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Автор Patrik oron (9 месяцев)
Thank You Very Much :-)

Автор Kimberly George (9 месяцев)
There are many tricks developed on DR & CR assignment but yours was by far
the most helpful ! Thank you

Автор Samba Siva (9 месяцев)
thanks sir 

Автор Bgt aizo (1 год)
this helps expain more than my professor thank you alot

Автор Karna Krishna (1 год)
wow sir,,,,,,,,,,good engilsh n clear interpretations.

Автор Naga Nalamati (1 год)
Great Video !! Thanks for this post. 

Автор ANDoneXD (1 год)
accounts payable increases bro, other than that thanks for these vids

Автор Olga Dyck (1 год)
You are a great teacher! Very well explained! Thank you for this lesson.

Автор Ahamed Jessim (1 год)
Really nice technique, Thank you sir. 

Автор pedrojr mercado (1 год)
Very good explanation by Professor Lazarus but i almost got an headache
with the very poor video shooting. Please steady the camera with the tripod
next time for best viewing. Thanks, i gained knowledge..

Автор Indy_oirngoirng 2103 (1 год)
thanks you for knowledge.

Автор BizMinister (2 года)
Challenge for the day...watch this through to the end. Prof Lazarus does a
great job explaining how nonsensical accounting debits and credits are.
Thankfully with BizMinister you don't need to know this stuff!

Автор Manana Demetrashvili (2 года)
I wished i had a teacher like you, Prof Laz. Very well and easily
explained. Thanks a lot for all videos posted. Looking forward to seeing
more. Thanks.

Автор Vincent Labucay (2 года)
Can you teach me reversing entries sir..

Автор J Scott Upton (1 год)
I learned more from this one video than I learned from taking basic
accounting 101 in college. (but that was 40 years ago).

Автор Kishore Reddy (2 года)
This is really a great information and very well demonstrated to understand
Dr & Cr. Thank you so much...Kishore Reddy

Автор Tamar Mgaloblishvili (2 года)
Thank you so much , made it very clear and easier to understand debit and
credit and how they increase/decrease. Thanks :)

Автор sunrainism (2 года)
This is immensely helpful. It really cleared up my confusion on these few
accounting fundamentals. Thank you so so much.

Автор Tenere Robertson (2 года)
Prof Laz, I thought this video was very insightful, especially the part
about using the 4 step system to help create journal entries and determine
when an item is to be listed as a debit or a credit. I think once you know
what accounts are affected and how they are affected, the journal entry
should be easy.

Автор 00018jazz (1 год)
what if the check was issued it will be a debit or credit?

Автор knarisa (2 года)
Thanks. Your way of explaining is so clear. i'm starting my accounting
class tomorrow!

Автор prayag shah (2 года)
brilliant,really helped me,thanks a lot

Автор Reeko Azil (1 год)
Very simple explanation of Credit and Debit.....simple to
understand....thank you

Автор niveditha chinnu (1 год)

Автор Yasin Najaa (1 год)
Thanks Professor, Lazuras, I've learned a lot from you. Your student
Raymond Puryear.

Автор Hamad Alsheddi (2 года)
Thank you

Автор It's Kells (1 год)
Perfect. Thank you!

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