Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Otherside (Original) [Music Video Edit]

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Download Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Vs. EP for free here:

The Vs. EP Tracklist:
01. Vipassana
02. Crew Cuts
03. Life is Cinema
04. Otherside
05. Kings
06. Irish Celebration
07. The End

Purchase Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Vs. Redux EP here:

The Vs. EP Redux Tracklist:
01. Vipassana (Ryan Lewis Remix)
02. Crew Cuts (feat. Xperience) [Jake One Remix]
03. Otherside (feat. Fences) [Ryan Lewis Remix]
04. Irish Celebration (P Smoov Remix)
05. The End (Budo Remix)
06. The Town (Sabzi Remix)

Music Video Edit of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performing Otherside (Original).

Video edit by @RealJessJohnson.


Original Music Video Credits:

The Otherside Remix Music Video was filmed in various locations for about a year and a half throughout 2010-2011. It is the duo's second video collaboration with long time friend and director Jason Koenig (My Oh My).


Directed By: Jason Koenig, Ryan Lewis, Ben Haggerty
Edited By: Ryan Lewis, Jason Koenig
Produced By: Jenny Koenig, Tricia Davis
Additional Camera Work: Johnny Valencia
Starring: Ben Haggerty (Macklemore), Christopher Mansfield (Fences), Amy Huber (girl), Parker Reddington, Isaiah Sneed, Jacob Sneed, Dave Sneed and Noah Zavatsky.
Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D


Emmie Nielson
Zach Fleury
The Koenigs (Hood Canal)
Austin Brooks
Neha Nariya
Zoe Rain Baxter
Johnny Valencia
Ruhi Parashar
All the actors


Produced By Ryan Lewis
Featuring Christopher Mansfield (Fences)
Written By Ben Haggerty, Christopher Mansfield
Engineered and Recorded By Ryan Lewis
Violin by Andrew Joslyn
Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums By Zach Fleury
Piano, Drums By Ryan Lewis
Mixed By Ryan Lewis
Mastered by D-Sane

The Otherside Remix Feat. Fences is available on Macklemore X Ryan Lewis - VS. Redux on iTunes.

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Автор Jesus Christ (10 дней)
RIP Pimp C & A$AP Yams.

Автор Sarah Tilgner (3 часа)
I need to set something straight with you all. And feel free to scream at
me, but if you don't know already, I need to tell you.

*"And I know cause I was off that same mix*
*Rationalize the shit that I'd try after I listen to Dedication*
*But he's an alien*
*I'd sip that shit*
*Pass out or play PlayStation*
*Months later I'm in the same place*
*No music made, feeling like a failure*
*And trust me it's not dope to be twenty-five*
*And move back to your parent's basement"*

Ben sampled this song because it was *meaningful* to him. I met and
listened to Craig Kielburger speak this morning, and he spoke very highly
of Ben. This is what he told us;

Ben Haggerty, or Macklemore, was in a good place. He was a young singer
with talent, and people were taking notice of him. But he let it get to his
head. He partied too much. He drank. Did drugs. In 2008, he checked himself
into rehab. He hit rock bottom, and took the long road to recovery.

When Ben says, "The fact of it is most people that rap like this, talking
about some shit they haven't lived." he means that he *has* lived that shit.

RHCP's version is better, yes, but I still love Macklemore's version. It's
personal. Don't hate on him for wanting to sing about his life when other
artists do the same.

Автор Eldon Garvelink (4 месяца)
Chili Peppers did it better. Not saying I hate Macklemore or his version,
but I think sampling is pretty uncool.

Автор DJ Thunder Clap (4 месяца)
What a cunt he steals red hot chillipeppers song and steals the name and
people actually think this is a better version 

Автор Redei Andrei (7 месяцев)
Better than Red Hot Chili Peppers. My favorite song from Macklemore. ♥

Автор Willy Mills-Fantin (17 дней)
better than Fences for sure

Автор wango bango (16 дней)
gay ass song for gay ass people.

Автор Jennifer Pimentel (6 месяцев)
Rhcp fans need to stop being so hateful. You guys should be glad that an
artist is the riff of otherside to rap about the same message. He asked for
permission to use the riff and named the song otherside. I'm not a
Macklemore fan in any way but I respect and admire this song. And I'm a die
hard rhcp fan.

Автор ttuber99 (11 дней)
To all the people saying that he ripped off the song, he didn't. It's a
tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and their message about drug use
ruining lives. Macklemore didn't use the track because he thought it
sounded cool, he used it because it adds a deeper meaning to the song.

Автор a936Massacre (1 месяц)
Why do y'all gotta be so disrespectful? So he used to main riff of from a
Chili Peppers songs, of course their version is better it's the fucking Red
Hot Chili Peppers, but I like this version too. For him to use a riff like
he did, must mean he's gotta lot of respect for The Chili Peppers, not that
he's ripping them off. I don't understand why people have to literally
always cut people down, they can never just sit back, shut the hell up, and
just listen. Always gotta find the bad never the good, that's pathetic

Автор MrSupernoober (4 месяца)
I like this song but other than that I absolutely hate Macklemore. I was
never ever a fan of him even when his songs were copyright free and on FaZe
montages. But I'm sure there are a lot of fans of Macklemore who supported
him when he wasn't so big who probably dislike him now due to the fact that
he sold out and raps about Gays in order to get media attention and

Автор Petamaree Short (5 дней)
The original by the Red Hot Chili Peppers will always be the best...
Im not just saying this because I'm like addicted to RHCP... I'm sayings it
because it's true...

Well that's just my opinion..

Автор Achmed Abadoba (14 часов)
RHCP = Make music
Macklemore = turn on computer -> make some beats != making music

Shame on you sampling a great band like RHCP !

Автор Jayden G (5 месяцев)
This song is amazing

Автор Enis Salihu (10 дней)
i love coke man

Автор nicolas90 (25 дней)
This made me cry

Автор James McKay (3 месяца)
Superb lyrics. What an artist. 

Автор Cherie Desrochers (13 дней)
madd respect to rhcp for being one of the first to openly write songs
standing against drug abuse, they paved the way for guys like macklemore
to continue it n if this music saves one life it was all worth it, good job
on the song anyway. always been an rhcp fan. people gota get they noses out
of the air who cares if macklemore asked permission for a great riff - to
rap about similar topics and refresh the message??

Автор -kuumakolli- joo (27 дней)
i can see the lil wayne inlfuence wacklemore

Автор Shea Southerland (1 месяц)
I went from absolutely loving Macklemore to hating him. I loved him for
Otherside, Fallin, Inhale Deep- reasons why I got sober. I loved him for
more than these three songs. I loved And We Danced, the infamous Thrift
Shop, Inhale Deep, The Town, Wings, etc. BUT- the songs I mentioned before
especially hit my heart. I had never heard songs like these that I could
relate to on such a deep level. I never ever cry, but when I listened to
these, I couldn't help but sob. Sob by myself, but at least I got tears
out. No artist had ever done this to me before. If an artist can reach
someone on such a level, he/she is a TRUE creative. After a few months
listening to Mack, my parents finally caught on and I ended up in rehab and
I got sober. For fucking 15 months. And I loved Macklemore at first, but
then I started hating him. I kept looking up people who hated him too and
everyone had "good" reasons why. I'm ashamed to admit this, but now I
realize that one of the only people who would understand my what my mind
was/is going through is Ben Haggerty aka Macklemore. I wanted so badly to
use again and I rationalized and minimalized absolutely everything in my
life that I convinced myself I could go back without any real consequences.
The day I got out of halfway, I used. Addict to the fullest. Now I am
sitting here feeling hopeless. But I just reluctantly listened to
Macklemore and remembered. I remember the connection and the success, not
failure, that comes with addiction. Ben, you make addicts realize that they
can achieve their full potential with out drugs/addiction. You give addicts
hope. You gives me hope. Pure honesty is the fucking worst, but at the same
time, the best thing.

Автор Jason Warth (2 дня)
1,566 People Couldn't make it to The Otherside.

Автор Ricky St. Louis (1 месяц)
Are you people fucking serious? Over half of all rap songs these day's is
done on older rock songs. The rap scene is literally overflowing rappers
remaking from old songs with new instruments, and then rapping over it
about hoes, cars, clothes, money, and other ridiculous themes. At least
Macklemore was smart enough to make it about real life things, that real
life people can relate too. Instead of just talking shit to the people
listening, which is what the majority of rap is nowadays. He wanted to make
a song with some relevant meaning, and to spread a positive message. A
message that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were trying to convey in the
original version anyways. He used the song as a simple way to teach and
inform. Believe me If you think that you learn anything significant from
other rap songs you hear, than you are dumb enough for the accusations you
make about this song to be understandable. At that point though, I feel
like you shouldn't be listening to this type of music. You really should be
concentrating on graduating 5th grade. 

Автор Plupplup46 (4 дня)
So cool its my favoirite song

Автор Jamesha Wooten (1 месяц)
I don't know what to say what I just read in the comments.People don't
listen to the music and think. This song is meant to save lives. So what if
he used a little of someone's stuffers do it to so why can he? I love his
music and hope he never sells out like some of the other rappers. I love
rap but I can listen to it because it because it's so negative and full of
shit. As soon as I heard his music I was like yes music like eminem I've
been wanting this it felt good the music felt good. Hope he never sells out
like he said he won't because as soon as he does I'm gone. So what if the
of he repeats some of his lines it's a ducking song all that just show you
where not listening and that's all you heard. I love macklemore His music.
Doesn't put me down and make me feel like shit for not having a huge Ass or
for not dressing like a slit and going out to sleep with lots of people or
for not owning nice looking shit cars I can't drive everyday or for not
doing drug or some other bull shit. His music makes me feel good for being
me and not doing what the world or tv says I should do. He raps about
people and what they deal with. He gives shows us the other side a side to
something we don't see everyday and he is a voice of people who the world
don't want to hear. He's using his power. Stop being so ducking judgmental
and pay attention.

Автор Devano Sutanto (2 месяца)
Smoke Weed eryday!! owait wrong song...

Автор Monika Wish (2 месяца)
We shouldn't compare which version is better, just appreciate Macklemore's
courage to touch such a sensitive and extremely important topic, also
including personal experiences... APPRECIATE THIS

Автор sakho103 (1 месяц)
why the fuck this bitch ass white boy put pimp c and bun b reportage in the
intro fuck you hoe ass honkey pimp c would slap u wacklemore 

Автор Andobe Boberg (17 часов)
this is so corny

Автор machoman Parry (3 месяца)
Wtf calls it other side and steals the riff uncool mr maklemore

Автор Daniel Han (3 месяца)
"That rush, that drug, that dope
Those pills, that crumb, that roach
Thinkin' I would never do that, not that drug
And growing up nobody ever does
Until you're stuck, lookin' in the mirror like I can't believe what I've
Swore I was gonna be someone
And growing up everyone always does"...... it hurt my heart to hear the
truth from a macklemore song.....

Автор Ramiro H (3 месяца)
compared to eminems rap about drugs and stuff this dude is trash. Keeps
repeating same shit again and again like "got up got up" "Wont be us wont
be us wont be us naw." like really

Автор maximilian1231231 (13 дней)
Love it! But the Instrumental version is better.

Автор Ryan Frunz (21 день)
I love that retro look. They just another one of the guys vibe. Its so
great and positive unlike vast majority out there. Don't ever be held back

Автор dezradeathkill (20 дней)
Does anyone know where the interview in the end was sampled from? Sounds
like Tyler the Creator but I could be wrong.

Автор xaVo PL (1 месяц)
hi can i use this song to my video?

Автор Samuel Parel (29 дней)
I'm a big fan of the Red Hot and this song is perfect ;).
This sample is perfect for Macklemore ;)

Автор RussianNuclearBomb (1 месяц)
крутотень! прекрасно!

Автор Ross Osborne (14 дней)
Macklemore is a dickhead

Автор Tim Jones (1 месяц)
''Most people that rap like this..''
''They rappin' about some shit they never lived''

Finally someone says it how it is... 

Автор Jayden G (5 месяцев)
Here is the regular version of Otherside its amazing

Автор Boris Hagemans (3 месяца)
I love this song, to bad he went full sell out after this.

Автор niels Klom (1 месяц)
This is why people should fucking respect Lil Wayne. And i dont mean
because of his addiction but because people like Macklemore respect him,
which people should too. Hating is a lot easier than loving.

Автор TankisteM4 (2 месяца)
i prefer the original ! :D :') 

Автор Esha Vats (5 месяцев)

Автор Lps Scarlett (3 месяца)

Автор Rhia Thomas (16 дней)
♥Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Otherside (Original) [M…:

Автор Rustyladuk (1 месяц)
He is the reason why I have got into hiphop, before hearing Macklemore I
always thought rappers were sorry little excuses of boys who only rap
because they can not hold a proper tune and were always permanently angry!!
This guy has some skill love it!!

Автор Tiffany Feather (23 дня)
shit this is so raw. Amazing!

Автор Kamichaos2121 (1 месяц)
You guys do realize he probably asked permission to use the loop. Fucking
stupid people.

Автор Charlotte Hübner (6 месяцев)
Macklemore is a God

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