Jamiroquai - Automaton

New Song ‘AUTOMATON’ available digitally now: http://jamiroquai.lnk.to/JKAutomaton
New Album: ‘AUTOMATON’
Available: FRI_31_MAR_2017
Pre-Order now


Director/Producer: Charlie Lightening
Producer: Octavia Landy
DOP: Dan Lightening
Art Direction: Russell De Rozario
Production Company: Lightening Films

Creative Director: Jason Kay


Просмотров: 7419271
Длительность: 5:2
Комментарии: 7720

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Автор realeala ( назад)
i would love to see daft punk and Jamiroquai collaborate on a song together

Автор Jason Nicholson ( назад)
Early Duran Duran ??

Автор Sam Shields ( назад)
Gotta Go fast!

Автор Mark Saunders ( назад)
Jay Kay is such a talent.

Автор Kity Floy ( назад)
i'm a automaton!!!!

Автор d trfanatic ( назад)
awesome - and its about time

Автор Denis Lucky ( назад)
Retro is back! 70's are welcome

Автор UnglebertHamperdink ( назад)
That's it, JK, rip off the chorus from an old Olly Miurs track...........wanker!

Автор Luana Karla ( назад)
Que som louco!!

Автор Rafael De La Llave ( назад)
alguien entiende de lo que habla??? es genial y tal ves triste

Автор Winetou Haeberle ( назад)
This is the kavinsky thang

Автор Jani Hyytiäinen ( назад)
I can not wait for this album to come to the mail box :)

Автор miniorek ( назад)
Listening in WAW.

Автор Zacheys ( назад)
Anybody else think this was kakashi from naruto.

Автор Mark Faith ( назад)
Well done~you got it done. Not a bad effort at all.~you've really thought with care about what you have created here.~you know the answer is Yes.

Автор king kong ( назад)
Greattt!!!! waiting for Ft. daft Punk

Автор Daniel Hill ( назад)
This song is so good

Автор Heino Holdt ( назад)
Damn, great track... I´m loving it

Автор rubius omg ( назад)
jamiroquai =daft punk <333

Автор roberto contreras rivera ( назад)
i'm a tomato, i'm a tomato, i'm a tomato, i'm a tomato (8)

Автор Dartpopo2000 Popo ( назад)
i want that 🎩

Автор faisal farissi ( назад)
am i the only one who can't get used to listen to the verse of this song?

Автор Dancoe Official ( назад)
"I know where he comes from." (R-MAN)

Автор Salgheri Productions ( назад)
did someone already realize he's holding a small controller with his left hand? he's constantly changing the colors and movements of his helmet with it, :) preetty damn technologic

Автор Pinky Speedy47 ( назад)
cool helmet 💣😲

Автор Gino Diggserino ( назад)
i honestly wish this was a nostagia baiting retro rewind song rather than what this is

Автор Szabolcs Gogola ( назад)
Absolute super album...great songs...littlebit "old fashion and vibrant" sounding...thx Jay Kay...

Автор Theodor Johner ( назад)
Look he did a dab

Автор Theodor Johner ( назад)
Really I don t like this song nothing is happening in it

Автор Josean Hermoso ( назад)
Perfection! 🤖

Автор m ak ( назад)
Berkay in isyanı üzerine geldim buraya. nedir ne değildir bakayım dedim. Ki gördüğüm kadarıyla da haklı bir isyan olmuş

Автор ByAlanGO ( назад)
Jamiro is BACK...

Автор Zed Master of Shadows ( назад)
JAMİRYO desem kaç kişi beğenir ?

Автор Tom Partas ( назад)
god damn i missed this.

Автор Isabella Frazão ( назад)
I love it!!!

Автор An English Cartman ( назад)
Looks like Jay Kay is out to reclaim the 'hat bellend' title from Pharell Williams. Still a great song though

Автор Suvesh Misra ( назад)
Who came here after Top Gear?

Автор Face1ift ( назад)
wish there was a 50/50 so/so button , I still got love for Jamiroquai~

Автор Whitesnaker999 ( назад)
Stupenda! Anche il videoclip mi piace molto! E dire che non sono mai stato un fan dei Jamiroquai! Con questo brano mi hanno fatto ricredere!

Автор Edgar Irizarry ( назад)
yeah there back boy!!!!!!

Автор Nero X ( назад)
definitely has a Daft punk feel to it, still dig them both! i gotta get this album

Автор csyddyj40 ( назад)
Jason predicts this 20 years ago with virtual insanity

Автор Giuseppe Saavedra ( назад)
This sounds like John Frusciante + Daft Punk + Jamiroquai

Автор cuneiformdesign ( назад)
That dancing in the subway was dope as shit.

Автор Traski Traskola ( назад)
Now I have to go listen to billy idol☠️👀

Автор Eshenbug ( назад)

Автор Ethan Cox ( назад)
That helmet is insane! Fuck between JayKay and Daft Punk music has a cooler aesthetic than most films... 10/10

Автор Pedro Barreto ( назад)
holy shit jk is back

Автор Average Jack Media ( назад)
Those hats just keep getting more awesome.

Автор Flavio Olivera ( назад)
boring song, no dancing, hat reminds me of futuristic statue of liberty version... I love jamiroquai, have to check the rest of the album

Автор AlexProGaming7 ( назад)
I want a hat like that.

Автор Matt Diamon ( назад)
terrible music video

Автор Mervin Bethel ( назад)
hes back got all his shit bangin hope you come back to chicago we miss u

Автор death note ( назад)
tu veut pas me le donner ton bo chapo :)

Автор julie stevens ( назад)
cool hat xx

Автор Mickaël Marzin ( назад)
Retour en force, album excellent.
Sonorités créatives et toujours ce funk en fil rouge.

Автор miguel cuadrado ( назад)
que dice en el minuto 1:28 ?

Автор AlexProGaming7 ( назад)
I love this music so much! For me one of the best songs ever!!

Автор agathanon ( назад)
Uhm... I don't like the music in chorus. Just simple pop beat. The music in between is great. And the helmet: awesome! Want one!

Автор panamajr7 ( назад)
It all makes sense now. Jay Kay has been abducted by aliens for the last 7 years and turned into a robot! I was wondering where he went 😂

Автор Mattia Branchini ( назад)
Mm, they took the dissonances way too far imo.
Ok, you want to do something different, but this doesn't sound too good to me

Автор MnBrent1 ( назад)
Best new song Ive heard in a long long time!!

Автор Paweł Anioł ( назад)

Good song
But I do not know why I associate with
Dobry Kawałek.
Ale nie wiem czemu kojarzy mi się z KRAFTWERK!

Автор IMapParty Official ( назад)
saw this song on mtv and was like GOTTA SEARCH FOR IT so i typed in guy with a plastic hat with lights music vevo xD

Автор BARRLEM ( назад)
This looks like a great mix between Kavinsky - Daft Punk - Empire of The Sun.

It's clearly not a "Jamiroquai" song, but it's still good!

But to be honest, I prefer to listen the "funky style Jamiroquai", we hope to listen him on this style too ;)

Автор NVV ROCKS ( назад)
This mighty song is the real cream of this world, I can hear this song over and over again the whole day, the flow, the sound, the style, the video itself is a masterpiece creation of Mater Jamiroquai.

Автор Chyngyz Osmonov ( назад)

Автор bod369 ( назад)
Hes still got those cool moves xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Автор sam john ( назад)
la la la ...I'm a tomato ...i'm a tomato...

Автор BLISS REVOLT ( назад)

Автор Andressa Swarovsky ( назад)
Simplesmente amooo❤

Автор Sommar Demey ( назад)
Nobody dance like these anymore.

Автор kagamikun ( назад)
And those cat movements. These gestures

Автор TheJian1964 ( назад)
Do not understand why this is not a massive hit, but i may be bias as I am a massive fan, anything that makes you move is good and this makes me shake my booty...

Автор Mauricio Nestor Scheuermann ( назад)
Jamiroquai the best !!

Автор Jerem Roy ( назад)
"Ah mais tu m'étonnes!" :D

Автор Johannes Hofbauer ( назад)
So if I would bring such slanted tones, I would also hide behind a stupid glitter helmet!

Автор ShaunMX HD ( назад)
is it just me or does this song sound like it could be on tron?

Автор Pranesh Arry ( назад)
that's ma boi

Автор CapitanSpark ( назад)
far cr 3 blod dargon

Автор GeneralMars 98 ( назад)
I want that helmet

Автор Spicy Meem Sauce ( назад)
arin may suck at video games but he has good taste in music

Автор Super Bumcrumbs ( назад)
Omg ❤❤

Автор Etienne Petit ( назад)
magnifique jamiroquai comme toujours!

Автор Imprimas21 ( назад)
I was saying the same think. The song does get better the more I hear it.

Автор ratna Undara ( назад)
wow. hats off... thumbs up to jamiroquai!! love youuuu

Автор Media Boutique ( назад)
forced track by daft jamiroquai

Автор Tommyj ( назад)
Love it

Автор Felix Winkler ( назад)

Автор zodiacfml ( назад)
I'm missing the bass lines of the old songs.

Автор andres alfi ( назад)

Автор FazalNguyen Arnaud ( назад)

Автор Tiffinypie ( назад)
This track is BOSS!

Автор ThirdEye57 ( назад)
when Earth Wind & Fire, Kraftwerk and Kavinsky mixes.

Автор Starry&Bohemian ( назад)
Inspired by Thorgal 80s european comics... specially volume 12

Автор wo-tan ( назад)
also it its not another predictable track with a necessary key change for sake of keeping it going , still loving it a week after first hearing it.

Автор wo-tan ( назад)
so happy this has come along + i might need an automaton hat .....

Автор Ernst Puzdoy ( назад)

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