LadyLuck smoking in glasses - by request

Please keep requests coming! We film more every day and finally have time to process videos! Thanks for watching!

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Добавлено: 3 года
Длительность: 2:37
Комментарии: 16

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Автор Nathan88 (3 года)
sound please

Автор sasort (3 года)
I love smoking Virginia Slims, shame that my country does not sell the 120's

Автор ScooterRazz (3 года)
Grace I Love this Video & You Dear You Are One Magnificent & Beautiful
Looking Woman You Make Me Lose Control With Your Sexy Smoking I Enjoy It &
You Very Much Keep The Videos Coming

Автор sasort (3 года)
I love seeing beautiful women like you, smoking long cigarettes VS 120's

Автор Smokey Smokeyboy (3 года)
very sexy smoker!

Автор EASTENDGLEN (3 года)
wow hot

Автор Cwspradl (3 года)
So far so good, Lady Luck. Only can think of 2 requests. 1, talk to us. 2,
do you have a leather jacket you could wear? If neither of those is
possible, you're still making some great stuff, and I appreciate it.

Автор clll666 (3 года)
Beautiful! My request would be to see you working about the house or maybe
2 things in your kitchen or office-- like a normal day...then seeing you
smoking those beautiful elegant 120s....

Автор heelcane (3 года)
Wow, you are simply amazing!

Автор Newport100sGirls (3 года)
Newport 100s

Автор blankdvd08 (3 года)
Thank you for the videos! My requests: Marlboro Reds 100s, nose exhales,
showing the dark back of the filter before putting it out. :)

Автор retro38 (3 года)
regular VS 120's? from the style looks like you have been smoking 120's for
a long time. Have you always smoked the 120's? and ever tried Capri 120's?
a request if you could sometime,please.

Автор seksii11 (3 года)
my request is leather jacket and smoking

Автор cheesesix (3 года)

Автор 798389 (3 года)

Автор clll666 (3 года)
Beautiful! My request would be to see you working about the house or maybe
doing things in your kitchen or office-- like a normal day...then seeing
you smoking those beautiful elegant 120s....

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