15 BEST Sports Plays Of 2016

15 amazing sports plays of 2016

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What other great sports plays from 2016 did we miss?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

The year 2016 was a great one for sports. Cleveland is no longer the city of losers -- thanks to the Cavaliers' NBA championship and the Indians reaching the 2016 World Series.

And hey, Portugal won the Euro Cup! Cristiano Ronaldo finally won an international tournament!

There were also some phenomenal plays that will forever be remembered. Today we dive into the 15 best sports plays of 2016.

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Автор Dylan Gralapp ( назад)
bob crud AwSoMe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор GamingRealmz ( назад)
martavis bryant catch is the thumbnail. What about the eziekiel elliot run. Antonio browns reach. Encarnacions walk off. Golden tate overtime play. Mike evans catch.

Автор MissileStrike 24 ( назад)
Top reason why everyone hates your MLB team

Автор Mason Storm ( назад)
So your saying hitting a game winning hit to end the biggest losing streak in sports history and in the most historic baseball game of all time isn't on the list

Автор Guy Leach ( назад)
Excuse me what happen to Kyrie in game 7 the game winner

Автор romantrajedy ( назад)
you missed seattle sounders gk stefan frei stopping jozy altidores header in the MLS cup

Автор TrickShotHeroes 34 ( назад)
Cool Video do worst plays of 2017 after super bowl please

Автор Drew Plays and Challenges ( назад)
The lions packers game

Автор Kerry Deaton ( назад)
Where is Zobrist's hit in the top of the 10th of the World Series game 7?

Автор AJ Entertainment ( назад)
Ben Zobrists hit down the line in game 7

Автор Francesco Moretti ( назад)
the kyries shot

Автор NameUnderConstruction ( назад)
kyrie hit a 3 and WON

The warriors lost a 3......to ONE Series Lead

Автор Trevon Beam ( назад)
Seattle Seahawks

Автор Kyle Williams ( назад)
What about the Cubs breaking the longest losing streak in sports history?

Автор Isaac OBrien ( назад)
manny machado > josh donaldson

Автор Keenan Blair ( назад)
kyries clutch three pointer in the finals

Автор Nove Musser ( назад)
Larry Fitzgeralds play last year in the playoffs

Автор Dalitso Kulemeka ( назад)
Top ten athletes who retired too early

Автор Jeremy Miller ( назад)

Автор max lauth ( назад)
Pumped up kicks is about a school shooting. Bad song selection

Автор Savinu Samarasena ( назад)
do best teams in the big 4

Автор Savinu Samarasena ( назад)
kyries 3

Автор Manu El-Ocho ( назад)
Those ashy elbows though!!

Автор Johnny Ramsbottom ( назад)
miracle in Motown

Автор Jaudiel Duarte ( назад)
You guys missed the kyrie clutch shot for the championship

Автор yofat mama ( назад)
Dee Gordon homerun????

Автор Terry Sampson ( назад)
Am I the only 1 who see his elbows?

Автор Tyler Hower ( назад)
Kris Letang's clutch goal to set up a empty net goal at the end of the game for the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup

Автор Shane Thomas ( назад)
Packers lions hail mary

Автор Jackson Weatherly ( назад)
bartolo colon home run

Автор Aiden Wright ( назад)
Where is David Johnson ? Eagles?? Packers??patriots??

Автор tcgameworks ( назад)
when doug baldwin threw a td to russel wilson

Автор Slapped ( назад)
You missed Addison Russells best play this year...

Автор Dominik Walkmeyer ( назад)
Carey Price isn't the best. just cuz he plays for the Canadiens. Murray still sent Fleury Vegas House Hunting

Автор Christian Marker ( назад)
10 free agents that became greats

Автор Ariel Richardson ( назад)
great plays but please leave the play complete dont cut it so fast

Автор QuadMeUp 223 ( назад)
The patriots lost that game tho

Автор Charlie Graff ( назад)
Cleveland is always the city of losers

Автор Productions for kids ( назад)
also von miller strip sacks

Автор Productions for kids ( назад)
the clutch 3 by Kyrie

Автор SkillzMaster ( назад)
Also why are they calling it the EURO cup?

Автор Wylie Shaw ( назад)
Hazard's title-winning goal for Leicester City

Автор cristian arciniega ( назад)
Renato Sanchez goal in the final for Portugal

Автор Hector Santibañez ( назад)

Автор james bullock ( назад)
Last out of world series

Автор Angelo Fortunato ( назад)
You forgot Kyrie's three pointer

Автор Angela Palacios ( назад)
Arron Rodgers' hail mary against the Lions

Автор JBTube156 * ( назад)
jarrod dyson catch?

Автор Nijae Thompson ( назад)
McDavid was drafted in 2015 idiot.

Автор Mr. J-Dog ( назад)
chiefs broncos or game

Автор power play ( назад)
the icon mens basketball shot from over 80ft

Автор Gabriel Groth ( назад)
Larry Fitzgerald's catch and run to put Cardinals in the red zone for the win during the Packers and Cardinals divisional game

Автор Travis Krug ( назад)
LeBrons block isn't even top ten worthy. This list was complete garbage

Автор Chris Novy ( назад)
top 10 goalies in nhl history

Автор Chris Novy ( назад)
i love all your videos

Автор Holden Kenne ( назад)
I'm pretty happy about this video because of the Carey Price save.

Автор Tyler Konkel ( назад)
stefon diggs diving catch in detroit

Автор railfan845 ( назад)
John Tavares game winning goal in double over time against the panthers ending the islanders 23 year playoff drought

Автор Darvin milligan ( назад)
what about. owboys one handed catch Bryant.and the 83 Yard touchdown Ezekiel Elliot.(im a cowboys fan)

Автор Grayson Gill ( назад)
Dequan young is the best

Автор Natan Getschel ( назад)
Von Miller's two strip sacks in the Super Bowl should be there

Автор Janath Fernando ( назад)
This is basically a north american list. How can it be the best sport plays of 2016 if it is all from one continent except for one.

Автор Brady paterson ( назад)
Auston matthew debut

Автор Blake Porter ( назад)
The catch and run by Larry Fitzgerald after the Rodgers Hail Mary

Автор AC dc luver ( назад)
the cubs

Автор Jtmurf 10 ( назад)
Kyrie three

Автор Br Zengo ( назад)
Where's Kyrie at

Автор Azaan Patil ( назад)

Автор Brady Tormey ( назад)
Mike Williams drags a South Carolina player in end zone

Автор SonicTrey64 awx ( назад)
hate to say it but maybe the 3 that got Cleveland the win in the finals

Автор AdamTewey ( назад)
The channels lists always suck

Автор Budget & Burger ( назад)
Kyrie Irving for the win over curry in game 7

Автор Triple TTT ( назад)
Kyries three

Автор Beast Mode ( назад)
Cubs. Wtf

Автор Izzy Schill ( назад)
Malcom butler interception

Автор david narkis ( назад)
Kyrie's shot over curry

Автор Gavin Page ( назад)
you missed Kyrie's Irving clutch 3 in game 7 of the NBA finals

Автор CH33TO_ ACH3S ( назад)

Автор Daniel Ruelas ( назад)

Автор UnhandyPilot74 ( назад)
kyrie's game winner

Автор Logan L ( назад)
What about Jespersons buzzer beater?

Автор Grady Gruber ( назад)
kyrie irving with a 3 to give the cavs the nba finals win

Автор Beast Mode ( назад)
Kyrie game winner in game 7

Автор MTN11 ( назад)
Top 10 most boring NBA finals games ever

Автор Tagg Neal ( назад)
what about kyrie Irving s clutch 3 in game 7?

Автор Shane Metzung ( назад)
Kyrie's three in the finals

Автор DJ GameOn ( назад)
most memorable nfl players of all time

Автор Chace Missouri ( назад)
10 best hail marys in football history

Автор Joey Ginger ( назад)
U forgot the Browns win against the chargers

Автор PoopTurd 9000 ( назад)
Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary against the lions

Автор Asher Millimet ( назад)
Olivier Giroud's scorpion kick

Автор Scott Beck ( назад)
You missed the will hill field goal return for td

Автор Colby Charlson ( назад)
the interaction by malcom butler

Автор Nick P ( назад)
Larry Fitzgerald's clutch playoff performance in NFC wildcard

Автор Michael Kormalos Sports ( назад)

Автор Alex Patt ( назад)
Odell against the redskins

Автор Matthew Majchrycz ( назад)
Kyries 3

Автор Tanner Oliva ( назад)
You missed Mark Texieras walk off grand slam in his final season

Автор Demonic Gaming ( назад)
10 Sport teams that suck now but will crush in the future!

Автор Hang Lombard ( назад)
He missed the Dez Bryant catch against the lions.

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