IMVU love

Thnx for all the views!!! This is me and my ex Marcus(sasukeheadhunter) On IMVU during early 2007. I'm currently BoringCookie on imvu. And again thanks for watching this! Video Respose is the Song In the Vid.

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Автор Gabriel Bourgelas ( назад)
like like like ♥

Автор frizzyo ( назад)
Haha can't believe I didn't see this til now. Idk what I said because it
apparently got deleted. But whatever it was I'm sure wasn't implying desire
of sex. I've been in the scene much earlier than when I commented. But if
simulated sex existed, it would be like watching porn, which I'm sure you
do quite often. 3 years old, but you made enough of an ass of yourself for
me to comment.

Автор Gabrielle Brooks ( назад)
thats not imvu you stuipid critic u just copyrighted them :(

Автор இயல்பான கேர்ள் ( назад)

Автор Kxylah Unicorns ( назад)
im xAmyRockx on imvu

Автор ColtTheGamer ( назад)
sasukeheadhunter intresting

Автор SuperGlitterGloss ( назад)
Look at the upload date...

Автор Chantel Phillips (848 лет назад)
typical noobs Cx

Автор KutsaiChan ( назад)
Way too young to be having any kind of sex...

Автор Isabella.xo ( назад)
noob releshionship...O_O

Автор Sergio Cisneros ( назад)
imvu is a perverted game

Автор Kawany Jesus ( назад)
e pra ganhar moedas o é coisa de gente apaixonada affs

Автор marley Budke ( назад)
if its so kid game then why are you talking like you dont know how to spell?

Автор Sebizzar ( назад)
Relationships don't work in real life.

Автор miku chibi ( назад)
why do you have to be so mean?

Автор BeBexx0 ( назад)
okaii who wasnt a noob once on imvu. this is sooo old lol back in 07 her
avi now is waaay better lol I've got her added online

Автор LilSkitzMc ( назад)
noy supid imvu rap imvu worst pedolttle kd gamee eva

Автор holly monroe ( назад)
i will never have a virtual online relatship because they could be lieing
about there age

Автор Kitty ( назад)
why does it matter if their noobs? does it really make a difference in the

Автор Peacelover1313 ( назад)
Well, i personally think its not bad at all. Shes expressing her feelings,
which is great.

Автор Emma Leckey ( назад)
uhmm why the hell did u post a video of u (noob) and ur ex boyfriend(noob
aswell )

Автор Ivette ( назад)
-_- I'm 12 and I have a boyfriend.. make real love, not virtual love..
Seriously, its nasty. >.<

Автор Karla Vargas ( назад)

Автор hmmg98 ( назад)
Noob Love ;P. Add me. CooFwip 8D

Автор EmoBloodRainbows ( назад)
2007 IMVU was so awesome <3

Автор BlackHeartChika ( назад)
Haha, you a noob x3 I have this game.

Автор Big Bang ( назад)
Funny that you say that because you're looking up videos on IMVU Love.

Автор jupiter ( назад)
o: I like the drawing :]

Автор DJ Caly ( назад)
This is a disgrace to people who actually did meet on IMVU and went on to
have something in rl.

Автор Renata sebelskiene ( назад)
no that was in 2007

Автор MrWhatsup1999 ( назад)
emmm.. Did any one notice a f*cking head on her ?? imvu is so noobish these

Автор Sharun Mony ( назад)
eso era imvu D:

Автор Niyela Garza ( назад)
Good Vid =>

Автор jocelyn hernandez ( назад)
buy a fuckin head bitch yo head is huge and you guys are noobs duces money
[ ( $ ) ]

Автор xCrunchyCookie ( назад)
Wtf did I just watch.....

Автор Marcelli. ( назад)
1:07 tht was unexpected

Автор xXGameLordForeverXx ( назад)
i love this video and song

Автор xXGameLordForeverXx ( назад)
i love this song @MegaNicki15 it's cascada-truly madly deeply

Автор Kuikerose ( назад)
Truely Madly Deeply by Cacacada

Автор Chelsea Crable ( назад)
Oh..Uh.. Good Job.

Автор Hamano Michiyo ( назад)
@MegaNicki15 Cascada- Truly Madly Deeply

Автор Fakam ( назад)
noobs lol

Автор Plmfrt (1058 лет назад)
Why the fck am I wathcing big headed freaks on youtube? O_O

Автор Jenny16Hearts ( назад)

Автор theoneandonly266 ( назад)
@TheDireFox your ugly,ur fat and ur wierd >;(bitch

Автор TheDireFox ( назад)
if your ugly/fat or just weird heres the perfect game for you

Автор RottenRover ( назад)
@KelseyKowahluhh LOLOL Yes -Highfive-

Автор KelseyKowahluhh ( назад)
Daww :3 Back in the good old days when over sized heads were "IN"

Автор MyGorewhore (1039 лет назад)
Use my cupon ZZ4YT2ASFA Thank you guys <33

Автор RastaMeansPeace ( назад)
@MegaNicki15 its called Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden (:

Автор amber mesarosh ( назад)
Need a coupon code :) Use Mine: BD8JM73CY9.. GET $10 YOUR NEXT CREDIT

Автор FreeRealmsFleXiN ( назад)
um guys im afraid to make on guz my moms gunna think im on porn

Автор gogad21 ( назад)
please use my cupon code: WB5152WJLZ

Автор ZeroNegativePro ( назад)
HAX Child Pr0nz

Автор kutekitty1021 ( назад)
I'm at the gay part of youtube again.... wat the fu*k...

Автор TheIntensiveGaming ( назад)
Virtual? Really? Beware - Girl G - Guy I - In R - Real L - Life

Автор lastking1205 ( назад)
lmaoo i just trolled on it lololl

Автор missesglitter101 ( назад)
hate the big heads! Add meh: JordynnStar on imvu! hehehehahah

Автор Samantha Casteel ( назад)
wtf "i wanna play with u in the sea"

Автор Melana ; ( назад)
newbs!!! xD

Автор Sylys Malyck ( назад)
I loves it. I used to have an internet bf back in 1999... who's to judge
honestly. No one has to be superior, just allow people to be happy.

Автор drayofchilastra ( назад)
I REALLY shouldn't be here. I'm normal. I'm too many clicks away from my
interview clips.

Автор gabby9724 ( назад)
is ok not really good but i love the pics

Автор reneescenequeem ( назад)
o. o Noob love -w-. Dammit. The old days were so scary.

Автор cherisca sabrina ( назад)

Автор Kocsis Miklós ( назад)
Virtual love ??? F*ck that sh*t go and build a reletionship -.-

Автор ShotCreations ( назад)
Why am I watching this? -Close-

Автор Miih Yuuki ( назад)
kk lixo ¬¬

Автор Daniela Lee ( назад)
Noob Love?! That horrible im sorry but try to made a NORMAL head please! :)
I dislike Noobs & you now it Bye! n///n

Автор KingOfTheChaoticRule ( назад)
sorry bout this but you guys = no life

Автор Jordan Nunez ( назад)
i got a imvu acount :D

Автор iizombiipanda ( назад)
@mee123323ify sorry i asked o.o" just didn't know that was the problem ;o

Автор mee123323ify ( назад)
@iizombiipanda i love imvu i just reformatted my pc and i cant see my
fiance.... TT_TT shes really sad that its not working do u got a idea how
to fix it?

Автор Alexis Chioini ( назад)
Sorry I like Savage Gardens "Truly Madly Deeply" better.

Автор Lilbabygirl1100 ( назад)
@MegaNicki15 It says it right there.

Автор harleydakota22 ( назад)
Imvu is hack!!!!

Автор Crystal Myre ( назад)
Go Cascada!

Автор isabella3097 (199 лет назад)
Noobs , coloquem uma cara mais pequena , meu Deus retartados ! Vai joga
Club Penguin -.-'

Автор iizombiipanda ( назад)
@EpahOnCrack why do chu hate imvu O_o rlly i love imvu :o or is imvu
bugging chu just tell someone and they will tell chu wat to do

Автор EpahOnCrack ( назад)
i hate imvu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jessica Jenkinson ( назад)
@Biaa656 dude calm down man theyre only codes

Автор Nimit Desai ( назад)

Автор EpicDino8D ( назад)
@MegaNicki15 its like under the video cant anyone read?!

Автор SlashHudson90 ( назад)
hey guys, if you need a coupon, please use this: NM18DABSZD it expires
11/06/11 I Hope it will be useful to you, bye!

Автор Bimbo Oyewunmi ( назад)
this is so sad... go find a boyfriend in reall life no offence

Автор Tori4536 ( назад)
@MegaNicki15 Cascada: Truly Madly Deeply

Автор Gabe ( назад)
Soooooooo........... Ugly And Gay XD

Автор Fernansha10 ( назад)
The song is Truely MAdly Deeply by Cascada.

Автор Ani Mari ( назад)
mmmm baya baya eee madre mia baya video no molaaaa

Автор Jacob Rollet ( назад)
wtf he creepy looking.... i think everyone but him and his friends are epic

Автор XxFeebs98xX ( назад)

Автор Rowi Ainsworth ( назад)
when is the name of song??

Автор bianca harris ( назад)
whats the name of the song

Автор TaylorSwifterz ( назад)
@channysocute no it aint

Автор Luana Nicole ( назад)
y love imvu

Автор dr4g0n121 ( назад)
@ethiopianhottie01 Then why go on it?

Автор Amanda ' Carvalho ( назад)
usem my cupon PK14TZX7N7

Автор dr4g0n121 (2041 год назад)
@channysocute IMVU is not a virus, but something much worse. It is a system
that attracts young people and knowingly shows them age-innapropriate
content. It is also a place where cyber-bullying and stalking occur. All
attempts to correct these flaws are immediately censored by IMVU. I should
also mention the addiction that people develop to it (I honestly do not
know why.) In a way it is a piece of software that promises heaven, but is
really an inescapable hell.

Автор channysocute ( назад)
IMVU is a virus btw

Автор Madeline IwishIhadacoollastname ( назад)
crap. fucking shit. i thought it wouldnt just be messed up pics

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