The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Mark Marsh (1 месяц)
Jesus H. Christ Nathaniel! It's a damned shame that someone as well
informed and well spoken as you are on international political and
financial affairs could also be so religiously stupid and bigoted about gay
people. I have always enjoyed listening to your charismatic rants but when
you go in that direction, you lose your credibility completely. You're a
VERY smart man. Tear off that idiotic robe and your multiple crucifixes
and join us in the 21st century. Just because Christianity is less racist
and repugnant than your original Judaic faith, doesn't make it a positive
thing. It has poisoned your impressive mind. SNAP OUT OF IT.

Автор Frank Patek (23 дня)
....and if Putin didn't want Jesus Christ in Russia....it would be goodby
Jesus. So who's in charge of Russia, it's people or it's leader? We can
all disagree about homosexual marriage, but the freedom of America makes it
great. Without it, it is a dictatorship.

Russia is slowly returning to its heritage of dictator rule. They are
allowing someone to think for them...as they always have. So sad. They
could be great but allowing this former KJB leader to think for them will
end their rights.

Автор Jack Wade (6 месяцев)
The Jewification of America? how can a christian person say that?
Christianity has its foundation in Judaism this is a disgusting comment.
By a person that obviously has never opened a bible,
Doesn't surprise me though, the Vatican seems to skip over the 10
commandment pages pretty fast on their way to the pedophilia party.
In order to truly study the bible you must study all of the old testament
which means torah, quabbalah and as soon as you do that you want to read
more about the American Indians because all of it begins to remind you of
The only culture that ever said you can not buy and sell mother earth,
rimes with Christ telling the vendors, How dare you buy and sell in my
fathers house.
and that cross on his hat happens to have its meaning buried in ancient
cultures one of which is the American Indian.

Автор michael tucker (11 дней)
In Putin we trust. Regardless of religion. Nothing wrong with Jewish.
Christians etc. It's the Zionist that use religion as a war card to get
there own way. Putin tells you how it is. How it will be. What's so wrong
in that? The west just use the chaos theory on you. Wake up

Автор MrPocketfullOfSteel (16 дней)
Can you say " I Hate Israel"? Sure you can. Sad. I'm not much on Obama
myself, but this "there is a Jew around every corner" type of thinking
smells EXACTLY like some Demonic Nut that led Germany some years back.
Guess you're not much on history. Oh that's right.....those nutty Jews have
infiltrated all our school's libraries and our media too. 

Автор Gary Mattis (1 месяц)
Your right about Obama being way out there ! , but I think Your a little
bit overboard against Jewish people ? , The bible says; Blindness in part
is on the Jews until the fullness of the gentiles becomes saved . I can't
blame them for what God has done to them like You are ! . I am a Messianic
Born Again Jew and I don't hate anyone because of what they were born as ,
Isn't it what they do that matters in life ? , if it is evil I am against
it , if it is good I am for it ! . I think You may need to forgive your
family and that you need God to forgive You for hating Jews so much ! . Are
You acting any better then the Jews who hate Christians ? Your both wrong
for hating each other ! . Muslims are saying Jews do not have a right to
exist and shooting rockets into Israel and blowing up buses with suicide
bombs , how do you suggest they put a stop to it ? . Hamas cleansing is
what I think is actually going on in the middle east between Israel and
Palestine and there are some innocent people getting caught up between the
battles .
I think Israel has been very long suffering with Palestine.

Автор eatenbytheweasel (24 дня)
Sodomy and all same sex sex is roundly condemned in the Bible. It is an
affront and an abomination to God, by his own word. America has rejected
God's blessings and become a godless nation. 

Автор Pissful Islamic Suicidecities (2 месяца)
Y'all should realize something about the douche bag in the video. Born and
raised as a Jew in a religious home, turned sour after sampling a dick
where the sun don't shine. He is nothing less than the most extreme bigot
and a convert, but not to Christianity, that would not be bad. What's bad
about this prick is that he is a bonafide Nazi, and he just loves the
attention which y'all give to him, he thrives on it in fact. Simply put, he
is a flaming Jewish anti-semite who is as far and remote from practicing
the scriptures than the devil would be. so to any and all who feel a
connection to his yapping about "Y'all need to have your heads examined"!
I am a Jew, and I am very well conditioned for all the hate, it's all
I've ever known. We Jews, we can all be blamed of being resilient and
having a thick hide, Your hate is music to our ears, it defines clear
borders between the ill minded ignorance of lowlives and our evident
continuing success.lol

I will wrap with famous words which I suspect that none of the ignorant
will recognized, some food for thought nonetheless: "If the statistics are
right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a
nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way.
Properly, the Jew ought hardly to be heard of; but he is heard of, has
always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people…
His contributions to the world’s list of great names in literature,
science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also way
out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvelous
fight in the world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied
behind him.

The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with
sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek
and the Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other
peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned
out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished…
All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains.
What is the secret of his immortality? "Mark Twain"

Автор Pete WDHCo (11 дней)
LOL Pretty accurate.

Автор NamelessPoster (1 день)
It's pretty obvious that the Western media are supporting this cult of the
strong leader, the strong an Putin. What does that tell you? Don't be so
gullible, and brother Nathaniel looks like an agitator/shill, not nearly
like an honest man.

If the jews in power were REALLY terrified of Putin, you would certainly
pick this up from editorials in the NY Times, Time Magazine, Washington
post, and all the usual suspects.
They would present him like some modern Hitler.
You know why?

You always need to look a bit deeper to really get things. It's simple:
the ENTIRE CHECKERSBOARD is controlled since ages.
THE entire SU was a jewish creation.

So they eliminated 5 jewish oligarchs. SO WHAT???

Watch Bibi Nathanyahu receive Putin in Israel so see how Putin REALLY feels
about the jews:

"PM Netanyahu Meets with Russian President Putin in Jerusalem"

Автор harp per (1 месяц)
who is he supporting? does he know what he is saying? go to sleep old

Автор Jack Maruszak (10 дней)

Автор Steven Bruner (9 дней)
Thank you Brother Nathaniel for this video !!! You are one of the few
people broadcasting on You Tube that has a grip on reality. I have been
studying some of these topics for years and most Americans are so
brainwashed, its really sad . Keep up the good work and we will be
praying for Gods protection over you .

Автор Aquiles Mirande (18 дней)
this guy let the beard growing from under his nose grow trough the skull
into his brain and fuck all the neuronal-wire-shit that help him to make
sense in a 5 minutes of speak.
I'm not a doctor..... but that is my diagnosis.
And if he can say that overwhelming amount of nonsense in 5 minutes, I can
diagnose mental illness.

Автор Gary V (10 дней)
U.S., EU & NATO FOOLS! -- We are flirting with a nuclear war. If we have
one, hundreds of millions of people will die, and neither the USA, nor
China or Russia will ever recover.Unfortunately, (a) the process of
international diplomacy, (b) the need for the Banker owned news media to
get attention, (c) the need for political parties to appeal to American &
EU nationalism, and (d) the kinds of NATO and CIA miscalculations, all
reward increasing the risk of actually going over the edge. Unless we can
change, sooner or later we may well go over the edge to WW-3 !I hope that
the Russians or Chinese are wiser, but I seriously doubt it.

Автор Edward ELKINS JR (15 дней)
I am starting a ministry called 'The Church of Rome Christian Ministry' ,
There is a place called Rome,Oregon a natural rock formation in Oregon that
looks like the pillars of Rome, this inspired me, also a post office on
Rome street in the capital of Oregon. Banning all religious symbolism,
banning any religious art, anything leading to idolatry or the worship of
saints, still abiding by the catholic bible, discarding any teachings or
doctrine of the Pope's, administering polygraph tests for any minister to
be appointed , Bishops included, stopping any accumulation of monies
annually, regular 10 percent tithe , building structures minimalized so
that majority of tithe supports ministers and families, and the remaining
monies distributed to the poor annually first of the congregation than to
the poor of congregations in poorer countries. 

Автор Hanno Phoenicia (1 месяц)
Putin may be a dictator, but when is the last time we had a strong leader
here who defended his countries interests and never showed weakness to the

Nice people who want everyone to like them and then go to losing wars when
ignored do not make good presidents. We should never allow someone to run
for President if they're weak, have not served their country in uniform and
have any loyalty to foreign powers (like Israel or Saudi Arabia). We need
real Americans in the White House and Congress, not chicken hawks who send
soldiers off to fight other countries religious civil wars because we can't
tell the difference between good guys and bad guys. It's been decades since
we had any real leadership.

Remember Truman, JFK, Reagan and Eisenhower? How many of you are old
enough to remember when we had real leaders? 

Автор Petrix Feral (4 дня)
Reverse psychology, isn't it?
So many rabbits shot with one bullet.

Автор michelle grinder (21 день)
you hatemongers do more to destroy christianity than the devil himself

Автор Scott Laux (9 дней)
How idiotic. Another anti semite. Lots of Robber Barrons in the US but few
Jews. Why are you bringing back anit semitism? 

Автор Jack Harrison (20 дней)
Silly old fool should stand for US president. Though I liked his put-down
of Obama. He was potentially a great hope for working class Americans - but
wow the voters got HIM all wrong haha

Автор Rick Timmis (2 месяца)
Right then my friends. WTF do you make of this ?

Автор richarerich richards (2 дня)
@Mark Marsh, I hope America comes to its senses and does not join your idea
for the 21st century. It's a balance guy. Exploring human sexuality is a
great part of life when you're young and vital. The Gay America is a bad
idea. It is a cancer if it becomes what many gays want, everybody gay. "
normal " couples must make a child before you guys can have your flesh.

Автор rayamanelly (15 дней)
I bet this dude know what putin dick taste like.

Автор lneasy2 (1 месяц)
When the Soviet Union was established by the Bolsheviks in 1922, it was the
constitutional organization which took over from the Russian Empire. At the
time of the 1917 Revolution, the Russian Orthodox Church was deeply
integrated into the autocratic state enjoying official status. This was a
significant factor that contributed to the Bolshevik attitude to religion
and the steps they took to control it. Thus the USSR became the first state
to have, as an ideological objective, the elimination of religion and its
replacement with universal atheism. The communist regime confiscated
religious property, ridiculed religion, harassed believers, and propagated
atheism in schools. The confiscation of religious assets was often based on
accusations of illegal accumulation of wealth.
I believe that Putin’s emphasis on religion is not so much a personal
conviction as it is an intention to dispel atheism and its associated
atrocities under the Soviet Union from the Russian Federation, and implant
an emphasis on morality and ethics within the minds of observers as they
pertain to Russian policies.

Автор Darkman Walker (27 дней)
We definitely need a leader in the U.S. who will stand up for and support
Godly principles. We need a leader with some backbone and one who will
restore our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Автор imisslola321 (2 месяца)
While Russia converted to faithful best kind of Christian from
Non-Christian Communist, US Obama has become Satan Worshiper pretending to
be a Christian, fake Jews who hi-jacked Jewish religion( Revelation 3-9)
and is about to take over the world, call New World Order which is nothing
more than communist dictatorship.

Mean while, Russia converted to become a child of God and sending Oligarch
to prison who are Satan Worshipers known as Freemason or Oligarch that can
not be converted as of Russia did because it would infringe on God's
Law(Holy Spirit) by worshiping Satan and thus their destiny is to live in
Eternal Fire forever that they've been committing heinous crimes next to
next in those days that they fabricate thinking we may not
notice......................people are not that dumb, they'll find it out
soon or later!!!!!!!.

There are a few recent crimes they committed that is known to us such as
911,311 in order to gain gigantic world wealth, fabricating & killing
innocent people and sending innocent US soldiers to war. Those cabal who
control US send them to middle east in order to gain gigantic wealth only
for themselves, not for US now poor citizen!!!!!!!

What a crime & misfortune for US to have those rotten Zionist Jew Oligarch,
the cabal such as David & Senator Jay Rockefeller, Clinton,Bush,
Obama,Kissinger, Greenspan,Ben Bernanke, Cheney.......& more......seated on
governmental high place!!!!! They are admired in US Public committing those
crimes described above thinking we do not notice those crimes!!!!!!!!!!
They loves honors as brother Nathan speaks, love ravish life style. They
remind me of those Pharisees who murdered innocent Jesus 2000 years ago
made up Him as worst criminal!!!!!!!! Nothing has been changed since that
day.............for the sake of money and honor and control of the
world......they would fabricate, steal and murder,
genocide............nothing would stop them because they've got the
power..........the Satanic Power...........

Автор Sneha mody (21 день)
i like russia. i hate china. please dont support china. it is a bad country

Автор Jack Maruszak (10 дней)

Автор John Deer (19 дней)
Putin, the Greatest leader Russia ever had.

Автор Markku Ranin (1 месяц)
All fools of the world, including this, join Putler!

Автор enoch rodofiron (10 дней)
It is sad to see how deceived the world is about Zionism and Judaism. Not
knowing that God promised to destroy Israel and drive them from the Land of
Abraham and Moses in 922 BC. Killing the messiah didn't make God change his
mind. click twice..........

Автор seasonedsevencolors (7 дней)
I thought this was some joke/ fun video until checked comments and his

Автор Alan Weberman (14 дней)
fuckin idiot

Автор originalCN4 (3 дня)
well, i prefer Gods ideas over mans ideas but i have to say that nate seems
to be on the right path.

Автор hadrian waters (3 дня)
I feel they are both at opposite ends of the spectrum. And equally messed

Автор Julian Beach (15 дней)
Why trust one drug and not another?

Автор SaudaraLink (29 дней)
Lot's of good comparisons here. Jesus celebrated Passover, though. And
Jesus is Jewish. Russians Paschal celebrations are the celebrations of the
resurrection of a Jew, after all. So the anti-Jewish theme doesn't really
do much for showing Putin to be a great leader. 

Автор GardenState2012 (1 месяц)
Christians in the West are literally the slaves of Zionist Jews specially
in USA. 

Автор Wabbasha (1 месяц)
Didn't you co-write the sitcom Seinfeld?

Автор Mega Starsecret (19 дней)
woow, nutz, have you thought of what you to tell to Jewish Jesus Christ? or
do ya preparing to hid straight way to hell, do ya?

Автор YY Vidal (13 дней)
what a stupid fuck and it happens to be that I do not like oboma but this
goy is stupid

Автор Voltaire Arouet (18 дней)
nice commercial, I've had enough of this for one day

Автор Niurka Seijas (19 дней)
china is playing all 4 sides (usa, russia, muslim countries, and the
israel) while we fight they prepare for the big event, the singularity in

Автор Shaibah (1 месяц)
You look disguisting.. 

Автор MseeF (9 дней)
Very informative and well put; good job.

Автор abdullah abdulaziz (3 месяца)
I'm not a Christian but I like this man we are against zionism not against
jew or other things he said but zionism 

Автор Capndave l. (8 дней)
Freshly squeezed mashmallow..............LOL!

Автор robertw984 (14 часов)
The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got…:

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