girl chokes out boy

rmyialnls's shared video file. man farts on girl girl

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Автор French Bulldog 1 ( назад)
Stupid sick mother . Probably divorced man hater and is teaching that to
her daughter . Good
Job Jess from her mom as she chokes a smaller less experienced boy . Shame
on you .

Автор Gary Morris ( назад)
Embarrassing for a boy to lose to a girl but as an obviously new white
belt, a decent bit of experience against a more experienced fighter.

Автор etillema ( назад)
When people can win a match and not have to humiliate their opponent on
youtube is when they will get respect.

Автор E X T IR A ( назад)
This pour guy had no chance :-)

Автор Gary Morris ( назад)
How about you make me shut up you stupid, ignorant worthless bitch.
Contrary what horrible, nasty bitches like you might think, I'm entitled to
an opinion. Anyway, if you read it properly, you might even see some sense
and logic in what I've said rather than being blinded by sisterhood.
Fuckin' stupid bitch.

Автор ELDERPALADIN98 ( назад)
How can a female overpower a Male? fucking not possible. I am not sexist
but women are to weak to do anything to men.

Автор Polymerbob ( назад)
Had she been "choked out" the response might have been something like this.
ca . answers . yahoo . com/question/index?qid=20111003183437AAEZybO

Автор Stephanie Dennis ( назад)
Shut up garry

Автор Gary Morris ( назад)
Lot of bias towards the girl with all of the cheering for her. A lack of
respect for the boy which the instructors shouldn't have allowed. This
isn't the best way to encourage a young white belt starting out. The
instructors need to learn respect themselves before encouraging it and
imposing it on others. They should be very ashamed of themselves here.
They're a disgrace to judo.

Автор yaniska100 ( назад)
Sappy Boy... His Father needs to Slap him about a bit More!!! Kick the Sh*t
out of him.. That'll toughen him up

Автор Aminals ( назад)
why would he want to fight back anyways?? haha

Автор buggeroff11 ( назад)
NautyKnight..So So true, really the only class act here is from the boy,
having the guts to go against a higher belt girl knowing the feminist
misogynistic shit he would cop & facing the cruel & sexist & rotten
sportsmanship of the shits in the dojo. Hope he had a male give him plently
of encouragment after the match.....what goes around comes around will be
so sweet when he gets older.

Автор andell1 (1774 года назад)
@NautyKnight Actually, you're right...it appears that she's a yellow
belt...meaning she's put in at least a few months...while he's a white
belt...or a beginner. Of course the cheering in the dojo may have been from
her family...and if she's been in the dojo longer, than she may just know
more classmates. But yeah, if I was in that dojo, and heard that
encouragement imbalance, I'd start cheering for the boy just so that he
wouldn't feel like everyone's against him!

Автор SummonerVoid ( назад)
@Ac1DGoD Woah now that you mention it everyone is cheering on the girl.
That would kinda hurt to be doin that and no one wants to see you win. And
yea sparing a much higher class belt then you would be a quick learning
process long as ego didn't get in the way. It's not about winning and
losing its about mastering a technique you want to use. Clearly she had
more experience but the noob will learn qiick with that kind of training.

Автор Ac1DGoD ( назад)
that would suck to be doin that and everyone is rooting for the opponent
and nobody for you like in this match, that and being a white belt going up
against a deputy black like he did but I suppose its the quickest way to
learn to go against the higher rank opponents right from the start.

Автор andell1 ( назад)
It's a shame the video quality isn't better...because as I watch this
video, I do admire the girl's technique! She dominated this boy from the
get go, and negated his strength. Most impressed though was that she sunk
in her hooks, but didn't make the mistake most kids make of crossing her
feet! It gave her greater control of his legs, and made it just a matter of
time before she cinched in her choke, and he'd tap out (which he did) or
pass out! The ref was allowing it either way!

Автор dasMasturbieren ( назад)
I'd never tap out to a girl either. Better to be put to sleep than the
humiliation of giving in to a girl and you really don't feel anything when
you are put to sleep like this, i.e. by cutting off the blood in your
carotid arteries. It happens so fast you don't even realize what had
happened for several seconds after you wake up. It's almost like when
waking up in the morning. I had it happen to me a couple times and was
knocked out in the boxing ring once, & never felt a thing then either.

Автор andell1 ( назад)
@steeeeker Oh, I get it...so you consider someone "choked out" when they
tap. I guess that makes sense. In earnest, I usually understand it as
"choked" vs "choked out." You know...when someone is "choked," they they
submit to the choke; when someone is "choked out," they are knocked
unconscious by the choke. Children are very seldom "choked out" because any
observant official will stop the choke if the child isn't tapping, and has
no hope of escape.

Автор eugenio sorcer ( назад)
justin.... justin bieber??? kill hiiiiiim!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

Автор Alex Torres ( назад)
bet his dad killed him at home

Автор LowLeveledPower (1277 лет назад)
yeah the difference between getting encouragement from someone, and hearing
others tell ur opponent to beat you down can have huge effects on the
outcome :((

Автор thecrazybhanu ( назад)
he didnt get choke out

Автор Tom Snyder ( назад)
love the ponytails

Автор andell1 ( назад)
I will say this for the boy...poor kid really didn't seem to have anyone
either coaching him or rooting for him at all. He no doubt heard the girls'
coach telling her what to do, and heard adults telling her, amongst other
things, to finish him off...but I really didn't hear anyone root for him or
coach him. :(

Автор andell1 ( назад)
@SereneArch Perhaps in a dojo, the guys like to work out with you...but in
a tournament, I can pretty much guarantee you that no teenage guy or older
wants to fight a girl...because IF he wins and hurts you, he's a prick, and
IF he loses, he's a wuss! That's the bullshit society puts on guys! And
whilst I do not believe women are less skilled than men, or girls less
skilled than boys, I do firmly believe that girls have no place competing
in boys divisions when there are girls divisions!

Автор andell1 ( назад)
Wow, there are a lot of wierd people here! #1: He tapped, and so he didn't
nap. Watch the video! #2: He wasn't her bitch...anyone saying that
obviously has no idea what goes on in a dojo! Boys and girls fight and work
out all the time! However, having said that, there is also a reason that
men and women do not compete against one another, and there is a reason
that heavyweights and lightweights do not share the same wright classes:
size and strength CAN make a difference!

Автор andell1 ( назад)
@taha32 He didn't sleep however because he did tap.

Автор SereneArch ( назад)
@superkal2006 you need to grow a brain... >:P

Автор Kalvin Lee ( назад)
@SereneArch you need to be skinned alive and dried out in the sun

Автор TruePoizon ( назад)
what a safe, justified, humane thing to do to someone. choke someone and
call it a sport...how humane.

Автор aokifan89 ( назад)
pride is a terrible thing, first day of bjj at gracie barra, i rolled with
a female blue belt, she had me in a deep triangle choke and me not wanting
to tap took a nap. Best thing that ever happened to me, big lesson learned.

Автор SereneArch ( назад)
@masturbiert sure whatever makes you happy... your the first user iv called
perverted, you should read your comment. You really did sound perverted,
and now your talking about me wanking... i mean WOW comon man... and i
think you ment "backwards" not back woods... and your profile give me a
stronger impression ... i mean who writes " Super horny white male" as
there 'about me' with a vid of some chick kicking the shit oout of some
dudes balls?? you do cause yo pre ver ted ugly dutch man :P

Автор SereneArch ( назад)
@masturbiert your perverted... and im not from a backwards country and i
most definitly have been trained in more sports then you... and it wasnt
gender related nobody is forced into that if they dont want to its a sport
suck it up peeeerveeert :P

Автор SereneArch ( назад)
@masturbiert shes not forcing him to submit ITs A SPORT! and they are
KIDS!you are fucking perverted you sick cunt. i do karate im a girl iv
beaten guys before noone ever gave it a thought, they even enjoy versing me
cause then they dont have to then be shown up by there best friend (guy) so
he can brag about how he kick his butt... doesnt matter if your guy or girl
we have the potential cause we learn the sport. if you lose its because
they need more training not gender related.

Автор SereneArch ( назад)
@flameone1000 DUDE this isnt animal planet, guys and girl dont care for
that shit

Автор Oldfrisian ( назад)
i also would not tap if i had a nice body on taking me out....

Автор MrHoppers002 ( назад)
this is why i never like contact encounters with anybody. screw hand to
hand. Give me a gun and 10 feet distance from anybody.

Автор TheMrkiller2010 ( назад)
@parks2000 I just think that these boys are weak. be defeated by girls is a

Автор parks2000 ( назад)
@TheMrkiller2010 I dont speak whatever you are speaking and you swo called
girl martial artists that say you like to make boys cry are really bullies,
you wanna beat dudes up? why dont you beat the dudes that are in gangs and
rape ane kill people ? whay dont you if you are so tough?

Автор parks2000 ( назад)
@TheMaestro0002 Yeah thats true .

Автор TheMrkiller2010 ( назад)
@ Parks2000 Eu Quero LUTAR COM UMA menina par me masturbar Ela sentou o em
Cima de Mim e .......... ....... hahahaha

Автор TheMrkiller2010 ( назад)
@ Parks2000 Quero ver uma luta de MMA, um menino e uma menina.

Автор TheMrkiller2010 ( назад)
@ TheMaestro0002 it's a shame a boy being beaten by a girl. he is gay?

Автор parks2000 ( назад)
@realmanbl29 Dude how do your stupid commets make good thumbs and in real
life he could have KO her with punches .

Автор parks2000 ( назад)
@CaligirlSofia Lol watch out because one day hes gonna get a baseball bat
and hit you with it

Автор parks2000 ( назад)
@TheMaestro0002 While that may be true I'm more flexible than all the girls
in my bjj class, so therefore it depends on the person

Автор PrisonEarth ( назад)
he might turn gay now

Автор blackday12341 ( назад)
Men = brute force Women = annoying ass reflexes

Автор Oldfrisian ( назад)
sweet but deadly...

Автор Ac1DGoD ( назад)
nice, yea losing to a girl is sexy- coarse I rarely see guys try to be
rough with girls- when they are it's when it's just not turning them on.

Автор greg0058 ( назад)
@bazarro44 Lady like, ha females are getting into these martial Arts more
by the day .Its not about choking people (thats why they tap), its more
like contolling, someone that wants to control you.

Автор TruePoizon ( назад)
so safe and lady-like. Lets choke people and call it a sport

Автор CaligirlSofia ( назад)
i played against this boy in my tae kwon do class when i was in elementary
school, i beat him up and he cried lol:)

Автор shawnkoolman1 ( назад)
that boy is an embrresment i'm a schamed of him .......how cana girl choke
you out man bs

Автор Circusmnkee ( назад)
@brianbmf My sarcasim was lost on you sir. But you do have to admit it
would sell lots of pay per views!

Автор Circusmnkee ( назад)
This proves that women can get in there and go in the MMA world with the
fellows! I hope one day Dana White sees the HUGE earning potential in M/F
MMA competition. Can you imagine a Gina Carrano or Cris Cyborg vs Brock
Lesnar? That would earn freaking BILLIONS on ppv!!!

Автор kokyjabn ( назад)
She is good and she knows what to do.

Автор ThePurpleDragoness ( назад)
GO JESSI !!!!!! LMAO at the guy struggling to get away XD

Автор joylove777 ( назад)
lol good thing they're catching these boys b4 they hit puburty

Автор bossman71 ( назад)
Okay, I have to assume this was some kind of test for the girl. Because the
boy wasn't even trying.

Автор NitroHazard82 ( назад)
As far as i know its only americans that spell it with a 'o'. I'm a brit
and i spell it with a 'u' also =\

Автор taha32 ( назад)
i loved how the mother was saying get your hooks in.. doesnt suit a
mother.. i can just imagine a hot mum there. and yes im australian thats
why i spell mum with a 'u'

Автор taha32 ( назад)
you dont tap you sleep! easy as that.. its his fault for not tapping
against a girl

Автор videocmmtr ( назад)
You're right Seductive. It has all the formality of an execution...the
execution of another male ego.

Автор Nelly Blaise ( назад)
she should try da on me in a compotion

Автор Hopkip2 ( назад)
What an old woman of a boy roflmao

Автор Cocolossal ( назад)
What's this got to do with athletics or business? That's a big leap of

Автор videocmmtr ( назад)
lol...you're not kidding, Seductive. I believe you're sincere. No doubt he
will learn the lesson you want him to learn plus a few more about the
darker side of human nature. These girl beats boy videos are recorded and
put here for a reason and for the consumption by us viewers of both sexes
with myriad of prurient interests. I believe there's a heart beneath the
tough feminist exterior, Seductive, but I think a part of you gets
satisfaction watching a girl finish a boy like this. Am I right?

Автор videocmmtr ( назад)
One less man on the way...I hear you on that Seductive. Pick them off one
by one when they are the most vulnerable. Eliminate them while you can (or
at least when it's easiest). All is fair...Isn't it curious that not even
one person there is instructing or even cheering for the poor boy and then
his destruction is placed on YouTube for our consumption. This match had
all the formality of a figurative execution, did it not? Is the boy just
cannon fodder on way to the future you envision?

Автор videocmmtr ( назад)
Wow Seductivehunter, that's harsh lol.. I suspect you have some
understanding of the male ego so you know what the likely result will be.
We're not sure he really challenged her or chose this matchup. Match
probably set up by instructors. Don't you think there are more humane ways
to teach a young boy that girls are capable than to have it mentally and
physically seared into his psyche by being on the wrong end of this one
sided matchup which ended up in an overwhelming and humiliating finish?

Автор videocmmtr ( назад)
No seductivehunter, the spectator definitely said "Finish Him". All those
instructions were all so matter of fact because she was in such complete
control of him that there was no suspense as to the eventual outcome. One
wonders how his young male ego will survive such a powerful and precice
dismantling at the hands of this girl. As you said, lying face down,
helpless and defenseless on the mat, securely back mounted by the girl,
waiting for the eventual finish which occurred right on cue.

Автор KronicDemon442 ( назад)
i feel sad for the boy. i mean he prob got so much shit talk ):

Автор Joejam2845 ( назад)
Is that Judo?? I've never seen Marshall Arts that had grappling in it. But
as a kid there were a couple of gals in my class (7-10 years old) that were
pretty tough when it came to wrestling! Girls have much quicker Reflexes at
that age.

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