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Автор Parijat Chaudhuri (1 месяц)
this is an absolute fake video, there is no official announcement of
pakistan navy to develop an aircraft carrier, As china does not have his
own aircraft carrier, it is impossible for pakistan to buy or build an
carrier, and if they buy also, its running and maintenance cost is huge,
its consume 1000 litre of oil to move a k.m. minimum, pakistan does not
have so much money, they are simply running the country by begging from
china and usa, So, it is a daydream of pakistan

Автор neelscooldude1 (3 месяца)
First learn to make a motorcycle atleast. Then dream of manufacturing an
aircraft carrier.

Автор kafirstunner666er (3 месяца)
look like an American build super carrier this time and its for Pakistan,,
i hope even Israel can have this not for Pakistan

Автор Raheel Hussain (5 месяцев)
this is not a Pakistani Aircraft carrier though but i like the music.....

Автор Saqib Hasn (2 месяца)
these aircraft are just to show that our dream come true 

Автор Saqib Hasn (2 месяца)
for all pakistan nation i will info you april 2015 our aircraft will join
pakistan army and f-17 block 2 just we build for these aircraft.we are
watting for just F-17 block 2
pakistan zindabad salam-o-alikam

Автор RAJ KHALSA (5 месяцев)
This Video is very funny U done it paki U show the world not just (mind
crack) Zaid Hamid stupid layer you all guys are . wow paki wow 

Автор Nikhil Sree Ram (7 месяцев)
Did United States of America and United Kingdom change their names to

Автор cartman (5 месяцев)
pakistan go make a car engine first then make aircraft carrier in maybe

Автор Noor Rizvi (2 месяца)
Pakistan has made the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet looks like F-16 and there
is a comparison on youtube look for it. out Missiles can hit every city in

Автор George Finlay (3 месяца)
That first image was of the Gerald.R.Ford Carrier which is american. 2,480
air crew is the same as the crew you fucking retarded? You also showed
original blue print image of the future British queen elizabeth class
carriers. You use retarded mesurment statistics. You used no real missle
types, american aircraft! You retarded they would be ordering russain or
chinese not american, there was no proper type of engine and the final 3
images were of the future american carrier Gerald.R.Ford

Автор Firos Sha (9 дней)
Pakistanis doesn't know how to draw a simple aircraft carrier figure then
how they can make real one, if you start dreaming now you can make it real
by 2150 not in 2015. I think you misplaced the digits. Now India is
building its second indigenous air craft carrier and also it is about to
acquire one super carrier from US

Автор Mickie Ismail (3 месяца)
avesh cheeka. why make em when u can buy em.u left over pussy hair u
fucking wanabees.stinky fuck go use body spray or somthing

Автор Abin Regi (2 месяца)
Why is this guy showing American and British carrier design's and saying
they are Pakistan's future carrier. Try and show something Pakistan is
actually making and stop dreaming about other country's carriers. 

Автор Paarijaat Banerji (7 месяцев)
good joke

Автор SOMA SEKHAR Konada (3 месяца)
fake video 

Автор kautilya taxsila (5 месяцев)
Amazing deign ! Flight deck is same like USS Nimitz class most modern
catapult type ! I think it can eliminate all infidels , statue worshipers
from the earth. Kingdom of Allah become reality 

Автор dheeru singham (1 месяц)
Pakistan is a failed state n u cant afford it

Автор Anvesh Checka (3 месяца)
please learn to make a decent AC and then think of constructing a mammoth
100k ton displacement AC

Автор Situ Mahapatra (5 месяцев)
just forget about the buying or building of aircraft carrier of this class,
can u idiots afford the maintenance of a 100000 ton aircraft

Автор Ali Haroon (3 месяца)
All of u fucin indian curry ass stinky motherfuckers are scared of
Pakistan, cz u know Pakistan will fuck the shit out of ya bitch asses ,,

Автор xferspace (6 дней)
Worlds biggest begging bowl . Will travel from port to port and beg.

Автор Abi Abraham Design (4 месяца)
Try building ur on canopies first lolll......................

Автор TaranisAttack (3 месяца)
There are two different ships here
1. CVN21/Nimitz class carrier, US
2. CVF/QE Class Carrier, UK

Автор Vikash Kumar (2 месяца)
Please learn first to make a basic of condom at least. Then dream of
manufacturing an aircraft carrier buddy.

Автор Beny Karachun (5 месяцев)
why would you think USA will sell to pakistan F35 f18 and more...

Автор pankajdas500 (8 месяцев)
No words for Fool Pakistan.. This warship belongs to USA...

Автор Beny Karachun (5 месяцев)
pakistan dont have any aircraft carrier. FAKE.

Автор TameTusker Silly (5 месяцев)
Pakistan Navy shopped at the local model store...they just bought a card
board model...the RC models are a lot more expensive and they just had
money for a card board model...the model cardboard ship has been named PNS

Автор Vali Boboc (1 год)
this video gave me cancer....are u idiot? these are the artistic visions
for the american Gerald Ford and the british Queen Elizabeth
class...typical for you, people of Pakistan, to overestimate your fucking
army...you are posting videos with Eurofighters or F-35s, saying that this
is the power of the PAF even if you will never have enough money to buy any
of these...and now this? 100000t aircraft carrier for the pakistan navy?!
You can't even afford to build a 20000t one...idiots everywhere..

Автор vijay thakur (1 год)
O Uncle Ji... Ladai Jhagda Theek Hai. Kaam Karo apna Time waste nahin.

Автор gxbmb (1 год)
trust me we would love for Pakistan to handle its own business and leave us
alone... unfortunately your lawless borders hold terrorist like osama and
they want to do us harm so it is our business... if you take care of them
assholes we would leave

Автор Vageesh Rohilla (1 год)
hahahaha...FUNNY video...China made weapons rarely hit the targets you
foolish porkistanis. One Brahmos is enough to sink this shitt into deep
waters of indian ocean. Pehle bna lo, fir aa jana ise dubaane. Hindustaan

Автор Muhammed Lodhi (1 год)
k who are you to tell me to give up my passport nd go back to pakistan in
canada that is illegal to say i am a proud pakistani canadian now leave me
alone jeez don't you people have better things to do than shit talk on
youtube comments tbh this makes me disgusted of both pakistani's and
indians here in canada we pakistanis and indians live in peace and love
each other like brothers my best friend is indian just learn to get along
jeez shit talking on youtube doesnt make you seem big just stupid

Автор Muhammed Lodhi (1 год)
pssht dafuq are you a fucking POG? i was born and raised in canada I was in
32 Military Police Platoon did 6 month in Qandahar back in 2011 so don't
bullshit son when you deployed and what is your platoon you liar

Автор deepak panday (1 год)
hahahaha what a gud joke from porkistanis saale

Автор seagate prisma (1 год)
may come true

Автор Prakhar Gupta (10 месяцев)
abe 100000 Tonnes displacement pagal samjh hai kya sale paglo pahle build
ur own smaller ship then go for big daddy :)

Автор Justfor Spam (1 год)
You know very little of Pakis. They dont have a single invention to their
credit but they do excel in paint jobs and xeroxing. In fact their top
scientist is known as Xerox Khan

Автор erum qazi (1 год)
your language speaks of your heritage. did u forget killing women on sati.
means ALLAH IS GREAT. same is written in your hindu vedas and other
books...please read your books.

Автор Prakhar Shukla (11 месяцев)
never afford any aircraft carrier....

Автор Roopesh B S (11 месяцев)
After kargil war, Pakistani army generals have gone mentally retarded.
Somebody give some quick shock treatment to these army officials. MY INDIA
WILL ALWAYS WIN. you guys are cowards know only to hit from the back.

Автор Yip Man (10 месяцев)
They are all pics of US navy air craft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford to be
launched in 2015............ you dont believe me...... here is the link:
search for w w w . maritimequest. com

Автор Sayed Waqar Haider (11 месяцев)
Pakistan is buying in future from america Why Endian always worries from

Автор future power (10 месяцев)
i think pakistan could some how order a ship in india 's cochin shipyard
and instead of designing it as an aircraft , you could design it like
titanic so that lakhs of pakistanis who are going to be expelled from saudi
by nitaqat law in november 4 , 2014 can be brought back at pakistan cheaply
and economically than via airplanes which many cant afford...think creative
not to kill indian brothers but for utility..

Автор Syed Asghar Husain (1 год)
good going, Pakistan Zindabad!

Автор Jingxing Chen (1 год)
yes! go pak!!! go!!!

Автор Hans Nuffel (1 год)
dumb ass that is artistic impression of US Nimitz-class a super carrier
weighting more than 100,000 tons and the biggest aircraft carriers on earth

Автор RAHUL SINGH (1 год)
bhi pakistan me bhi aisa hi hai all anti social, anti national elements n
prostitutes from muslim community.

Автор Justfor Spam (1 год)
You mis-spelled countary. It is spelled cunt-ry.

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