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Автор phil holbrook (2 месяца)
no communication thats just a typical snap on scanner lol

Автор Debbie Sidera Domenech (6 месяцев)
I wish to download more info about the product before buy it. ISO protocols
must be included. Could I download the device manual somewhere? I'm not
interested in American cars... only ISO cars. 

Автор clampingdiode (2 года)
I surfed the web from a blog on iatn. It seems that pigtails are necessary
for most non GM vehicles, no? I am surprised that there isn't pig tails for
varius models. Note: having an obd2 pigtail could be extremly useful. Sure
it might not tap into everything but it wold be a down and dirty way to
test things specific to general needs such as no communication to scan
tools, no start and the like. Jimbo Greenhaven Shell Sacramento, CA

Автор Chance Schooley (1 год)
My grandpa is the director of the data buses! dennis schooley!

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