The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Mark Marsh (2 месяца)
Jesus H. Christ Nathaniel! It's a damned shame that someone as well
informed and well spoken as you are on international political and
financial affairs could also be so religiously stupid and bigoted about gay
people. I have always enjoyed listening to your charismatic rants but when
you go in that direction, you lose your credibility completely. You're a
VERY smart man. Tear off that idiotic robe and your multiple crucifixes
and join us in the 21st century. Just because Christianity is less racist
and repugnant than your original Judaic faith, doesn't make it a positive
thing. It has poisoned your impressive mind. SNAP OUT OF IT.

Автор Hanno the Phoenician (3 месяца)
Putin may be a dictator, but when is the last time we had a strong leader
here who defended his countries interests and never showed weakness to the

Nice people who want everyone to like them and then go to losing wars when
ignored do not make good presidents. We should never allow someone to run
for President if they're weak, have not served their country in uniform and
have any loyalty to foreign powers (like Israel or Saudi Arabia). We need
real Americans in the White House and Congress, not chicken hawks who send
soldiers off to fight other countries religious civil wars because we can't
tell the difference between good guys and bad guys. It's been decades since
we had any real leadership.

Remember Truman, JFK, Reagan and Eisenhower? How many of you are old
enough to remember when we had real leaders? 

Автор eatenbytheweasel (2 месяца)
Sodomy and all same sex sex is roundly condemned in the Bible. It is an
affront and an abomination to God, by his own word. America has rejected
God's blessings and become a godless nation. 

Автор Frank Patek (2 месяца)
....and if Putin didn't want Jesus Christ in Russia....it would be goodby
Jesus. So who's in charge of Russia, it's people or it's leader? We can
all disagree about homosexual marriage, but the freedom of America makes it
great. Without it, it is a dictatorship.

Russia is slowly returning to its heritage of dictator rule. They are
allowing someone to think for them...as they always have. So sad. They
could be great but allowing this former KJB leader to think for them will
end their rights.

Автор MrPocketfullOfSteel (1 месяц)
Can you say " I Hate Israel"? Sure you can. Sad. I'm not much on Obama
myself, but this "there is a Jew around every corner" type of thinking
smells EXACTLY like some Demonic Nut that led Germany some years back.
Guess you're not much on history. Oh that's right.....those nutty Jews have
infiltrated all our school's libraries and our media too. 

Автор michael tucker (1 месяц)
In Putin we trust. Regardless of religion. Nothing wrong with Jewish.
Christians etc. It's the Zionist that use religion as a war card to get
there own way. Putin tells you how it is. How it will be. What's so wrong
in that? The west just use the chaos theory on you. Wake up

Автор Jack Wade (7 месяцев)
The Jewification of America? how can a christian person say that?
Christianity has its foundation in Judaism this is a disgusting comment.
By a person that obviously has never opened a bible,
Doesn't surprise me though, the Vatican seems to skip over the 10
commandment pages pretty fast on their way to the pedophilia party.
In order to truly study the bible you must study all of the old testament
which means torah, quabbalah and as soon as you do that you want to read
more about the American Indians because all of it begins to remind you of
The only culture that ever said you can not buy and sell mother earth,
rimes with Christ telling the vendors, How dare you buy and sell in my
fathers house.
and that cross on his hat happens to have its meaning buried in ancient
cultures one of which is the American Indian.

Автор Pissful Islamic Suicidecities (3 месяца)
Y'all should realize something about the douche bag in the video. Born and
raised as a Jew in a religious home, turned sour after sampling a dick
where the sun don't shine. He is nothing less than the most extreme bigot
and a convert, but not to Christianity, that would not be bad. What's bad
about this prick is that he is a bonafide Nazi, and he just loves the
attention which y'all give to him, he thrives on it in fact. Simply put, he
is a flaming Jewish anti-semite who is as far and remote from practicing
the scriptures than the devil would be. so to any and all who feel a
connection to his yapping about "Y'all need to have your heads examined"!
I am a Jew, and I am very well conditioned for all the hate, it's all
I've ever known. We Jews, we can all be blamed of being resilient and
having a thick hide, Your hate is music to our ears, it defines clear
borders between the ill minded ignorance of lowlives and our evident
continuing success.lol

I will wrap with famous words which I suspect that none of the ignorant
will recognized, some food for thought nonetheless: "If the statistics are
right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a
nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way.
Properly, the Jew ought hardly to be heard of; but he is heard of, has
always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people…
His contributions to the world’s list of great names in literature,
science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also way
out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous
fight in the world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied
behind him.

The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with
sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek
and the Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other
peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned
out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished…
All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains.
What is the secret of his immortality? "Mark Twain"

Автор Renna Mccalister (9 дней)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got…:

Автор Elizabeth Wilcol (53 минуты)
The Zionist Jews owns the US, Obama is a jellyfish. AMERICANS WAKE THE

Автор Chaim Yosef Mariategui-Levi (7 дней)
I think that Putin is a great leader and a very pragmatic christian. The
image here presented by B. Nathanael who does not belong to any canonical
branch of the Orthodox Church is a inaccurate. Obama in the other hand is
much more antisemitic than Putin and a Sunni Moslem. Obama follows the
Muslim agenda to weaken the US moral fiber from within. 

Автор Markman Manmark (8 часов)

Автор David Harris (2 дня)
Wait a minute...wait wait a fuckin minute. Doesn't the bible tells the
Christians to never forget the Passover so why celebrate Easter. Like this
religion shit is extremely confusing. If they been celebrating the Passover
since 12-1400bc then why do the Christians disregards "Gods word" and
celebrate some shit that didn't hit the screen till 325ad. God nor Jesus
approved of Easter nowhere in the biblios!! #Lost

Автор Mega Starsecret (15 дней)
Putin is God given ruler over Russia resurrected, But Obama is a man who
couldn't perform in accordance to his Godly plan because of opposition of
darkness..What else? Also- when you put your teeth from hunger on shelve
here, then only survival for you and others will be available in Russia

Автор flack youe (3 дня)
mini tyrant alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you you nazi

Автор Tom Price (3 дня)
Uploaded on Jul 19, 2011
CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir
Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

Автор Stephen Guy (2 дня)
Gay Marriage ? If it is not Obscenity, to bring a child into the world,
that can never cry , "Mummy!"..If it is not Obscenity, to bring a child
into the world, that can never cry , "Daddy!"..then, the Homosexual, must
be rather more Wise, than the Supreme-Being ... : )

Автор Naomi Williams (8 дней)
I agree, western countries should not have jews or muslims, in their
administrations, only christians.

Автор Bernard Koranteng (10 дней)
The spider set about to collect all the wisdom in the universe. Having done
that and put them in a earth pot, he decided to keep the pot on the top of
the tallest tree. With a tread around the pot, he set about on the
adventure. Rather than putting the pot at the back to climb the tree, he
put it in front. This prevented he from climbing. Surely,it was someone who
corrected him to put the earth pot rather to the back than in front.
Realising he has failed in his mission to monopolise wisdom, just release
the rope around the earth pot and shattered into pieces. The individual ,
groups , communities , nations have behaved in this manner in the history
b'cause they don't understand the difference bt'wn owner and caretaker.

Автор Gary Mattis (2 месяца)
Your right about Obama being way out there ! , but I think Your a little
bit overboard against Jewish people ? , The bible says; Blindness in part
is on the Jews until the fullness of the gentiles becomes saved . I can't
blame them for what God has done to them like You are ! . I am a Messianic
Born Again Jew and I don't hate anyone because of what they were born as ,
Isn't it what they do that matters in life ? , if it is evil I am against
it , if it is good I am for it ! . I think You may need to forgive your
family and that you need God to forgive You for hating Jews so much ! . Are
You acting any better then the Jews who hate Christians ? Your both wrong
for hating each other ! . Muslims are saying Jews do not have a right to
exist and shooting rockets into Israel and blowing up buses with suicide
bombs , how do you suggest they put a stop to it ? . Hamas cleansing is
what I think is actually going on in the middle east between Israel and
Palestine and there are some innocent people getting caught up between the
battles .
I think Israel has been very long suffering with Palestine.

Автор DeadnWoon (11 дней)
Abramovich was not purged...

Автор Bertharina Rina (6 часов)
A pharisee approached Christ in claiming that he ( Pharisee ) was of the
seed line of Abraham the patriarch. Christ rebuked this devil in the flesh
as a bold-faced liar. This subhuman was persistent that he was of Abrahamic
lineage. Christ said: you are not of Abraham's lineage, for your father is
the devil and he has murdered all the prophets down through the ages, even
killing Zachariah between the wall and the temple. At one time this
Pharisee was in the lineage of Abraham, but he had race-mixed into the
satanic blood lineage of Esau, God’s worst enemy, into the
Canaanite blood line. Jacob, Esau’s brother, failed to do so, and our Lord
named him Israel. From Mary through her husband, Joseph, the blood line is
unpolluted back through Isaac, Abraham , Jacob, Shem, Noah and Seth. There
were several nations that were forbidden that Israelites to marry. Today,
the mixed lineage of Esau runs through the veins of most rulers of western
civilization. These people are known as Edomites. They are God’s enemies.
Mongrelism is a crime against God’s decree that mankind must disregard
mixing with nations via laws made in the name of liberalism. Liberalism is
communism. Communism is Bolshevism, and Bolshevism is an ancient mental
disorder of a class hysteria of rogues that actually nailed Christ to a
tree. Hollywood is their chief corner stone of sexual perversion, being
used to liquidate the various nations of families that comprise America.
The ruling elite that control Hollywood are multiple nationalities, that
are not an ethnic race or nation. They are contemporary remnants of ancient
Esau’s dominion over Palestine immigrating from the four corners of the
earth, nomads and vagabonds.
In the beginning the great serpent was
coiled near the throne of Pharaoh. For 400 years Hebrews had men in
physical and economic slavery. Moses fought the invisible viper landing up
across the Red Sea. Here, again the serpent is resurrected through Esau. So
far racial purity remained as ordained by God. After trial and error this
tribe ( Israel ), settled down in Palestine. The serpent engineered a
Babylonian captivity. Seventy years later, thousands were sent back to
Palestine. Prophets corrected genealogical records and cleared its people
of miscegenated mankind. Here God’s law was renewed.
Later, ten tribes were unlawfully taken
to Syria. A remnant of Israel was left in Palestine. Through miscegenation
from Assyria down into Mesopotamia, we find Abraham in a city named Trisk.
Egypt ruled this area and Pharaoh's high Priest administered religion.
Here, Abraham was called of God as a special vessel to be later named as a
patriarch. Abraham was to be the father of all nations, of which seed
lineage descended back to Shem, Noah’s son. Abraham had no dealings with
the serpent, lucifer. Israel of today is a whoring after strange flesh.
King Solomon made this mistake through violating the law racial purity.
This is what led to the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. Too, the destruction of
Babylonia. In regarding God’s racial laws we see how NATO and the Pentagon
are trifling into the affairs of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, the Crimea and
Pakistan. Billions of dollars are paying of nations to join in with NATO in
its illegal move towards global imperialism. The bottom line is that the
serpent raising its head below a 2500 mountain east of the Mediterranean in
a city 30 miles from the sea is restless. The serpent seedline is coiled
around the Obama,
netanyahu, and Vladimir Putin, with its tail reaching back to Noah through
Ham. Here is where the mystery of iniquity began and rumbles through two
great powers with a little bird in hand that chirps and intends to roar
like a lion. Satan and his gang is using the oil shortage mythology to
revolutionise Third World miscegenation, in order to strengthen the lineage
of a counterfeit Israel. Oil is the cannon.
Some 350 years BC, Alexander the
Great, went into Caucasia near the Black Sea. A native by the name Potus
resided. Alexander’s troops married into these people, bringing them along
their warring venture. Alexander married a lady in India. We might say that
this general was then the progenitor of mass racial world-wide influence.
In fact, Alex was a tool of finance out of Palestine, to wage destruction
on weaker nations. He was the first One Worlder. This man was poisoned
through financial oligarchs while in Babylon. He was the tale of a serpent
with a its head on a mountain that overlooked struggling mankind below. The
place is ancient Canaan.Nothing has changed today.

Автор ckg1965 (19 дней)
People that refer to THEMSELVES as a CHRISTIAN , might want to do some
RESEARCH on the word !
They just might be SURPRISED at the VERY LEAST !
And while your at it find out the difference between
Translation & Transliteration.
Here is a GREAT place to START to learn what WE REALLY NEED to KNOW

Автор Red Pillman (8 дней)
Thats it...I'm moving to Russia. 

Автор Schitty Pete (18 дней)
Some of the best comedy I have ever seen on the youtubes.

Автор harp per (3 месяца)
who is he supporting? does he know what he is saying? go to sleep old

Автор Hollywood4Fun (29 дней)
Never change brother Nate! I like the way you are and the way you don't get
wish-washy on biblical truths. Stay strong, there are many of us who agree
with what you say. A Christian abides by God's authority, not man's. Thanks
for all you do.

Автор Bill Mead (18 дней)
Easter is a pegan holiday ishtar the godess of fertility. Brother Nathaniel
knows it too. Those crosses on his neck don't fool me. He's bullshiting!
What a tool. 

Автор Brad Gillam (8 дней)
is this idiot for f**king real. putin is shoveling as fast as he can, and
america and the west gobble it up like ambrosia. before the fall of the
soviet regime, anything christian or jewish end up with either dead, or
near to it in a goolag in siberia. good grief. putin is not a dumb ass. his
kgb training didnt go to waist on him. he will say, and do anything to keep
him in power, reconsolidate power to the kremlin, and purge anyone standing
against him. he's just another stalin, only it's in the 21st century. but,
same can be said about the present government in office in d.c.

Автор Michael Groesbeck (1 месяц)
This guy & the Jews are just running you around in circles.

edit: I like Putin's general disposition. I do not approve of all his

Автор ColdWarWarriors (1 месяц)
You look at Obama's staff, full of Jews and LGBT's.

Автор WakeyUpPeople (14 дней)
Hahaha! Mint! I like Putin now even moreso. But sadly Russia like Damascus
is gonna go up as the bible says. We must pray for them.

As for Obama and this jewish christian stuff... Its all just a spin he is
not pro jew or christian hes a muslim he comforts/brown noses jews and
christians for political reasoning. We will all find out soon. 

Автор Violet Jackson (19 дней)
i want to hit both the like button and the dislike button hmm

Автор NamelessPoster (1 месяц)
It's pretty obvious that the Western media are supporting this cult of the
strong leader, the strong an Putin. What does that tell you? Don't be so
gullible, and brother Nathaniel looks like an agitator/shill, not nearly
like an honest man.

If the jews in power were REALLY terrified of Putin, you would certainly
pick this up from editorials in the NY Times, Time Magazine, Washington
post, and all the usual suspects.
They would present him like some modern Hitler.
You know why?

You always need to look a bit deeper to really get things. It's simple:
the ENTIRE CHECKERSBOARD is controlled since ages.
THE entire SU was a jewish creation.

So they eliminated 5 jewish oligarchs. SO WHAT???

Watch Bibi Nathanyahu receive Putin in Israel so see how Putin REALLY feels
about the jews:

"PM Netanyahu Meets with Russian President Putin in Jerusalem"

Автор David Ong (13 дней)
If propaganda can be categorised, the Americans have the worse kind of it
because it is hidden behind deception and illusion of freedom; at least the
Russians know what they are dealing with, staright propaganda. The Russians
get what they are told but the Americans get what they are not told. The
later is much worse than the former. By the way I am from Asia.

Автор UPSIPO (7 дней)
How comes you hate Jews so much , when you are a Jew yourself, "brother
Nethanel" . Is it about making money from Jew Haters - you Jew? 

Автор ASU SunDevilForLife (20 дней)
So says the man who, as he praises the wonderous and saintly qualities of
the benevolent and glorious Revered One called Putin, does not seem to
realize that if were Russian, he would not have the freedom to openly and
publicly bad-mouth his own leader. The former head of the KGB who
systematically isolated, jailed or otherwise did away with all of his
political enemies and made himself a defacto leader-for-life (dictator),
would, most certainly have banned the video, found a way to jail him or
offer him a lifetime vacation at a resort in Siberia.

Автор Gary Bourke (7 дней)
God Bless Putin !
Obama can rot in hell. After all he allows the construction of hell on and
above (chemtrails) our home land-The United States of America

Автор Bad Goy (4 дня)
Have you noticed all the Gay Propaganda coming out of the Zionist
controlled lame stream media. Its quite Disturbing.

Автор Peter Knopfler (14 дней)
What is even more stuck on stupid is the Worship of a Jewish RABBI hammered
on the Roman CROSS.The identity theft of a Jewish Person is bad enough but
a young Rabbi from Nazareth, killed by the Romans, well dead men cannot
speak and defend themselves. So Christianity, worships the Rabbi on the
CROSS but HATES JEWS. HA HA worship a Jews JESUS, HATE JEWS like Jesus.
Jesus only knew,He was and died a Jew.
HA HA YOU IDIOTS, Living in a Fantasy world of Violence.

Автор michelle grinder (1 месяц)
you hatemongers do more to destroy christianity than the devil himself

Автор ElDrHouse2010 (11 дней)
Based Putin. He is a counter weight to here>

Автор Rick Timmis (3 месяца)
Right then my friends. WTF do you make of this ?

Автор Andrew Malcolm (14 дней)
The biggest difference between Obama and Putin that if the US was invaded
Obama would run and hide in a bunker some where. Where Putin would grab a
gun and go out and fight to defend Russia

Автор onehunga2014 (14 дней)
Great infos, Putin is not a dictator, he is trying to educate leaders in
the west what a leader should be like. He is a strong leader and that is
very good for his people, People needs a strong leader, walks the talk and
an example for his people, Top Marks for Mr Putin.

Автор Jimmy Smythe (14 дней)
The only thing dumber than a religious person... is a religious person who
converts to another religion 

Автор C Fitz (1 месяц)
The ZOG's of the world are trying their damnedest to wreck Russia.
Russia's going to be in for a rough ride. But America's financial
implosion is imminent - and if Putin can ride out the storm of
sanctions, Russia is going to be in a dominant position in another four or
five years.


Автор Petrix Feral (1 месяц)
Reverse psychology, isn't it?
So many rabbits shot with one bullet.

Автор Karen Ratcliffe (8 дней)
I like putin he pulls no punches and is straight to the point 

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