Xcode iPhone SDK Tutorial - Switching Views (Method 1)

Heres a tutorial thats been sitting on my hard drive for a while. This tutorial shows how to switch views from View Controllers in the same XIB file.

iPhone SDK 3.0

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Автор Swiss X Tutorials ( назад)
Does it save the data from de last view?

Автор thruman angelyna ( назад)
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App or Game in 4 week And Hit Pay Dirt With It In The App Store With No

Автор Andres Guzman-Ballen ( назад)
Oh god I love you!

Автор Francesco Longo ( назад)
:D thank you for this guide!! 

Автор aSLamaduck96 ( назад)

Автор aSLamaduck96 ( назад)
@McHuZii no it wasnt only you that laughed ! ahha

Автор Myka MuveeMutt ( назад)
Dude, I can't thank you enough for these vids!!!

Автор Reis Hill ( назад)
@canad4rQc its now in the library under classes you have to select the
UIViewController and apply the action and outlet from the drop down menu
given, pain the in the arse. 

Автор Reis Hill ( назад)
Hey Dev, I am using Xcode 3.2.6, when coming to change the identity of the
view controller, class - action of done, outlet - view, UIView There isnt
that option to do so. Private message me or something please, would
appreciate it.

Автор McHuZii ( назад)
Fantastic tutorial..but am i the only one who laughed at "touch up inside"
what a name for a UI

Автор Afraz Siddiqui ( назад)
Is there a way to switch views when to uiimage frames touch each other

Автор TexasRable ( назад)
Alright... Now I know you know it... But I still do not know anything

Автор phreakii ( назад)
This suck so hard! Go under, go this, go that, go there.. Use the main
interface, not your own workspace. And as, Amirmansoury was saying, what
are you really doing?

Автор Amir Amirmansoury ( назад)
If you could tell us the reasons behind what you were doing, it would have
been even better. 

Автор Sazzad Hossain Khan ( назад)
Thanks for the video. Can you please help me by telling that how can i
organize if i have more than two views?

Автор Michael Wilke ( назад)
@dsykesy You coded something wrong. I was able to do this just fine. 

Автор econometricsly ( назад)
@lynknpark86 a) why don't you suck his 17 year old dick then. b) fuck you.

Автор Jack Nutkins ( назад)
This video is out of date and will confuse rookies, please do us all a
favour and take it down or update it.

Автор lynkynpark86 ( назад)
@econometricsly a) because it's children who have had computers since they
were born, and b) he sounds about 17, and I wouldn't consider that a

Автор Alonso BN ( назад)
NworksDEV, can you Switch 3 views? there is not ONE tutorial on having a
Main Menu and then switch to 3 or 4 views. Can it be done? Can you make a
tutorial about this please?????

Автор Aaron Candelaria ( назад)
Good tutorial. It might be a little better if you slowed down a little bit
and explained certain things (for example, I noticed that there was a time
when you didn't mention to save the project after you edited the
TwoViewAppViewController.h file, and newcomers might not know that it needs
to be saved in order for the Interface Builder to connect all the pieces
together properly). All in all, very nice work.

Автор econometricsly ( назад)
why are all the tutorials about iphone app dev made by children?

Автор TheDerekMoore ( назад)
@Tyler29294 I think I did forget one. LOL Thx!

Автор Tyler Flowers ( назад)
@TheDerekMoore Do you have a " ; " at the end?

Автор TheDerekMoore ( назад)
right around 5:56 I get an error "Expected expression before 'end'" , im
coding in simulator 4.1 :( Any help? Great tutorial overall! just that
little part :S

Автор Delizsieg ( назад)
thanks got that

Автор Ender Ocando ( назад)
wowwww dude you are the best !!!! thanks 

Автор MrChris8447 ( назад)
very nice+thanks

Автор digitalmaniak ( назад)
Thanks a lot dude. really helped.

Автор sukk1e ( назад)
Ey, is it easy to change transition effect with this tutorial?

Автор pawloosw ( назад)
i have the same problem ;/ any sugestion ??

Автор Omer Winrauke ( назад)
mine doesnt show the add outlets and actions thing

Автор telespence ( назад)
thanks man

Автор Mike Ritota ( назад)
i don't ether

Автор Envideable ( назад)
I dont find switch views under the conection tab

Автор invinciblemode ( назад)
your battery's weak!..LOL

Автор Matt Facer ( назад)
great tutorial - and loving the zooming as you type. Too many of other
iphone dev tutorials need to be run at full screen which is a pain!! Cheers

Автор Vilseinaturen ( назад)
Thanks, but you are doing it way too fast!

Автор elchris75150 ( назад)
So in theory if I wanted to build an app with say 40 or so views could I
build two at a time? Would xcode recognize the other views when I input the
code to switch to a view that might be 30 or so views down in the app?

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