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Автор Patricia Bruce ( назад)
Going on my first airplane vacation. I'm not sure what to expect at the
airport. Any suggestions??

Автор pirategirlkc ( назад)
As an airline employee, I cannot agree enough with the "be nice" suggestion
with employees. I might have 30 people in a row scream at me over a delay
or cancellation, but the person that is polite and patient is going to get
a LOT more of my time and attention simply because it is a more pleasant

Автор James Wilkerson ( назад)
Love It!

Автор Plastic Free Vegan ( назад)
Great Advice, Ive cried before when I was late for a flight and they put me
on the next flight for free. Winning

Автор Frenchíe Kaí ( назад)
Great advice, can you do video on weekend packing for winter weather or
nightclubs bachelorette party any tips???
Help PLS🙏🏽

Автор LPSXOXO22 ( назад)
Once i have a black bag and something got loss. Weirdly the thing that got
lost is my 1 dollar name tag that hanging on the handle. It's soo weird😕 

Автор Carlos Montero ( назад)
From MADRID Spain to USA you MUST be at the Airport at least 3 hours before
your departure. Madrid (Barajas) Airport is enormous. USA gates are the
farest and you have to take shuttles, walk long distances and must pass
through 2 baggage screenings.

Автор Jo ( назад)
very helpful - thanks for sharing

Автор tangsta35 ( назад)
i guess we're all hackers now because we used these "hacks"

Автор Paneets reborns Forever1 ( назад)
I'm going on Jan 17 to india

Автор Leah Griffiths ( назад)
hooded contraption? you're hilarious!

Автор TotallyAwwwesome ( назад)
great advise!!

Автор Zoë Bicknell ( назад)
The second you got to the 'Don't get mad, get sad' I remembered when my
friend missed her flight to meet up with me the first time because they
closed the gate, she went to the front desk and cried and they gave her a
free ticket for the next flight.

Автор Dean Winchester ( назад)
Water bottle tip is really useful never did that before, such a simple but
smart thing.

Автор LC ( назад)
So, we don't have to be there early, but then your next tip is about
cutting through the security line because you don't have enough time? Like,
maybe just get there earlier, and then not have this problem? Lol

Автор Erin nayler ( назад)
I'm 13 and I'm going on an international flight by myself and I'm kinda
freaking out😬does anyone have any advice??

Автор Love Of Travel ( назад)
Great tips thanks!

Автор Sven Lima ( назад)
Never (!) buy a 4-wheeled suitcase! 4-wheeled suitcases are very
comfortable as long as you're in an airport. As soon as you leave the
airport and get on a road or side walk with bad surface (like London) or in
a pretty medieval town with copplestone roads 4-wheeled suitcases with
their tiny wheels are a nightmare!
Buy 2-wheeled suitcases with inlineskate wheels - they have soft rubber
wheels with bigger diameter (much biger that the 4-wheeled versions).

Автор Ashley Emma ( назад)
Best tips everrrr

Автор the best youtuber ( назад)
uhgg so tired i'm on a plane right now going to america on the emirate
airline there is still 6 hours OMG i hate travelling but i have to

Автор XOTWOD ( назад)
I'm going to California in 2 days so I'm here now.

Автор jkopvo ( назад)
Hey Nadine,

Thanks for the tips and tricks. Like you, I always carry an empty water
bottle through security. Here's a related tip:

The night before I travel, I freeze a water bottle half full of water. This
is allowable through security, since it is not a liquid or gel. Of course,
if any of the ice has melted, I drink it before going through security.
Once through security, I fill the bottle at the water fountain and then
have ice cold water for several hours.

I carry the empty water bottle also for three reasons: 1) in case my ice
was ever confiscated (and I think it was confiscated once when returning to
the U.S. from overseas, but never through domestic security, as they know
ice is allowable), 2) to have some extra water on the flight, as some
domestic carriers (e.g., Allegiant) don't provide any free drinks (not even
water) on the flight, 3) to have some water when I arrive (as some of the
countries I've traveled to don't have water fountains with safe drinking
water at their airports).

Автор SqueakyCat ( назад)
Yeah my flight got filled up aka overbooked seriously avianca did this to
me twice.

Автор The Art of Travel ( назад)
Lovely tips! Pure wanderlust! Greetings from The Art of Travel. We love
your videos! Please check us out. Pura Vida! :)

Автор sach 101 ( назад)

Автор MSP Girl ( назад)

Автор Samantha Molina ( назад)
I beg to differ on the "3 hour rule". 2 years ago on my flight to South
Korea I arrived 4 hours early. Why? Because I had to take the airport
shuttle from 2 hours away. I like to be early just in case. And thankfully
I did because they actually had cancled my flight. But because I was the
only person there 4 hours early, they put me on a new flight that was
leaving in 30 minutes. Because of this I got rerouted onto 2 layovers
instead of 1 but was able to catch my original departure from San Francisco
to Incheon. If it wasn't for this I would've arrived in Korea at 9 pm
instead of 4 pm, which was a huge deal for me. They also upgraded me to
United Plus (I litterally had a layover in Denver that was -1 minute so it
was helpful to be the first person off the plane). So telling everyone that
they don't need to be early is not a good idea.

Автор Nadine Gardner ( назад)
ayyy we have the same name

Автор asendorfyt ( назад)
Actually yelling other people took that dumbass Trump to the wite house :(

Автор Andrea2303 ( назад)
I'm flying for Christmas on the 21 thru Miami's busiest airports.
INTERNATIONAL. So I think I'm going like 4 hours before... oh and I live 1
hour away from that airport.

Автор Tenerife Forum ( назад)
Good advice, thanks.

Автор Isabela Hart ( назад)
airports normally have free wifi here.

Автор Makayla Wilson ( назад)
bring an extention cord that has a lot of plugs and make friends by letting
them use the plugs. ☺

Автор Liz Meyer (Lizloveslemons) ( назад)
Don't try and sympathize with airline staff. Just be real, tell us what's
going on and done. I don't want to hear/see you cry. Also ticket counter
and gate agents can do the exact same thing. Also if you're late...TSA does
not care if you're late. If you're in a big city...plan to be to the
airport 3 hours ahead of time. Back to airline explanations...Bringing a
manager out or lead will only be them explains what the agent just told you
in dummy terms. Basically don't be annoying entitled or terrible. We will
want to help you and possibly go the extra mile. DONT ACT ENTITLED

Автор Lyla 726 ( назад)
Here is a tip: you might wanna check the weather before you make flights so
you have a better chance of your flight not being delayed

Also my mom works at the airport so she has this badge thingy that lets us
go in a special line for security that there is like no one in. And i also
get a discount when i buy like food and things from those little shops :D

Автор Lyla 726 ( назад)
Most of the time when i travel i put something on my suitcase to identify
it because mine is just plain black

Автор Katie Prescott ( назад)
I hate flying on planes I am terrified and I'm going on holiday on the 10th

Автор triky5384 ( назад)
"there's no need to be in the airport 3 hours before a flight, trust me...
I your flight is about to board or already boarding and you're still on the
security line, ask the rest of the people to let you go first..."
And I can't help to wonder if getting at the airport 3 hours before the
flight is better than bothering other people or airport workers 😂

Автор Nisa Azman ( назад)
Lol cute

Автор Kurts On This ( назад)
If you go to your flight 3hrs early the ticket window if you need it won't
be open for your flight yet.

Автор 32sparklyflashy ( назад)
I usually reach the airport 4 hours beforehand as you can check in whenever
you like and after you get through security there's like a shopping mall in
there with loads of shops

Автор Daniel Razo ( назад)
Airports suck. But traveling is fun tho.

Автор Rosy Rocher ( назад)
Try not to wear any jewellery or metal accessories when travelling thru
airport cos this will save you a lot of time with airport security. Keep
them all in your carry on handbags so that you won't "beep" and be delayed.

Автор Rozamunduszek ( назад)
sorry to break it to you but I'm like 99,9% sure that all the boons that
you got from "being sad/making people sympathize with you" instead of being
angry were because you are a YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL, HOT, WHITE WOMAN...

Автор Emnet Tesfaye ( назад)
Thnx so much! This vid helped so much, I'm going to Minnesota in 2 days and
these hacks will probably really help!😊

Автор shinnam ( назад)
Almost never do you need to be at the airport 3 hours ahead, unless: It is
an early flight at a small international airport and there are lots of
other flights leaving soon. They won't have enough people at security and
it can take a long time. I had this happen in Sweden, Poland and Ukrane

Автор Kringle Villaluz ( назад)
Thank you so much for tips and hack! I will be traveling in 2017! In Apri
2017. love this video. thanks.

Автор MrSally47 ( назад)

Автор shailendra gupta ( назад)
you look beautiful

Автор Aahna Dhyani ( назад)
you resemble Bollywood actress Ansuhka Sharma.

Автор Carol Taylor ( назад)
l can attest to the connection flight squeeze..coming from London to Miami
l had to land at JFK to get my connecting flight onward's..l was standing
in line to check passports when l asked how long l had to get to my
connecting flight..she assisted me to jump to the front of the que and
through, headed out to the domestic terminal only to discover a very long
line to check in there..l went straight to information who told me go to
another walk through which in turn got me to miss all the shit and make my
flight...it pays to ask and be polite...

Автор Juan Daniel Rodríguez ( назад)
hey. fun video! thanks

Автор Studio Studio Line ( назад)
not who you ask, who you are when you ask. lol fairy tails.

Автор Fifi Farocious ( назад)

Автор Nicole Wainland ( назад)
if youre flying from cold weather to hot, change into summer clothes before
u depart the plane!! vice versa too

Автор Ice Trex ( назад)
is it worth dieing for a plug

because if you are at the fount of a plane and you are in a crash, you have
a higher chance to die..
look it up people.

Автор Vilajor ( назад)
great advise:)

Автор bright xiao ( назад)
What about the JFK

Автор sharky7152 ( назад)
Can I try your bed with you in it sweety?

Автор Kirsten Copley ( назад)
am i the only one who loves the way she always sounds clogged, but it
sounds so good XD wierd i know but i love her voice

Автор Cristy Clark ( назад)
Some people are complaining about people not arriving to the airport soon
enough and asking to cut in the TSA line. But sometimes issues arise before
you even step foot in the airport. I almost missed my flight once because
1. There was a traffic accident on the way to the airport (add 1 hour) and
2. the long term parking lot only had one shuttle bus driver. The other
shuttle bus driver called in sick and the shuttle bus driver they called in
to replace him was stuck in traffic (add an additional 30 minutes). Thanks
to Pre-TSA, checking in before getting to the airport, my four wheeled
carry on language and shoes you can run in I made my flight!!

Автор heliumchaser ( назад)
This is common sense! not hacks. nothing new here.

Автор Dylan Gustafson ( назад)
For me it's not cold on the plane

Автор M Faulkner ( назад)
LAX thanksgiving week

Автор potthead meg ( назад)
uhg that voice 😣

Автор jack gomezca ( назад)
This is the first vídeo that I watch with reeeealll and useful information
! thanks a lot !

Автор myoasis25 ( назад)
If you're late for a flight that's about to board/is boarding, airport
staff isn't likely to help unless you have a connecting flight or other
reasons that were faults of the airport. I've heard on numerous occasions
airport staff tell people they should have gotten to the airport earlier.
So unless you have legitimate proof chances are they won't help. Of course
there are exceptions but it's not likely. So get to your flights early!

Автор Asif Syed ( назад)
Thanks for your suggestions, you are very pretty lady!

Автор GoodGamer 9115 ( назад)
I had to stay in an airport for 6 hours because my plane was cancelled
once... =(

Автор Samantha G. Ferrer ( назад)
If you aren't a US citizen and you're travelling to the US you may get to
the airport 3 hours before, might be more...

Автор Alexis Archuleta ( назад)
This was great advice! Thank you so much!

Автор Aqsa Aqsa ( назад)
this video helped me a lot since I'm travelling in a few weeks. I will
definetily use some of these. Keep up the good work :)

Автор UnitedPebbles ( назад)
Hey cousin.

Автор D Zimzy ( назад)
personnally I HATE 4 wheeled luggage!!!

Автор guff mena ( назад)
hello we are a group of friends trying to go backpacking to Latin America.
please help us achieve that dream thanks you for the help in advance . Hola
somos un grupo de amigos tratando de cumplir nuestro sueño de ir a Latino
America por favor ayudonos a cumplir ese sueño. Gracias por la ayuda

Автор Manisha Dorawala ( назад)
These are so useful, thank you!

Автор MisterLivs ( назад)
I guess that's why Delta changed my flight when I missed it. I cried. It
was a really bad day already and missing my flight just made me cry and
they fixed it for me haha

Автор Bridgette Acord-Dooley ( назад)
okay I'm done with this I the first one to do that

Автор Girlsvines Extras ( назад)
I went to go to America and one persons planes was bording and has just
yelled 'hey everyone my planes boarding' and everyone let him through. GUYS

Автор Brianna Calderon ( назад)
If it's you're first time to fly should I still go 3-4 hours early because
I don't know what I'm doing??

Автор Daniel M Baker ( назад)
I liked teh video actually, pretty good, thanks

Автор World of Faz ( назад)
This is helpful :)

Автор Luis Angel ( назад)
Thank you for the amazing help!!! First time going on a plane and this
information cleared so much :)

Автор joshua amparado ( назад)
Thanks Nadine! I'm going to apply these to my Travelling experience.

Автор Bob Bob ( назад)
Cheap flight tickets are here: http://www.aviasales.ru/?marker=90248

Автор Awe2b Traveling ( назад)
Great advice. I've come across these troubles many times during my travels,
but it is definitely always worth it!

Автор Robert Seviour ( назад)
No airplanes have plugs! You have a plug, they have a socket. If that's too
difficult a concept for you, look at it like this; male animals have plugs
and females have sockets.

Автор froot loops ( назад)
if your flight gets cancelled, as she said be PATIENT! Don't go any where,
nowdays they offer you to go onto another airline. A few times I got
cancelled whilst travelling from Turkey to NZ ( 24+ flight T^T ) and I just
waited (and..cried.) and then a staff member that I talked to earlier told
me that I could board another plane instead. I dont know if it was because
I was a minor, but it was worth the wait!

Автор Annabel Beresford ( назад)
I'm flying from England to Sydney in 6 hours to spend a month backpacking
the East Coast! Thanks for the tips!

Автор Teresse ( назад)
Most of the advice is amazing, however I can´t relate to "you don´t need to
be 3 hours early at the airport". I know, it is a pain to wait there, BUT
especially if you are coming back home, do go early. I have seen so many
people who missed their flights due to the security check queue throughout
the years. Plus if you schedule to be there 3-3,5 hours prior the boarding
time, you should be safe in case of the traffic jams, car accidents at the
speedway etc. When I was leaving London from Stansted (no holiday, just
regular monday), I was like "girl, you are CRAZY to be leaving while having
almost 4 hours after scheduled arrival to the airport. Boy, oh boy, how
happy I was to having everything scheduled like this. I ended up having 25
minutes after I managed to go through the enormous Q for the security check
(some girls next to me started crying hysterically, because they scheduled
to arrive 2 hours prior boarding gate and in the middle of the Q they
realised that the gate is closing at that very moment and they missed the
flight). The bus to the airport was 30 min delayed even prior to its
arrival to the coach station in London and got at least another hour of
delay on the way. I must admit, that I did not have time to do anything
else than grab a quick lunch and go to the gate and I was among one of the
last people on the plane and there were quite a lot of people who did not
make it to the plane at all. So really, this advice is bad. Could work in
tiny airports (I have never encountered Q longer than 5 minutes in Prague,
my hometown), but it is better to be safe than sorry. Otherwise great
advice! :) I wish I watched your video prior to booking my return flight
from Australia. The 45 min transfer in Belgrad is scaring hell out of me
and I always pick the back seats for safety reasons. :D

Автор Mel and Jona Travel ( назад)
Useful video, thanks for sharing! Plus I love your room - so lovely!

Автор Matteo Rossi ( назад)
You rock, seriously! As an Italian and a frequent traveller I thought to
know a lot but you really have a knack for these tricks. One wide smile
from Italy :-) great channel, subscribed and super like your mood :-)

Автор GoPrissyGo ( назад)
Hey Nadine!!!!

I love your videos!!! Can you please do a video on the airline alliances,
frequent flyer programs and lounges!!

Автор tozurie ( назад)
Great tips, me and my boyfriend go on many trips

Автор Harmani Brar ( назад)
do you live in canada because I do and I LOVE your videos! !

Автор Harmani Brar ( назад)
this helped me a lot im going to toronto on monday! and it made stuff whole
lot easier

Автор Ethan Levy ( назад)
Also if you want free wifi on the flight a lot of airlines have apps to
download for their entertainment. If you click that you want to download
that app, it will give you all access wifi for 20 min periods of time. You
can do this as many times as you want. This works for American and Delta in
the US.

Автор DatOwlGamer ( назад)
the dont get mad about flight cancel sometimes isnt kinda true, once i got
my flight canceled so i yelled so hard on the staff at the aiport they gave
us a free flight with seat upgrades

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