The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Susan Pendell (2 месяца)
Passover is a Christian holiday. Easter is not. Jesus died and was
resurrected during Passover, not Easter. Easter is a pagan holiday.

Автор Kitty Kat (2 месяца)
Putin is a hottie lol

Автор John Deer (4 месяца)
Putin, the Greatest leader Russia ever had.

Автор eatenbytheweasel (4 месяца)
Sodomy and all same sex sex is roundly condemned in the Bible. It is an
affront and an abomination to God, by his own word. America has rejected
God's blessings and become a godless nation. 

Автор PaidRussianTroll (1 месяц)
This guy is an obvious pedophile - hide your children!

Автор Terry Allan (1 день)
But isn't Valria Jerrett Iranian ? And obama has put MANY moslems into
High Positions in our Government. Please be Clear on this.Because I'm ready
to MOVE to Russia.

Автор Craig Westbrook (13 дней)

Автор Kristen Dokken (2 месяца)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!:

Автор MyCovers Band (22 дня)
putin is not giving a shit about his people too killing people that go
against him and when there is a hostage crisis he will kill his hostages
with the terrorists too ....but hey !! he is against giving people a chance
to live their lifes if they arent straight.....he is WAYYYY better than
obama right?

Автор neo69121 (1 месяц)
fucking religions

Автор John McDerp (1 месяц)
Black Hitler vs James-Bond-Evil-Doppelganger-Russian Hitler. Amazing.

Автор Dom Degood (7 дней)
Obummer is a jew.For you jew lovers watch the 'evil talmud'.

Автор MrKnockna (18 дней)
The difference between Putin and Obama is that Putin is a giant of politics
and Obama is a pygmy, its that simple.

Автор 123DwyaneWade456 (1 месяц)
gays must be jailed.... and obama must be fired

Автор Stephen Eaglin (2 месяца)
You need to repent of your hatred and bigotry! This message is full of
misinformed " facts". You are not a priest! Truly a wolf in sheep's

Автор moormagic1 (4 месяца)

Автор jrsreview (2 месяца)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

Автор Oriana Fallaci (1 месяц)
You always have such whacky views. I agree that Putin is a hero to
Christendom. But Obama is a puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood, not your
so-feared "Zionists". Christianity is Zionist too. YHWH loves Zion. The
bible is full of Jerusalem (Zion). Yahshua was a Jew, the early church was
Jewish. Why do you always rail about Jews ?

Putin said he stands with the Israelis. You should too.

Автор William Mount (1 месяц)
Michelle Obama, Ann Coulter, and Christine LeGarde have Adams Apples - they
are Men who are Queer. There are no Cross Dressers in Putin's Staff. 

Автор jukumari iramuri (1 месяц)
very true,america is a country ruled by jews,the media bank sistem politics
etc are own by the jews,we the christians become second class citizens,and
the republican party now is likud party,what a shame,christian culture is
dead in america.and now because the jews dicided in the capitol we gona
star the III world war and erase what is left of christianity.

Автор The Republic of Hensonesia (1 месяц)
What is wrong with the Zionists? The Bible tells us that the Jews are God's
People, the Bible tells us explicitly that God and Jesus are the same
person, and Jesus was born unto Mary, a Jew.

Автор mike .D (5 дней)
Putin , at least provides the response that the people of the USA should
offer to their wannabe black President .

Автор michel joannette (1 месяц)
internet provide a tribune to all kind of fucken moron .....yea yea
including mysefl

Автор Pedro Ardila Tjader (19 дней)
I just wished some of the A-holes in the past comments and future, quit
using 'America(ns),' rather use U.S and U.S citizens. America is the
continent, from the North of Canada to the South of Argentina. 

Автор Chuck Friedrich (1 месяц)
Russia will punish the fucking Zionist! USA wake up! :)

Автор michelle grinder (4 месяца)
you hatemongers do more to destroy christianity than the devil himself

Автор William DeVaughn (29 дней)

Автор Martti Suomivuori (12 дней)
Wow! You are a nutcase!

Автор Harmonica Typhoon (5 дней)
There will always be these type that love to correct others thinking their
knowledge is superior than yours. They're serious..gloomy..miserable and
depressive. These videos are just so fun packed and anyone with an ounce of
sense and a love for great humour will know this for sure. Lighten up! For
my part...I've been searching through quite a few garden centres and as
yet, I've found no hats like he's wearing. I guess I could spray a
flowerpot black and that would do but, I found the beard was the hardest
one to copy. I came up with a brilliant idea though..simply wreck one of my
pillows and make the beard from the stuffing? Its almost identical. And
I've a pair of my name old glasses and soon.?I might make some videos of my
own I guarantee you'll not tell us apart. Now......where's that glue?

Автор MrPocketfullOfSteel (4 месяца)
Can you say " I Hate Israel"? Sure you can. Sad. I'm not much on Obama
myself, but this "there is a Jew around every corner" type of thinking
smells EXACTLY like some Demonic Nut that led Germany some years back.
Guess you're not much on history. Oh that's right.....those nutty Jews have
infiltrated all our school's libraries and our media too. 

Автор Andythemanman3 (5 дней)
Funny fact, Jesus was a Jew... so you are sorta contradicting yourself
there buddy. BZZ next.

Also, long live our real Lord in savory sauce, the flying spaghetti
monster. May you be touched by his noodly appendage.

Автор Rene Andre (15 дней)
I hate the anus-stain that is ruining the USA calling himself the
President. Next we have an Evil Cunt called Hitlery who thinks she should
run the USA! I think I might want to get out of the US if she's elected....
what a nightmare.

Автор TheGravygun (1 месяц)
Like Bush...didn't do the same shit.

Автор WAYNE O (20 дней)
Easter is the Babylonian sex goddess, also know as the "Queen of Heaven".
One of the things the bible tell you not to have anything to do with.

Автор Дмитрий Донской (1 месяц)
As the American bankers have unleashed the Second world war

Автор Sky Tri (5 дней)
Who runs America? ...

Автор Frank Patek (4 месяца)
....and if Putin didn't want Jesus Christ in Russia....it would be goodby
Jesus. So who's in charge of Russia, it's people or it's leader? We can
all disagree about homosexual marriage, but the freedom of America makes it
great. Without it, it is a dictatorship.

Russia is slowly returning to its heritage of dictator rule. They are
allowing someone to think for them...as they always have. So sad. They
could be great but allowing this former KJB leader to think for them will
end their rights.

Автор Dave Reid - Daly (20 дней)
Very interesting point of view

Автор benz500r (13 дней)
Guys, let me just point out that Putin is or was a communist. He said that
the worst thing of the 20th century was a fall of Soviet Union. Did you
check what was the political approach of USSR to the church when communists
were at power? If not, let me just give you a hint, they tried to destroy
any kind of church, including Christianity. They converted churches to
warehouses or simply closed them down. Putin's speeches are just for show
and to fool naïve people. Don't show Putin as an example of a good leader,

Автор 610ericma1 (25 дней)
i see he is continuing hitlers bullshit blame it on the jews this guy is
a freaking idiot 

Автор bill me (2 дня)
this guy tells you the truth but you fools still live in denial.. to all
the Christian fucking idiots here claiming passover was jesus's
resurrection.. you are dumb cunts. the passover was a celebration of the
child killing god who apparently sent a spirit to kill the first-born in
Egypt.. Jesus wasnt even born yet nor was Israel even discovered yet you
stupid fucks. christians werent even invented yet... Easter is the
recognised celebration for jesus's resurrection regardless of the date..
fuck you brainwashed fucks cant even get your myths and lies in order..
religion is for wackos.. its brought nothing but hell on earth and control
to the elite.. you idiots

Автор Debbie Allport (5 месяцев)
The difference between Putin and Obama ?

Автор danny harcourt (14 дней)
.....Brother Nathanel speaks truth.

Автор Mike Muse (6 дней)
totally bullshit !!!!
1. Russia Never be a Christian Nations.

this clown never read the bible because he posing against People and Wish
them Dead Just Because they are Jews.

he forget protect the evil it's the same like be one of them.

and because of people like you Adolf hitler get a power.

and i can promise you that you will never stand on the right side when
jesus retune.

Автор anton yeryomenko (29 дней)
This priest is a FSB agent. Old story. Probably a fake too. This type of
priests can not be a part of any church. Pure hate speech. Obama doesn't
even support Israel anymore. 

Автор William Bongo (7 дней)

Автор Роман Борисов (1 месяц)
BRO NAT, great of you man!!

Автор Hanno the Phoenician (6 месяцев)
Putin may be a dictator, but when is the last time we had a strong leader
here who defended his countries interests and never showed weakness to the

Nice people who want everyone to like them and then go to losing wars when
ignored do not make good presidents. We should never allow someone to run
for President if they're weak, have not served their country in uniform and
have any loyalty to foreign powers (like Israel or Saudi Arabia). We need
real Americans in the White House and Congress, not chicken hawks who send
soldiers off to fight other countries religious civil wars because we can't
tell the difference between good guys and bad guys. It's been decades since
we had any real leadership.

Remember Truman, JFK, Reagan and Eisenhower? How many of you are old
enough to remember when we had real leaders? 

Автор Mark Marsh (5 месяцев)
Jesus H. Christ Nathaniel! It's a damned shame that someone as well
informed and well spoken as you are on international political and
financial affairs could also be so religiously stupid and bigoted about gay
people. I have always enjoyed listening to your charismatic rants but when
you go in that direction, you lose your credibility completely. You're a
VERY smart man. Tear off that idiotic robe and your multiple crucifixes
and join us in the 21st century. Just because Christianity is less racist
and repugnant than your original Judaic faith, doesn't make it a positive
thing. It has poisoned your impressive mind. SNAP OUT OF IT.

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