LadyLuck smoking in glasses - by request

Please keep requests coming! We film more every day and finally have time to process videos! Thanks for watching!

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Автор ScooterRazz ( назад)
Grace I Love this Video & You Dear You Are One Magnificent & Beautiful
Looking Woman You Make Me Lose Control With Your Sexy Smoking I Enjoy It &
You Very Much Keep The Videos Coming

Автор EASTENDGLEN ( назад)
wow hot

Автор Smokey Smokeyboy ( назад)
very sexy smoker!

Автор retro38 ( назад)
regular VS 120's? from the style looks like you have been smoking 120's for
a long time. Have you always smoked the 120's? and ever tried Capri 120's?
a request if you could sometime,please.

Автор Nathan88 ( назад)
sound please

Автор Newport100sGirls ( назад)
Newport 100s

Автор blankdvd08 ( назад)
Thank you for the videos! My requests: Marlboro Reds 100s, nose exhales,
showing the dark back of the filter before putting it out. :)

Автор sasort ( назад)
I love smoking Virginia Slims, shame that my country does not sell the

Автор sasort ( назад)
I love seeing beautiful women like you, smoking long cigarettes VS 120's

Автор cheesesix ( назад)

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