Wizard101-Solo Tartarus


First: off, here is a solo of tartarus on my storm, Michael Stormwraith.
Second off, thank you for reading the description. Most people don't. lol
This is so late because it took soooooo long to render and upload, plus there were many render errors and upload errors. So sorry about that.

This was soloed on July 25th 2013 in the Test Realm by my storm. Surprisingly, it only took me 2 tries. I also wanted to solo this because people kept telling me it was so hard. Yes it was difficult (only the last battle was) but not insanely impossible like TOTH lol. Then again, I think I could have prepared my deck for the last battle better (should have put in 3 reshuffles), but i DID play smartly-ish lol. So yea here it is, this is the whole dungeon. I kept the whole video because this is proof that I soloed the whole dungeon and got no help from anyone with any of the prior battles. No Crown Shop potions, just some life TC.

Here are the times where each battle starts so you can skip to see specific parts if you desire ^_^ lol:

Death Satyr Battle: 01:27
Death Minotaur Battle: 13:43
Stheno: 37:40
Cerberus: 43:54
Final Battle: 1:12:30

*Music Disclaimer*
I did not create and do not own these songs in the video. I am not gaining profit
from these songs. I am using the music for entertainment purposes only.
I am not monetizing this video.
All rights are reserved for the respective content owners.
This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is
(1) non-commercial,
(2) transformative in nature,
(3) uses no more of the original work than necessary for the video's purpose, and
(4) does not compete with the original work and could have no negative affect on its market.

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Автор StylzhFromPS3 -_- ( назад)
wow, it took 2 hours sped up! jeez bro! btw, i enjoy your videos. keep it
up :D

Автор Advisor Kermit (The Technomancers) ( назад)
I remember when Tartarus was hard.

Автор Jaylynn Kellar (WinsisterAngel666) ( назад)
Did you do a Atlantis solo, with a balance before? I thought i saw it on
your channel because I cant find it anywhere

Автор Clint Ambrose ( назад)
Yeah but no one was their when you said it lol same happened to me 

Автор Clint Ambrose ( назад)
Bro I was jk I love you lol

Автор Clint Ambrose ( назад)
Jk love you bro lol

Автор Clint Ambrose ( назад)
Yeah im sending this to kigsisle you said shit (shyt)

Автор GaM1ng HD ( назад)
Man you are pro xD

Автор OneBigN00B ( назад)
I have been ur subscriber since July 17 2013 isn't that weird this was the
first vid I watched on ur channel 

Автор OneBigN00B ( назад)
My wizards101 name is TalonNightBlood T.N.B

Автор OneBigN00B ( назад)
U said there's wood al the way up here Tartarus is hell technicaly jk I
love ur vids keep up the awesome work man AWESOME VID BYTHEWAY

Автор Tinichia Banks ( назад)
Holy Balls. I could have NEVER done that alone. I could even do the
Jabberwock alone.

Автор Fallon Wild ( назад)
x happily steals your robe and waddles off x

Автор FumeinaEra ( назад)
I love the videos, but the comments that you make during the videos aren't
amusing and they're pointless.

Автор RoyalKid ( назад)
XD! The end was funny AF XD 

Автор FlashPepperoni441 ( назад)
Ur the best I like ur bids im a storm I couldn't do tartarus solo

Автор Perla Arezzo ( назад)
poli kalo to binteo

Автор Alon Shveiky ( назад)
You got crap junk from the drop

Автор xristos pirgakis ( назад)

Автор Mendl Tynkov ( назад)
That was actually amazing.

Автор CARBONx SMOKEZ ( назад)
Any tips of where to start soloing?

Автор Valkoor SkyWraith ( назад)
michael do you get yelled at?

Автор zachary ghostblade ( назад)
TheGamersOfficial, did you by any chance get that intro sound from a game
called SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom?

Автор MinecraftRedstoner ( назад)

This boss uses a -45% version of Virulent Plague and a +25% version of
Hades will cast his Natural Attack for 0-Pips every four Rounds (305 death
damage to all enemies + heal over time on himself as well).
Hades randomly cast a Death Damage over Time as his turn, dealing 800 base
damage every Round, for 0 Pips.
If the Damage over Time effect is shifted to any of the Bosses, Hades will
use a Triage to remove it.
The first spell Hades casts will always be his Natural Attack.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hades MAY gain two pips or power pips at the start of a
round instead of one pip or power pip.
If any Wizard is defeated, Hades will cast a Heal over Time to all on his
team, and this depends on how many teammates he has remaining. This Heal
over Time Heals 630 per Round and lasts 3 Round for a total of 1,890 Health.
If all three Bosses are still remaining, he will cast this Heal over Time
three times on each of the Bosses.
If only two Bosses are still remaining, he will cast this Heal over Time
twice on himself and whichever remaining Boss there is.
If only Hades remains, he will only cast the Heal over Time once on himself.
If Zeus is killed before Hades, Hades will cast the Heal over Time twice on
himself and Poseidon. Unsure wether this is a bug or intended.
If the Wizard was not defeated on the Round the attack was cast, this cheat
will not activate.
If the Wizard was defeated by a Damage over Time, this cheat will not

Автор Wyrd master ( назад)
@Below its By Brand X Music. But Idk whats the Song is called When you find
it Tell me I need it also e.e

Автор electronic pvper ( назад)
Like this comment if you want michael to do a draw my life for 10k subs :D

Автор Michael McWilliams ( назад)
Back again.... seeking song 0:20 - 1:42.

Автор bouncysnipe ( назад)
Does anyone know the song at 13:07

Автор Tyler Shaw ( назад)
Thegamerofficial you are beast dude soloing everything that takes real guts

Автор Michael McWilliams ( назад)
Anyone know the song from 0:20 - 1:42? I check my mail all the time here
and still searching for the composer / title.

Автор PyrusXF ( назад)
hey I really love your videos and also I watched that whole one hour video
of the sorry video where you talked about your life I found it really

Автор Hummy Birdz ( назад)
Lol XD 

Автор Borislav Todorov ( назад)
you should stop talking to the monsters youre fighting

Автор FrozenPolarGamez TTR ( назад)
fking Poseidon being like that drove me and my friends insane when we
played against them

Автор Wenjun “Wirriam” Hou ( назад)
What did you use to record the screen?

Автор Matthew DragonBlade ( назад)
You lucky little....... UGH

Автор Carlos NightRider ( назад)
Is that the dungeon where you get the hades gear?

Автор Brendanplays games ( назад)
Is this possible with storm i mean life and ice and myth and death and
balance can't even do this 

Автор nathan waltos ( назад)
I got banned and it didn't show the date. Is it forever? :(

Автор Kysyx ( назад)

Автор Michael McWilliams ( назад)
Anyone know that intro song? From 0:20 - 1:42? Message back if you do, I
check my mail here all the time. Thanks!

Автор EfeyesterMahreal ( назад)
what is TOTH?
And how come you can type stuff that is not in the wizard101 dictionary, I
don't see the option under the account settings.

Автор Wenjun “Wirriam” Hou ( назад)
This is awesome! So epic!

Автор Zen Chief ( назад)
man 257 block :P
adn only 127 crit for a storm....

Автор BlackHunter Roblox Skits Funny Moments ( назад)
............................................. O:

Автор BlackHunter Roblox Skits Funny Moments ( назад)
i know that there is a new
world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to
see it

Автор BlackHunter Roblox Skits Funny Moments ( назад)
can't do that

Автор BlackHunter Roblox Skits Funny Moments ( назад)
i always lose on the last part i take every 2 of them down last one i die 

Автор BlackHunter Roblox Skits Funny Moments ( назад)
ok can you help me with that dick he is a bad ass

Автор BlackHunter Roblox Skits Funny Moments ( назад)
and Btw WTF! how did they get that much health and that much power pip

Автор BlackHunter Roblox Skits Funny Moments ( назад)
can you help me in mushu i my name in wizard101 is tristan bluegem i am a
level 30 storm i forgot a quest in mushu and i do not wana solo

Автор Spikey Chaz ( назад)
nice job funny interesting and well thought out plan you had there

Автор thechallengebrothers 909 ( назад)
Lol you didn't do shyt just stood there lol

Автор eso melo ( назад)
Wait couldn't you just use conviction

Автор eso melo ( назад)
I stopped everything with my storm I am the next him from day one I've

Автор Arwa Shakeban ( назад)
Everyone subscribe to him he does great vids

Автор Andrew Phillips ( назад)
you got some stones for soloing tartarus X:

Автор Angela Barrera ( назад)
epic music dude! i didnt watch the whole video cause it is so freaken'
long! lol but i watched a bit and liked! btw its crazy that you did this
solo! cool!

Автор DerpyGamer ( назад)
Wizard101-Storm Solo of Morganthe (With Restrictions)

Автор Amber Trevino ( назад)
EVERYONE is a bird

Автор Amber Trevino ( назад)
Every time I go into Tartarus I think of Percy Jackson and the lightning
thief lol

Автор justin zhang ( назад)
Ps : i think myth is the strongest school because it can remove blades and
shields which are important in battle. They're damage is pretty good to.
Btw I'm balance in wizard 101 I'm Zachary drake glade balance lvl 32
caritas rating1

Автор justin zhang ( назад)
Hey what is your critical rating

Автор Geometry dash Tyler731m ( назад)
Just a quick question idk if you'll see this comment but I was wondering
how you say things that you normally arent allowed to say in text chat is
this a plugin or is there something else to it?

Автор AviShow128 ( назад)
Too good!

Автор Luke Winter ( назад)

Автор Joy Howard ( назад)

Автор Joy Howard ( назад)
what is your username and password?

Автор Bob Thebuilder ( назад)
I soloed this on my fire. No potion :P. However i do not have a camera. 

Автор BattleDoesGaming ( назад)
And why does Poseidon cast ice spells only

Автор BattleDoesGaming (194 года назад)
It filters even with openchat

Автор BattleDoesGaming (202 года назад)

Автор BattleDoesGaming (206 лет назад)
How do u say shit this way: shut

Автор adren4rush ( назад)
That ending though! xD

Автор Iordan Stoqnov ( назад)
And from 49:09 to 52:00

Автор BattleDoesGaming ( назад)
U always have 100,000 crowns in each vid.how the hell?

Автор Sammy Wooz ( назад)
1. It's cool you soloed this. 2. YOU'RE STORM! Meaning you had a super low
health advantage. 3. YOU SOLOED IT AND YOU'RE STORM! xD

Автор ZeusmasterMLG ( назад)
nice job

Автор james sunhunter|wizard101 ( назад)

Автор Dima Ball ( назад)
wow i could never do this

Автор wanye ray ray ( назад)
this dude got skill

Автор Shard ( назад)
If i tried to solo this at lvl 100 i would punch my laptop

Автор Dominique Lebel ( назад)
MEGA SNAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор benson1214 ( назад)
Great job dude, you're insane at soloing haha i've been subbed to you on
multiple youtube accounts for so long lol you're suprisingly a great pvper
also, so ya, keep the vids up! :D

Автор Aaron Medrano ( назад)
Why does this guy have a small amount of subscribers he does hard work in
his videos and surprises me with his skills?? 

Автор BlakeHawkFlame6 ( назад)
Love the music

Автор Commander Fil ( назад)
*Wow i can get free 13750 crowns check this site*

Автор alkfj jkh ( назад)

Автор Iordan Stoqnov ( назад)
Who can tell me what is the song from 1:17:14
to 1:19:20?

Автор Kaden Callaway (coolkaden471) (315 лет назад)
There all birds O.o

Автор jenthel herrebaut ( назад)
hi i am a storm wizard too and it can't do the sharpened blade quest i am
lvl 87 can i ask you what gear i need to use i use now the waterworks gear

Автор li fe ( назад)
at 1:19:50 i thought he said "sun block" XD

Автор Jose Rivera ( назад)
i want to be in level 90

Автор Foozy TV ( назад)
What lv are u

Автор KnaveTheBrave ( назад)
like if you watched all of it

Автор KnaveTheBrave ( назад)
is i hear tartarus i think of tartar sauce

Автор Ethan Goldflame ( назад)
dude you are f***ing

Автор Claudia VDV ( назад)
Lol it also took you half of the vid for the last battle! XD ... And you
are super hilarious!

Автор Going Berserk ( назад)
what do you use to record these?

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