Supergirl Meets Green Arrow, Legends & Team Flash | The Flash S03E08

Supergirl Meets Team Arrow, Team Flash and Legends | The Flash S03E08

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Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen / Green Arrow
Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers / Supergirl
Candice Patton as Iris West
Jesse L. Martin as Joe West
Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow
Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon
Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells
Victor Garber as Martin Stein
Franz Drameh as Jefferson Jackson / Firestorm
Willa Holland as Thea Queen / Speedy
Caity Lotz as Sara Lance / White Canary
Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory / Heat Wave
David Ramsey as John Diggle / Spartan
Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak
Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer / Atom
DC Comics

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Длительность: 3:21
Комментарии: 165

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Автор Janna MY GOODNESS IT'S SUPERGIRL! ( назад)
can somebody subscribe on me?

Автор celin cochachi ( назад)
Daarick es putazo!!!

Автор Kyle Hughley ( назад)
"Don't hold back. Especially against me."
10 minutes later...
"Give us five minutes. PLEASE!"

Be careful what you wish for Ollie!

Автор McKnighty ( назад)
This'd be pretty cool if the shows didn't suck.

Автор Rubaisha khan ( назад)
me: I wonder what your face will be like if you saw the justice

Автор Rodolfo Abarca ( назад)
Wait untill they meet her cousin Superman they would SHOCKING!!

Автор Joe Masters ( назад)
**classic 1970s Hanna Barbera voice**

"Meanrwhile... at the Hall Of Justice..." XD

Автор tjwSilverOakleaf ( назад)
Digg at 2:27 is great.

Автор Kifah Hassan ( назад)
So we just gon act like the Kara's heat vision wasn't about to burn
Professor Stein?

Автор Ashley Nava ( назад)
screw you then

Автор Theo Gooden ( назад)
I Love felicity reaction that would be totally me

Автор Derrel Germain ( назад)
I'm convinced 😂😂

Автор RavenGirl237 ( назад)
Me @ Iris: Ikr, and good job trolling your man

Автор Bbg.amber.101 ( назад)

Автор flarrowfan 1 ( назад)
are we just going to pretend like we don't hear him

Автор Dan Ford ( назад)
team arrow stood at the back like the cool kids

Автор Ch3 j0 ( назад)
this is soooo bad

Автор Ebony Warrior ( назад)
LOL diggle"....I'm convinced"

Автор Deucalion ( назад)
Kara could have told Barry, "We might need someone else" gotten Superman,
and traveled to this Earth. How easy could that have been, but it was still
great either way with just her.

Автор Turbo9987 ( назад)
Why is sara always pouting?

Автор Peter Parker ( назад)
This crossover was pretty cool. I loved the chemistry between Barry,
Oliver, and Kara. Watching this special crossover brings in more hype for
the Defenders on Netflix. I can't wait for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron
Fist, and Luke Cage to defend New York.

Автор FRISHR ( назад)
Diggle's reaction to Supergirl is like "this shit doesn't surprise me

Автор Cross Wise ( назад)
supergirl is too damn beautiful

Автор Gaming with George ( назад)
"Since when was Robin Hood calling the shots?" Hahaha Heatwave is the best.

Автор Marvin G. ( назад)
If kara gets affected by red kryptonite and no one can stop her I hope they
call Oliver and Barry

Автор 454ffv ( назад)
Barry: "Hey also while you're here, can you help me out with stopping
Savitar and Alchemy"
Oliver: "Oh and can you help me out too. It's much easier than Barry's
problem, I just need your help stopping Vigilante and Prometheus"

End of Flash Season 3 and Arrow Season 5.

Автор PandaBear ( назад)
Cisco such a dick head

Автор Sam Kresil ( назад)
What,so Heatwave is a good guy now?

Автор Sam Kresil ( назад)
I think I`m really starting to like Supergirl now.

Автор Sam Kresil ( назад)
0:37 Um,no. The Avengers was the best team-up ever.

Автор Doc Pepper ( назад)
Oliver's backseat leading was hilarious to me.

Автор Daisie Cardona ( назад)
i look i say " hey its the hall of justice . wait not its not "

Автор Shadowkey392 ( назад)
Anyone else think the STAR Labs building looks like the Hall of Justice a

Автор Mohammed Azeez ( назад)
Can someone get batman I saw him chilling in some cafe with superman loool

Автор Victor M ( назад)
in this storyline, could the dominators have created Doomsday?

Автор Michael Woodard ( назад)
I wish Supergirl made a reference to Brandon Routh. Something like "You
know? You remind me of my cousin." or "You look exactly like my cousin." Or
something along the lines. Thought that would be neat. Or did that happen
and did they not put that in?

Автор Haziq Zaini ( назад)
@2:16 "When u have to do a project presentation on behalf of the team, but
you didn't contribute in doing the project"

Автор xGood Onex ( назад)
1:06 and 1:19 SUPERB! :)

Автор Fatima Mojica ( назад)
where are vixen and citizen of steel?

Автор Kamil Kaplan ( назад)
''Best Team up Ever'' *Cough* defenders *cough* x2 Matt Murdock,Frank
Castle,Elektra Natchios, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Danny Rand etc. etc.

Автор Xxxx Xxxx ( назад)
I really didn't like iris in this episode

Автор Saro M ( назад)
I would've liked to see kara bond with the others, explore this world, show
more excitement for meeting other superheroes which her world lacks, talk
about her earth and show us where she's been staying...

Автор Leonardo Braynen ( назад)
u can see that Barry is not a natural leader like ollie is, but i'm hoping
this season he really mans up and stop all the whiney whammy pansy stuff
and GROW SOME BALLZ and man up ya know?

Автор Leonardo Braynen ( назад)
BUT ollie givin Barry orders even though Barry is effectively team leader
voted BY HIM, was just so hilarious dude!

Автор Leonardo Braynen ( назад)
I know i've said it b4 but for the zillionth time Cisco Ramon was a

Автор Leonardo Braynen ( назад)
but then @2:54 did u see the 'BURN' look Iris gave Cisco for effectively
having a no-confidence vote in Barry??! damn if looks could kill, that
would be Iris' new super power and Cisco would be a pile of smoldering
salty ashes! HA!

Автор Leonardo Braynen ( назад)
that look that Oliver gives Mick @1:52 after the Robin Hood comment is
CLASSIC OLLIE FROM SEASONS 1&2- i really want that ollie back just kickin'
ass and takin' names dude! but for real that was priceless- hell i wished
they woulda thrown down lol!

Автор Leonardo Braynen ( назад)
when Cisco voted for Oliver as leader that was such a huge cockblock to
Barry man that bugged me so bad but not as much as outing Barry's secret
message TO EVERYONE about the future to the team was totally not
cool....Cisco broke every gotdamn GUY CODE RULE in the fricken book man! he
is officially on my douchebag dic list until he gets off...[hopefully
before season3 of the flash is over lol]

Автор Leonardo Braynen ( назад)
yes Cisco is salty AF here.... i mean c'mon man- there is an ALIEN INVASION
and the old Cisco i know was getting off on mere metas and he just needs to
stop blaming Barry for what happened cuz its spazzing out the show man! i
loved Cisco but he's becoming a HUGE dic right now to Barry; i mean hell if
Caitlan can get over it [even after the KILLER FROST thing] then my god
Cisco get it to-damn-gether bruh!!!

Автор Crimson Cryptid ( назад)
U had to ask jax u had to ask

Автор Kim Morris ( назад)
Love Felicity's "best team up ever" 😍😍😍🤒🤒🤒❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Автор bluescluessuperagent ( назад)
Jackson needs to know what makes her super cause he's got a thing for white
girls. I bet he hits on her at some point in the next 2 episodes

Автор A Hemp Plant ( назад)
2:51 wtf is HR doing in the background?

Автор Nikolina Cooper ( назад)
what did iris say to barry about Oliver being the arrow?

Автор Antony D'Andrea ( назад)
so they are not in a share universe, she is from a different one so there
isn't superman in his world?

Автор TheAndreagon29 ( назад)
i know this is a dumb question, but can you guys see Supergirl and Arrow
together or Supergirl and Flash together?
you'd be the judge.

Автор Marzelo Castillo Vasquez ( назад)
Jusice League :D

Автор M Travers ( назад)
After watching this a couple times I realised H.R is recording all of this
for his novel, you can see Tom Cavanagh holding that pen thing towards
whoever is talking.

Автор BrunerMJ ( назад)
0:40 - OMG! They used the *Cincinnati* *Union* *Terminal* as the *Hall* *of*
*Justice*! That's an awesome homage to the *Super* *Friends* cartoon series
of the 1970's.

Автор Drawn2B ( назад)
Cisco should just write "I HATE BARRY" on his forehead in sharpie, it would
be less annoying

Автор jash blurred ( назад)
so there will be arrow vs Supergirl? when it happens I like to see oliver
shoot kara in the teeth with a kryptonite arrow

Автор Santosh Kumar Desai ( назад)
The look on Oliver's face when Mick called him "RobinHood". I guess others
are just merry men?

Автор Seni Joshua ( назад)
Ya know...you might say "Oh the flash sucks, arrow sucks, legend sucks, and
supergirl sucks" but it is worthy to note that this is history in the
making. This is arguably the first time in television history that four
different shows are combined to make a huge crossover event. I mean this is
like a tv Justice league or avengers movie. So many heroes at the same time
on the same show. This is legendary in itself. I mean the CW has its faults
but you gotta give 'em credit for doing this. They did a good job of making
this happen.

Автор Matthew Kealey ( назад)
So this team up is in the individual shows instead of being in one show.

Автор tness93 ( назад)

Автор Sakib Wasif ( назад)
Iris: Uh Barry, Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow?
Barry: Uh Yeah..
Iris: Oh my god he just got so much hotter..

Автор Cpt. Sideburns ( назад)
salty cisco is salty

Автор Cordell Garrett ( назад)
The Hall of Freaking justice oh my god

Автор Anonymous ( назад)
1 sub=sex with crush
1 like=million dollars
Scroll=10 years of bad luck
Insult=go to hell

Автор Philip Java ( назад)
they should bring martian man hunter An Power powerful hero

Автор Joshua Dungo ( назад)
Hall of Justice 😆

Автор Edriss Miakhel ( назад)
green Arrow is acting like Batman...
i like that

Автор Black Headphone ( назад)
Arrow v Supergirl:dawn of justice

Автор 93hothead ( назад)
god the acting with the cg is so bad they didn't even look back at the
supergirl laser markings on the floor

Автор Kategari Yami (Ran Xie) ( назад)
They cut out the part where HR gives everyone sandwiches. I am legit
devastated that they removed that.

Автор Louiese Gonzales ( назад)
Oliver need to get his playboy personality he had in the earlier seasons
back. that's not how you talk to a cute alien girl come on hit on her or
something don't be so cold. you've become quite boring after you banged

Автор halfbreed1426 ( назад)
Cisco is saltier than the Dead Sea.

Автор Misnia Mahsom ( назад)
first again

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