Ian velicaria - Magic Eye

Ian velicaria - Magic Eye

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 1:56
Комментарии: 93

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Автор brianwessel (2 дня)
This video is as cheesy as it is slow. 

Автор simon smith (8 дней)
Great card trick!!!

Автор Tommy Erikson (3 месяца)
LOL not even close, its so obvious that he changed all the cards

Автор Renee Johnson (3 месяца)

Автор PROTOTYPE MC (20 дней)
Pos. Just a pos.

Автор Alex Zaplatosch (4 месяца)
The cards at the end are all different from the cards at the beginning, but
most people don't take the time to actually memorize the first set of
cards. no card is the same

Автор abiel awoul (3 месяца)
I hope you guys realized that there are jacks queens and kings

Автор Tameka Shana (3 месяца)
Idc me & my hubby dd it 4 x & each time our card was GONE!!!! It doesn't
matter tht the othr cards r the same or different, MY card is ALWAYS GONE!

Автор Quinones Marable (4 месяца)
I did mines twice still there just diff position

Автор David Jones (3 месяца)
He just takes away the K,hearts, J, clubs, K, spades, Q, diamonds, Q, clubs
and the J, diamonds......(the first set of cards) and replaces them all
with the Q,hearts, K,diamonds, J,hearts, Q,spades and the K, clubs. (the
second set of cards!!! You will never see the card you chose because the
whole first set is gone and replaced with the second set. Soooooo

Автор Edith Duke (2 месяца)
look at ALL the cards, he takes ALL of them away, its all new cards

Автор jean-jacques Rousseau (2 месяца)
I got tricked because I chosed the first card of the list, which was in the
same place where the missing card is

Автор Sam R (4 месяца)
Nothing magic about it. The cards are different.

Автор TIMARA REED (4 месяца)
Yeah some of the cards was different but the fact remains that the card I
chose was gone! Demonizef

Автор Adriana Benedict (5 месяцев)
my bf was tricked, but not me... see carefully

Автор Nixe Muschelschloss (4 месяца)

Автор Horsesandducttaoe32 (2 месяца)
Totally not a trick, just a little bit of DIFFERENT CARDS!!!!!

Автор Ilyas guzel (4 месяца)
or no, I know he exchanges cards

Автор Ilyas guzel (4 месяца)
it's scary

Автор A Redd (5 месяцев)
It don't matter if the cards different in the end the card you chose still

Автор James Barnes (4 месяца)
How he did that!? That's scary man. I did it twice and he knew the card!

Автор bkosxaku24 (1 год)
i try this 2 times in the facebook video . and then i try it again here in
youtube and my gosh amazing

Автор Rufa Laguit (8 месяцев)
thank you i realize there is no power of evil here

Автор Ryan Marshall (1 год)
I got called an idiot because i didnt relise the cards were diffrent

Автор lhaydie prinx (1 год)
hahahaha hndi nya nahulaan sa akin

Автор Fokhrul Alom (1 год)
that's lol......

Автор Redindo Custodio (1 год)
its not fake

Автор TheIceyboy2 (1 год)
good trick caught on tho

Автор Sheem Cole (1 год)
the 1st time i was like wow lol the 2nd time im like this is bullshit good
one tho sum more ppl will get caught by this

Автор Matthew Griffin (1 год)
Wow mind freak good job!

Автор Ariana Castillo (1 год)
Nvm i get it lol

Автор Robolazer (1 год)
LOOL this guy must've trolled people when they played the video the first
time :P

Автор ˣ (11 месяцев)
I'm proud I saw through the illusion quickly. :'D

Автор LPSlovermagiktv (1 год)
I new he was going to say I picked the first card, so I picked the last :)

Автор Lugen (1 год)
This is crazy.. I got mind fucked after watching this video

Автор Flobadobatobdobdob (1 год)
you must be fucking stupid if you dont get what's going on

Автор SuperAntman216 (1 год)
Very tricky... Good trick.

Автор Camille Anderson (1 год)
Fake is the wrong word. He never said this was magic. He called it an
illusion. Thats what this is, so its not fake as ppl say. Its a legitimate
illusion thats easy to understand.

Автор Martavius Echols (1 год)

Автор Sam Saeteurn (10 месяцев)
Come on guys the illusion is easy!!! He spelled different wrong "deferent"

Автор Evan McCormick (1 год)

Автор Ariana Castillo (1 год)
I understand its fake but can someone explain how the card i picked is gone?

Автор Aishwarya Balakrishnan (1 год)
lol.. awesome trick.. :D all cards r different!! :P

Автор JJak MCM (9 месяцев)

Автор Megan Byrne (1 год)
Stupidest video ever, all the cards are gone, not just the card you
picked,,its a different 5 cards

Автор Deepak Malik (1 год)
Yeah cards are different .. good try..

Автор Martavius Echols (1 год)
None of the cards from the first picture are in the 2nd. They're all new

Автор Guj Sehambi (5 месяцев)
hello, i am stupid :)

Автор leeozzy2 (1 год)
For those still confused as to how this works! Ill break it down the 1st
time your asked to pick a card you have the king of spades and the king of
diamonds in the 2nd lost he shows the king of clubs and the king of hearts
and does that with all of them! People get tricked because there the same
card value / just a different suite people remember the colour

Автор Jay Soto (1 год)
Ok i get it now lmfao hahahahaha, good for the moment tho

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