Cold Starting a Cummins Diesel

Cummins NT855 14 Litre turbocharged 6 cylinder diesel engine used to power a Dawson-Keith backup generator being started at 2ºC. This engine has no glow plugs, water heater, excess fuel or other cold starting aids. The Generators output is 175KW or 218KVA.Engine speed is governed to 1500 rpm to maintain 50 Hz. Good batteries and a ear defenders are a must!
Recorded on a Nokia N95

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Автор Erica Burns ( назад)
wow,,that's amazing,,,how many volts to the starter just curious??? my
boyfriend loves the sound of it as well???

Автор Erica Burns ( назад)
so it don't burn it up cranking that long?? cause on a car they say you
can't crank long if you know what I mean?

Автор Erica Burns ( назад)
surprised the starter can handle that much straight cranking over!!!

Автор tom austen ( назад)
Cummins are the best!

Автор NASIL YAPARIM ( назад)
Marş motorunu mahvettin . uzun marşliyorsun.

Автор 1039sflem ( назад)
that's a heck of a starter on that engine !

Автор New frontier ( назад)
It lives!!!

Автор Scott Young ( назад)
That was Beautiful !!

Автор mkrp4 ( назад)
Emergency stand-by and back-up generators must be easy to start (many of
them are lubricated by low viscosity oil to reduce starter drag during
start, however this cuts the engine lifespan). 

Автор Amit Joshi ( назад)
OK, but this model manufactured in India gives excellent performance in
Himalayan India in harshest winter and altitude

Автор iCloud ( назад)
@noah bata no it's not about that diesel are hard working a lot of torque
and power where as petrol engines are built for much much higher rpms and
you don't compare a several hundred or thousand hp cummins to a brigs and

Автор Amit Joshi ( назад)
Cummings diesel generators are manufactured in India they r simply robust
and reliable

Автор MegaS1968 ( назад)
Хочу такое! (Из раздела: ПОДГОТОВКА К ОККУПАЦИИ)))

Автор Troo86 ( назад)
Kinda reminds me when I worked at eartworking company. I used to drive an
old Volvo 5350B articulated hauler with 6 cylinder turbodiesel. Every
morning in winter it needed a long start with excess fuel. And when some
cylinders came to life I could release the key from start position and just
wait for the rest of the cylinders. World around that machine just went
black by diesel smoke.

Автор 5fdpknucklehead100 ( назад)
1:24 theres that sexy as hell diesel sound

Автор moosiah ( назад)
Sounds just like cold starting the 743 Cummins in my Crown bus- hold the
valve release , crank until it speeds up, Then drop the handle...... mine
also has a hand pump diesel 'intake heater ' that is a blow torch in the
intake manifold ... 14-1 compression makes for dodgy cold starts ....

Автор TDIMAXDIESEL ( назад)
Thats a nice cold start and the other one to !

Автор André Gonçalves ( назад)
This is one of the reasons I want to go to the US :) 

Автор Douglas DeNunzio (dougd120) ( назад)

Автор Douglas DeNunzio (dougd120) ( назад)
big load

Автор Dr1ftn79 ( назад)
love the sound of a big genset comming to life, 1 cylinder at a time..
heaps of clag, Beautiful. 

Автор Ronald P ( назад)
Parts for the N14 are still available.

Автор russianfubar ( назад)
im sure you can get a few generic parts and theres some on ebay

Автор piston head 1243 ( назад)
putting a heat gun into the intake of over the diesel lines would really
help that brute start a bit easier! but still great engine

Автор SuperHotLarry ( назад)
Why dont we just stop fighting and say the best is natural gas lol

Автор JDCrazy16 ( назад)
And to jammymark just cuz it smokes like that when it starts doesn't mean
it's broke ok all it is, is to much fuel getting in there on start up cuz
he cranked it for so long my tractor on the farm does the same thing in
cold weather ether or not it's gonna do that until the engine takes off

Автор JDCrazy16 ( назад)
No shit gas is gonna start better they ignite on spark diesel ignites on

Автор Noah Bata ( назад)
Gasoline engines cold start better than diesel engines. A Tecumseh or
Briggs & Stratton engine would cold start better in below 0 weather.

Автор Mark James ( назад)
When was the last time it had a Top end set? Resetting the injectors can
help a lot. Also should have a block heater if it's regularly starting at
those kinds of tempratures. Check the STC valve aswell.

Автор Mark James ( назад)
@simonspiers All parts are still available from Cummins.com. These engines
are still used in a lot of the UK's sprinter trains.

Автор cbman96 ( назад)
@simonspiers not sure where this video is taken, but i know that you can
get parts for theses engines, easier then you would think, alot of the
trucks i work on have these 855 big cams in them

Автор Bevoin1970 ( назад)
I just love the sound of this baby firing up.... WOW !!!!

Автор Narendra Rajcoomar ( назад)

Автор scoobiedoo96 ( назад)
is there anythin that sounds nicer than a cummins firing up?

Автор IH946 ( назад)
Cool thats the way i start up after a night out with a litle to much to

Автор IH946 ( назад)
wow cool sounds great 

Автор IH946 ( назад)
thats one mean machine you got there nice sound

Автор William Seibert ( назад)
man, that starter is a freakin trooper

Автор JustJoshinY ( назад)
I must say. That's a beast

Автор Kodiak Turbo ( назад)
@donnactrc Factory parts may not be available, but you could install an
aftermarket in-line hose-type heater.

Автор czarandmaeve ( назад)
@itscool1968 what the fuck is a contray? do you mean country??

Автор Joe Mulford ( назад)
@itscool1968 Third world country? It's England, not Africa.

Автор A Crustacean ( назад)
So.... each cylinder is the size of a soda bottle?

Автор Donna Christman ( назад)
The NTC engine is still being made. Check with your Cummins dealer-you
might be surprised at what you find.

Автор Donna Christman ( назад)
It is starting at a low throttle since it is so cold, it can't accelerate
properly. And by the amount of black smoke being emitted out of the exhaust
stack, it also tells me it is being started with full throttle, full fuel
to the governor. It is advised to get with Cummins, and have them install a
idle setting for cold starts so you don't get the massive smoke emission at
start, and the engine has a chance to gently warm up instead of being
forced up to 1800rpm immediately.

Автор Joe Mulford ( назад)
@KingOfTheClutch I know! It's like awakening some ancient monster or

Автор Donna Christman ( назад)
I cringe everytime I hear this poor engine starting under full fuel
situation-popcorning for a while then firing off very hard not
accelerating-which is EXTREMELY hard on a cold Diesel. If they want that
engine to last, they should start it very gently onto just an idle, then
when warmed up-off it goes. If it is a stand by generator, it should have a
block heater-then it would fire right off.

Автор strobx1 ( назад)
A 5 second squirt of starting fluid(ether) in the air cleaner will get it
fire up quickly. All you need is one or two cylinders to fire and it will
start. Yes it will knock & rattle, but all diesels have a bit of
"Preignition" upon start up. I have cold started a 12V567A EMD (10,000CID)
by a 10 second squirt of starting fluid in the air intake to the roots
blower on each bank of cylinders. Don't over spray or you could blow up the

Автор tomascyzor ( назад)
great works

Автор Rachel Fort ( назад)
Volvo put a heater in the Air inlet which works well but most generators
start in the first 10 to 15 seconds a block heater is a must and the
starter normally kicks out after 15 seconds so im puzzled why it keeps on
cranking !!!!

Автор electricsilver ( назад)
If you had bled the system properly, this GenSet would have started inside
3 or 4 seconds without any struggle.

Автор listepikster ( назад)
thats just diesel clatter. very normal on a cold big diesel. reason it
starts a while after the engine is running is because it only clatters when
combustion starts as soon as the diesel is injected. and it needs heat to
do this.

Автор massey4255 ( назад)
that sounded grim at 1.20 !! try a blow lamp in the intake manifold as you
wind her over. we have to do it alot on diesel engines.

Автор listepikster ( назад)
as i wrote earlier it sounds angry when first awakened. but daaamn i sound
sweet when it starts running well og gets up to speed!

Автор Rachel Fort ( назад)
All my nt 855s start first turn this thing needs some love !!

Автор John Doe ( назад)
i know what that growl means, my dad's old Mack did that, WHO DARE AWAKEN

Автор listepikster ( назад)
dang, it does not like beeing started cold, it sounds angry!! :-D

Автор Gary Fishman ( назад)
How many times has someone rung the fire brigade when you've started that
thing ?

Автор Bidone1967 ( назад)
Whats a lot of smoke! Thanks for sharing.

Автор Calle Johansson ( назад)
it smoke as hell

Автор ruggedscot69 ( назад)
Oh boy if that was my back up generator Id be crapping in my pants.....

Автор greenboy623 ( назад)
Wow, that sure has one hell of an exhaust leak xD

Автор Frank Donovan ( назад)
That engine looks like an NT855 which would make it about 14 litres, the
next six cylinder engine above that would be a KT, which is about 18

Автор photocontrol ( назад)
Awesome generator!!

Автор RODALCO2007 ( назад)

Автор cw40pd6 ( назад)

Автор RODALCO2007 ( назад)
37 seconds cranking. You definitely need good batteries and good
connections. Is it 24 Volts ? Love the clag on start up. 5*

Автор 5410driver ( назад)
I would say alot of the cranking was done with a compression release pulled
. they was building up oil presure before they turned the fuel on . and all
diesel's knock and rattle on cold start . my god man have u ever heard a
Train fire up in cold

Автор animebsd ( назад)
thats awsome

Автор Marciano Henson ( назад)
sounds like a 50 liter motor

Автор Randy Brown ( назад)
got a bit of an exaust leak

Автор CreRay ( назад)
That engine must a have a quite low compression ratio, when it starts that
bad even above zero. That, or something's wrong with the fuel governor. The
enormous racket it makes from 1:15 really hurts my ears, do that too often
and you will probably crack the head or pistons, those are enourmous peak
firing pressures!

Автор 5410driver ( назад)
You Dumbass, Backup Gen sets are for when the main power goes out, thust
Backup power kicks in as in Generator.

Автор Philipp Thiel ( назад)
man, you woke up the beast ;)

Автор Austin Gratzer ( назад)
Cummins not Cummings

Автор Eric Blaich ( назад)
poor starter

Автор ricturtle ( назад)
gotta love that diesel knock........

Автор 67tr876 ( назад)
dam son !

Автор Jaani Ikäheimo ( назад)
She sounds so sweet

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