This is a quick video with all the information you need for setting up, and using your Nic Station electronic cigarette.

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Автор Evan Roberts ( назад)
This is by far the best advice I've gotten, and it surprises me of how
simple it really is it also improved the volume of the vapor that came out
but I find that the o rings don't do me much good cause the tighter the
grip the better the air flow and those I rings slid around a lot and you
really can't be sure if your getting great air flow in less you remove them
but overall great advice.

Автор Serv Wonders ( назад)
What kinda liquid,like water?

Автор keshai knight ( назад)
your really organised man... liked this video

Автор Chris Miller ( назад)
Where can I get a needle to fill my vape

Автор Johnny Mendiola ( назад)
very helpfull thank you

Автор Mcxvoy 10 ( назад)
Anyone know where they sell shisha to 13 year olds in Coventry 

Автор Stetson Saucier ( назад)
Enter for chance to win new box mod (ENDS 9/11/2015)


Автор Rachel Harley ( назад)
omg this has helped so much, thank you!!!

Автор Kayleigh Williams (1082 года назад)
I've been loosing liquid EVERYTIME I take it out, but now I know why!
Thanks! Btw, is it ok to hold the e-cig upside down?

Автор leonard garcia ( назад)
my wont blow smoke and its fully charged

Автор Joe 23 ( назад)
I bought one but when u try to charge it it's always green never changes

Автор Kendrick silva ( назад)
guys..how come i see people put e-liquid on cotton wrapped around the coil.
How come his is different?

Автор John Love ( назад)
Thank u for a vid. that is very helpfull

Автор Next Generation Gaming ( назад)
Ive never smoked before but i want to try Electronic Cigarettes. Im going
to get Nicotine free though. Any recommendations? and also, do you change
the cartage each time you smoke or can it be used multiple times. Im
thinking of getting pre filled cartridges

Автор Nicolai Whist ( назад)
Can anyone tell me if there is any e-cigs you only have to use water to
use? If anyone knows tell me! (Website, not local store or anything)

Автор Jett Wilkerson ( назад)
Dude thanks so much I was allways filling it in from the bottom 

Автор DoomShroomer ( назад)
awesome upload, thank you!

Автор TheMole ( назад)
A tiny drop of liquid got into the centre, but I wiped it away with cotton
buds. Is that bad?

Автор JumpinPotato ( назад)
When you where charging it I got instructed to not charge it over night.

Автор Rence Abapo ( назад)
dude. can you make your vaporizer pen as nebulizer. can you put some
Sulfate into the E.Cigar? please Tell me some tried it. :DD

Автор DeathCreationist ( назад)
I filled my shisha the wrong hole daym

Автор Victoria Butler ( назад)
You're perfect thank you 😂😂 I was so clueless

Автор VenusaurThePokemon Dinosaur ( назад)
PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have an ego type ecig and I need help. The clearmizer
doesn't have ANY wicks in it and the thing doesn't work. The battery seems
to work and it goes on green when I pug it in. I charged it all night. Is
it the battery or the clearmizer that is flawed. Please help!

Автор Vinny Lacorazza ( назад)
8 hours? Isn't the current switched off when LED charge indicator turns
green? I was under the impression it was. You can't beat the price on some
of these style batteries, however I can't stand how old style batteries
have charge control built into them instead of the charger or device it's
self (cell phones are a good example). Old cell phones had the same type
of battery when you got a new phone if you didn't follow charge
instructions you were F'ed. From a design point of view I can see why in
this case the charge control would be in the battery; there could be some
other methods. However like I said the price you can get certain pv
battery units for I would still recommend this style for entry level. I am
however still curious if most chargers do in fact switch off voltage when

Автор I'm Not Jon Snow ( назад)
Thank you! Very learning video.

Автор Hamilton Smith ( назад)
His veins..

Автор Kizzy Sampy ( назад)

Автор eCig Consumer Reviews ( назад)
Don’t charge your battery over night or when you are out of house. If you
have a manual battery, switch it off before charging.

Автор StudioJango ( назад)
mine wont charge it cahrges for like 10 seconds and then stops what is

Автор somsomAnoNN ( назад)
my new egy puff has an open top I cannot find the model anywhere u have to
tip upside down to fill it and has a "chrome" middle any help? when I use
after about an hour liquid "condensates inside where I suck....

Автор Thomas Cook ( назад)
E cigs are for noobs

Автор Logan Allman ( назад)
What if you didn't get the needle to fill your ecigg? I bought mine at a
gas station what do I do then?

Автор Johnny Mike Mike ( назад)
I need some help. Do I use it until it's dead my first time? Or do I do the
8 hour charge first?

Автор Jamie O'Neill ( назад)
can you just put water in it

Автор Daniel Møller Petersen (Manner) ( назад)
Thanks man very helpful vid

Автор jackarow ( назад)
Just got an eGo-K(CE4) I can't get the mouthpiece off. Can I fill it from
the opposite end where it screws in?

Автор Mike* ( назад)
righty tighty - Lefty Lucy..?? ....high tech SHIT!~O:'+

Автор Idar Kalsnes Goksør ( назад)
dude i need help!
Mine has stopped working and it's probably because I filled liquid directly
into the tip.
But I rinsed it and all, and flushed it in TONS of water and then refilled
like you said.
It makes these gargling noises and I taste the bitterness, plus no steam
comes out
of my mouth when i use it.
What should i do?

Автор Dwa Pak ( назад)
I didn't give mine a good first charge, is that why I'm getting a burnt
taste? Any way to fix it?

Автор Holyymackeral ( назад)
I have to put the liquid through the top it wont come off the only piece
part that comes off is the batter part of it and its a bit?

Автор Kyan Smith ( назад)
ah never mind i watched the whole video thanks!

Автор Kyan Smith ( назад)
when i got my shisha pen it said to fill it the other way round, is either
okay? because I'm m finding when i unscrew the battery some of the liquid
is on the threads

Автор Chaneee ( назад)
Why do i have to buy the liquid 😭

Автор Perez Prada ( назад)
Nice tut. Can I use the smokly liquid to refill my ecig?

Автор Fatal Scopez ( назад)
What kind of e cig is this called. And where can I get one online?

Автор jason breit ( назад)
Where can I buy this kit? 

Автор Khris Rice ( назад)
do they make liquid without nicotine

Автор xleo989x ( назад)
what if i leave them turned on and well to be more specific what if i
forgot to turn it off ? :/

Автор A.J. Ballinger ( назад)

Автор Liam Kenneford ( назад)
Thanks i bought my brother one of these for christmas cuz he needs to cut
down on smoking and i needed to know hoe to teach him how to use it cuz hes
lazy he wont look him self lol 😂

Автор devilsmessanger ( назад)
none of this is there / works in my kit.any not worthless advices that
are real?

Автор MN S ( назад)
I got this e cig for free and its pretty good, i did the same thing as a
lot of people and put the liquid in the hole, was too impatient lol thanks
for the vid

Автор rylan buck ( назад)
find the 8 XD


Автор Jale Far ( назад)
Thank you, this is very helpful video.

Автор Joquain Fleming ( назад)
Love the presentation helped a lot 

Автор Carol C ( назад)
THANK YOU! I was putting the liquid in the hole too lol 

Автор BoysBad12 ( назад)
the first time i chared it i only charged it for like 5 min then tryed it
once and put it back on the charger for the full charge, is it bad fot the

Автор nik berger ( назад)
Why does your first charge have to be 8 hours.

Автор Kalai Dayton ( назад)

Автор V2Vapes ( назад)
This kits are trash. Atleast start off with a v-v3 and an EVOD

Автор Duke Colby ( назад)
whats the make and model of this e cig

Автор GodSize96 (468 лет назад)
Is it normal if the part where you hit it leaks a little bit when filling

Автор Ileana Castillo ( назад)
Mines doesnt go off and the vapor wont come out! What should i do? Get a
new battery?

Автор Erick Baez ( назад)
Inside the tip the little circle ceal came off and I can't put it back
on... It leaks

Автор Ebeny Graves ( назад)
thanks for doing this video. the print in the information pages that came
with the tank pack has printing soooooo small, no one cold read it. my
boyfriend got it for me and if you hadnt done this video, i wouldn't know
how to fill it. the site has no info other than product purchase. i did try
to fill it in the hole, but that was before looking and finding your video.
i'm on my way and i'm excited to try the other flavors. thanks again

Автор GoPro GavinV ( назад)
yes u can I did it last night took me like an hour

Автор Mark Turovskiy ( назад)
Can you clean the cartrage that is screwed on top of the battery?

Автор Zombie_Kid_345Gaming ( назад)
Is that a flavor

Автор HissFiend ( назад)
didnt know about the lock feature, thought mine was broken until i saw this
vid, thanks so much for explaining everything !!!

Автор Kaz P ( назад)
my mouthpiece doesn't unscrew!!!

Автор emily kubik ( назад)
This helped a lot thank you!

Автор theaccent king ( назад)
where to get it ?

Автор Rodrigo Oyague ( назад)
What happens is the charger is red but the other onein the wall is green?
is it still charging?

Автор Nicole Whitley ( назад)
Very informative!

Автор Jimmy Russels ( назад)
ecigbestsave, vodavapor, or just go to your local smoke shop and pick some
up. Just look it up online or go to a smoke shop, it's all over the place.

Автор Alana Robertson ( назад)
ok so where do you actually buy the liquid from? everying I've seen is for
the ones that look like a rechargeable cigarette for people quitting

Автор joey2158 ( назад)
I use 24 mg of xtreme ice

Автор Mark Gutierrez ( назад)
My vaporizer battery won't come off can you help me with this problem?

Автор Jeffrey Barnard ( назад)
Those chargers are suppose to shut off after charge but sometimes they
don't. Which will cause the battery to OVER CHARGE and go kaboom. So please
people for your own safety when you notice that the battery is charged.
Take it off the charger immediately.

Автор Jeffrey Barnard ( назад)
This gentleman is completely wrong about the charging process. These
batteries have no memory therefore you do not have to let the battery
completely die before charge nor do you let the battery charge for 8hrs or
leave charging over night. If any one has ever heard about these batteries
blowing up (which has rarely happens but it does) it's because of leaving
your battery on the charger after the green light indicating the battery is
charged.(I'm not talking about an hour or two though.)

Автор 602Laoguy ( назад)
good info thx didnt know about the lockout thingy

Автор mart powell ( назад)
just wonderin bro what sent or flava is in yours mines jack daniels

Автор BADTREKK VAPOR ( назад)

Автор hawaiian334 ( назад)
Empty out the tank, wash it out with water and the "dry burn it".

Автор hawaiian334 ( назад)
Some eGo type batteries, you must continuously press the button HARD a
couple times for it to work. Some have had bad connections on the button
side of the firering button, you can always "press and twist" the button as

Автор Rachel Swetland ( назад)
why wont mine turn on I pressed it so many times and I just got

Автор HussBeatz ( назад)
hey man can you use any refill liquid to refill or can you only use
specific ones ?

Автор Yeti Gaming ( назад)
Hi can anyone help my sheesha pen doesn't give as much smoke as it use to
do I charged it fully and put half full juice flavour can some one help!!!

Автор MkHaskel ( назад)
i think i got some liquid in the midle because i was pouring in the midle,
didin't know :(, what should i do? There's no vaping :(

Автор Apple jacks ( назад)
E-Ciggarette REFIL diff flavors @ $12 up to 600 puffs text only (816)

Автор joey2158 ( назад)
I learned all I need to know on this vid cool

Автор joey2158 ( назад)

Автор Angela Siegfried ( назад)
Nothing will happen. Plus, next time you could charge it over night. Some
people don't even bother with doing the longer charge and their batteries
still work well.

Автор Angela Siegfried ( назад)
Just try to clean it out as best you can with a twisted paper towel or a
q-tip (if it fits), and some rubbing alcohol. It won't hurt it, but the
juice will go into your mouth without being vaporized and won't taste good.

Автор Angela Siegfried ( назад)
That said I do like the injector bottles and you can pick up a 5 pack for a
few bucks at the *right* store. Some stores will try to sell them for $8.00
a piece (!), and this is way too much to pay for one injector bottle.

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