The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Mark Marsh (3 месяца)
Jesus H. Christ Nathaniel! It's a damned shame that someone as well
informed and well spoken as you are on international political and
financial affairs could also be so religiously stupid and bigoted about gay
people. I have always enjoyed listening to your charismatic rants but when
you go in that direction, you lose your credibility completely. You're a
VERY smart man. Tear off that idiotic robe and your multiple crucifixes
and join us in the 21st century. Just because Christianity is less racist
and repugnant than your original Judaic faith, doesn't make it a positive
thing. It has poisoned your impressive mind. SNAP OUT OF IT.

Автор Hanno the Phoenician (4 месяца)
Putin may be a dictator, but when is the last time we had a strong leader
here who defended his countries interests and never showed weakness to the

Nice people who want everyone to like them and then go to losing wars when
ignored do not make good presidents. We should never allow someone to run
for President if they're weak, have not served their country in uniform and
have any loyalty to foreign powers (like Israel or Saudi Arabia). We need
real Americans in the White House and Congress, not chicken hawks who send
soldiers off to fight other countries religious civil wars because we can't
tell the difference between good guys and bad guys. It's been decades since
we had any real leadership.

Remember Truman, JFK, Reagan and Eisenhower? How many of you are old
enough to remember when we had real leaders? 

Автор eatenbytheweasel (3 месяца)
Sodomy and all same sex sex is roundly condemned in the Bible. It is an
affront and an abomination to God, by his own word. America has rejected
God's blessings and become a godless nation. 

Автор John Deer (3 месяца)
Putin, the Greatest leader Russia ever had.

Автор Frank Patek (3 месяца)
....and if Putin didn't want Jesus Christ in Russia....it would be goodby
Jesus. So who's in charge of Russia, it's people or it's leader? We can
all disagree about homosexual marriage, but the freedom of America makes it
great. Without it, it is a dictatorship.

Russia is slowly returning to its heritage of dictator rule. They are
allowing someone to think for them...as they always have. So sad. They
could be great but allowing this former KJB leader to think for them will
end their rights.

Автор MrPocketfullOfSteel (2 месяца)
Can you say " I Hate Israel"? Sure you can. Sad. I'm not much on Obama
myself, but this "there is a Jew around every corner" type of thinking
smells EXACTLY like some Demonic Nut that led Germany some years back.
Guess you're not much on history. Oh that's right.....those nutty Jews have
infiltrated all our school's libraries and our media too. 

Автор michael tucker (2 месяца)
In Putin we trust. Regardless of religion. Nothing wrong with Jewish.
Christians etc. It's the Zionist that use religion as a war card to get
there own way. Putin tells you how it is. How it will be. What's so wrong
in that? The west just use the chaos theory on you. Wake up

Автор Jack Wade (9 месяцев)
The Jewification of America? how can a christian person say that?
Christianity has its foundation in Judaism this is a disgusting comment.
By a person that obviously has never opened a bible,
Doesn't surprise me though, the Vatican seems to skip over the 10
commandment pages pretty fast on their way to the pedophilia party.
In order to truly study the bible you must study all of the old testament
which means torah, quabbalah and as soon as you do that you want to read
more about the American Indians because all of it begins to remind you of
The only culture that ever said you can not buy and sell mother earth,
rimes with Christ telling the vendors, How dare you buy and sell in my
fathers house.
and that cross on his hat happens to have its meaning buried in ancient
cultures one of which is the American Indian.

Автор Johnna C. (23 дня)
I understand this position; there are some great points here, but
Christians must embrace the "Jewishness" of our Savior... Our heritage is
found in ancient Judaism...the Torah and Prophets (Old Testament) are
relevant ...they are a picture of Christ and instructions for the believer
... Jesus IS the passover Lamb!
There are "bad seeds" in every race and culture, but we look foolish when
we "dog" Jews and then say we are followers of Christ! 

Автор GardenState2012 (4 месяца)
Christians in the West are literally the slaves of Zionist Jews specially
in USA. 

Автор Oriana Fallaci (6 дней)
You always have such whacky views. I agree that Putin is a hero to
Christendom. But Obama is a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood, not your
so-feared "Zionists". Christianity is Zionist too. YHWH loves Zion. The
bible is full of Jerusalem (Zion). Yahshua was a Jew, the early church was
Jewish. Why do you always rail about Jews ?

Putin said he stands with the Israelis. You should too.

Автор Stephen Eaglin (1 месяц)
You need to repent of your hatred and bigotry! This message is full of
misinformed " facts". You are not a priest! Truly a wolf in sheep's

Автор CUI BONO (17 дней)
Homosexuals where always consider mentally ill until the mentally ill
psychiatrists voted in 1972 that it is not mental illness. Since a large
number of psychiatrists are homosexuals and sick themselves this makes
sense, that moral relativism is the NWO.

Автор PaidRussianTroll (20 часов)
This guy is an obvious pedophile - hide your children!

Автор cuddly bear (11 дней)
griggle aye, griggle oh, come up and fight you cowardly crew, i'll have
you for my pot of stew, your scared to fight with me heh heh heh
the great matt McGuiness composed this song, the guy had more compassion
in his little finger than you see here on youtube, he liked a good
laugh , because he was a good person with no hate towards anyone

Автор The Republic of Hensonesia (3 дня)
What is wrong with the Zionists? The Bible tells us that the Jews are God's
People, the Bible tells us explicitly that God and Jesus are the same
person, and Jesus was born unto Mary, a Jew.

Автор Susan Pendell (9 дней)
Passover is a Christian holiday. Easter is not. Jesus died and was
resurrected during Passover, not Easter. Easter is a pagan holiday.

Автор Benito Dalisandro (6 дней)
Hail Putin! Hail Brother Nathanael!

Автор Chaim Yosef Mariategui-Levi (1 месяц)
I think that Putin is a great leader and a very pragmatic christian. The
image here presented by B. Nathanael who does not belong to any canonical
branch of the Orthodox Church is a inaccurate. Obama in the other hand is
much more antisemitic than Putin and a Sunni Moslem. Obama follows the
Muslim agenda to weaken the US moral fiber from within. 

Автор El Langosto (1 день)
Kak pechyalno. Vsye lyudyi kte dumayut nenavidyat musulman-nina Barak bin
Hussein ibn Obama. Tvaya attaka nah Yahudi dokazavayet tolko odno: tyi
prosto naprosto vanyuciy RACiST~! Vernyish, falshiviy sveshen-nyik v 19iy

Автор Christian James Gülnar Jensen (20 дней)
It doesn't matter if they are jews, christians or muslims. Christianity has
killed thousands like any other religion, trying to make it seem like the
christians are the "good guys" and the jews are "the bad" is fucking
outragious. Disgusting. 

Автор fernando jimenez (9 дней)
you are an asshole you want to sell or give america to the russians I don't
like Obama but i'll never betray America why don't you go to russia ,you
are talking agains gays you really looks gay to me ,have you ever open a
bible you said why I left judaism, you left it becouse you lack the brain
to be a jew you don't even qualify for the human race ugly asshole shalom

Автор john demello (26 дней)
How can you carry so much hate???
I guess his religion gives him the right to judge others and condenm them
A religious man??? I do not think so!!!

Автор David Harris (1 месяц)
Wait a minute...wait wait a fuckin minute. Doesn't the bible tells the
Christians to never forget the Passover so why celebrate Easter. Like this
religion shit is extremely confusing. If they been celebrating the Passover
since 12-1400bc then why do the Christians disregards "Gods word" and
celebrate some shit that didn't hit the screen till 325ad. God nor Jesus
approved of Easter nowhere in the biblios!! #Lost

Автор daniel zrich (14 дней)

I am a Jew who lives in Israel and I piss on you bitch

Автор Rick Timmis (5 месяцев)
Right then my friends. WTF do you make of this ?

Автор John Rogan (22 дня)
Jewification of America! Putin as the leader of America...YES!

Автор Henoxyu (29 дней)
All heil to our great leader! We adore you, lead us, tell us what to do!
The great tsar, Vladimir 'the dickhead' Putin!

Автор Wabbasha (3 месяца)
Didn't you co-write the sitcom Seinfeld?

Автор Markman Manmark (1 месяц)

Автор ooooooohm (1 месяц)
Obama is a BUFFOON - and a DANGEROUS buffoon. Putin, on the other hand, is
a MAN - a GOOD MAN - an ETHICAL MAN, and to the GREAT RELIEF of the ENTIRE
and greatly RESPECTED.

did you notice how PUTIN CLEANED HOUSE - and GOT RID of the ZIONIST
DESTROYERS??? Whereas, here in "U.S. of ISRA-HELL" the AMOUNT of ZIONISTS

Are YOU willing to allow what is happening in Palestine to happen in YOUR
neighborhoods?? I, for one, am NOT. And ONE, plus ONE, plus ONE MORE, and
so on - can STOP THAT BUS OF DESTRUCTION. Support GOOD. Support PUTIN!

Автор Elizabeth Wilcol (1 месяц)
The Zionist Jews owns the US, Obama is a jellyfish. AMERICANS WAKE THE

Автор George Koen (8 дней)
Nice costume.

Автор Kitty Kat (21 день)
Putin is a hottie lol

Автор Gary Mattis (3 месяца)
Your right about Obama being way out there ! , but I think Your a little
bit overboard against Jewish people ? , The bible says; Blindness in part
is on the Jews until the fullness of the gentiles becomes saved . I can't
blame them for what God has done to them like You are ! . I am a Messianic
Born Again Jew and I don't hate anyone because of what they were born as ,
Isn't it what they do that matters in life ? , if it is evil I am against
it , if it is good I am for it ! . I think You may need to forgive your
family and that you need God to forgive You for hating Jews so much ! . Are
You acting any better then the Jews who hate Christians ? Your both wrong
for hating each other ! . Muslims are saying Jews do not have a right to
exist and shooting rockets into Israel and blowing up buses with suicide
bombs , how do you suggest they put a stop to it ? . Hamas cleansing is
what I think is actually going on in the middle east between Israel and
Palestine and there are some innocent people getting caught up between the
battles .
I think Israel has been very long suffering with Palestine.

Автор harp per (4 месяца)
who is he supporting? does he know what he is saying? go to sleep old

Автор Julian N (18 дней)
OHHH please. Just go to any of the smaller east European countries and see
how the Easter Orthodox Christian Church is building more and more
magnificent churches while leaving the weak people to fend for themselves.
If a such a faith could be judged on how is ignoring the weak and helpless
then don't be surprised to be loosing adherents to the evangelical

Автор james adams (7 дней)
Any nation that does not acknowledge will be destroyed!! 

Автор flack youe (1 месяц)
mini tyrant alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you you nazi

Автор R33s rees (12 дней)
u was never ....NEVER a great country usa has no history ... even tho u
crave it ...this mad hat has no clue
he can take his shitty beard n stick it up his ass ....that bearded fuck
wit has no clue 

Автор Kristen Dokken (1 месяц)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!:

Автор Naomi Williams (1 месяц)
I agree, western countries should not have jews or muslims, in their
administrations, only christians.

Автор Shantiel Kaiser (18 дней)
Come on now , obomanation is now protecting the Muslims , so I think he is
for anyone who is for despicable sexual behavior!

Автор Tom Price (1 месяц)
Uploaded on Jul 19, 2011
CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir
Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

Автор lay nadji (11 дней)
Love you brother Nathaniel.

A human friend

Автор Stephen Guy (1 месяц)
Gay Marriage ? If it is not Obscenity, to bring a child into the world,
that can never cry , "Mummy!"..If it is not Obscenity, to bring a child
into the world, that can never cry , "Daddy!"..then, the Homosexual, must
be rather more Wise, than the Supreme-Being ... : )

Автор Scott Rowe (13 дней)
4 mil of the 150 mil in Russia went to Church on Easter Sunday - UM ok?
Obviously cause Putin was wearing his awesomeness underwear....

Автор Akay 99 (26 дней)
I love how the guy in the video tries to do an american accent and say
"what a great country WE could be" to try and convince us that he's
american but his light russian accent breaks out at some points in video,
if u listen closely, he pronounces vladiiimir the russian way, unlike an
american person that would say vladimiiir.

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