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Автор Rameshy Babu (2 месяца)
Pakistanies are best day dreamers.. Illiterate Porkies think nuclear bombs
are something like egg... ordinary porkies are only masters in killing
animals and human being.. no sence.. cannot grow up from their old idea of
religion which only contributed miseries and unending problems to human

Автор Abu Abdul Muezz (3 дня)
These bloody Indians and their tea boy prime minister who ran away from a
live show think they are superior to Pakistan. sssssShhhhhhhhhhittttttt,
the whole world know that 70% of the Indian bastards sleep on footpaths
because they don't own their houses. 20% of them eat rates (akkkkhhh
thoooo) because they don't have food. Millions of them which work in gulf
and which are considered educated can't even communicate in a proper way.
When they speak english or Urdu (their hindi) it feels that they have put
coins in a steel mug and are shaking it. These bloody fools can't compete
Pakistan in any field. Pakistanis are superior to them, starting from
complexion, physic, presentation skills, communication skills, convincing
skills, architecture, engineering, IT, science and tech and nearly all the
fields. The bloody mother fucker Indians who live in gulf live in
unhygienic places, 6 people use one erazor for shave, shittttt..., they
smell like the pussy of a whore which is fucked by 89 people without
washing her pussy. If they think they are superior to Pakistan then what
are they waiting for? Why don't they go ahead and attack Pakistan. They
know that if they attacked, Pakistani missiles will be ruin their dirty
asses. If any indian has the nuts to debate, i challenge him to come
forward and debate with me through a video link. 72% of their missile test
are failed and even west is laughing at them. While Pakistanis enjoy a high
status in the parliament of countries like UK because we are able people
and we deserve it. These bastards only use media as tool to show India is
superior to other countries. Put Pakistan aside they can't even compete
countries like Sri Lanka. It was Sri Lanka who fucked the asses of their so
called tamil tigers and thrashed them out of Sri Lankan territory.

Автор Arshed Maliki (2 месяца)
Pakistans gdp 297 billion U.S. Dollar aircraft carrier costs no more then
ten billion dollar so what the fuck are all these Indians are talking about
Pakistan can afford to buy one every year 

Автор zubin jan (3 месяца)
dislikes proof how much india feel jelous by this news as they were
surprised when we showed them nuclear 

Автор saif khan (27 дней)
Rabbi Khan not buying atomic submarines is by design as it can be detected
more easily compared to diesel and Pak is building worlds largest diesel
submarine be finished by 2018 and also PAK navy holds the record for
deepest submarine dive so far 

Автор Wajahat Ali (18 дней)
long live pakistan

Автор Mexiepino (1 месяц)

Автор Fazle Rabbi Khan (6 месяцев)
Sorry to say Pakistan can not afford it, even they can not buy nuclear
submarine from China. No money no arms. World count on India. Even China is
bound to co-operate India.This is reality. It is sure that the Chinese will
soon leave Pakistan behind. Israel selling arms to Russia, India and even
in China. Very soon Israel,Russia, China, India will be united. You will
not find any nation who will back you. Most of Pakistani are less educated
and only know how to marriage more and fuck . You always claim yourselves
as good Muslim, but most corrupted country of the world. All higher army
personnel are drunker and fond of hot mujra. Most Pakistani search in
google for horse sex, damn. So, instead of buying expensive arms,
concentrate more on domestic poverty, education systems and well being of
the nation. You also need proper sex education too. Look around the whole
nation except the proud Punjabi.Poverty poverty and poverty.

Автор bhanu singh (1 месяц)
aby banane ki aukat nahi hai aur dega kaun china aby usk paas to khud
1.00.000 ton ki shamta wala aircraft carrier nahi hai.

so dhondu just chiiiillllllllll bey. 

Автор ahtisham haider (3 месяца)
zara apne gereban mein jhanko ap ki adhi se ziyada nation ghareeb hae

Автор Shahnoor cheema (25 дней)
tum logu pas to new traines k liye airplane ni hyn training k liye tum log
kis muh sae baat kr rae o. tumhari fouj me dunia me sub sae xada sucide hte
hyn and these are facts indians u have to adimt these facts.

Автор jagat mishra (5 месяцев)
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........Nice joke

Автор Swap Neil (4 месяца)
The amount of dislikes says the whole story.. LOL

Автор STEALTH BLADE (5 месяцев)
coast of an aircraft carrier=12,500cr

coast of average five star hotel in karachi=1000rs

hence 12,500cr/1000=12500000 pakistani people can
have food in five star hotel for a day but average incom of pakistan per
day would be 400rs/day ,i know too much but just considering hence
12,500cr/400rs=31250000 people can have food of good quality,so stop
fooling ur people pisslamistani...kata land

Автор Vijay Aacharya (9 месяцев)
Beggar nation can never built aircraft carrier. 

Автор Parijat Chaudhuri (10 месяцев)
this is an absolute fake video, there is no official announcement of
pakistan navy to develop an aircraft carrier, As china does not have his
own aircraft carrier, it is impossible for pakistan to buy or build an
carrier, and if they buy also, its running and maintenance cost is huge,
its consume 1000 litre of oil to move a k.m. minimum, pakistan does not
have so much money, they are simply running the country by begging from
china and usa, So, it is a daydream of pakistan

Автор shubham kumar (2 месяца)
2015 is here guys where is the aircraft carrier 

Автор Aaditya Vyas (2 месяца)
tum paki sub chutiya bna te ho

Автор Firos Sha (10 месяцев)
Pakistanis doesn't know how to draw a simple aircraft carrier figure then
how they can make real one, if you start dreaming now you can make it real
by 2150 not in 2015. I think you misplaced the digits. Now India is
building its second indigenous air craft carrier and also it is about to
acquire one super carrier from US

Автор Raheel Hussain (1 год)
this is not a Pakistani Aircraft carrier though but i like the music.....

Автор Ali Haroon (1 год)
All of u fucin indian curry ass stinky motherfuckers are scared of
Pakistan, cz u know Pakistan will fuck the shit out of ya bitch asses ,,

Автор Himanshu Khatri (6 месяцев)
is U.S making USS Gerald R. Ford for pakistan bcs he has shown all specs
of gerald r.ford

Автор ajitkumar2350 (6 месяцев)
pakistani aircraft carrier........???!!!!! Dosto, lagta hai ki indian navy
ke aircraft carrier ko dekh ke pakistanion ne mun behlane ko kazag ka
aircraft carrier banaya hai varna inn pakistanion ki itni aukaat kahan ki
aircraft carrier bana ya khareed payen.

Автор Surya Rocks (8 месяцев)
the design which u r showing ita american aircraft carrier- USS George H.W.
Bush (CVN-77) .see the link

Автор xferspace (9 месяцев)
Worlds biggest begging bowl . Will travel from port to port and beg.

Автор Jass Sing (8 месяцев)
keep dreaming...good for you

Автор gentle men (6 месяцев)
khane ko roti pene ko pani rahene ko jamene bhikhme aur kya baat kare
aircraft carrier ki

Автор Dhairya Yadav (8 месяцев)
hahahahahahahahaha rofl, lol, lmao . 

Автор dheeru singham (11 месяцев)
Pakistan is a failed state n u cant afford it

Автор bipin panikar (9 месяцев)
hahahaha cant stopo laughing...hahahahaha.fuckn p;akis...hhahaha

Автор kafirstunner666er (1 год)
look like an American build super carrier this time and its for Pakistan,,
i hope even Israel can have this not for Pakistan

Автор Vikash Kumar (1 год)
Please learn first to make a basic of condom at least. Then dream of
manufacturing an aircraft carrier buddy.

Автор neelscooldude1 (1 год)
First learn to make a motorcycle atleast. Then dream of manufacturing an
aircraft carrier.

Автор cartman (1 год)
pakistan go make a car engine first then make aircraft carrier in maybe

Автор Abin Regi (1 год)
Why is this guy showing American and British carrier design's and saying
they are Pakistan's future carrier. Try and show something Pakistan is
actually making and stop dreaming about other country's carriers. 

Автор Anvesh Checka (1 год)
please learn to make a decent AC and then think of constructing a mammoth
100k ton displacement AC

Автор TaranisAttack (1 год)
There are two different ships here
1. CVN21/Nimitz class carrier, US
2. CVF/QE Class Carrier, UK

Автор Mickie Ismail (1 год)
avesh cheeka. why make em when u can buy em.u left over pussy hair u
fucking wanabees.stinky fuck go use body spray or somthing

Автор ZACK TRAINER (1 год)
Pakistan has made the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet looks like F-16 and there
is a comparison on youtube look for it. out Missiles can hit every city in

Автор PeasantsArePeople (1 год)
That first image was of the Gerald.R.Ford Carrier which is american. 2,480
air crew is the same as the crew you fucking retarded? You also showed
original blue print image of the future British queen elizabeth class
carriers. You use retarded mesurment statistics. You used no real missle
types, american aircraft! You retarded they would be ordering russain or
chinese not american, there was no proper type of engine and the final 3
images were of the future american carrier Gerald.R.Ford

Автор SOMA SEKHAR Konada (1 год)
fake video 

Автор Abi Abraham Design (1 год)
Try building ur on canopies first lolll......................

Автор Beny Karachun (1 год)
why would you think USA will sell to pakistan F35 f18 and more...

Автор RAJ KHALSA (1 год)
This Video is very funny U done it paki U show the world not just (mind
crack) Zaid Hamid stupid layer you all guys are . wow paki wow 

Автор Beny Karachun (1 год)
pakistan dont have any aircraft carrier. FAKE.

Автор Situ Mahapatra (1 год)
just forget about the buying or building of aircraft carrier of this class,
can u idiots afford the maintenance of a 100000 ton aircraft

Автор Paarijaat Banerji (1 год)
good joke

Автор Nikhil Sree Ram (1 год)
Did United States of America and United Kingdom change their names to

Автор kautilya taxsila (1 год)
Amazing deign ! Flight deck is same like USS Nimitz class most modern
catapult type ! I think it can eliminate all infidels , statue worshipers
from the earth. Kingdom of Allah become reality 

Автор carnage2112029 (1 год)
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Enjoy delusions Paki pricks

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