Jamiroquai - Automaton

New Song ‘AUTOMATON’ available digitally now: http://jamiroquai.lnk.to/JKAutomaton
New Album: ‘AUTOMATON’
Available: FRI_31_MAR_2017
Pre-Order now


Director/Producer: Charlie Lightening
Producer: Octavia Landy
DOP: Dan Lightening
Art Direction: Russell De Rozario
Production Company: Lightening Films

Creative Director: Jason Kay


Просмотров: 6002697
Длительность: 5:2
Комментарии: 7023

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Автор atrass toumay ( назад)
This gets views so quickly... noice :D

Автор Julio Ponce de Leon ( назад)
there is no Jamiroquai without Stuart Zender, Toby Smith, dj Dzire

Автор stephen vannier ( назад)
Totally rocked the phuck out of my senses of where we are; spank me to the new sense, sensei.

Автор psyjager ( назад)
Horrible song
Not worth anything

Автор Nick Agelis ( назад)
θα γινει της πουτανας !!!!!!!

Автор Stephen Masiello ( назад)
I think I just found the ultimate bike helmet!!! Guessing it's a bit outside my budget though.

Автор J T ( назад)
Come to America!

Автор Eduardo Azcarate ( назад)
Am i the only one obsessed with the dance he does at 3:26?? what do you call that move?

Автор Loopde Loop ( назад)
What rubbish is this commercialized noise? What happened to the old Jamiroquai?
When you gonna learn to stop making this rubbish and go back to the basics.

Автор Marc Montti ( назад)
I'm my feelings...
what i eat.
...take &
reflections by others

Автор KOALAsounds ( назад)
big fan

Автор Parveen Mahaputra ( назад)
damn head piece is moving shit

Автор Eduardo Sandoval ( назад)
Jamoroquai is back !!! Gran tema

Автор Dyego Alba ( назад)

Автор herewegoaround ( назад)
Nice tune. It's looks like a 80's tune.

Автор Sean Doyle ( назад)
would have thought the views would have gone through the roof on this by now

Автор M ROZORE ( назад)

Автор Pet Opp ( назад)
Jean Michel Jarre meets Daftpunk... nice beats anyway :-)

Автор RighteousBruce ( назад)
I want to get a headpiece like that

Автор Taylar Gatson ( назад)
Its a digital landscape

Автор Pamela Hogan ( назад)
this is such a good, strong song.........the absolute best song, helmet, then subway dance in that order

Автор 김태형 ( назад)
someone talk that disco rythhm is old but jay kay vocal make them awesome lol

Автор Alex BlondAngel ( назад)
This is a great track i thought they were over with the last album nice to see them back!

Автор Henri the Horse ( назад)
Who has got the tickets already? Can´t wait!

Автор Kane ( назад)
you meet the bros

Автор Daaniyal Dsouza ( назад)
When the hats reach critical mass.

Автор Fuat Volkan Beyenal ( назад)
King naked

Автор Kuthan Karakoç ( назад)
5655 idiots with no idea bieber fags

Автор zrhtemplar ( назад)
Since 1:30 it becomes Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hangin' On

Автор Fabio LEDLM ( назад)
im a tomatoe :D

Автор Bradley Hotrax ( назад)
Looks like Jay's been hitting the gym, hey?!

Автор Angi Frank ( назад)
Если после взрыва к нам прибудет jamiroquai, то еще не все так плохо.....

Автор Xanstrom ( назад)
I thought Cloud 9 was my new favorite song....I was wrong.

Автор Nicholas Angelo ( назад)
pure genius

Автор Miguel Alvarado ( назад)
La nave es el S.S Orenda???

Автор Sergey Gorin ( назад)
this is just like a drug

Автор Trist Not Tristana ( назад)
I want that hat so badly

Автор 2martini ( назад)
this is beyond awesomess

Автор Nella Crosiglia ( назад)
for fans

Автор yokom51509691 ( назад)

Автор Ba Ab ( назад)
Jamiroquai enfin de retour!!! Quel univers musicale, totale régale. Merci.

Автор Véro V ( назад)
So amazing ... I am slave of this beat too. Was too long without you Jami.

Автор scott hamilton ( назад)

Автор Aigherim Amanbayeva ( назад)
the song is made of different unsmooth transitions. supersonic is better.

Автор Fabiana Gomez ( назад)
El estribillo no se parece al estribillo de Kim Wilde "You Keep Me Hangin' On??

Автор lxxv ( назад)
You know I need something I can hold on to.

Автор Michael Merino ( назад)
like others this song had to grow on me. and i am now hooked.
the video clip is very cool, futuristic, but the artsy fartsy scenes at the beginning and towards the end ruined it for me.

Автор Rad Shawn ッ ( назад)

Автор CJ Hadden ( назад)
they always grow on you

Автор EollynHeartilly ( назад)
Damn this song inspired me drawing my avatar :D

Автор Mauro Piredda ( назад)
TOTAL ALIEN! Remind me Jean Pierre Roy work!!! 👽💚👽💚! ALWAYS GREAT JK !!!!

Автор othmane elmoujarrid ( назад)

Автор Robert Kowalski ( назад)
I bought the tickets to see them in Berlin! So excited.

Автор J Kadzzz ( назад)

Автор samy lelouch ( назад)
Daft Punk production?

Автор Brian Fantana ( назад)
This is Jamiroquai, with a bit of Daft Punk touch, essentially French House/Synthwave influence.... Well, it's Jamiroquai after all.

Автор Samuele Fersini ( назад)
https://soundcloud.com/samuele-fersini/samuele-fersini-cant-hang hi, i'm a young producer and this is my first track, if you want listen to it :)

Автор AYAdesign ( назад)
Inspired by Röyksopp?

Автор Blood and Snow ( назад)
Just got tickets to go see them. I've listened to these guys for the past 20 years, i'm beyond absolutely losing my shit at the thought of seeing them!!!!

Автор Sophie Lopez ( назад)
The end.. What a talented singer /rapper. Funk., house musician. Respect

Автор Sophie Lopez ( назад)
Holy Spirit.. Shit u just get better.. Brilliant song.. 😯

Автор Juli Giordano ( назад)

Автор Juli Giordano ( назад)

Автор Johan Rincón ( назад)
14 days remain

Автор Future Mix TV ( назад)

Автор andrea anelli ( назад)
Someone explain me why I cannot stop myself to play this song... i think i'm addicted...

Автор Patrik Maryniak ( назад)
Come on, we can make 6 000 000 views. Share it and Watch it again and again !!!

Автор James Wark ( назад)
I'm a tomay-to

Автор Txema Hormigos ( назад)
SUPER HIT!!!! Awesome melody, lyrics, video, JK still dancing and the HELMET.

Автор Danny Ferrando ( назад)
This track is a masterpiece...

Автор Shaun Francis ( назад)
I have been waiting for this for years!!!! Thank you

Автор Darren carr ( назад)
to be honest it is a monumental ask to best emergency on planet earth or return of the space cowboy for me! the break on this don't half remind me of deeper underground

Автор yassin Romanoski ( назад)
this is what I call art 😻

Автор isatonic lab ( назад)
pure well beloved and well done Jamiroquai,such classy sound!!!Remind a bit of Deeper underground!!!

Автор Tim ( назад)
17/6 Πλατεία νερού!!!

Автор Deva Burks ( назад)
darks and lights that's how I do my laundry

Автор Th3pera ( назад)
this song gives me early 90s euro disco vibes

Автор Max Kim Izak ( назад)
I wonder how much that costume costs

Автор Stan G. ( назад)
This is a great stuff!!

Автор Walter Melnyk ( назад)
I gotta get me one of those helmets!

Автор Krush Groove ( назад)
The wizard is back

Автор FiasaPower ( назад)
The song isn't master class, but it's good and hella dancing. People, please, give Jamquai some love.

Автор machytka ( назад)
self-referent song, reminds me on "planet home". The crazy robotic helmet does not kick it out.

Автор Esteban Mamani ( назад)

Автор Kartikey Malik ( назад)
this song is just great.....

Автор Jose Fernandez ( назад)
Great masterpiece, both lyrics and music. In the line of Emergency on Planet Earth.

Автор Miguel Angel Gomez Wilson ( назад)
More than 5700000 views. 5000000, by me. Great song!!!

Автор Anselmo Echeverria ( назад)
La banda británica Jamiroquai, regresan tras un largo silencio de siete años y lo hacen a lo grande con disco y extensa gira de conciertos. Lo hacen fieles a su sonido como si el tiempo no hubiera pasado.
Jamiroquai, con su líder Jay Kay, lleva desde 1992 revolucionando el concepto del pop, con esa mezcla de funk, disco y acid jazz, fue con la publicación de su álbum de debut "Emergency On Planet Earth" (1993), al que han seguido de momento otros seis discos de estudio más que le han reportado más de 30 millones de copias vendidas y un premio Grammy. En 2013 para celebrar su 20 aniversario publicaron una reedición de sus primeros discos de estudio –Emergency on Planet Earth, The Return of the Space Cowboy y Travelling Without Moving– pero ya era hora de escuchar algo nuevo. Será el 31 de marzo cuando este trabajo vea la luz y, para celebrarlo, Jamiroquai ofrecerá dos conciertos de presentación, uno en La Pleyel de París y otro en el Roundhouse de Londres, ciudad donde además ofrecerá otro "show", este más multitudinario en el estadio O2, para el que la totalidad de las localidades, 18.000 entradas, se agotaron en pocos minutos. La gira recorrerá Europa y Asia.
En los 90 y en los 2000 los británicos fueron los reyes de la pista con temazos como "Cosmic Girl", "Runaway" o "Little L,Space Cowboy".
La última vez que lo vimos, el sombrero de Jay Kay llevaba plumas. Ahora, siete años después, las ha cambiado por leds. ha vuelto, Ese cambio de estilismo de su cantante no es casualidad: Jamiroquai regresan pero ya no hacen el soul-funk con el que los conocimos. Ahora su sonido es electrónica pura. De momento hemos conocido dos canciones de este trabajo "Automaton" y "Cloud 9" además de diversos remixes. Jay Kay ha declarado que "Automaton está inspirado en el alza de la inteligencia artificial y de la tecnología en nuestro mundo actual, y en cómo los seres humanos empiezan a olvidar las cosas más satisfactorias, sencillas y relevantes de la vida y nuestro entorno, incluyendo nuestras relaciones con otros seres humanos".
Nueve años después de su último concierto en Madrid, en el festival Rock in Rio de 2008, y siete de su última actuación en todo el mundo, Jamiroquai volverá a subirse a un escenario de la capital el 25 de noviembre, dentro de su tour europeo. Será en el WiZink Center, antiguo Palacio de los Deportes, las entradas están disponibles desde el viernes 10 de marzo.
Música independiente novedades.

Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
poor director!

Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
Connect the world pls see and i believe
Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
I see the world differently! I've heard jamirroquai since the 90s

Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
poor! Poor poor clipm I'm 90 I make it better

Автор Kevin S. ( назад)
20th listen! keeps getting better!!!

Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
I'm at the end of the world, I'm an advantage! . I see the world differently

Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
You create worlds! My university was with your music now I can create I have the tools. Give me 1 singlen and I do magic!

Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
I can do this better..

Автор Kriss Morales ( назад)
You did not believe in a good filmmaker the "movements" were d of "jk" but the edit I send the shit. Good cinematorgfia the editor sucks. I saw you in Chile in the 90s tengp wisdom in the subject I am professional

Автор Will Voss ( назад)
!#!#×#/×^×^!^!&'£"£"¥9×87!&;!;;!;!!;!! IN MY VEINS

Автор Haunted Japan ( назад)

Автор Nariet Sy ( назад)
i say goodbye to the world i knew

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