CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls") (Official Video)

"CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!” from the Original Motion Picture "Trolls"
Official Music Video directed by Mark Romanek.

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Длительность: 4:46
Комментарии: 78562

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Автор Fivlo ( назад)
I m from Poland and i can Listen
sąsiad robi parkiet

Автор Ellen McConnell ( назад)
I saw Randy's dounuts

Автор Valentindestructor1981 Bertea Valentin ( назад)
a i' soow cool a wat a love i cricer justin a gat a feeling a star justin
aaa?I dont nou i ai love justin i a kiss😻💗💖😘💜💏

Автор fameli.frends. cool videos ( назад)
I love tis song

Автор fameli.frends. cool videos ( назад)
I was waving the movie 100 times, and today I gonna wac the movieee

Автор Le Monde De Manel ( назад)

Автор Maya's Easy DIYS ( назад)
I'm watching the trolls rn

Автор TheCoastalScents ( назад)
the child .. wooohh fantastic !!!!

Автор Chen Xiao ( назад)
Hi I jenn

Автор Birinder Singh ( назад)
concept is copied fromm happy by williams

Автор blah blah ( назад)
He's way Hotter than Justin Bieber

Автор Karol Pliszka ( назад)

Автор Andreas Fleischhauer ( назад)
This song reminds me over and over again when i was watching the movie with
my son. It stirs me to tears. its our favorite song in the car, we are
dancing and singing always.

Автор Nattavude Suwanrat ( назад)
This song can makes everyone happy.

Автор Aleksandra Baraniecka ( назад)
Ta muzyka wymiata

Автор Zack Opris ( назад)
just like fire

Автор Gani GanGan ( назад)
66 k people "cant stop the feeling" from madness..hahahaha 😀

Автор Pon Pon Hoves ( назад)
Perfect!My friend's sister's dance class plays this song every day they're

Автор Kellie Ryan ( назад)
This song has a great positiveattitude, I love it. 😀

Автор Nathan savage ( назад)
Who watching in 2017

Автор ROBLOX philipines ( назад)
This song make me happy

Автор EFFIE LOW YIFEI S1-06 ( назад)
Today is my birthday!!! Can I get at least 10 likes cos my mum forgot bout
my bday:((((((😭😭😭😭

Автор Dai Thu 1 ( назад)
good game and well player

Автор Evelyn Hodge ( назад)
I watched trolls 4 times and I love it

Автор Aslam Amir ( назад)
everyone is look like in GTA games. xD

Автор Pengz 18th ( назад)

Автор منى 2016 ( назад)

Автор Karen Ross ( назад)
my fav song

Автор English Van ( назад)
just kill yourself

Автор 。なおちん ( назад)

Автор Jose Rios ( назад)
I love you so much

Автор Edali Villarreal ( назад)
i like your songs so much😍😍😍😍😘😘

Автор June Star ( назад)
This song is so positive, it is amazing, plus that trolls movie in his
video, clever. I'm being honest I like Justin Timberlake better than Justin
Bieber. what's your opinion?

Автор Dylan Venselaar ( назад)
I subscribed

Автор Leticia Campos ( назад)
love it!!

Автор Littledonut Cookie ( назад)
I love the trolls movie and I like you playing branch and it's funny and

Автор higor swhez ( назад)
brasileiros paródia Lucas Rangel olha no que deu quem veio por causa disso

Автор Donstar ( назад)

Автор Nguyen Tran 9 ( назад)
thank for your video, i love this

Автор Megan Carter ( назад)
I know this is a good boy he might be able to do anything for the next few
years and I am sure I have been gettin it

Автор nitro nik ( назад)
this is the qorst song ive ever heard and my friend musicpaw dosent like
this song

Автор Joseph Eyes ( назад)
Let go of your problems for 4 minutes and 46 seconds, and just dance, jive
and hear this awesome music.

Автор Molly Grace 04 ( назад)
Ugh this song is so annoying

Автор Sol Anes ( назад)
dance dance!!!😍😆

Автор Saumita Kar ( назад)
I am Saumita daughter and i love this song

Автор Rahul Raghavendra Prasad ( назад)
1:08 The invisible limbo is real

Автор Fernanda Canuto ( назад)
love this song

Автор Norma PL ( назад)

Автор Irvin Roberson ( назад)
U are the best

Автор JotaEmi ( назад)

Автор Freda Hill ( назад)

Автор Gracie & Grayson Sisters Forever 2 ( назад)
this is one of my favorite songs! I'm one your biggest fans! whene is your
next concert?

Автор Peng Lu ( назад)
this song is so catchy

Автор griselda s ( назад)
the trolls movie was great 😊😋

Автор Aline Vicente ( назад)
I love this song. I love Justin Timberlake. Brazil

Автор America girl life ( назад)
I got that feeling

Автор Nidia Gutierrez ( назад)
I lick your song ´´cant stop the feeling

Автор Karla Tayssa ( назад)
Wow, you sing well and that's great, congratulations! I'm Brazilian so I do
not know if I'm typing right!

Автор Alberto Andrade ( назад)
hagan 3 filas 8 mejor

Автор Alexa Tejada ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Hung Lanh 6 ( назад)
thank for your video, i love this q

Автор Ashlynn Daniels ( назад)
this is like happy by ferrel

Автор Maura McLaughlin ( назад)

Автор Selena Lyrics ( назад)
just imagine.... :)

Автор GregoCatal ( назад)
He's a really, really good guy. Thanks for your talents, JT!!

Автор Tom Tastic ( назад)
The people dancing is so cringeworthy! Good song tho!

Автор Santiago Salazar ( назад)

Автор Valentindestructor1981 Bertea Valentin ( назад)
a gat a feeling justin

Автор SanJuan HealthCentre ( назад)

Автор Hyunaom Narunat ( назад)

Автор AnnaPlayzMspTV ( назад)
this song is basically my life

Автор Claudia Chavarria ( назад)

Автор Whats Up ( назад)
I danced while the whole song was playing

Автор Alondra Díaz ( назад)
Plagió de SEVENTEEN-Manse

Автор Valentindestructor1981 Bertea Valentin ( назад)
sow cool!!!😘

Автор mateusz haha ( назад)

Автор Christian Pagan ( назад)
I like it but I hate it you're not but you're calling me

Автор fernando riojas ( назад)
i love listening to this music!!

Автор Andrea Patane ( назад)
I used to play with troll dolls when I was a child. They were weird and
interesting toys back then.

Автор Betty Magpie ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Slavica Brezhkovic ( назад)
How to dance like this amazing man do at 01:44?

Автор Hi 465546 ( назад)
Hey, Thats Pretty good.

Автор Раиса Дорофеева ( назад)
Nature governor discipline xozwsv last recommend humanity electronic
poverty pull fold hole.

Автор annabel teigeler ( назад)
du bist so cool 😍

Автор Valentindestructor1981 Bertea Valentin ( назад)
haya wat a name? a feeling

Автор Emma Duskey ( назад)
HAPPY DAY!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁

Автор Me and my talking stuffed animals! ( назад)
This dose not make me happy I have a dark heart it makes me mad and that is

Автор gisele epacher ( назад)
j adore magnifique chanson

Автор Trang Ho ( назад)
Love this song

Автор Tu gaming ( назад)

Автор ISMAIL Belga ( назад)

Автор Allison Madelaine Gamboa Gaytan ( назад)
Me en canta está canción 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Автор Valentindestructor1981 Bertea Valentin ( назад)
lol! i's parfect

Автор Katelin Cowperthwaite ( назад)

Автор Aura Coleman ( назад)
Can't. Stop. The. Feeling

Автор Axel Hernandez ( назад)
como estás

Автор Annya Plays Channel ( назад)

Автор Italo Felipe Lourenço Diniz ( назад)

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