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Thnx for all the views!!! This is me and my ex Marcus(sasukeheadhunter) On IMVU during early 2007. I'm currently BoringCookie on imvu. And again thanks for watching this! Video Respose is the Song In the Vid.

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Автор Chantel Phillips (2 года)
typical noobs Cx

Автор Alessa Turner (3 года)
when is the name of song??

Автор ColtTheGamer (2 года)
sasukeheadhunter intresting

Автор Luana Nicole (3 года)
y love imvu

Автор LilSkitzMc (2 года)
noy supid imvu rap imvu worst pedolttle kd gamee eva

Автор D H (3 года)

Автор Daniela Lee (3 года)
Noob Love?! That horrible im sorry but try to made a NORMAL head please! :)
I dislike Noobs & you now it Bye! n///n

Автор xnooonameeex (3 года)
coupon code NWSW4J7KWW

Автор frizzyo (1 год)
Haha can't believe I didn't see this til now. Idk what I said because it
apparently got deleted. But whatever it was I'm sure wasn't implying desire
of sex. I've been in the scene much earlier than when I commented. But if
simulated sex existed, it would be like watching porn, which I'm sure you
do quite often. 3 years old, but you made enough of an ass of yourself for
me to comment.

Автор Sylys Malyck (3 года)
I loves it. I used to have an internet bf back in 1999... who's to judge
honestly. No one has to be superior, just allow people to be happy.

Автор doggys123ful (3 года)
Why u guys saying its bad I think its cute!

Автор Karla Vargas (2 года)

Автор naytha1585478 (3 года)
y S2 imvu porra

Автор Angel Balbach (3 года)
ugh i hate imvu in 2007 they had big heads >.<

Автор amber mesarosh (3 года)
Need a coupon code :) Use Mine: BD8JM73CY9.. GET $10 YOUR NEXT CREDIT

Автор Madeline IwishIhadacoollastname (3 года)
crap. fucking shit. i thought it wouldnt just be messed up pics

Автор Kaarisouw Gova (3 года)
@julianadropkick It's probably because the name of the video isn't "NOOB

Автор PorcoFada (3 года)

Автор BlackHeartChika (2 года)
Haha, you a noob x3 I have this game.

Автор MyGorewhore (3 года)
Use my cupon ZZ4YT2ASFA Thank you guys <33

Автор Kwabena Asare (3 года)
are u kidddin me u guys waste ur time on virtual datin sites like meez and
imvu smh that stands out that u guys dont have lives if u do dis stuuff
most yall 16 to 20 on dis shidd comeon now i can understand if u do
facebook like for ur hole life ut not no virtual gamein shid dat u have
make believe sex. playin dungeon and dragon games is equally as bad as
playin meez and imvu

Автор xxHECTOR619xx (3 года)
6CHTJTRT7G (cupon code!!!)

Автор TriniGyalVini (3 года)
big ass bubble heads! rofl

Автор Ani Mari (3 года)
mmmm baya baya eee madre mia baya video no molaaaa

Автор Alexis Chioini (3 года)
Sorry I like Savage Gardens "Truly Madly Deeply" better.

Автор PsychoPieLSRP (3 года)
Fake and gay.

Автор miku chibi (2 года)
why do you have to be so mean?

Автор Tori4536 (3 года)
@MegaNicki15 Cascada: Truly Madly Deeply

Автор channysocute (3 года)
IMVU is a virus btw

Автор TheIntensiveGaming (3 года)
Virtual? Really? Beware - Girl G - Guy I - In R - Real L - Life

Автор Sergio Cisneros (2 года)
imvu is a perverted game

Автор xXGameLordForeverXx (3 года)
i love this song @MegaNicki15 it's cascada-truly madly deeply

Автор allieV (3 года)

Автор Marcelli. (3 года)
1:07 tht was unexpected

Автор Melana Duran (3 года)
newbs!!! xD

Автор mcjoshinator (3 года)
@julianadropkick IKR WTF

Автор Samantha Casteel (3 года)
wtf "i wanna play with u in the sea"

Автор skaetborten 1 (3 года)
this is crap . .

Автор HoTtIe101121 (3 года)
C9PC7A67J3 use my coupon ull save money!!!!!:)

Автор XxFeebs98xX (3 года)

Автор Bimbo Oyewunmi (3 года)
this is so sad... go find a boyfriend in reall life no offence

Автор XoXoTiffanyXoXoful (2 года)
noob releshionship...O_O

Автор Kxylah Unicorns (2 года)
im xAmyRockx on imvu

Автор theoneandonly266 (3 года)
@TheDireFox your ugly,ur fat and ur wierd >;(bitch

Автор Crystal Myre (3 года)
Go Cascada!

Автор clint heckman (3 года)
i kow im wasting time writting this stupid comment buhhtttt newb love
SHOULDNT b allowed noo hoomans just furrysss!!! its more entertaining c ;

Автор Jemmetria xx (3 года)
@julianadropkick I see jealousy

Автор Renata sebelskiene (2 года)
no that was in 2007

Автор 캐스퍼 (2 года)
o: I like the drawing :]

Автор holly monroe (2 года)
i will never have a virtual online relatship because they could be lieing
about there age

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