" DAAL MOONG MASOOR " Bajias Cooking

Daal Masoor 1cup, Daal Moong 1/3rd cup. Salt, chili powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds 1ts each, turmeric 1/2 ts, 2 cloves of garlic for cooking, 2 cloves of garlic for terka, 1inch ginger, 1/3 cup oil, 1/2ts crushed chilies, fresh coriander, 6-7 green chilies, 5 cups water.

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Автор Wilhelm von Clausewitz ( назад)
ik versta er geen reet van matties, maar die kangoeroe die gezet is
halverwege is wel baas.

Автор MyLife ( назад)
shukria ma'am.. i think am gonna have the best daal for first time in my
life <3

Автор Hina Ali ( назад)
So easy and very well explained recipe of daal.... Loved you for this :)

Автор Atta Ullah ( назад)
you are so sweet and nic

Автор nadeem mehar ( назад)
IN SHA ALLAH aaj mai ne aapka yeh recipe try krna hai

Автор amoura malika ( назад)
i love you so much thanks for recipes

Автор Sparkling beauty ( назад)
Asalam o alekum. .i am from pakistan karachi. .i am loving your recipes and
your style of speaking urdu ...great ...God bless you ☺

Автор sweet sunny ( назад)
U talk so softly,n politely.n ur way of describing so sweet.i liked u.😊

Автор Neelam Lad ( назад)
itna Sara oil??

Автор afif rahan ( назад)
Allah hafiz

Автор afif rahan ( назад)
Allah hafiz

Автор Muhammad Babar Akber Babar ( назад)
Assalam Alekum
Aap ki Tamam Recipes buhut Zabardast hen
Thank you very very much for helping us in cooking.

Автор Drop Away Meals ( назад)
Humari Pyari Bajia Khala, Hum Abhi Yeh Daal Bananey Lage Hain and I know it
will be delicious. I have previously followed afew recipes and Allah Humma
Barik La Haq they turned out amazing Allhumdulilah. May Allah reward you
for your kindness In Sha Allah Amee Sum Ameen.

Автор Drop Away Meals ( назад)
Humari Pyari @Bajia Khala, Hum Abhi Yeh Daal Bananey Lage Hain and I know
it will be delicious. I have previously followed afew recipes and Allah
Humma Barik La Haq they turned out amazing Allhumdulilah. May Allah reward
you for your kindness In Sha Allah Amee Sum Ameen.

Автор Drop Away Meals ( назад)
Humari Pyari @Bajia Khala, Hum Abhi Yeh Daal Bananey Lage Hain and I know
it will be delicious. I have previously followed afew recipes and Allah
Humma Barik La Haq they turned out amazing Allhumdulilah. May Allah reward
you for your kindness In Sha Allah Amee Sum Ameen.

Автор Drop Away Meals ( назад)
Humari Pyari Bajia Khala, Hum Abhi Yeh Daal Bananey Lage Hain and I know it
will be delicious. I have previously followed afew recipes and Allah Humma
Barik La Haq they turned out amazing Allhumdulilah. May Allah reward you
for your kindness In Sha Allah Amee Sum Ameen.

Автор zaria123 ( назад)
I want to make 500g of this daal how many spices to put in exact?? Can I
put little ghee in at the end to make it creamy? Or not? Big fan love your

Автор namood-e-ser ahmed ( назад)
main ney banai thi is tarike sey itni khaas nahi bani

Автор rizwan khan ( назад)
world best cook

Автор adnan aziz ( назад)
Very nice,gazak Allah...

Автор sha ( назад)
Vry nice view whil cukng from kitchen Window.natural paradise. 

Автор mariahw ( назад)
thanku soo much bajia for sharing this recipe. I had been trying daal since
quite long but i was not able to get the perfect taste and consistency. ur
recipe turned out delicious and my husband loved it:) lots of duas for u:)

Автор mehshaz ( назад)
Tried it and it was delicious - Thank you.

Автор saman ibrahim ( назад)
i like Bajia =s cooking easy and turns out very good. love the way she
explains everything.
pls also do recipes for bagan also

Автор Karasutengu ( назад)
baji can you please tell me a recipe of masoor daal. its more like soup
with tadka. i had one in a hotel in lahore once and i loved it. cant really
make it no matter what i try.

Автор ryan loyal ( назад)
i think u use extra oil !!! 

Автор ryan loyal ( назад)
my fvrt daal. its easy and very fast recipe

Автор Voice Of Truth ( назад)
Salam haji can I cook this masoor orange Dal alone. Will it taste nice?
Many thanks 

Автор Salma Faisal ( назад)
Its a very simple and desi daal receipe and it turned out great i learned
today that the only mistake i was doing was the ratio of these two daals.
Thanks bajia for the tip all your recipes are delicious. And unlike some
other people i love your gold bracelets and bangals MashAllah they look
beautiful and its our tradition. Prayers and best wishes :)

Автор Syed Habib Rehman (1920 лет назад)
thank u aapa. kangroo ko bhi halal karleti

Автор meraj khan ( назад)
Thanks aapa.

Автор princesstahseen ( назад)
I made this Daal. I turned out very very yummy. Thank you for sharing your

Автор muhammad adeel ( назад)
gold ki dukaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn khana banana sikha rahi ho ya gold show
karna wah pakistani ouraty kabhi nahi badlti penduuuuuu ki penduuu hi rehti
hain kabhi english logo ko dakha hian gold pehny?

Автор saima ali ( назад)
Hi I have tried lots of ur recipe seriously, I have tried other ppls too
but not every thing is good but yours is like everything. I like trying
diff things honestly I guess my searched has finished by finding ur page.
please keep it up, you help us all a lot may Allah bless u n ur family. I
also like ur urdu so decent n pure

Автор nerd lady ( назад)
yummy daal and cute kangaroo!!

Автор Fa sarwar ( назад)
I dont have Mong daal....ub kiya karon :(

Автор Mohammad Ali Chaudhry ( назад)
should the flame be high?

Автор msm1096 ( назад)
Why do you use sooooooooo much oil for tadka??

Автор Mohsin Ashraf ( назад)
i love your video and your food.you remind me of my mom :)

Автор Abd ullah ( назад)
Bajia ,maine masoor ki daal bhigoi thi lekin pakai nai aur usko frij main
rakha tha, ab 10 days bad pakai hai to usme ajeeb sa khatta taste hai, to
iska matlab ke wo kharab hogai hai? 

Автор Reba Khan ( назад)
I love your cooking :) 

Автор mohammed azad ( назад)
how many people does this serve

Автор Saiffuddin Saify ( назад)
I like your recipes very very very very much

Автор Naila Ahmad ( назад)
Piyari bajia.. I totally agree with u that everyone cannot make DAAL.it
seems simple but very tricky and requires practice and.skill... Urs looks
really yummy as always.. Inshaa'Allah I will make it for sahoor.xxx

Автор Faiza Naqvi ( назад)
You did everything good but you forgot the key ingredient which enhances
the flavor of the daal .... GARAM MASALA... :)

Автор Sarah Arshad ( назад)
spend all day looking at ur recipes... love the way u talk... so polite and
lovely urdu....thanks for sharing ur thoughts and recipes....

P.S kangroo was so cute

Автор kittushona chhotay sha ( назад)
salam ... again nyc and easy recepie...but agr sirf moong daal banani ho to
ye method hi use hoga?today m gonna make it INSHALLAH..Plz reply soon.thanx

Автор Mairaj Uddin ( назад)
its mean ...u live in Australia....
nice to see kangaroo through windows while cooking...

Автор Suleman Rafiq ( назад)
Bajia aap plz malika masoor key recipe batiaay ga. I luv masoor daal along
with boiled rice. Shukriya :) 

Автор kholamalik ( назад)
Bajia, your cooking is so perfect. Thanks! But really?! No mungdaal
reciepy...plz upload soon, i want to cook. :)

Автор Saima Shamim ( назад)
Salam baji, I wanted to ask you that is there any difference between moong
daal and urid daal? And also you can get white and yellow mash daal from
here in england, is there any difference between them or they are same in
taste? I hope you can clear my confusion? Thanx

Автор Nadeem Ullah ( назад)
Wow, thanks sister...I cooked delicious daal following your given steps :-)

Автор Haroon Saleem ( назад)
thank u for up loading this video first time i make DAAL MOONG MASOOR just
because of i am missing my mom's cooking great experience and in video u
said kay her kisi say daal achi nhi banti so finally mery say bhi achi ni
bani as per my room mate any way thank you again 

Автор ayesha x ( назад)
Is it ok if you don't have cumin seeds or ginger?

Автор Nafeesa Hussain ( назад)
Which country do u live? It not everyday you see a kangaroo in you garden
where I live haha! I love kangaroos

Автор Arslan Khan ( назад)
Baji Aaj Pardes Main Baji Ki Yad Agai Ap Ki Video Dkh Kr Aaj Pehli Bar Daal
Banany Laga Hon InshaAllah Achi Bany Gi :)

Автор deebadubbie ( назад)
Wow! 2:45.... :) The daal is also great!

Автор Sairaman Nagarajan ( назад)
Omg the kangaroo! How adorable!

Автор Akhtar Mallick ( назад)

Автор Ravinder Singh ( назад)

Автор arshadgp ( назад)
Seems yummmm and thank you very much for so quick and straight daal
recipes. Liked your wallaby in the backyard also , so cute is that !

Автор CHAMiiYE ( назад)
.. yeh jo daal apne bhanaye hai yeh kitne logon k liye hai ???...

Автор shreelaxmi1000 ( назад)
Bajia ji, aap ki bangles bahot khubsoorat hai .. please don't mind me
asking but kya aap apni photo ya family photo jisme aap ho, wo hame dikha
sakti hai? It's perfectly ok if you do not wish to..thanks for the
wonderful recipes!

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
yes me, thanks :)

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
that's great, thanks

Автор Mohd Akram ( назад)
Thank you very much i have never ever had such type of Daal in life. I
myself cooked in my room. Thank you very much. May allah gives you best
reward for such services

Автор Simran Behal ( назад)
my husbands favrt daal going to try your way looks yummy thx for your
recepies just love it . is that you? bajia ji i mean just se the pretty
hands and love your bangals just wondring love to see outside your house
spacial kangroo.

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
Thank you so much and good luck cooking

Автор sajjad hussain ( назад)
bajia,s awesome i have learned so much from her , more than even my mother
taught me : ) , lots of love and respect best regards Bonn Germany

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
Great :)

Автор Faiza Zafar ( назад)
Aww you are amazing!! Thank you so much :) I can finally cook daal :D

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
aameen and good luck :)

Автор Muhammad Suleman ( назад)
i would like to say you are best for learners..newly i have got married and
you help me alot..your method is easy and tasty..thanx god bless you

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
I am not sure about its recipe because I have never made it

Автор Anamika R ( назад)
Bajias, do you have any traditional recipe for Arhar/tuwar dal? If yes thn
pls tel me wat is the difference between the recipe for moong masoor and
tuwar dal?

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
welcome, good luck with them

Автор aarti dessai ( назад)
Baji your recipies are all awesome. They help me a lot. Thank u so very

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
Great :)

Автор Beauty Lover ( назад)
Bajia I made this recipe It was AWESOME thanks

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
Thanks for the compliment, good luck

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
yehe baat lagti hai :)

Автор Muhammad Ali ( назад)
Sister you know why did kangaroo came there. Kiyoon keh isko aap kee daal
kee khushboo bohat passand aaee hai : Thanks a lot for this wonderful
recipe. Regards from UK

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
i teach traditional recipes

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
kabhi naheen

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
acha, hairat hai. kabhi bhi aisa huwa to naheen han punjab main mujhey yaad
hai bachpan kakeh log bacha bhaij ker pani doosre gher se mangwate they keh
hamare pani main daal galti naheen. bare arse baad yeh baat suni, daal
choti aur dark ho. jab tak na gale pakate raho aur pani daal lo

Автор Usman Ch. ( назад)
I tried, but theak nai bani, jis tarah meri Mother, sisters ya aap ny banai
hai,, I cooked without pressure cooker, bohat time dia but Galli e nai, plz
Daal Masoor agar main leny jaoun market sy to koi nishani bata deain k kaun
c wali purchase karon,,,????

Автор Prajacta Wattamwar ( назад)
Too much oil!

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
aaloo gosht and daals are good because you can boil rice with them kids
love rice easy to eat. bhujiya is nice too with bread and aaloo tikkiyan

Автор doraemon ( назад)
okay issues.... in fight with wife, cant cook anything except frying egg
and eating it thrice a day.. its okay for me but have 4 toddlers under 5
years of age (2 sets twin)... This daal seems very very hard for me to cook
(doh) i mean.. its like i am sitting in examination room and have no idea
how to answer. Anyways, can you link me quick recopies that work for me to
cook for my kids?

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
thank you :)

Автор Usman Ch. ( назад)
Very good, Bajias Baji,

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
patili achi lo, leemoon baaz auqat kerwa ker deta hai is liye aag band
kerne per daal lp chaho to thora

Автор Mr Zia ( назад)
Aap pls ye bhi bata den k daal meon Lemon Juice daal saktay hain end mein ?
Aur agar daal pateeli mei neechay chipaknay lagay to us ka kya ilaj hai

Автор Mr Zia ( назад)
Thanx bajii

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
thats how its made, i cant change its recipe, cook proper eat less

Автор Priyanka Tiwari ( назад)
don't u think u added too much oil for tadka? not healthy enough i wud say

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
acha, great :)

Автор Bajiascooking ( назад)
pakana hai ? md heat per jab tak phainte huway dahi jaisi na ho jaye garhi

Автор Mr Zia ( назад)
Baji.. main australia me hi rehta huu.. moong masoor daal pakistani hain..
ab bataye stove per kitni der garam karna hai. Ye bhi bafa den k stove ki
aanch taiz ho ya low

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