umbergaon funfair accident

this is the video on the funfair accident

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Автор Joe Houghton ( назад)
What an immature idiot.

Автор Edith Bunker ( назад)
Would you follow someone off the edge of a cliff? Would you go bungee
jumping?Would you take a long walk off a short peer?Do you need to burn
yourself to know fire burns?Would you urinate, or spit, into the wind?If
someone owed you money,would you accept payment with wooden nickels?Would
you pay someone to allow you to risk your life?How many amusement park ride
accidental deaths are there yearly?If you hit your thumb with a hammer,do
you learn anything?Removed a hot light bulb with bare hands?

Автор Laura Susan Johnson ( назад)
How come there is no more information about this incident? I can't find
anything except this video on different sites.

Автор Xander StandingBear ( назад)
at time index 1:45 you can CLEARLY see some idiot SITTING ON THE SIDE of
the tub WHAT THE FUCK did he think he was stronger than centrifical force?
if he wasnt killed he should have been!!!!

Автор hayley tovey ( назад)
who was dead

Автор pachanou ( назад)
Did you see the stupid woman that had her baby sitting on her knees ?

Автор Jack Tossell Media ( назад)
Oh shit...

Автор Mel J. ( назад)
stupid idiot!

Автор Stephen Cabry ( назад)
LOL bang

Автор DjMazz Cork ( назад)
i used to work on the Snowjet1 with a show.the other passenger's were very
lucky that ride wasnt going at full speed 59mph could of been more death's.
and by looking at the video the cars are usualy put on front bumper facing
the the left going clockwise anybody notice that ?

Автор Rob Ashman ( назад)
All the way through this you could see it was going to be him that come
out, idiot was leaning out the ride, what did he think was going to happen,
he could have caused that metal railing to harm someone else on the ride

Автор ProChoiceJesus ( назад)
I've been a roller coaster enthusiast/hobbyist since 79. I've ridden most
of America's wood coasters, traveled the world to hundreds of parks and
ridden a host of non- coaster rides. In an accident, injury, or death the
story is usually..."The rider was doing something he/she shouldn't have
been doing; standing, defeating the restraint, getting too close to a
moving ride, showing off, etc." Most ride accidents are the rider's fault,
as in this video the rider was clearly standing or trying to.

Автор AmazingTechUK ( назад)
I wAnted a dirty paki to die! :(

Автор Milo Paws ( назад)
he was not!

Автор Christel Vinot ( назад)
Why was the guy on the right smiling?!

Автор Christel Vinot ( назад)
I can't believe I haven't seen this one yet. Wow!

Автор TPayne 1O1 ( назад)

Автор DiverFerias ™ ( назад)
Yo soy Español y todo esto ocurre en el minuto 1:50 no solo se rompe la
valla si no que el hombre se sale del carro.

Автор fairground1976 ( назад)
This ride sound like it needs serious maintenance

Автор Greek Prince ( назад)
Idiot... did he actually die?

Автор shota Bodega ( назад)
@sagar tiruwa mayb this should b posted on liveleak... That was f***in

Автор sagar tiruwa ( назад)
he was dead dude

Автор sagar tiruwa ( назад)
yes dr

Автор Kim Jong-un ( назад)
That's a real pitta i mean pity

Автор shota Bodega ( назад)
Can somebody explain what happened AFTER taking this vid???

Автор 常夏 シーサー ( назад)

Автор Jack Millward ( назад)
some idiot is sat with his feet out of the car

Автор fanlyonnais25 ( назад)
What was really happened ?

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