved to Russia recently and I
found some Orthodox groups who split off from the Moscow Patriarchy years
ago in protest of similar heresies. Apparently he is breaking lots of
canons. I wonder if you are familiar with this or have opinions about it.
Wait a second, this isn't even his channel... I'll go find it.

Автор BookLover ( назад)
God is blessing Russia!!! Putin is AWESOME!!! He has my RESPECT.

Автор HedgeMoney ( назад)
One thing is for sure, the invasions of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan were
solely to push IMF controlled central banks on those states.

Автор sanitman1 ( назад)
Obama=piece of excrement. Putin=True leader.

Автор slash flash ( назад)
Americans have no balls to object

Автор mr niceguy ( назад)
you are an idiot with no love

Автор Vladimir Volkenstein ( назад)
Putin is jealous of how WE R FREELAND not under his thumb of rule or bowin
to him or any1

Автор ROTHVIN BOSLEY ( назад)
As a child of the Cold War, when one could not even go to a Christian
service under the Communists, I find it very strange that the church has
now become once again almost at one with the Kremlin. I guess after 75
years, the centuries of Christianity and the political leaders are one now.
I think that Russia has many other people of faith and Putin must also
represent them. Many millions of Muslims and others as well as atheists
too. In Sin City, we have at least three Mosques, lots of gambling,
drinking, smoking and even prostitution, as long as it is not in Clark
County. I just do not think that it would be possible to exclude so many
from inclusion as we all live under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Christ, to me always seemed to be inclusive and loving. I know we have a
terrible racial history in this nation but over time most have accepted
living, eating and even marrying people of other faiths and skin colors.
Obama will be gone within a year and another president will be elected by
our imperfect methods of counting votes. Let us hope peace joy and love
will be the result here and in Russia as well.

Автор Schamim Schunna ( назад)
It is clear to see the shortcomings of the West and its inevitable demise
at hands of private corporation and the insatiable greed of its bankers.

Автор Ju Valca ( назад)
How much you got paid for your Putin's propaganda?..And the costume you're
wearing? LOL

Автор CharcoalGaming ( назад)
Putin is a God

Автор roy strickland ( назад)
Putin's endorsed Trump now we just need to.

Автор Sharbel Syria ( назад)
putin is a real classy man and Obama is a dick sucker and his a killer
man that don't care for his people at all

Автор chuknorth ( назад)
The hate speech is over the top. You're not doing yourself any favours,
Brother Nathaniel. So it's ok to marginalize gays? Time to loosen your hat.

Автор Mider999 ( назад)
Putin is former KGB, he's always gotten things done. He came from nothing.
America is run by rich pussies

Автор Teutonician ( назад)
5:00 Donald Trump :D

Автор Jeremy Stead ( назад)
I pray for Trump to conduct his Presidency in mirror of Putin's Russia.

Автор john ramsey ( назад)
Lmao........lets put Putin and odumbo into a ring. We can count how long it
takes dumbo to piss his panties.

Автор Silver Gold Man ( назад)
Brothernathanel,,another YTube wannabe star but cant ever get anything

Автор teqsun (1551 год назад)
*** To RUSSIA with LOVE from THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! *** Trust me, WE ( The
American People ) HATE OUR GOVERNMENT! We have been hijacked. Obama does
not represent the American people.
I would be HONORED to pull out the china & the crystal, make my best dinner
& dessert, at my home for President Putin. Obama... I wouldn't even let in
the house. He's a filthy dog!

Автор Divine Love Talk TV ( назад)
who is this clown?

Автор Brenda Napper ( назад)
Putin does have values. What I don't understand though, is why Putin is in
ca-hoots with iran (muslims) and china ( non-believer's of GOD)??!! Can you
explain this to me Brother Nathanael?

Watching this video, I had to laugh at the way Putin was eye-balling obama!
LOL...so funny!

Автор Klaudio Vinkerlić ( назад)
It is not really the Jewisification but Islamisation, not only of the USA
but of the whole World.What remains of the genuine Christianity of Armenia?

Автор bryant tillman ( назад)
Putin, I can more or less respect, but this fool, Nathanial, can eat my

Автор roderick sloan ( назад)
All players are a deck of cards think about it clean yer eyes.

Автор 1yoan3 ( назад)
Putin stands for his people, country, and culture. Putin knows how once you
country starts believing the lies of the west, it's over, look at what
Europe has become. Obama, like most western diplomats and presidents, are
puppets of their elite bank masters and don't give a shit about the sake of
the people or culture, if not willingly destroying it to fit the NWO

Автор TranceClassics x ( назад)
Is being gay allowed in Russia just not in public?

Автор Hector Domino ( назад)
Why are you blaming Obama? He didn't just set himself as uncle Sam... You
Did!. You ALL did. You are the responsible for this so called Jewification.
You sent him there to be your ultimate leader voting for him. You KNEW what
exactly he's gonna do. Obama is doing exactly what he was supposed to do,
with your PERMISSION (Vote). He is innocent. Need someone to blame? Blame
yourself. Peace.

Автор mchugh601 ( назад)
Judging from his dress, the speaker in this video would appear to be
Christian. I would suggest to him that he actually read the Holy Bible.
Joel 3:2 says, "I will gather all the nations And bring them down to the
valley of Jehoshaphat. Then I will enter into judgment with them there On
behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel, Whom they have scattered
among the nations; And they have divided up My land." In other words,
Christ will judge the nations of the earth based on their treatment of
Israel and the Jewish people. The general definition of Zionism is the
movement started in 1890 to return Jews from other nations to which they
were scattered to Israel and to establish a sovereign Jewish government. In
that light, one might argue that God himself is Zionist since He declares
that He will return the Jewish people to Jerusalem from the nations to
which they have been scattered.
Secondly, you have Obama all wrong.. He caters to the Muslims, placing many
in security sensitive positions such as the Dept of Homeland Security.
Having been raised as a Muslim, he recently stated that the Islamic call to
prayer was the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard, even reciting the call
to prayer in perfect Arabic.
But I do agree that Putin is a strong leader for the Russian people. He
looked at Obama like he wanted to skin him like a catfish...

Автор Eric Blair ( назад)
Турки скоро должны узнать, как сказать Константинополем

Автор bob builder ( назад)
i for the most part disagree with this man

Автор mao zedon ( назад)

Автор Vierotchka ( назад)
This guy is a phony Russian Orthodox priest, his badly home-made hat and
the position of the cross on his chest are dead giveaways for anyone who is
a Russian Orthodox.

Автор Langus langus ( назад)
You are so right man. Putin respects his people and keeps them healthy,
while husein alowes the covering of our sky with chem trails.

Автор Sir Angelo ( назад)
this man tells the truth,putin is far better and more nationalist than

Автор Vlasta Molak ( назад)
This guy is a vile antisemite... as it was orthodox priests at the end of
19th century. He is a nasty moron, who does not get either Judaism or
Irael, but has no understanding of facts. This moron is also anti-human
rights of anybody whose opinion does not fit with his.

This American orthodox priest cleanly does not understand difference
between Judaism and Islam, which is like life and death. Judaism promotes
LIFE while Islam promotes DEATH and does not understand that Jesus was a
Jew, who preached Judaism. Nasty ;piece of work, who promotes hatred rather
love of a Jew and his apostols, who were ALL Jews!

Obama had deceived not obnly Christians in America but Jews, as he is a
supporter of terrorist organization, his Muslim Brotherhood,which wants to
destroy both America and Israel, and kill all Jews, which this moronic
priest also hates.

Автор Robert Gantry ( назад)
I don't believe I've met a single American who doesn't like Vladamir Putin.

Автор marco hanse ( назад)
Putin is clearly a mental case if he banned cartoons like the simpsons!
Religious people a childish! What an achievement! Religion will destroy
Russia like it destroyed the Roman empire!

Автор marco hanse ( назад)
Religion is a mental illness!

Автор Chris Jackowiak ( назад)

Автор Empress Empress ( назад)
Obama is a filthy rat! Thank God I never voted for that fake!!

Автор Adriana Bonita ( назад)
I like Vladimir Putin . He is a real man and he loves his country . Go
Putin and get those Bastards .

Автор MustaffaCuppa ( назад)
Good video. Putin sounds like a really decent guy.

Автор rachelle abubo ( назад)
putin is also against the fed in his own country,he's slowly planning to
get rid of them,but that has to be done slowly

Автор glitches fan hack fan ( назад)
i don't know whos better in the presidency if barack or some white guy. to
be honest im white but the truth is that many of these white people running
for the presidency are too dumb and stupid. soo alright, we got the jews or
we got the fucking dummy asses...

Автор glitches fan hack fan ( назад)
oh shit Barack you got really nastily hit right there, and Putin is all
serious and straight guy. damn barack you fucked the U.S really nasty. i'm
not religious but if you ask me i rather be christian or catholic than
Jewish. Putin is an open minded, clean, great man. putting the back on
Putin is like doing the same to my self.

Автор PeaceExtreme ( назад)
It's really simple..., MOVE TO RUSSIA!

Автор Ikazuchi ( назад)
Jewish-American heritage month. Are you fucking kidding me?

Автор HereAfter Now! (1500 лет назад)
Putin is great! But Obama is Muslim, it is not Jewification of America but
Islamization my friend. Obama has a Mask!

Автор mohammad hassan ( назад)
Do not worry One Day we will eliminate all Zionists, those criminals

Автор Macky Mccallum ( назад)
a man of god? nonsense on stilts..

Автор john shallenberger ( назад)
Jesus was a Jew and you shame him by having that symbol of death around
your neck and on your hat just another sexualy frustrated nickle dime hater
you remind me of countless numb nutz without a clue

Автор Al Sayles ( назад)
Putin was the right person for the job of Russia Presidency and he his also
making the world a safer place. I was taught Russian were ugly mean white
people, they didn't smile or give to charities they didn't like Colored
people. Only to find out its a bunch of lies like so many other things.
They poison the minds of so many people around the world sò no one trust
Russian and feels threaten by their mare present. When EU countries are the
only race of people that leave their land, travel to far away countries
murdering raping stealing Lands of natives
Enslaving simple people who have no weapons to defend themselves. The UK
France Spain Germany and the Dutch are responsible for exterminating
millions of indigenous people on 4 continents. Australia North and South
America these they took over completely and North Africa. Just recently
with the help of Russia they release South Africa but still maintain
control of its resources. Pray for us real Christians and Muslims that we
get release from EU n US oppression and bondage. We have no legal avenues
because they heads all Agencies ICC IMF WTO world Bank they control all
media outlets. They used the resources they stolen to have big Armies we
cannot fight. Their Constitution are just words😈😢

Автор Martin Hyizna ( назад)
To praise Putin is to flaunt your ignorance. the man is a fucking criminal.

Автор Sandra Renee ( назад)
It breaks my heart to see how we've fallen away from Christ, please pray
for us.

Автор v8superman ( назад)
dead right you hit the nail on the head again !!!!!

Автор anthony wilson ( назад)

Автор Martin Hyizna ( назад)
Putin is a dangerous character, and is well known to be the wealthiest and
most powerful gangster in the world currently. Putin has built a
pay-to-play dynasty inside Russia on a level unprecedented. He is a
criminal and hoodlum. And yes, he is very intelligent. But that is his only
admirable quality. Typically, he uses that intelligence for his own selfish
ends. The existing oligarchy that controls Russia and its satellite nations
is wholly controlled by Putin, and he sits atop that pyramid.
Like hero, like follower. For anyone to admire or support such a
chicanerous and malevolent man, it speaks volumes on the lack of character
and virtue of that admirer. 

Автор prometheus11 ( назад)
Ο Θεός να σε φιλήσει

Автор john crow ( назад)
i want to go to russia'

Автор Chris Parker ( назад)
Putin: Strong, urbane, austere, sober-minded, exuding confidence....a
remarkable leader and inspiration for his Nation and the Russian people.

Obama: Self-absorbed, self-centered, self-righteous, self-conscious....add
immature, petulant, smarmy, condescending and, clearly, utterly unable to
govern within a Constitutional framework.

I'd offer the Russians a deal to swap presidents but a. they're too smart
to fall for it and b. I have too much respect for them to 'palm off' our
GARBAGE on them.

'amerika' is an embarrassment thanks to *barry davis*, his wife (??), and
their 'zioturd' cabinet and other kiss-ass c-suckers.

Автор SylosMC_ ( назад)
Guys.... Obama = Illumination !!!!!!!! Putin is the one and only president
who DONT do illumination !!! He wants to attack Obama Thats great tho

Автор adam R ( назад)
orthodox Christian r goad fearing nation...they wd take constantinople and
muslims wd celebrate. ..thats the muslims faith....muslims faith is not
what the west shows through ttp isis etc etc

Автор Adrian Patheiger ( назад)
please help us, lead, Mr Putin, my country is being lead by a boy with too
much estrogen and being intimidated buy a gay half Arab American president

Автор jbnOracle ( назад)
Putin is an alpha wolf...and obama is well a poodle

Автор Martin Hyizna ( назад)
Putin is no one to admire, what the fuck is wrong with you people? 70 years
ago you would have been singing the praises of Stalin. I suppose there will
always be a segment of society that is easily-duped and generally

Автор Oriana Fallaci ( назад)
+3xoticx Yes every move Obama has made has been what the MB wants. And
he has filled Washington with MB appointees. As well as Hilary's aide
Huma Abedin being a MB connected woman with access to those emails.Huma
Abedins father was one of the 20 scholars who worked on the manifesto
for the saudi government that says how to use the muslim minorities in
America, but to first destroy the Jews of America

Islamist Infiltration of the Obama Administration

Weiner - Huma Abedin: Muslim Brotherhood princess

Muslim Brotherhood princess' used Clinton email server

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration
Freedom Center pamphlet by Frank Gaffney exposes just how deeply Islamists
have infiltrated the White House.

To name a few. ..Some of Obama's Moslem Brotherhood appointees who enjoy
strong influence over US policy" Arif Alikhan (Assistant secretary for
Homeland Security for policy development as deputy mayor of los angeles,
stopped the tracking of terrorists) Mohammed Elibiary (head of Obamas
Homeland Security Advisory Council HSAC not only is he a member of MB, he
openly supports them on his twitter acct and puts the Moslem Brotherhood
logo on his twitter avatar) Rashad Hussain (Obama's special envoy to the UN
has the whole koran memorized and is openly an MB activist), Muslim
Brotherhood member Salam al-Marayati, Muslim Brotherhood Kareem Shora
Homeland Security Advisory Council,Muslim Brotherhood Imam Mohamed Magid,
Muslim Brotherhood Eboo Patel Obamas advisory council). Muslim Sisterhood
Dalia Mogahed (Obama's advisory council the first veiled muslim appointed
by a president, she said sharia law is "gender justice" so ladies if you
want your husbands to beat you...

Citizens for National Security (CFNS) has a list of 6,000 members of the
Muslim Brotherhood who are living in America and determined to "penetrate
the United States and eventually erode its institutions, policies, and
sense of self through the creation of a multifaceted Fifth Column movement
within our borders."

The architects of 9/11 — including Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — all belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood before they
formed Al Qaeda. A Blood-Soaked, Totalitarian Death Cult’: National
Security Expert Explains Why You Should Fear the Muslim Brotherhood

Автор BookLover (1358 лет назад)
And that is why this african-american women respects PUTIN. He is my

Автор SupesCoob ( назад)
Holy shit! Reading the comments. Intimidation, threats, staring down,
clamping down on those who disagree. You seem to laud these as positive
traits. You're like a dictators "dream populace". Why don't you just elect
mafia bosses to the US senate? Hey elect me! I'll gladly tell you what to
do and punish those who disobey. Whenever I want you to hate somebody else
I'll simply state that they poked fun at your myth religion. Then just sit
back and watch you rally to the cause.

Автор Martin Hyizna ( назад)
Fuck you and your anti-Jewish crap I'd like to see you lay that propaganda
down publicly in front of real people. It's easy in your clown outfit and
avb camera. Fucking pussy.

Автор Dagmar Zaunick ( назад)
Hitler would have loved this man! his rhetoric would have made him proud!
Six million would not have been enough for this man. At least Hitler was
honest enough not to act under the cover of religion as this hypocrisy

Автор rabcam1 ( назад)
a lot of people dont like mr putin,,if you had a choice for a world
leader,between obama and mr putin,,its not even a hard choice,

Автор spirit 1770 ( назад)
As you the Jewish were the chosen people. BUT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT

Автор BREGGREN Papadoo ( назад)
Why Does Russia Still Sport The Cross Over The Crescent?

Автор BREGGREN Papadoo ( назад)
The Folks Don't Dare to Do Squat!

Автор BREGGREN Papadoo ( назад)
Get Back in You Hole. You Rat!!

Автор yrrek nedlof ( назад)
great people attract leaders they deserved ,jews aren't bad Judaism
is,nazism bad germans good muslim bad arab bad ;african indian american
bad, theme is these groups are bad , humans in gods image good, sorry
keyboard broken i typye whith mose

Автор USER112358134711 ( назад)
"Father", you forgot to mention the great number of Muslins in the Obama
administration! But of course, you hate only the Jews! Typical to your
prejudiced optics. Greetings to your antisemitic sponsors! They found the
right clown to do their job! YOURSELF!

Автор chriskb12350 ( назад)
u ought to remake this video in light of the iran nuclear deal.

Автор Anton Davis ( назад)
stop dressing like a monk Nathaniel..ladies and gentlemen this man is monk
but a wolf in sheeps clothing..you are more than welcome to keep on spewing
out your garbage but please stop portraying as a orthodox monk.

Автор f (200 лет назад)
Contradictions in the Bible ( Non Contradictions) now available on lulu.com
Learn the truth about the word of God and how there are no contradictions
in the scriptures just atheist misunderstandings and intentional

Автор THAD J. CORNETT ( назад)
I would vote for Putin...i;m tired of the weak puppets who do nothing for

Автор Brandon Tanberg (780 лет назад)
How far away are we in the US from being able too have a Putin like Leader?
Yours truly, whom is ready for a Better way forward in some way ... In the
US. Cheers

Автор meat wagon ( назад)
Great video BN. Putin is the man. Obumma is a tool for the Jews.

Автор DAVID Clement ( назад)
Im having trouble believing that you are a Christian and not just a
disgruntled Jew. You quack just like a duck.

Автор sjrpride77 ( назад)
Lmao if any of you idiots actually think Putin is religious, you're a
fucking idiot. Most politicians are athiests, who just use the bronze-age
fairytales known as religion to control the stupid masses. Russia has been
an atheist communist country for years, and now you're all sucking their
dick just cause Putin, the most manipulative and cunning politician today
CLAIMS he's a Christian? Not that it matters anyway since Christianity,
Judaism, Islam and all religions are just made up bullshit that literally
would have no effect whatsoever on current world events if it wasn't for
you blithering idiots insisting it matters. Just trying to add a little
real world logic to a conversation about how our magical sky daddy likes
your leader better than mine. Oh well, let the wave of hate comments about
how I'm a filthy devil worshipper or a zionist puppet commence.

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