Why Education in Singapore Works

AFT President Randi Weingarten travels to Singapore to learn from their successful educational system.

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Автор Ricky Shan ( назад)
Biggest problem with the education system is that it is way too efficient. Students are seen as nothing more than commodities and future resources, which is why they are drilled academically to no end day and night. Everyone knows that the government's appeal to encourage the art stream is bullshit. Sciences are always perceived to be more superior because it is what will drive the economy. Arts is the government's last concern, regardless of how much they deny it. The hard truth is that schools and the government care little for students' emotional and mental wellbeing, and suicide rates are not even openly discussed because the government wants to sweep the emotional repercussions of the merciless education system under the carpet.

Автор Aries Chen ( назад)
6:06 Rubbish , Asians wanting face value , where is the truth

Автор Ivan Kovacevic ( назад)
It is not problem in schools or teachers ... on the West... problem is in kids, in the parents and in the sistem overall. If the kid want to learn they will learn without all this fancy stuff but if you have kids who are more interested about how they look or about boy/girls relationships then science... than no fancy classroom or good teacher can not help them learn better.

Автор Booon Noob ( назад)
And then they added common core...

Автор ibrahim adham ( назад)
I don't know why with all the negativity on Singapore education system. As a Malaysian, I see Singapore's education system and the whole operations of nurturing whilst educating the young ones as an amazing work. The proof of the excellent education system in Singapore is you yourself. Your country has had huge development in all aspects especially economic and education..

Автор unteroffizier ( назад)
I don't think America's education system and teaching workforce is really that bad or us better than them. Don't take the study or ranking results that seriously.

Автор Kinjal Padiya ( назад)
very nice!

Автор Rinchen Yangden ( назад)
because of common core children are basically left behind in math

Автор Haniza Comey ( назад)
80% people here talk bout how bad Singapore education is

Автор Jithin Krishna ( назад)
my whole mind blows!!!! f*** indian education system WHOLE BOOKS , STUDY BY HEART, GET A IN 80 MARKS EXAM

Автор Luca da Costa Teixeira ( назад)
nn funciona cm fone esse meu video, dont works with a phone this video

Автор education us ( назад)
To much more update come on my channel ......

Автор MondoBeno ( назад)
No wonder they do so well. They have a school with no:
1. Teen pregnancy
2. Drug use
3. Single-mother families
4. Kids who don't know who their father's name
5. Kids with a father who's in jail
6. School sports being emphasized over learning
7. Parents complaining that the curriculum is centered on a particular ethnic group
8. Kids born to drug-addicted mothers
9. Vagrants allowed to "hang out" in front of the building
10. Litter allowed to pile up on the sidewalk

Автор Joshua Tan ( назад)
Hmmmm... Sure. We're really good at teaching our students in terms of reading, math and science. But what else? Most of our youth have absolutely no clue about what it means to be a politically- and socially-aware member of society. Students lack civic and social education. Ask a random Singaporean youth about global affairs and more often than not, they'll be stumped. The government and education ministry prizes economically-relevant skills above all else. Nothing else matters.

Автор The Tremendous ( назад)
I wish our Syrian educational system was like Singapore's.

Автор Joshua 9999 ( назад)
Singapore has the highest rate of suicide in students....

Автор Matrix- Agario ( назад)
USA uses 5 percent on education with trillions they can spend Lel

Автор kaylee thekiwi ( назад)
Aiyoh y liddat siah?

Автор thisisolzx ( назад)
Mr Adnan at 1:47 😂😂😂

Автор dbm 4794 ( назад)
It is stressful to be a student here, even in primary school. For Primary Schoo Leaving Exam, the 6th graders are tested on what they learn from 3rd / 4th grade upwards, and sometimes the questions can be confusing, esp when it comes to Maths. And then it gets easy in the 1st year in secondary school, but in 3rd year, there was a great increase of what they learnt from 2nd yeae, but then in 4th year, there werw much more students gotta learn because there will be O levels at end of year. they were expected to capture fast in case they get left behind. If i am not wrong, O levels at end of 4th year includes what they learn in the earlier years. This can be stressful, not only with the large amount of content in each subject they have to remember, but also the number of subjects they have to handle. And the students are expected to achieve an A or at least B in all subjects.

Автор Pewlssz Lim ( назад)
Bk your burger king wow I eat their food but it's so sucks like your country don't even compare Singapore u sucks your country are like rubbish bin

Автор MimiXtinaChelleKRow ( назад)
at 0:40... we arent Thai! lololololol!

Автор Yoni ( назад)
Unfortunately, Singapore is a borderline dictatorship, most definitely a one-party state. It is also wildly out-of-step with its legal code relative to other Commonwealth countries and the United States of America.

Автор Stephen Jannink ( назад)
Highlights top performing countries: Canada, Finland and Singapore but completely ignores that fact that Shanghai China is 1st in all three subjects lmao

Автор Lis Ozonder ( назад)
Let's move to Singapore with our kids!!! 😃😃😃👍🏽

Автор kookie genius jjang jjang man boong boong ( назад)
bruh. .. I live next to tampines primary school

Автор keff ( назад)
From the comments here, I can tell self-criticism is a national past time in Singapore

Автор DARTH LOL ( назад)
ite means its the end

Автор Windwaker ( назад)
LMFAO. Not all Primary and secondary schools have such a high budget where they can use smart boards or even laptops . Also, all students are subjected to standardized testing which if they fail they would get my supplementary classes which would be counterproductive since almost everyday the student will feel stress for the next test , homework and even projects since they will have less time to devote to these tasks .

Автор bk ( назад)
Singapore standards are:
A = Average
B = Bad
C = Cannot have dinner
D = Don't come home
F = Find a new family

Автор Tony Powell ( назад)
Want children to read a lot and enjoy it?

Let them play an adventure game, RPG or visual novel.

Автор OnlyloveKPOP ( назад)
They didn't show secondary school students, I wondered if they would smile like how primary school students did. Me myself is a secondary school student and I would say a big NO

Автор Tyler Wells ( назад)
This was about as bland and uninformative as you could make a video. Nice conclusions too; basically that we just need to become more collaborative and de-emphasize testing to perform more like Singapore. Certainly something that a teacher's union, who sponsored this video, would find appealing.

Автор Language Parkour ( назад)
In Brazil the universities that form teachers stuff them with Paulo Freire.

Автор Growthunlimited ( назад)
Here are the links that tell the fact about whether Singaporean is learning by rote :
Some Singapore's young students are going through the whole comments board to shoot down anyone who has differed view from their opposing opinion about Singapore's educational system. I can tell that the student is likely holding a lot of anger within. Singapore should do more to reduce the stress of young student. On the other hand, Capitalism and globalization has created a very competitive world. 1.4 billion Chinese is quickly adapting to the modern pace and another 1.4 billion Indian in the pipeline, I don't see an easier life ahead for the next generation. Stress is inevitable when your desire is way bigger than your ability.

Автор Anup Pandey ( назад)
India should move to this type of education teaching, not to make a student employed but smart enough to have a knowledge and make one tension free of obstacles and face it through the excitement knowledge they have........ Shreya, Hope so India would progress.

Автор Joel Kindiak ( назад)
Btw just visit a JC to understand 'test-based accountability'

Автор Joel Kindiak ( назад)
6:05 "You didn't hear about test-based learning" hahaha key-phrase is 'you didn't hear'. Just because you didn't hear about it doesn't mean it's not true.

Автор Mc Fluffy ( назад)
I really want to study at singapore . Nice education .

Автор Anon Y. Mous ( назад)
The Singaporean Government is really good at putting up a facade, don't believe this crap. It's just another propaganda video released by the dictatorship that is PAP.

Автор mimimomo oxo ( назад)
no tests? I think you guys are forgetting about the PSLE, O-levels, A-levels, and if you do badly N-levels. The teachers here are treated like shit and have to vote for the PAP or risk getting sacked. Joyful? what is that bs? A girl in my school committed suicide last year for not doing well in her end of years. Most of us go to school purely because our friends are there. Our system may have high scores, but trust me, nobody here is avtually motivated

Автор Gina Chen ( назад)
Seeing all these comments make me sad. Why? BECAUSE BLOODY IDIOTS ARE BEING UNGRATEFUL FOR HAVING THE CHANCE TO GO SCHOOL AND HAVING AN EDUCATION!! ITS UNBELIEVABLE!! YES we have test! YES we have major exams to study for! I'll agree on those things BUT they are for CRITICAL THINKING and to see whether or not we as STUDENTS UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT! Why else would they bother to put the weaker students in supplementary classes? It's so that they can ask the questions they wanted to ask in a normal class that still lingered in their heads!! GET FACTS FIRST ON WHY THINGS ARE DONE!! I really cannot believe how many of you can talk TRASH about your own education!! Then what huh?!? You want to fail and go work at McDonalds and live with your parents for the rest of your life is it?!??!!!! DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT STRESS WHEN MANY OTHERS DONT EVEN GET THE CHANCE TO DO SO!!!!

Автор KillerGalKpopper ( назад)
Welp, all I can say is, the delusion is real.

Автор syed ali ( назад)
I wish teachers get paid like Doctors are it is only fair, FYI I am not even a teacher.

Автор disterasd123 ( назад)
Man, look at the girl recite propaganda ._.

Автор disterasd123 ( назад)
Man, look at the girl recite propaganda ._.

Автор 456 qsn ( назад)
Believe or not, Singapore is the one of the most dictatorship countries.  Just because of Europe-USA political propaganda people don't know this.  For example, if U curse premier U ill be jailed.

Автор thani oruvan ( назад)
yo stfu education here is fucked yo

Автор T Stanton ( назад)
lol America will never get it together lol

Автор Jordan Low ( назад)
NO TESTS???????? WTF IS THE PSLE, O LEVELS, ALEVELS THEN????? Singapore's government, that inculdes the civil service, is best at one thing and that is creating a false image. and that techniacal school? those are people rejected by the main system and in order for the government to look like they never gave up on them, they set up that school

Автор Alex ( назад)
testing is such a huge deal here, you have multiple tests every week or day. especially in secondary school and junior college. its just another asian country at the end of the day after all.

Автор Absolite ( назад)
Visualization vs Memorization....... I'm really sure there is hardly any visualization in Secondary school...... Heck why did they only show the primary school and ITE. Obviously the primary school students will ''enjoy'' school since they are much more curious at such a young age. Pretty sure if you ask the secondary school students if they enjoyed coming to school, many would say no.

Автор ISH ( назад)
It's fake they does not care about the lower grades

Автор JLGGaming XD ( назад)
singapore education systems sucks they only care about good grades

Автор ( назад)
Singapore education is living in hell.

They turn the people into robots and work you to hell.

Автор Carole L ( назад)
we can see all the ungrateful people in the comments here :-D it's tough, but it works. i think streaming is redundant but other than that, i am glad that i get the education that i do. honestly, if you can't survive schooling life in singapore, you can't survive in the real world out there.

Автор Teo Jordan ( назад)
Did she say no focus on tests? No shit woman. We focus so much on tests the moment you fail one you're better off dead cuz you're prolly gonna have a life tough as hell. Btw we have monthly tests mock quizzes and semestral exams too

Автор moist faucet ( назад)
They never produce Great Thinker, all they produce is a Humanoid Robot Brain synthetic people that fail to inspire and expand their mind. their education system is like Military Doctrine. Follow Order and get the answer right. that's it. Don't study there. you will never think beyond education.

Автор 柳孫豪 Liew Soon Hao ( назад)
Someone pls tell me whether this is true?
"Academic excellence is a must."
"If you don't get good results, then why go to school?"

Автор Chew Hui Si ( назад)
Singapore government always believe that the key to have a developed country is to start from young means through education. Therefore Singapore government always emphasize a lot in our education. Lack of sleeps have affect our young ones health

Автор lyricaIIy ( назад)
Lol, the Singapore education system is terrible. Taught to memorise and memorise and not to question. School daily from 8am to 6pm, forced compulsory after-school lessons, weekend lessons, lessons during so-called school holidays, tuition classes every day. And all for what? Fucking useless.

Автор MikeBinYolo ( назад)
Propaganda,propaganda everywhere..

Автор Exiple ( назад)
singapore just want student minds to explode the studying there is like crazy

Автор Exiple ( назад)
i don't know how singapore can get 5th place for reading singapore does not use english they use singlish

Автор somuchsolittleful ( назад)
It is called Indoctrination--not education.

Автор HeavyMecha ( назад)
the most annoying english speakers are indian, vietnamese, singaporean, and cantonese. 

Автор Natale Tan ( назад)
she didnt see the p5/6 students. shame, cause thats where all hell lives

Автор frank frank ( назад)
Ha, drop 2 or three englewood honor students in the midst of a singapore class, after the teacher's purse comes up missing and all the lunch money is taken the grading curve will go way down. 

Автор leelatiff ( назад)
Zul are you so sure about it?

Автор Nil ( назад)
Sry to say but, as a singaporean student, the education system is bullshit. All they care about is getting good grades. Those whose grades are hopeless are doomed to suffer in the future. The education sucks. Seriously

Автор jessica huimin ( назад)
Wayang... #1

Автор jessica huimin ( назад)
Wayang... #1

Автор Kevin Lee (191 год назад)
I lived outside of Singapore many years and have attended schools in both Asian and the US. So i know first hand what the pros and cons are. When my children reached schooling age, I moved my family back to Singapore solely because of our education system and have never regretted the decisions.

Автор Matthew Graham ( назад)
As an American, I wish our educational system was more like this. How unfortunate... We'll focus on our education after the world stops treating us like treasures, especially since we destroy more money & resources than anyone else in history. Congrats to you Singapore, I'm an admirer

Автор ZulStrait ( назад)
Lol Singapore does what it does best: to wayang

Автор Pete C ( назад)
Education in Hong Kong and Singapore is just more organized and systematized for standardized teaching. It doesn't mean it is better way to teach our kids.

Автор Takami Chika ( назад)
i visit ite before leh in sec 2 ya lah i NT

Автор Nali Lili ( назад)
very nice
I love Singapore <3

Автор chortle12345 ( назад)
Weingarten watched, but picked up only what she wanted to imagine she saw.  Singapore has all Singaporean, well mannered children so of course it works.  Whine gardener is  too dense to see that this could never work in a country that values the loudest whiner over he/she who achieves, and where correcting a student's paper - AT THE DOCTORAL LEVEL- is seen as racist micro aggression..   

Автор lamarjlp914 ( назад)
If Singapore wants to stay on the right track, they first thing they should do is kick Randi Weingarten out.

Автор CP Ng ( назад)
Their personality are suck.

Автор Jinz007 ( назад)
So different from my time and that is not too long ago or is this video full of propaganda

Автор Jordan Low ( назад)
Whatever that's being shown is planned(not by AFTHQ but by the school them selves) and it only happens when the schools have visitors at the end of the day every single student is not happy nor are they actually learning out of curiousity, as a student myself Singapore is good only if you are acadamically inclined 

Автор TheGlambertsailor ( назад)
Ah well I do love living in Singapore, I don't think the studying is too stressful

Автор James CoCo ( назад)
Stupid liberals and teacher's union are destroying America's education system.

Автор Aviv Yeo ( назад)
I Dont regret being in sg :D

Автор FuzzyCottonCandy ( назад)
Srsly, I just cant express how relatable some of d comments here are. This video is clearly a form of propaganda, meant to portray Singapore's education as 'perfect' when it's really less den perfect. Any student in Singapore will understand d stress they face in d importance of education results as any of these will actually affect d child's future n career. Life is just too stressful here. N I can say dat as I'm a overly stressed student dat constantly thinks of suicide n ways just to escape from stress here.

Автор 630247365 ( назад)
America is all about liberalism and not giving a damn. In Asia education is everything.

There is no point looking at other educations systems until the people change their views towards education.

Автор fuusha 99 ( назад)
BS, Singapore school is very results, exam oriented. Kids are been streamed as young as 8 years old.

Автор Il Cielo ( назад)
this video is obviously incongruous with much of our own experiences. Much of my own experience in primary school was suffused with PSLE this and PSLE that. The very fact that the video shows high tec boards does little to alter the fundamental aspect of education: route memorisation of algortihms and their applications.

Автор Il Cielo ( назад)
I must point out that education in the united states differs across the country by the state and even from town to town. But one thing is true across the board: the direction in which education heads towards is fraught with political correctness and political incentives, as in Singapore.

Автор Alicia Tan ( назад)
actually school is kinda fun. but there are so hard word problem sums. and i am a very confident person. please lah sia u  go study your own school and then compare with us. your school all student dont like studying also. ma de you eat shit lah

Автор Alicia Tan ( назад)
hey this is my country and you will do NOTHING to insult it! So people who post bad comments remove it before you shame yourself!

Автор actionau ( назад)
Hahaha...wish this lady came to the neighborhood school where I did a stint of relief teaching...sheer pandemonium...

Автор malav desai ( назад)

Автор somuchsolittleful ( назад)
Don't worry too much, your screen name suggest "female." It is only males that this barbaric police state is biased against.

Why you could even spray paint the word DEMOCRACY on a war monument and they would fine you for mischief. It is only males that are persecuted here.

Автор somuchsolittleful ( назад)
I agree with you. It does seem pointless to argue with those truly ignorant.

It is better to take action against those of an inhuman sadistic nature--anyway you can.

Автор loverangel1 ( назад)
There is really no point arguing with those ridiculous spiteful commenters. The comments only reflect the author intellect or lack of it. P.S they couldn't use a better opening tune for the video? How very stereotypically 'asian' the music is.

Автор zFitness_ ( назад)
Damn... Nvr had that fancy board when i was in primary sch :(

Автор crazycheerocky ( назад)
your have been spraying anti singapore posting here and there just because you love penis? crimes against continue in singapore , say who? what we know is that it has the world lowest crime rate, where do you get your statistic? wild guess ? WAKE UP MOTHERFUCKER

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