81 subaru gl first fire up in 8 years

1981 subaru gl for sale first fire up after 8 years

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Автор Gangrene Vagina ( назад)
AC too? Okay. I'll give you a 12-pack of beer AND a 6" turkey sandwich for
it. My final offer.

Автор Romulan112 ( назад)
Notice the bees nest in the drivers side door post.For any car. Never crank
the starter that long. It wont last.

Автор lone crusaider ( назад)
Can't beat that with a stick.

Автор s0nnyburnett ( назад)
Give ya 50 bucks. Best I can do.

Автор MrGreenelight ( назад)
I had one; great running car, great interior dash illumination. Lot of
problems with CV joints (replaced 3 times) and clutch cable (replaced 4
times) drove it 10 years, cracked engine from overheating( poor overtemp
warning system) needs a temp warning light( like american cars) in addition
to gauge. will not even notice overheating until damage is done, especially
if on interstate. 

Автор philthyjive ( назад)
EA81 Power! I just got a Subaru BRAT this year and it was sitting since
2001 it started up the same day i looked at it in the Summer of this year,
Videos coming soon!!!

Автор Kill Everyone ( назад)
japanese engineering at its finest

Автор chrismc410 ( назад)
The 1985-1994 L series is reliable as well. I've had three L series, 1989
DL wagon, 1987 GL-10 Turbo and 1985 GL Wagon. Only reasons why I dont have
them now is I wrecked or deer have wrecked them

Автор john goodman (406 лет назад)
But will it blend

Автор femmemechanic ( назад)
did you sell it?

Автор mrjesusismyname (288 лет назад)
i will always say that the old 1972-1984 subarus are the best most reliable
cars known to man. I've had old subarus my entire life. i have 6 of them
and they are great. mine only has 259525.5 miles on it. ive only put maybe
$500 into it the entire time and it runs great. before the rebuild on its
dying whim it went from cheyenne wyoming to las vegas via I-25 to NM then
across the desert and back!

Автор Michael Bailey ( назад)
I just bought an '81 that has been parked for almost 8 years! Hope I have
the same luck! The gas in it smells fairly decent. Maybe it was before corn
gas? I will try to film it when I do the start-up!

Автор shades2 ( назад)

Автор chuggles03 ( назад)
Price went up alright. It's now worth $50.

Автор queensplazasouth ( назад)
nice pumping varnish thought the carb

Автор v8falcon ( назад)
@79Datson It's true the only thing I did off camera was put the battery in.

Автор clubcar98 (673 года назад)
Started after 8 years? AND had working AC? My god, that is a Subaru for you!

Автор Jamie mello ( назад)
I am shocked that thing started on gas that was 8 years old.

Автор Chris Soto ( назад)
Nice wasp nest in the door, lol, great car though, love em.

Автор murto30 ( назад)
Good old Subaru.

Автор yamahonkawazuki (1587 лет назад)
@cruddiestcrudever plus an added effect is the heat from the engine keeps
the tire pressure up. ( assuming no leaks of course)

Автор Hoshi Yukiei ( назад)

Автор xionz83 ( назад)
my dad's first car. same colour with yours. i never thought that the spare
tyre in the engine bay.

Автор murto30 ( назад)
Go Scooby! :)

Автор Sam J ( назад)
@DeWina512 That's where the spare wheel is kept, since the engine is flat 4
there's plenty of room under the hood.

Автор chrismc410 ( назад)
@DeWina512 All EA-81s and EA-82 Subarus are designed to have the spare in
the hood.

Автор DeWina512 ( назад)
what the hell the spare tyre doing in the hood?

Автор RideRed1994 ( назад)
I like the wasp's nest in the door jam at 0:57... Sweet lil' wagon though,
she's in really good shape :)

Автор fernysho ( назад)
i had 81 or 82 dont really remember but iwas kicking 12v nissan sentras
back in 93. i own that little car for 4 years never really gave me any car
problems really reliable car.

Автор abbeykroeter ( назад)
Wish I still had my '83. Thanks for the video it brings back memories.
Toyota, nissan and honda could be reliable too in the early 80's but the
subarus just had a different character and I mean more than just the
engine. Odd, like an airplane inside, tough as nails on the outside. By the
way my '83 had dual range 4wd and got about 22mpg around town, 30mpg on the
highway, my brother's '81 2wd did better than that, 34mpg or so.

Автор 024reredrum ( назад)
What kind of mpg do these things get?

Автор Remix Reaper ( назад)
of course! I have a 66 mustang shipped from cali. No rust, destroyed
interior you should keep it. that car's a gem and a antique soon enough

Автор v8falcon ( назад)
sunny California,good for rust but not interior

Автор Remix Reaper ( назад)
how'd you keep the rust off it for so long!? she's a beauty

Автор Mitchd03 ( назад)
@flipwiggins I just bought a dead one, it's got two blown headgaskets, the
guy split a heater hose and didn't notice the temp gauge go off the scale.
New motor went in in ~3.5 hours.

Автор Vulgora ( назад)
awd not as good on gas

Автор Brandon CJ (734 года назад)
how much are you willing to sell it for?

Автор Vulgora ( назад)

Автор myfriendphineas ( назад)
It is...

Автор AK DRAGON (233 года назад)
I know for a fact that the chime is on the 83's 85's and 87's . So it
doesn't surprise me that the 81 has a chime

Автор goingdownthetubes ( назад)
perfect if only it was dual range

Автор RipJawn ( назад)
took awhile for the fuel to get threw. may wanna check for leaks. that will
cause less pressure.

Автор Jac2Mac ( назад)
I was surprised to hear a chime on a Subaru this old from 1981. I thought
the Subaru from 1981 still used the buzzer until at least 1989.

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