The Difference Between Putin and Obama. - You Got to See This!!

CONTROLLED WESTERN MEDIA has been waging a savage campaign against Vladimir Putin for the last 8 years??? WAIT TIL YOU HEAR THIS!!...........

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Автор Martin Hyizna ( назад)
Putin is no one to admire, what the fuck is wrong with you people? 70 years
ago you would have been singing the praises of Stalin. I suppose there will
always be a segment of society that is easily-duped and generally

Автор Oriana Fallaci ( назад)
+3xoticx Yes every move Obama has made has been what the MB wants. And
he has filled Washington with MB appointees. As well as Hilary's aide
Huma Abedin being a MB connected woman with access to those emails.Huma
Abedins father was one of the 20 scholars who worked on the manifesto
for the saudi government that says how to use the muslim minorities in
America, but to first destroy the Jews of America

Islamist Infiltration of the Obama Administration

Weiner - Huma Abedin: Muslim Brotherhood princess

Muslim Brotherhood princess' used Clinton email server

The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration
Freedom Center pamphlet by Frank Gaffney exposes just how deeply Islamists
have infiltrated the White House.

To name a few. ..Some of Obama's Moslem Brotherhood appointees who enjoy
strong influence over US policy" Arif Alikhan (Assistant secretary for
Homeland Security for policy development as deputy mayor of los angeles,
stopped the tracking of terrorists) Mohammed Elibiary (head of Obamas
Homeland Security Advisory Council HSAC not only is he a member of MB, he
openly supports them on his twitter acct and puts the Moslem Brotherhood
logo on his twitter avatar) Rashad Hussain (Obama's special envoy to the UN
has the whole koran memorized and is openly an MB activist), Muslim
Brotherhood member Salam al-Marayati, Muslim Brotherhood Kareem Shora
Homeland Security Advisory Council,Muslim Brotherhood Imam Mohamed Magid,
Muslim Brotherhood Eboo Patel Obamas advisory council). Muslim Sisterhood
Dalia Mogahed (Obama's advisory council the first veiled muslim appointed
by a president, she said sharia law is "gender justice" so ladies if you
want your husbands to beat you...

Citizens for National Security (CFNS) has a list of 6,000 members of the
Muslim Brotherhood who are living in America and determined to "penetrate
the United States and eventually erode its institutions, policies, and
sense of self through the creation of a multifaceted Fifth Column movement
within our borders."

The architects of 9/11 — including Osama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — all belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood before they
formed Al Qaeda. A Blood-Soaked, Totalitarian Death Cult’: National
Security Expert Explains Why You Should Fear the Muslim Brotherhood

Автор Janet Prioleau (1358 лет назад)
And that is why this african-american women respects PUTIN. He is my

Автор SupesCoob ( назад)
Holy shit! Reading the comments. Intimidation, threats, staring down,
clamping down on those who disagree. You seem to laud these as positive
traits. You're like a dictators "dream populace". Why don't you just elect
mafia bosses to the US senate? Hey elect me! I'll gladly tell you what to
do and punish those who disobey. Whenever I want you to hate somebody else
I'll simply state that they poked fun at your myth religion. Then just sit
back and watch you rally to the cause.

Автор Martin Hyizna ( назад)
Fuck you and your anti-Jewish crap I'd like to see you lay that propaganda
down publicly in front of real people. It's easy in your clown outfit and
avb camera. Fucking pussy.

Автор Dagmar Zaunick ( назад)
Hitler would have loved this man! his rhetoric would have made him proud!
Six million would not have been enough for this man. At least Hitler was
honest enough not to act under the cover of religion as this hypocrisy

Автор rabcam1 ( назад)
a lot of people dont like mr putin,,if you had a choice for a world
leader,between obama and mr putin,,its not even a hard choice,

Автор spirit 1770 ( назад)
As you the Jewish were the chosen people. BUT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT

Автор BREGGREN Papadoo ( назад)
Why Does Russia Still Sport The Cross Over The Crescent?

Автор BREGGREN Papadoo ( назад)
The Folks Don't Dare to Do Squat!

Автор BREGGREN Papadoo ( назад)
Get Back in You Hole. You Rat!!

Автор yrrek nedlof ( назад)
great people attract leaders they deserved ,jews aren't bad Judaism
is,nazism bad germans good muslim bad arab bad ;african indian american
bad, theme is these groups are bad , humans in gods image good, sorry
keyboard broken i typye whith mose

Автор USER112358134711 ( назад)
"Father", you forgot to mention the great number of Muslins in the Obama
administration! But of course, you hate only the Jews! Typical to your
prejudiced optics. Greetings to your antisemitic sponsors! They found the
right clown to do their job! YOURSELF!

Автор chriskb12350 ( назад)
u ought to remake this video in light of the iran nuclear deal.

Автор Anton Davis ( назад)
stop dressing like a monk Nathaniel..ladies and gentlemen this man is monk
but a wolf in sheeps clothing..you are more than welcome to keep on spewing
out your garbage but please stop portraying as a orthodox monk.

Автор f (200 лет назад)
Contradictions in the Bible ( Non Contradictions) now available on lulu.com
Learn the truth about the word of God and how there are no contradictions
in the scriptures just atheist misunderstandings and intentional

Автор THAD J. CORNETT ( назад)
I would vote for Putin...i;m tired of the weak puppets who do nothing for

Автор Brandon Tanberg (780 лет назад)
How far away are we in the US from being able too have a Putin like Leader?
Yours truly, whom is ready for a Better way forward in some way ... In the
US. Cheers

Автор meat wagon ( назад)
Great video BN. Putin is the man. Obumma is a tool for the Jews.

Автор DAVID Clement ( назад)
Im having trouble believing that you are a Christian and not just a
disgruntled Jew. You quack just like a duck.

Автор sjrpride77 ( назад)
Lmao if any of you idiots actually think Putin is religious, you're a
fucking idiot. Most politicians are athiests, who just use the bronze-age
fairytales known as religion to control the stupid masses. Russia has been
an atheist communist country for years, and now you're all sucking their
dick just cause Putin, the most manipulative and cunning politician today
CLAIMS he's a Christian? Not that it matters anyway since Christianity,
Judaism, Islam and all religions are just made up bullshit that literally
would have no effect whatsoever on current world events if it wasn't for
you blithering idiots insisting it matters. Just trying to add a little
real world logic to a conversation about how our magical sky daddy likes
your leader better than mine. Oh well, let the wave of hate comments about
how I'm a filthy devil worshipper or a zionist puppet commence.

Автор ovie netz ( назад)
read a comment gloryfieng Obama " he will go down as the worst president
ever" and as for him getting gas prices to go down I hate to tell you but
he does not control gas prices!

Автор Finn Broman ( назад)
How does this have more likes than dislikes?

Автор Jill Peluso ( назад)
God Bless, President Putin and he handsome too!

Автор Storm1 Sandy ( назад)
Why would a Muslim like Obama want a Jewish appreciation month?

Автор Kathlean Keesler ( назад)
Orthodox Christianity - Bible scripture states Russia will win

Автор jklahsd32 laksd13 ( назад)
Muslims like putin, unless they are Brain washed turks..

Автор baria mourad ( назад)
I'm muslim but I have mutch respect for this man & putin

Автор TheZzzz1 ( назад)
4 years later : these words have been amply confirmed .

Автор CaptainMacNasty ( назад)
After decades of calling liberals Communists, Socialists and Marxists, it
is no surprise to see "Christians", Conservatives, Republicans and Nazis
lining up to kiss the behind of the current Russian dictator. But we
liberals have always known the true allegiances of these self-proclaimed
"patriots". Disgusting.

Автор daryl sapine ( назад)
Its defamation to compare A Wild BEAR with A confused Monkey??

Автор Dee Garmon ( назад)
I cannot think of anything the fearless leaders of the West are capable of
other than
turning political power into cold cash!

Автор g zimmermann ( назад)
goddamn jews

Автор ging embradura ( назад)
i love putin

Автор Franklin Ha ( назад)
Hi... I'm an American and I think Putin did the right thing in middle east
and also Ukraine... having said that... I always wondered, are you a
priest? What is the uniform you're wearing and why are you so political? I
would appreciate if you could do a video about the Orthodox Christianity
and how you view a difference from that from perhaps Papacy or even
Presbyterian in U.S. ?

Автор omykh1 ( назад)
Hilarious! Another moscow agent, hard at work! 😂😂😂

Автор aljoe ( назад)
What a great clip! It would be humorous if it wasn't so dead on true.

Can anyone point out anything, anything at all, to admire in Obama?

Автор Husain Ahmad ( назад)

Автор MrDimitrijetucovic ( назад)
Obama is maybe not the best president in the world but any way he is
zillion times better than Vladimir Putin.Putin is Antichrist a new Atomic

Автор Mr. Roboto ( назад)

Автор Alan metclaff ( назад)
Well said, Zionist scum! Long live Putin.

Автор Chito Reyes ( назад)
WELL SAID !!! Fairly and justifiably compared!!! If you try to contemplate
the real issues and its essence...and believe on it with all
sincerity...and not to have been overshadowed by hypocrisy to accept the
truth, then, my dear people of the world...take the challenge of doing
something about it.Putin is a true Christian Leader, believes in the 10
commandments as well as a Believer of God.Pray for his safety, there shall
be no Nuclear War 3 as long as he is alive and well.

Автор Michael Chittum ( назад)
PRAISE be unto my friend and Brother WHOM hath great perception and HATH
the COURAGE to speak it. Should I prove to you where two Hasidic Jews were
killed Aug "68" in a hotel room outside Ft. Knox . My Great Uncle did it
for these men threatened to kill me from LIES perpetrated from
Dulles/Bissell's lips. Being a great friend of JFK and a KNOWER of whom
Killed Him and his brother they KNEW I was the greatest THREAT against them.
Needless to say anybody can hire an investigator and find out this is True.
In fact many of my Army buddies had to testify to Law inforcement officers
that I was in my bunk ALL night.
My Great Uncle Sam not only killed them but took the Ancient artifacts they
had(Totally invaluable) and showed them to me later-He actually was going
to destroy them(for he said they were Mystical and had Power) Of course he
knew what he was talking about for he was a Full Fledged Rogue
Shaolin/Ninja and KNEW what Power was- I talked him out of it for they are
SO Ancient and are the History of Mankind no matter what Idiot would try
and use them either for Good or Bad---For I say this--One might think he
was using them for good but yet HATH no Idea for he could MIS-interpret
We have many idiots on this planet WHOM seek Power and I'm proud to say
that my Uncle did Dulles and LBJ with his special Poison for they sought my
DEATH---The PIT is NOW theirs

Автор Eliezer Mayteles (149 лет назад)
how come I never met this clown. ..

Автор Tulsatom Bob ( назад)
03:43 Obama's thinking......"I hope that white boy don't kick my ass!" LMAO

Автор Tulsatom Bob ( назад)
Obama has proven over and over that he is not a real man or President. He's
totally controlled and manipulated by his CRIMINAL, Puppet Master-Handlers.
You might say he's just a "House Nigga" or "Uncle Tom", for the viper he
serves. He's just an opportunist with all the perks of a U.S. President and
enjoys the many lavish vacations provided by the U.S. Taxpayer. Too bad we
don't have a President with morals and dignity, like Pres. Putin.

Автор steve randall ( назад)
Who the fuck is this Yankee sounding bearded FUCKTARD? Is he Russian?

Автор Chase Holt ( назад)
Putin please kill Obama and be our president, make the US and Russia unite!

Автор PissedOff WhiteGuy ( назад)
I kind of liked this guy until he supported banning Southpark. Now he's a

I agree with almost everything. But I think we can leave the gays alone and
let them do what they want. And I Don't hate the whole race, I only hate
the individual(s) involved. A lot of people cant seem to tell the
difference nowadays.

Автор Patrick Tay ( назад)

Автор silversurfers7 ( назад)
....The Jew nation is too small to take on the world, so it must get bigger
nations to kill each other off, that is what you are seeing now, N-America
at war with the Muslim world. Arabs are the first target, later it will be
China, then Russia, something like that. Then when these nations population
are very low, they will have better chance in carrying out their finally

Автор Tom Vaughn ( назад)
The part i'm having problems with this video is the title. "you got to see
this" no i didn't. This is on very specific topics that ultimate is
irrelevant to me. I believe each country should choose it's own path.
Jewification of America? I don't think this guy knows what he's talking
about? I don't personally know a single Jew but I would be happy for the
perspective one could bring, regardless of what I think about the religion.
In closing, thanks for wasting my time. don't bother watching this video...

Автор Lucinda Gaskill ( назад)
Putin for President of the U.S. !

Автор Preben Soe ( назад)
A cross on a cross - doesn't that look a little fruity to you all

Автор Erik de Fluiter ( назад)
But Obama's uncle liberated Auswitch..............

Автор Brad Hollister ( назад)
Mr. Putin has been demonized in America by the war lords because they see
him as a leader instead of a pussy!

Автор Christian Groenheide ( назад)
Well Jesus is a zionist. But Obama hates zionists. Obama hates jews..... So
something in your mind is utterly twisted inside out.

Автор I C Ewe ( назад)
We actually pay no attention to the Heeb bastards,but we've still no reason
to really trust Russia.

Автор Info junkies ( назад)
Only time America was great, was before it was discovered by europeans

Автор Red .Rotten ( назад)
I agree with everything you say except banning the Simpsons,Southpark and
Gay marriage.I'm an Atheist heterosexual and believe that we are all equal
and should be treated equal regardless, anything less would be inhumane.

Автор Benny A ( назад)
Tell us something we don't know? Obama don't like the Jews haven't you seen
what he has done jew relations?
Putin can stay over there in russia. We have a REAL president coming next
year. He will sent all these illegals packing too.

Автор Americansisis ( назад)
kill all jews problem solved

Автор Emma Heart ( назад)
wait till u hear this u sick fuck ! most of the reachest mens of putins
Russia are jews , mr Medvedev is jewish and so his wife , putins ex wife is
also jewish , even the head of Russian orthodoxal church is a jew too .

Автор Ciprian Popa ( назад)
So I what can see from the speech of this priest is that he likes only the
jews like those at his neck, crucified.

Автор Mike Villano ( назад)
Zionist puppet Obama?
Christians support Israel and Zionism.
This guy sounds like Borat.

Автор Benkovac333 (1605 лет назад)
Barack Hussein Obama!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

Автор JesuitGeneral BlackPope ( назад)
America is losing its Christian values

Автор Jaamc 115 ( назад)
This old man isn't home boy he is talked Like shit

Автор D. Millennial ( назад)
Putin is the alpha male Leader Obama is the beta male leader....Putin will
be remembered in future generations to come. a Great Leader who doesn't
fuck around. we needed someone like him in the U.S. instead we got Obama
soft as a marshmallow.

Автор anastasia2657 ( назад)
That's because communism is trading places.

Автор domagoj kocijan ( назад)
The main difference is that Obama talks and consults while Putin is not
afraid to take actions

Автор Jerry E ( назад)
Right on!
And, if the US Gov't wants to start WW III, using Turkey to instigate it, I
hope Russia and it's allies beat the US and NATO's ass. NATO's a joke to
begin with. Collectively, they hardly even bothered to help-out in
Afghanistan. Meanwhile, what's left of the US Army is trying to figure out
what its latest clown suit for a uniform should be. If it goes nuclear, oh
well. We're collapsing at the moment, anyway.

Автор Free Speech ( назад)
Amen to that

Автор Rubim Ellmelech ( назад)
Brother Nathan a funny Man, and I can't help myself from agreeing with a
lot of his videos, but why the double cross around his neck ?

Also, if the world really is so messed up, Im sure the Zion forces control
both/all the sides, luring us in to, what ever nasty stuff there minds have
made up for us , if we let us self be tricked by all there acting and

Автор robert demur ( назад)
What do extremist Jews stand for. Go research their policies and agendas.
See Dr. David Duke.

Автор mahyudin mohdtahir ( назад)
Jesus of Nazareth Peace be upon him ; will be back ; The Messiah will bring
peace and harmony to the world after the demise of the antiChrist who
earlier will rule from the capitol of Israel ( of that period ) Jerusalem .

Автор MusketeerinFlorida ( назад)
I agree, but we still would have those effeminate congress critters.

Автор deersurety ( назад)
if putin is such great then why is he supporting the iranian islamic
dictatorship against iraians ?!!!
you are a jew .. why do you support putin ?!! if putin is against the
jewish supremacy ?!!
putin cannot have a homophil policy because of his support of mullahs...
you are a jew and I dont believe in your honesty
jews are not content with obama see nethanyahu... the jews are master in
conspirative political parxis

Автор Fathi Liban ( назад)
as amuslim i have much respect for othodox christian.

Автор Asus Black ( назад)
im thinking of living in Russia

Автор Asus Black ( назад)
One is a leader that won in fair elections and one is a a Zionist ball
carrier that won by false democrazy.

Автор Pete Gabrys ( назад)
government should never mix with religion

Автор Francisco Hernandez ( назад)
the only thing i disagree with is that why would JEWS want to bring Muslims
into america.

Автор Povl Besser ( назад)
Bro Nat, you'd fit right into Russia. Your scenescape even looks abit like
central Siberia and the outfit is uncanny. What are you waiting for, go!

Автор Scarecrow3710 ( назад)
lol...this stuff is funny...

Автор MRNiceNice1 ( назад)
trim your beard

Автор Levi Brown ( назад)
You're fucking stupid. This passover deal was part of a campaign that
Michelle and the President have had to be inclusive of different religions.
Because America does not have a state religion. And that's part of why
we're a great nation.

Автор Jack Inderbockz ( назад)
Pink Gays versus Men.

Автор Zhubin Zarindast (895 лет назад)
This is hilarious. Why would a Jewish man be SO against other fellow Jews.
Is it because he's jealous? What did those other Jews do to him? Does he
really mean it all?

Автор David Ammunson ( назад)

Автор Muhammad Lee (877 лет назад)
Although I like Putin, I don't share his views on religion. First of all
Russia is a secular state and many ppl here are atheists, too. I think as a
humanity we've outgrown the religions and should replace it with a
humanism, moral ethic and common sense. Religions were usefull(despite
religous wars) in the old times and now should evolve. A democracy should
also evolve!

Автор Haitian Refugee ( назад)
God Bless Israel & his chosen people. I dislike Obama but Putin is not a
good person just more of a man than Obama.

Автор Tariq Nazim ( назад)
I am Muslim. May the creator of the universe bless you brother for your
research work.

Автор aadrianlee ( назад)
Good job Putin from the UK

Автор Crusaders for Christ ( назад)
I am officially moving to Russia and enlisting in the Christian Crusades
fighting against the forces of evil.

Автор spenderpxt45 ( назад)
Putin Russia is great.but i don`t agree with the lack of LGBT civil
rights,they are humans and should be respected with dignity,it`s not going
to harm or hurt anybody by giving them rights like the rest of citizens.

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