Accounting: Debits & Credits

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Автор Anjuli “Fit For Life” Mack (423 года назад)
Awesome :D thank you!

Автор Koang Gatwech ( назад)
easy to understand,thank you very much,pro

Автор Sajjad Al-Lawati ( назад)
Thank you very much sir for these lectures , because of you i have
understood the accounting question and started liking the financial
accounting subject

Автор Kris Gribben ( назад)
You have really simplified the rules for expenses and revenue! The way you
have presented it makes it so much easier to understand! Thank you :)

Автор penguingal3 ( назад)
Thank you for the video! It was really helpful for my uni assignments :)

Автор Ricardo Freitas ( назад)
Great and very useful! Good job and big thanks!!

Автор ThaDirtyVicar ( назад)
This helped to clear up a lot, thank you.

Автор Jennifer Wright ( назад)
Thank you for sharing this tutorial. It has been most beneficial to my
concept of understanding accounting 101.

Автор Zahida Aon ( назад)
Thank you very much Sir. You did explained very clearly.

Автор Annette Cada ( назад)

Автор Jeremy Ford ( назад)
Your a great Professor!

Автор RAJESH V ( назад)
Very helpful professor... thanks

Автор Dheedhify ( назад)

Автор Choppinbroccoli4ever ( назад)
I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU, you explain things in great
detail. I have witnessed other videos and I've been really confused, I've
finally seen the light with your explanations! You are fantastic! Thanks
again! :D

Автор Angela Perez ( назад)
i have an exam tmrw! and i work as teller so accounting is confusing for me
but ya just made it so clear!

Автор Charles Scalfani ( назад)
That equation with the arrows is VERY helpful. Thank you!!!

Автор KOCHU k ( назад)

Автор Shirley Salau (747 лет назад)
Again. Thank you so much.

Автор Patrik oron ( назад)
Thank You Very Much :-)

Автор Kimberly George ( назад)
There are many tricks developed on DR & CR assignment but yours was by far
the most helpful ! Thank you

Автор Samba Siva ( назад)
thanks sir 

Автор Bgt aizo ( назад)
this helps expain more than my professor thank you alot

Автор Naga Nalamati ( назад)
Great Video !! Thanks for this post. 

Автор Karna Krishna ( назад)
wow sir,,,,,,,,,,good engilsh n clear interpretations.

Автор ANDoneXD ( назад)
accounts payable increases bro, other than that thanks for these vids

Автор Indy_oirngoirng 2103 ( назад)
thanks you for knowledge.

Автор Olga Dyck ( назад)
You are a great teacher! Very well explained! Thank you for this lesson.

Автор pedrojr mercado ( назад)
Very good explanation by Professor Lazarus but i almost got an headache
with the very poor video shooting. Please steady the camera with the tripod
next time for best viewing. Thanks, i gained knowledge..

Автор Ahamed Jessim ( назад)
Really nice technique, Thank you sir. 

Автор It's Kells ( назад)
Perfect. Thank you!

Автор J Scott Upton ( назад)
I learned more from this one video than I learned from taking basic
accounting 101 in college. (but that was 40 years ago).

Автор Brian Boogher ( назад)
Thank you so much! Helped a bunch!

Автор Gustavo Portaro ( назад)
Excellent explanation. Thanks.

Автор Maymoona Khan ( назад)
why doesnt anybody ever include dividends in the accounting equation?

Автор jrdx ( назад)
Good lecture, but what's up with the twitchy camera? It's constantly making
small jerky movements, and once you notice it, you can't ignore it!

Автор Abdulrahman Musili ( назад)
Thank you so much Professor, Lazuras

Автор Mo O. ( назад)
Thank You Sir.

Автор CeesBeats ( назад)
If a customer writes you a check, it is a debit because it increases your
cash asset.

Автор alishya66 ( назад)
Thank you very much!

Автор Yasin Najaa ( назад)
Thanks Professor, Lazuras, I've learned a lot from you. Your student
Raymond Puryear.

Автор Yasin Najaa ( назад)
Thanks Professor, Lazuras, I've learned a lot from you.

Автор Kriti Sharma ( назад)
Issuing a cheque means that you make a payment through cheque .. so by
issuing a cheque, it means that some amount will be deducted from your bank
account to pay the amount to the person mentioned in the cheque.. so it
will CREDIT your bank balance. (Bank balance will be credited because it is
an asset and a decrease in asset is always credited)

Автор rockd stone ( назад)
venever owner took over any business item (cash or any other asset) den
such amount knwn as drawings...... as it belongs to owner so its a personl
A/c. it reduces owner's capital.

Автор suridon ( назад)
Its a big relief!! Its been many years want to clear my mind with this
topic. Professor, you gave very clear picture with your teaching skill,
which is amazing!! Thank you.

Автор niveditha chinnu ( назад)

Автор 00018jazz ( назад)
what if the check was issued it will be a debit or credit?

Автор 00018jazz ( назад)
what if the check was issued it will be a debit or credit?

Автор stringerzbounce ( назад)
Really helpful - thank you very much!

Автор brain.supremacy ( назад)
Very nice Mr Prof!!!! :)

Автор DeShawn A. Larkin ( назад)
Debits and Credits.

Автор I Am Sir ( назад)
Thank you so much! FINALLY I understand.

Автор Tanuja Bane ( назад)
Explanation of Credit and Debit is amazing. Very simple to understand.
Thanks a lot !

Автор Reeko Azil ( назад)
Very simple explanation of Credit and Debit.....simple to
understand....thank you

Автор prayag shah ( назад)
brilliant,really helped me,thanks a lot

Автор ican7f33lmyfac3 ( назад)
Very helpful video, thanks!

Автор vyasan shri ( назад)
Not only this topic...all the topic from basic to top..is
excellent...simple and very clear explanation...Thank you very mch...

Автор Tamar Mgaloblishvili ( назад)
Thank you so much , made it very clear and easier to understand debit and
credit and how they increase/decrease. Thanks :)

Автор Deeksha Sharma ( назад)
this video was a brain booster for me thank u so much sir

Автор Lanie tolentino ( назад)
thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial hope to see some more
tutorial thanks a lot

Автор Alexey Mironov ( назад)
That is amazing! So simple and so understandable! Thank you very much!

Автор harleen kaur ( назад)
thank you very much sir. It was a great help..

Автор diaz9220 ( назад)
Very Helpful. A much better way of thinking about the Dr Cr balances

Автор درويش زهوان ( назад)
thank you so much professor; this was of great help ..

Автор Shefali Jain ( назад)
This was a great video! I needed some answers to some of my accounting
questions. Came across InstantSolutionsforYou. com they are just superb!
Not only did they solved my question..but also took the time to explain me
the concepts which I never understood in class (thanks to my professors
:-X) I passed with flying colors.. couldn't thank them enough..so spreading
the word... If any of you need any help with accounting, just approach them
at instantsolutionsforyou@gmail.com.

Автор Onceathief1 ( назад)
I've watched 7 videos on this subject today and i was beginning to worry
that I was not intelligent enough to get this. Yours is the first video
that made sense to me. I am very grateful for this and really appreciate
it. You are an incredible teacher. Thanks again.

Автор Asad Khan ( назад)
it is very easy to understand debit and credit concepts

Автор Trang Nguyen ( назад)
thank you very much, really helpful sir ^^

Автор Trang Nguyen ( назад)
thank you very much, really helpful sir ^^ \

Автор Cheryl Bennett ( назад)
I can't thank you enough for this video. I am struggling in my class, and
this is the best explanation so far!

Автор caution0101 ( назад)
If assets increase with a debit why douse expeses increase with debits

Автор Susan Sooknanan ( назад)
This video was so simple, every step was explained very clearly, thank you
so much, and i am looking forward to more of your videos.

Автор Susan Sooknanan ( назад)
This video was so simple to understand and very helpful, thank you so much.
Can you please help me to understand T-accounts? Looking forward to more

Автор AL N ( назад)
Thank you. Seriously.

Автор Vincent Labucay ( назад)
Can you teach me reversing entries sir..

Автор emilyfang4 ( назад)
thank you so much. i just started my accounting class and felt so helpless
but this explains everything so well.

Автор skyman698 ( назад)
This is very good!!! Thanks a LOT!!! accounting is crazy hard to
understand,this helps a lot!!

Автор sunrainism ( назад)
This is immensely helpful. It really cleared up my confusion on these few
accounting fundamentals. Thank you so so much.

Автор Shashidhar M.A ( назад)
Wonderful explanation... very clear... easy to understand... thank you very

Автор MaddenGurusTV | Madden 16 Tips, Cheats, Glitches, EBook ( назад)
Do dividends fall under Assets or Liabilities and Shareholder's equity?

Автор Sunil Krishan ( назад)
Very Clear! Wonderfull Sir! Keep it up.

Автор Sunil Krishan ( назад)
Very Clear! Wonderfull Sir! Keep it up.

Автор Hamad Alsheddi ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Valeriana Rivero ( назад)
thank you. You are AMAZING!

Автор Manana Demetrashvili ( назад)
I wished i had a teacher like you, Prof Laz. Very well and easily
explained. Thanks a lot for all videos posted. Looking forward to seeing
more. Thanks.

Автор Tenere Robertson ( назад)
Prof Laz, I thought this video was very insightful, especially the part
about using the 4 step system to help create journal entries and determine
when an item is to be listed as a debit or a credit. I think once you know
what accounts are affected and how they are affected, the journal entry
should be easy.

Автор John Jugalaks ( назад)
Good stuff. Well presented. Lose the 'accent' though.

Автор Zuleika Sharaf ( назад)
THANK YOU!! it Solved lots of problem!

Автор Kishore Reddy ( назад)
This is really a great information and very well demonstrated to understand
Dr & Cr. Thank you so much...Kishore Reddy

Автор knarisa ( назад)
Thanks. Your way of explaining is so clear. i'm starting my accounting
class tomorrow!

Автор studer3500 ( назад)
Very clear and straightforward explanation, thank you.

Автор qwe asd ( назад)
So you rejected my comments. Why?, cause i told you the truth. You teaching
Debits and Credits, starting with Journal Entry,? Haahhaaahhaaa Go ahead
reject my comments, so others don't see it. Like you did before. I wonder
how many people commented on this. Atleast you trying to help for free.

Автор qwe asd ( назад)
Sorry Mr Professor, I thought you said you going to teach us Debits and
Credits. This is more like Journal Entry. Where is the definition of
Assets, liabilities and capital. Where is the T Account and the pluses and
minuses of the T Accounts. What you teaching is Chapter two or three of 101

Автор Ravi Prasad ( назад)
Awesome and Thank you, I am not a accounting person, and after watching
this video it makes more sense to me on Cr/Dr.

Автор Ravi Govenden ( назад)
excellent .you are very good. thank you sir

Автор GreyGhostly (1855 лет назад)
When you increase Assets it is ALWAYS a DR, when you decrease Assets it is
ALWAYS a CR. The same for Liabilities and SE. IF those are increased it is
ALWAYS a CR if it is decreased then it is ALWAYS a DR

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