This is a quick video with all the information you need for setting up, and using your Nic Station electronic cigarette.

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Автор Paul Bă (6 месяцев)
What model of cig is that ????????????
Where i can buy it ?

Автор Liusila (1 месяц)
This seems like such a haaaassle.

Автор Rake187 (2 месяца)
thanks maaan

Автор drohoe1 (6 месяцев)
I got 1 of these, Im smoking strawberry right now : ) Hope the machine
lasts longer than 2 weeks.

Автор ToNGanStuNNa650 (4 месяца)
this vaping shit better hit as strong as the Camel Menthol Silver's I smoke

Автор Melodie yaKcM (4 дня)
i just got my puff king

Автор RetroRepair (1 месяц)
Thanks for this, the mouthpiece on mine was really tight so I was confused
how to get it filled.

Автор Drew Bratwerst (6 месяцев)

Автор Larry Zmith (4 месяца)

Автор SkeptikernProduction (3 месяца)
Is there any way to fix your... Container if you've gotten liquid down the

Автор Melodie yaKcM (2 месяца)
thank you

Автор Liam Morgan (4 месяца)
How do you buy these and from where if your 15 and from the uk?

Автор Jose Rivera (4 месяца)
Is it a drug and Is it for adults only because I want one but I'm only 13

Автор Robert Meyers (5 месяцев)
vaping 24mg belly dancer( jolly rancher) mixed with gummy bear flavor e
juice....so good!

Автор Joey Serrano (7 месяцев)
Thanks man! The lock was driving me crazy! I thought I broke it while
bringing it home.. I'm such a idiot _" luckily I found this video. Woot
woot Gave it a like and fav just incase for future reference for friends.
Thanks again 

Автор stringraver94 (6 месяцев)
these brake easily, i never dropped it and the battery fried, acid started
coming out , the wicked burned really quick. Im not bashing this model, i
liked it, but it was only a week or 2 of fun..

Автор Daniel Herrera (6 месяцев)
Would it work if I made liquid marijuana oil and used that as liquid?

Автор Jordan Felix (7 месяцев)
question I bought a Voodoo starter kit, but it came with 2 top pieces plus
the battery one is for the oil E-Liquid, but whats the other one for? when
i take it apart it has a small coil at the bottom and when i hit the button
it gets hot and glows red like its suppose to burn something...what goes in

Автор lizzie hill (25 дней)
So it's the liquids that contain the nicotine?

Автор Sailor Barsoom (7 месяцев)
Thanks a ton. Didn't even know how to turn the danged thing on (the
five-click thing). Now I've gone from "It's busted from the get-go?!" to
"Hey! it works!"

Автор VendettaApollo (8 месяцев)
When should you clean it?

Автор pokefan408 (6 месяцев)
I bought one but in inside where you put the liquid it turned hard like
candy is that bad

Автор Tony Magana (6 месяцев)
What if you accidently put liquid in the middle hole wht do you do

Автор Barad Neupane (8 месяцев)
I don't have the needle with a hole or the whole thing how do I refill it
with out it? Coz It leaks a lot everytime I try to refill !! Help me !! I
have the exact model but without the bottle with the needle!

Автор lil will (14 дней)
when i try to refill mine the liquid just sits there and dosent go in :(
does anyone know what to do??

Автор ubychi999 (7 месяцев)
Very informative. Thank you

Автор techFazeTV (4 месяца)
Thanks bro

Автор Michael K Goode (2 месяца)
Thanks for sharing. Didn't come with directions !!! This e cig way
different than my other. Your video saved me! 

Автор Ana sf (5 месяцев)
love this speacilly when i go to bars where you can't smoke

Автор the.gtr.kid. (4 месяца)
these r sweet i hve an ecig shop right up the rode from me i picked mine up
for 24 bucks u can get a cheeperr model for 18 bucks att the gas station
but battery dont last half as long and they dont vape like mine does....
mines chromed out lol good to use for hhash oil hahaha alsso found a
recipe i guess u cud call it for takin your own average buds and doin stuff
to it andd makin it usable in these cigs..... pretty good idea.... id say
buy them while u can..... the ggovernment will b banding these here soon
will b parifinalia next year garentee it o weell though i got 4 of these
total ! question i do hve thou is.... can u wash the tankss out or will it
ruin it?

Автор Chase Knighton (4 месяца)
My little rubber seal inside the atomizer fell off b4 I even used it ..??
Can I take it back or what ???

Автор Toni G (3 месяца)
Very informative. Thanks

Автор 187mentalcase (6 месяцев)
Thank you very help full man you gained. A sub thanks again 

Автор Jillian Gecewicz (6 месяцев)
Thanks for the step by step guide

Автор Joshua Gonzalez (5 месяцев)
Help mine is 1 day old and clogged everything works but when I inhale
nothing comes out of the pen I think I clogged it pls help what do I do

Автор Ryan Mcquown (8 месяцев)
what juice do you use? would tasty puff work?

Автор Anthony Kattah (2 месяца)
the part you unscrew on the shisha pen to charge it doesnt open with me
because i think i screwed it on too tight :( 

Автор Marcus Brooks (2 месяца)
aero tank duel coil set up please I'm in need please

Автор Makayla Hardeman (2 месяца)
Can you just wash out where the liquid goes and re use it again and again?

Автор rocker796 (2 месяца)

Автор Great big bag of dicks. (2 месяца)
my kit didn't come with a needle injector, is there other ways to get the
e-liquid in until i can find one?
great vid btw, very informative! this is my first time vaping so it's good
to know as much as possible :)

Автор PanhandleSessions (2 месяца)
Is there a way to mix hash oil into the liquid? 

Автор Pjay Pender (5 месяцев)
The batteries in these are Li-ion or LiPO, and these batteries do not get
"memory effects." In fact, Li batteries hate to be very low so the ideal
profile for charging a Li battery is to charge frequently. It's not
necessary to "condition" these with that first full charge. That is a
leftover from older electronics like early cell phones, which has NiCd or
NiMH batteries.

Different battery chemistries require different care, and that full first
charge to prevent "memory" effects is just not necessary with Li-ion or
LiPO batteries.

Автор Techykun (4 месяца)
Mine is a EVOD Serano and wasn't so sure with it, i mean i bought it last
night but never had the chance to use it yet due to an accident but i have
been charging the battery over an hour and was wondering if i should let it
charge 7+ hours or leave it charged until Tomorrow at 6PM Pacific time?

Автор Derek Shreffler (5 месяцев)
I got a vape pen the other day and it doesn't have a good draw on it should
I take the little rubber thing off the atomizer. Please help

Автор Jim Buckley (5 месяцев)
Nice walk through straight up...

Автор my feet are asleep (23 дня)
Can I used water or like honey or any random things in the kitchen as the

Автор Landry Houston (2 месяца)
Thanks helped a lot!!

Автор Kip Barrett (1 месяц)
thank you my girl got me one today n i was hella confused on how to refill.
thank you lots it helped :) no on to helping my lungs

Автор Kathy Bruce (2 месяца)
what about the coil?

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