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Автор Paulius Kreuce (2 дня)
Hello, do you have tabs for this song?

Автор TheUpsnDowns (2 месяца)
G-damn your good 

Автор Lora Wagganer (1 месяц)

Автор Arthur McArthur (1 месяц)
Muy buen Cover !! Eso es

Автор David Schmitt (3 месяца)
great guitar. I like the Camps Guitars

Автор Jiří Kubín (1 месяц)
All you need is love fingerstyle

Автор thefinalnote (5 месяцев)
You're simply amazing

Автор Alessandra Cassie (7 месяцев)
great! tab?

Автор Alfredo Becerra Verona (1 год)
Hermano, eres un ángel con las manos de dios

Автор wolfar1984 (8 месяцев)

Автор nikkythanh (1 год)
exacte et fidèle !! merveilleux

Автор Tromb0nne (1 год)

Автор Danilo Santos (1 год)

Автор ocsecnarfg (1 год)
Good Finger! ^_^

Автор Hamza Yazid Belkhiria (1 год)

Автор leratluci (1 год)
SO good !

Автор Louie Showers (1 год)

Автор Darwin Perez (1 год)
gud day sir, ur amazing...do you have tabs or gp files of these??i want to
be as great as you....please continue inspiring!

Автор 7ork4 (1 год)
Could I get the tab ?

Автор Louie Showers (1 год)
This is magical!

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
@Noz397 Thank you. It is my pleasure. I have never heard of that film. I
will try to find it. (^^)

Автор 99mattk99 (1 год)
Go buy one of his cd's and he will send you a password that allows you to
access all his tabs.You will also get a great cd, although I think access
to his tabs is the worth the price alone.

Автор Joshua Bolyanday (4 года)
. . . .WWWOOOOOWWW !! aNg ganda kuya !!

Автор Healthyliving (4 года)
I know he's feeling the song, because he looks sad.

Автор luici2 (3 года)
You are not from this world :-) Really beautiful. Greetings from Guatemala.

Автор asatsi (1 год)
Note to note, cut to cut... man oh man! This one's really a killer man!

Автор peacejoytown (3 года)
@nbnsergegmail I am not sure about what I used for this video. I think I
used the pick-up since I don't see any microphone there. The pick-up has
condenser microphone and I think I used that. Mixing audio and footage is
easy if they were taken at the same time. I use iMovie software that came
with MacBook Pro.

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
@malacoparocker Gracias.

Автор peacejoytown (3 года)
@anth202 Thank you.

Автор Jimmy B (4 года)
@peacejoytown Using the word "Son" is just a phrase of speech. I can see
that you're an adult! LOL!

Автор kplaza33 (4 года)
its killing me softly,, ,,harhar!

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
@badfliege Thank you. (^^) At this time I need to concentrate on my playing
since I feel the chance is coming.

Автор Pedro Ivo .Gouveia (4 года)
best arrangment for this music here in youtube ... nice

Автор Jimmy B (4 года)
Great Job there son! Much Respect to you.

Автор Goat Bride (4 года)
Really bothers me that this doesn't have millions of views. It's so well

Автор loizos dourakis (4 года)
@peacejoytown when you gonna write this plz send me at
lolos_dour@hotmail.com or answer me here ..:DD thats great! gj :D i want to
learn it ... :D

Автор Dindin Poblete (3 года)
Can you give some tutorials of this song? By the way I enjoyed it! It
sounds great!

Автор Sixto Horemheb (4 года)
@peacejoytown nice

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
@Lolscatz I will in near future but I have other things to do now. (^^)

Автор Goat Bride (4 года)
@peacejoytown You're more than welcome. I'm still amazed by your ability to
play fingerstyle so well, like. Fingerstyle is probably the most beautiful
type of guitar, simply because you can play multiple melodies at once. My
brother has been playing guitar for 11 years, and has a collection now, he
plays fingerstyle as well, I really find it extraordinary as to the number
of techniques that a guitar can be played with. (I play piano, I love the
more classical sound)

Автор David Carter (4 года)

Автор Noz397 (4 года)
This song is sung on my favourite film ever, 'About A Boy' and you are
really really good at it. Think it's really cool and thanks for doing this

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
Arigatou gozaimasu. m(_ _)m

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
@FuzzyMcButterWink Yes, I know that. Some people really think that I am
still a young man so I had to make it clear. (^^)

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
@rdjockey Thank you. It is my pleasure.

Автор seisdeluna (2 года)
Felicitaciones! Que buena interpretación!

Автор Madeline Wyers (2 года)
Love this!! Sang to this instrumental for a school dinner theater. It was a

Автор Rory Maguire (1 год)
Really great

Автор peacejoytown (4 года)
I can't speak nor read Tagalog. I just knew ganda and salamat.

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