The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Regenesis Brock (20 дней)
Long live the Ukraine, Israel and the USA! Its illegal to imitate a Priest
you Nazi fake

Автор Trajanify (5 месяцев)
Fucing Nazi religious nutter.

Автор Jack Wade (1 месяц)
The Jewification of America? how can a christian person say that?
Christianity has its foundation in Judaism this is a disgusting comment.
By a person that obviously has never opened a bible,
Doesn't surprise me though, the Vatican seems to skip over the 10
commandment pages pretty fast on their way to the pedophilia party.
In order to truly study the bible you must study all of the old testament
which means torah, quabbalah and as soon as you do that you want to read
more about the American Indians because all of it begins to remind you of
The only culture that ever said you can not buy and sell mother earth,
rimes with Christ telling the vendors, How dare you buy and sell in my
fathers house.
and that cross on his hat happens to have its meaning buried in ancient
cultures one of which is the American Indian.

Автор joey8062 (3 месяца)
I don't believe Jesus would want religion or Christianity to exists,
because religious people are clearly not falling on what he was. Peaceful
and never showed hate. I think I see Jesus as a Monk rather then a real
Religious Fanatic

Автор trythinkingnow (2 месяца)
Only religion is capable of producing insane lunatics claiming divine
inspiration for their hate speech and blatant psychosis....and the
undeserved yet automatically expected respect granted to a fool in a funny
hat wearing a cross.

Автор GlobalFaction (3 месяца)
He sounds like an authentic Christian.

Автор Silver Mcslick (4 месяца)
Yess im russian and i love you

Автор brd1243 (5 месяцев)
There are many Jews politicians pretending to be a Christian , for example
Putin , USA secretary john Kerry, and many more .

Автор canada2love (2 месяца)
There are a few videos, which detail more or less convincing, that he
actually lives in a gay marriage.

Автор Nick Volvo (4 месяца)
Throw the jew down the well

Автор Rob Cline (3 месяца)
Now I know why Iv'e always liked Mr, Putin.. ! and the non believing Jewish
leaders are spearheading the worlds influence? All I can ask Every country
in the world to do, is forgive THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR WE KNOW NOT WHAT

Автор Cass Carter (3 месяца)
So, what I take from this video is that Putin is superior because he
panders to Eastern Orthodox Christians and hates Jews and Barack Obama does

Автор Garrett Neal (5 месяцев)
Why am I watching this. I'll just stay far away from religion and politics
and I'll live a much happier life.

Автор oneleggedspider (5 месяцев)
Putin is a born again Christian, Russia is well on it's way to becoming a
nation that follows Jesus Christ, as is China. 

Автор Chad Mckinney (4 месяца)
God gave man, free will. He allows people to make their own choices be it
right or wrong, this is what America is about. FREEDOM!

Автор marc gabourie (4 месяца)
There is no reason to celebrate Putin or Obama, and no reason to be
anti-Jewish like this odd-looking minister is.

Автор Tristen B (4 месяца)
Is this guy a troll? Or is he just this fucking retarded?

Автор StonedPatriot (3 месяца)
Some of this makes no sense as Obama's repeatedly had as guests of honor
Muslim Terrorist leadership over to the White House. 

Автор Woyam Chny (18 дней)
This sounds like a NAZI rant to me. Hey, maybe if Putin killed all the Jews
and homos in Russia, it would be a better place. It worked for Hitler, for
a short time.

Автор Steve Vai (2 месяца)
Fuck u if bush were the president he would have nuked kremlin

Автор Maurice Cardinal (2 месяца)
It's very difficult to follow religion. It's all over the map on every
level. Even Christianity and all it's false religious holidays which are
clearly against Jesus Christ. Yet scripture tells us we are to keep the
Sabbath. I could go on and on about one religion being right in a sense and
then show you where it is they fail to follow Christ's teachings. Believe
in Jesus and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in scripture and truth on
what Jesus wants out of us and the truth within. God Bless all.

Автор VocaloidMau5 (4 месяца)
I agree on somethings he says, but he sounds like an Anti-Jew... I mean I
see a video off to the side talking about why he left Judaism... I'm not
joking right now. Some stuff he says is pretty legit, but others is just
biased to hell and he sounds like a nazi.

Автор Thomas Carney (4 месяца)
"Brother" Nathaniel: the Jews are NOT running the Obama White House. The
Mohamedans ARE. If you believe the Jews are running this White House, then
Cheech and Chong want what you're using in your incense. It must be some
darned good ganja.

Автор kingofthepaupers (7 месяцев)
Jct: I like Vlad but I don't like gay-bashing or banning casinos. Why
should anyone's cops be chasing me for playing cards? These silly
prohibitions are from the dark ages and Putin shows his mettle in important
issues so I hope some things can change.

Автор Andy McStab (3 месяца)
Christianity, basically, throughout history since its inception, has won
every war ever fought. When Britain and later America were at their peak,
they were fully Christian. Britain lost its Christianity first, and its
power soon followed. America has lost most of its Christianity today, and
it is being destroyed.
During the anti Christian years of the soviet union, Russia suffered. Now
it is becoming Christian, it is flourishing. When Germany became Pagan
between 1939-45, it was destroyed like sodom and gomorrah by Christian
nations - literally by fire from the skies. By 2030 China will have the
largest Christian population on earth. More people go to church in China
than in the whole of europe. No surprise it is the fastest growing world
power and economy.
If there is to be a war between Russia and the west, you can bet Russia
will win under Putins Christian leadership.

Автор XS3box (3 месяца)
Ok ok ok, I feel like im mission something here. Im pretty sure there is a
major difference between the Jews he is talking about and the Jews who live
poor as **** in Israel and contribute nothing to the US or Russia. Somebody
tell me what does everybody mean by "Jews" and "Zionism" because Zionism
also means wanting Israel to be a nation, which is a thing even GOD said
should happen. So we obviously lumped 2 different groups of people under
the same name.

I feel like we need to clarify who's who and give the bad guys a new name.
Bible did say Jews are holy people so to taint the name with the bad guys
is un-Christian.

Автор ExVeritateLibertas (2 месяца)
Abramovich is not only not prosecuted by Putin, he is wealthier than ever.
Though he does appear not to have any political control.

Автор Makheyi Makhedama (4 месяца)
I love Putin. He took the lead to stop the Zionist Jews. Obama is just a
puppet of Zionist Jews. Why are Christians looking at this and doing
The Jews started all the wars we know on this earth and there are the
reason why there's suffering here on earth. There are of the synagogue of
Satan and we need to stop them.

Автор humboldt777 (3 месяца)
What a piece of crap!

Автор Joseph Taylor (2 месяца)
So you became a Christian just to spite the Jews whom you believe control
the world's financial system? Yeah, you're just as sincere in your
conversion to Christ as Putin is in saying Russia is a multi-faith
country. "Away from me, for I never knew you" will be the first thing you
hear in death.

Автор Nick Ravenscroft (4 месяца)
Do you think Jesus would have approved of gay people being beaten up in
Russia, of the hate that is directed towards them? The problem with people
like you is that you're so pleased with yourself for having half-understood
an ancient collection of texts, that you utterly misunderstand what you've
read, because you've put so much of you into it, you've missed the context.

Instead you would prefer to spend your time masquerading on youtube in your
absurd outfit sprouting your ignorant half-thoughts, as opposed to actually
living the message of the figure whom you profess inspires you so much.

Stop flattering your ego like a mentalist despot and go spread love,
understanding, peace and compassion instead. 

Автор Bob Judd (6 месяцев)
Spoken like a true pedophile!

Автор Cliff Surtees (3 месяца)
Please remember that Zionism is not Jewry. Zionism is only 150 yrs old.

Автор 67O25 (2 месяца)
LOOOL do you really belive that shit?! :D

Автор Truth Tracker (7 месяцев)
I lived in Russia. Putin constantly impressed me. I was amazed at how much
he actually cared about the people and it wasn't an act, like with O.

Автор geppe rossi (3 месяца)

Автор Luke Pym (3 месяца)
Some of what this guy is saying is stupid, but I definitely believe Putin
is a far better president. He is not threatened by any country, it is quite
funny when countries threaten Russia and then are put in their place, even
America. Obama just looks like a coward

Автор asala2116 (3 месяца)
only if Australia closed down casinos .. You wouldn't see so many people
left out of pocket week after week .. Instead we have stupid gambling
courses with no funding what so ever ..Whilst more clubs and casinos are
built ..

Автор nicktesla45 (7 месяцев)
No comparison ! That is like comparing a puppet and a great statesman .
Putin is a real Leader not a stupid puppet .

Автор bobshenix (8 месяцев)
Agree with almost everything but the South Park creators are not
dyed-in-the-wool liberal idiots... they are very smart. They actually have
a left-leaning Libertarian streak in them. I like South Park but i agree
with most of what BN has to say here.

Автор lalas232 (7 месяцев)
What a load of anti-semitic crap

Vladimir Putin is a LEADER and Obama is hypocrite clown owned by
corporation and zionist. .. simple as that 

Автор BrettL64 (1 месяц)
I watch these clips as a reliable source of information. I find BN's anti
gay and moral censorship stance disturbing but understand his push for
moral values.
Social acceptability is one thing , using the law to enforce these ideals
though, is moral fascism.

Автор jugalowho (6 месяцев)
so true ! But what ABOUT the freedom of the people); All i get from this is
a religious view , but what happens when we get a true non democratic, non
dictator a peoples person that won't sell his soul . what if the ukrainian
people finnally get what they need and want ! what if i'm sorry but i'm
UKRAINE! U A bunch of pussies or something?

Автор lorraine green (4 месяца)
Trust putin over Obama any day.love 3:40 when putin is staring Obama down
putin is not a fake like Obama.

Автор creativeplanetjanet (6 месяцев)
Sometimes I wonder if Putin is just a really good actor. Something just
doesn't seem quite right - like he is a very well-made robot or something
not quite human. I hope I am wrong.

Автор caroline islands (6 месяцев)
Too bad you had to get so anti-semitic. 

Автор syyenergy7 (4 месяца)
Hey "Brother" Nathaniel. you are living proof Jesus Christ was a lie and an
imposter "messiah".

Автор chaim l'isle (3 месяца)
Is this guy sarcastic or what?

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