Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 Forest Frontier

Here I'm building and completing the Park Forest Frontiers ....

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Автор Jake The Inkling ( назад)
Have Not Played This Game For A Long Time. Since I Got A New Laptop, It
Does Not Work On It. Lol!

Автор Kastrenzo74 ( назад)
I either charged exorbanant prices for entry and concessions, or just free
entry, high ride costs.

Автор lineriderrulz ( назад)
If you search around on google you can find the original scenarios remade
for RCT2. Because of the limitations on RCT2 though, you can't have both an
entrance fee and pay-per-ride parks. But of course you also get the
benefits of RCT2 like stacking scenery! You probably already found this out
by now anyway :(

Автор Maximilian Klingmann ( назад)
"Baum im weg!" :D Die beste Fehlermeldung meiner Kindheit!

Автор Kyle Gareau ( назад)
Such an easy level...I remember I had the rating and the amout of people
accomplished in less than 20 minn then I just had to wait for a year :P

Автор dhkdeoen ( назад)
you can buy it on gog.com. it's digital download, and it's like 10 bucks.

Автор Josee Pariseau ( назад)
I lost this game. I want it so bad. Childhood memories haha

Автор Tom B ( назад)
rct1 looks better than rct2

Автор Kastrenzo74 ( назад)
I only play RCT2, But the old maps like forest frontier and dynamite dunes
were my favorites, wish they were backward compatible so I could just
import them. lot of memories playing those simple maps

Автор bpdolesdominoes (1796 лет назад)
I reached the goal in April

Автор Na Yong ( назад)
please make a video of RCT 3 please i want to see more imformation how
could make the theme park like yours

Автор DragonMaster204 ( назад)
Who gives a shit?

Автор John S ( назад)
notice there is no one on his ride? all he did was link a bunch of special
pieces after another. That ride is lame, and I say this as a life long fan
of rct. Learn to build bro

Автор MrBigmike79 (1806 лет назад)
I keep listening to this and can only think one thing. YO SKRILL DROP IT

Автор adrigp96 ( назад)
Yes i am

Автор adrigp96 ( назад)
I'm from Spaim and i love this video congratulations :)

Автор MrGames64 Gameplays ( назад)
LOL,nice speed up,i like this video.

Автор BlackElementGaming ( назад)
What prices do you make things?

Автор Alexander Penck ( назад)
voooolll cool ich schaffe den nicht so gut ich bau immer wasserrutschen :D

Автор Mcgoo500 ( назад)
sooooo fast.... i feel dizzy

Автор GamingFanactic911 ( назад)
Whats that buzzing? It's annoying

Автор ryho101 ( назад)
sounds like fireworks

Автор bobby Lamond ( назад)
i am

Автор alrightfasho ( назад)
epic !

Автор Meyshe Shapiro-Nygren ( назад)
What a lovely park you've built!

Автор Jamie Dewhirst ( назад)
You can buy and download the game (legally) from gog.com, with both

Автор Mark Overbeek ( назад)

Автор Madhijz ( назад)
damn gurl you know how mad you are going?

Автор Some Asshole ( назад)

Автор elkin93 ( назад)
where can i download it? free

Автор R ( назад)
you can raise your money by clicking on it.... in this windows you can
raise your loan it helps you a lot when beginning a new park^^

Автор Crimson9724 ( назад)
Will you please tell me how you got 22,000 dollars in March of year 1? I'd
like to know, because I want to do that SOOO bad.

Автор BinghamVlogs ( назад)
This really brings back good memories! :)

Автор Some Asshole ( назад)

Автор Some Asshole ( назад)
why did you suddenly gain 20,000$ after 1 minute?

Автор MrMooij ( назад)
wow, what people can reach in 5 minutes.. :D

Автор Fader ( назад)
Please don't troll. People know you aren't actually angry, and your feeble
attempt to piss people off almost always fails. In fact, people laugh at
how immature you are for actually choosing to troll. We would much rather
read an insightful comment that conveys your opinions directly and

Автор tether ( назад)
You will never understand how amazing this game was, and still is.

Автор kris shawn ( назад)
i still play, trying to find some money cheats, if you have some, plz help

Автор 002George002 ( назад)
Die Bäume sind immer im Weg...

Автор Alison Kochinski ( назад)
had to be fast video

Автор Sarah G (74 года назад)
Oh man I should buy this in deutsch! I need to learn

Автор Vinicius Silva ( назад)
o teu windows é 7

Автор xcorbearx ( назад)
roller toaster cocoon 2.... he spelled it right.

Автор jimmy vdd ( назад)
yep me 2

Автор JohanvandeWouw ( назад)
I can see you are very creatif with games like this but plz, care a little
bit more about the details. Fast Merry-Go-Round is FUNN! :D

Автор Michael K ( назад)
fuuuaaaaarrrrkkk best game ever !

Автор R ( назад)
didn't downloaded it i bought it

Автор Bernardo Henrique ( назад)
where you downloaded the game?

Автор Daniel Contreras ( назад)

Автор Jones Cheung ( назад)
LOL actually I think that elevating the ferris wheel above the wooden
disaster is a brilliant designing idea! 2:23

Автор markzijnspamzender ( назад)
ich bin niederlandisch

Автор Alexander Penck ( назад)
Geiler park !

Автор Rafiki Mandrill ( назад)
anyone who doesnt clap must die

Автор xXJordanSMSXx ( назад)
PC WAY better

Автор ASH ASSHOLELA ( назад)
Sounds like RCT for gameboy!

Автор dmarci23 ( назад)
Hahaha... so that's how you raise the intensity rating of a
"Merry-Go-Round".. just set it for Ludicrous speed!!

Автор JimmyLeong ( назад)
the sound is killing me !!!!

Автор R ( назад)
@Wodinskii ich bin deutsch :D und danke

Автор Wodan ( назад)
You just have the German Version of Rollercoaster Tycoon, or are you
german?^^ If yes, du kannst richtig geile Parks bauen ;D

Автор Eric S ( назад)

Автор fishy2002 ( назад)
@Javimatos69 LOL idiot... XD

Автор Nerianae ( назад)
@ManlyManFishGuy Started 1 again recently, this game is so awesom! Great
music and AI way ahead of it's time

Автор Gordaton ( назад)
Probably one of the most definitive games of all time. Chris Sawyer was
truly a pioneer of this genre.

Автор Oscar Ramirez ( назад)
@ManlyManFishGuy me too xD it's so amazing :D

Автор R ( назад)
@ManlyManFishGuy i still do^^

Автор InputUsername ( назад)
Anyone still playing RCT1? Cuz I am :)

Автор R ( назад)
@Javimatos69 1st : lol! 2nd : Computer????????

Автор Javimatos69 ( назад)
xbox 360 or original xbox???

Автор gaurd555 ( назад)
@Critz92 Okay, thanks for replying.

Автор R ( назад)
@gaurd555 i'm looking forward to make some.... but dont have that much
time.... i'll try to....

Автор gaurd555 ( назад)
I would like to see more of these and it sounds really funny when sped up.

Автор animalcrossing4ev100 ( назад)
This was really cool! Your park looks a lot nicer than mine! lol

Автор theshoe124 ( назад)
Surprisingly, I found this highly entertaining.

Автор guitargod91000 ( назад)
@wori16ben usually you have to lower the price to ride the coaster it
always happnsto me it starts at 2 bucks right then you lower it to 1.50then
1.20 then 1.00 then .70 then .50 then 30. it realy bugs me tho

Автор softarmeldung ( назад)
you spek german

Автор BigSteinfeld ( назад)
@wori16ben The reason is that A) "I want to go on something more thrilling
then (insert ride name here) or B) "I'm not paying that much to go on
(insert ride name here). You can access guest responses about a ride by
clicking the guest tab in a ride window, and then selecting the first (top)
of the three guest choices available to you. Tip: For every ride start the
price out high (Roller Coasters $3, Other Rides: $1), then slowly bring the
price down over time. This keeps guests interested in it

Автор 17jobooo (1822 года назад)
funny sound!

Автор Simcity11100 ( назад)
I laughed a lot.

Автор Vuong Nguyen ( назад)
@wori16ben That because is getting older every hours is one years.

Автор William Begin ( назад)
rct1 is awesome but when the vomit comes in ...

Автор wori16ben ( назад)
@Critz92 fixed it thank you after a while they think the price is too high

Автор Quate32 ( назад)
WoodenDisaster? Haha

Автор Superjulcool ( назад)
@wori16ben maybe the coaster is getting a little old. because nobody want
to ride the same coaster 100x :p then you just gotta rebuild the ride a bit
and maybe advertise your ride

Автор feildowheat ( назад)
@wori16ben most of the time it might be because it costs to much, keep
checking back on it and lowering the price and usualy u get to a point
where the price is just right and u dont have to worry about it for the
rest of the game

Автор waddup20 ( назад)
that screwing people like mouses lol...

Автор R ( назад)
@wori16ben when the people go to the coaster and turn around, click on
them, they will tell you why

Автор wori16ben ( назад)
when i build a new ride, everybody wants to go on it, but after a while
nobody wants to any more. even on a good coaster. how come?

Автор officialhiphopvideos ( назад)
@Liam8488 Haha yeah I guess I'm just too lazy..

Автор Liam8488 ( назад)
@officialhiphopvideos Lol, same here. I feel so bad now thinking I just
used the premade rollercoasters..

Автор Liam8488 ( назад)
Damn, you're good.

Автор officialhiphopvideos ( назад)
Am I a noob for only using the rollercoaster that are already made for you
? Hihi

Автор Agafyas Nostalgi ( назад)
@ZMacker34 Yes :) It makes it look more beautiful, and the costumers love
scenario that's beautiful

Автор Agafyas Nostalgi ( назад)
Do more of this! 8D They inspire me and I love to watch others play, and
when it's speeded up, it's much more fun xD

Автор Max Zimmerman ( назад)
What are all the fences for? Does that make the people happy or something?

Автор Skyler Jay Music ( назад)
Where did you get all the money from. I've finished this park really easily
but I didn't had that much money, even not in Year 3!

Автор Skyler Jay Music ( назад)
@theoxiiii Me too, and now I'm 14 years old and I'm still playing it :D

Автор Antoni ( назад)
damn you're good! xD

Автор Bio-schock SuuS ( назад)
I love this game soo much

Автор Peter Georgiev ( назад)

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