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Автор shadowaveness (3 месяца)
People who do not realize this video have low IQ

Автор The Wolf (2 месяца)

Автор Sri Krishna Jyothishalayam (4 месяца)
don't depend on this kind of such all things

Автор cirvis240 (1 год)
Well i got trolled badly...

Автор captain freedom 1701a (7 месяцев)
No ye fucking didn't you pompous fool

Автор Sandara Kwon (9 месяцев)
fake. he changed all the cards.

Автор Sagar Lumsden (9 месяцев)
i know this trick its not a magic ......

Автор mustafa salih channel (10 месяцев)
It's easy none of the cards that you saw in the binging are there

Автор Antonio Woods (10 месяцев)

Автор Shara Claire (10 месяцев)
The Cards Different in the end .. the card you chose still gone lol!
i know that already !! :P wahahaha!

Автор andrea matta (10 месяцев)
Me and my mom found out, they just change all five cards 

Автор MrH066y (11 месяцев)
There's 12 face cards. If someone does this trick on you just pic one of
the cards that are not there and you get them everytime. This is retarded.
Now I see what they mean when they say some people use a left or a right
side of there brain lol. Cuz this was just obvious. Lol

Автор Maureen Vinalon (11 месяцев)
in 1 card it has four signs diamond,heart,fLower and spade in the beggining
he said you choose one but in the end he uses the other two signs that
have'nt use in the beginning therefore the one you have chosen disappears
:) sometimes we should use our coco brains for us not to be fooled :)

Автор mrstupidoka (1 год)
aha you fool me :) but good trics yo

Автор PROTOTYPE MC (1 год)
Pos. Just a pos.

Автор Tommy Erikson (1 год)
LOL not even close, its so obvious that he changed all the cards

Автор Nixe Muschelschloss (1 год)

Автор jean-jacques Rousseau (1 год)
I got tricked because I chosed the first card of the list, which was in the
same place where the missing card is

Автор Mike C (1 год)
He just takes away the K,hearts, J, clubs, K, spades, Q, diamonds, Q, clubs
and the J, diamonds......(the first set of cards) and replaces them all
with the Q,hearts, K,diamonds, J,hearts, Q,spades and the K, clubs. (the
second set of cards!!! You will never see the card you chose because the
whole first set is gone and replaced with the second set. Soooooo

Автор brianwessel (1 год)
This video is as cheesy as it is slow. 

Автор simon smith (1 год)
Great card trick!!!

Автор Tameka Shana (1 год)
Idc me & my hubby dd it 4 x & each time our card was GONE!!!! It doesn't
matter tht the othr cards r the same or different, MY card is ALWAYS GONE!

Автор Edith Duke (1 год)
look at ALL the cards, he takes ALL of them away, its all new cards

Автор Sam R (1 год)
Nothing magic about it. The cards are different.

Автор Alex Zaplatosch (1 год)
The cards at the end are all different from the cards at the beginning, but
most people don't take the time to actually memorize the first set of
cards. no card is the same

Автор Renee Johnson (1 год)

Автор abiel awoul (1 год)
Its wierd

Автор James Barnes (1 год)
How he did that!? That's scary man. I did it twice and he knew the card!

Автор Quinones Marable (1 год)
I did mines twice still there just diff position

Автор abiel awoul (1 год)
I hope you guys realized that there are jacks queens and kings

Автор TIMARA REED (1 год)
Yeah some of the cards was different but the fact remains that the card I
chose was gone! Demonizef

Автор A Redd (1 год)
It don't matter if the cards different in the end the card you chose still

Автор Adriana Benedict (1 год)
my bf was tricked, but not me... see carefully

Автор Horsesandducttaoe32 (1 год)
Totally not a trick, just a little bit of DIFFERENT CARDS!!!!!

Автор The ProDum360 (1 год)
or no, I know he exchanges cards

Автор The ProDum360 (1 год)
it's scary

Автор bkosxaku24 (2 года)
i try this 2 times in the facebook video . and then i try it again here in
youtube and my gosh amazing

Автор Rufa Laguit (1 год)
thank you i realize there is no power of evil here

Автор Ryan Marshall (2 года)
I got called an idiot because i didnt relise the cards were diffrent

Автор lhaydie prinx (2 года)
hahahaha hndi nya nahulaan sa akin

Автор Fokhrul Alom (2 года)
that's lol......

Автор Redindo Custodio (2 года)
its not fake

Автор Sheem Cole (2 года)
the 1st time i was like wow lol the 2nd time im like this is bullshit good
one tho sum more ppl will get caught by this

Автор Matthew Griffin (2 года)
Wow mind freak good job!

Автор Ariana Castillo (2 года)
Nvm i get it lol

Автор ˣ (2 года)
I'm proud I saw through the illusion quickly. :'D

Автор LPSlovermagiktv (2 года)
I new he was going to say I picked the first card, so I picked the last :)

Автор Lugen (2 года)
This is crazy.. I got mind fucked after watching this video

Автор SuperAntman216 (2 года)
Very tricky... Good trick.

Автор Martavius Echols (2 года)

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