Mission to Rabaul - Nonstop action in the South West Pacific 1943

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Rabaul, a large natural harbor on the eastern end of the huge Island of New Britain (located northeast of New Guinea in the Southwest Pacific) was an essential strategic linchpin for the Japanese from which they could project their forces throughout the region. They poured tens of thousands of troops, hundreds of airplanes, and thousands of tons of supplies and material into this base to make it a mighty fortress. The Allies' brilliant solution to the Rabaul conundrum was to isolate it, slowly starve it, and bypass it -- rather than assault it directly.

This dramatic, high impact documentary film shows some of the most memorable, exciting, and extensive footage of 5th Air Force B-25G bombers conducting tree top level attacks with machine guns and delayed action bombs to come out of World War 2 .The first step in the reduction of Rabaul was the seizure of a string of Japanese bases along the Northeast coast of New Guinea.

The film focuses on the decisive and revolutionary impact of the air component in the strategy, including high & low level attacks, parachute drops, and resupply, accompanied by a magnificent musical score drawn from Holst's "The Planets." You're literally sitting in the cockpit or in the tail gunners seat watching amazing low level attack runs. You'll also see P-38s, A-20s, B-25s and B-24 cooperating with US Australian and New Zealand Forces securing forward air bases to strike against Rabaul and for the invasion of New Britain. "Mission to Rabaul" shows how each piece of this classic strategy culminated inevitably in the first escorted, massed bomber strike on Rabaul on 12th October, 1943 an essential goal in the reduction of Japanese defenses.

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Автор ZenosWarbirds (3 месяца)
For more info on B-25s modified for ground attack, watch another video on
my channel: Medium Bombardment & Attack Featuring the B-25" Medium
Bombardment & Attack with the B-25 Mitchell 1945

Автор MakeMeThinkAgain (3 месяца)
The adaptation of the B-25, usually a high altitude bomber, to low level
strafing with 8 to 12 fixed .50 cal machine guns in th nose was one of the
most brilliant theater adjustments of WW2.

Автор Robin Adams (5 месяцев)
Zenos, do you think a wartime bias existed in favor of the 5th Air Force,
and against the 13th Air Force in WW II SW Pacific T.O.? I don't mean to
cause problems. I only wish to study the History and to gain an accurate
P-38 Pilot Robert Mitchell, in a video on YouTube seems to think a bias
existed because the Commander of both Air Force Groups had friends in the
5th A.F. I heard my father say similar things when he was alive. If you
care to comment, sir, what is your view on this? Thank you. I enjoy your
films very much. 

Автор Stefan Korica (4 месяца)
Why did Japanese attack USA when they had shity army,i mean they probably
could have better tehnology but they lackd alot of materials in their
homeland to make aircrafts... and even if they had better ships and planes
they wouldnt stand a chance against USA industry... 

Автор darren monks (22 дня)
I like how they immaculately fail to mention Australians are basically
doing all the ground fighting in New Guinea and the important role of the
RAAF (particularly Beaufighters). however, I could only watch the first 15

Автор Robbi496 (1 месяц)
the story aside (Which is good) I love the fact that the music is from
Stravinsky's "The Fire Bird"

Автор Panzerdeal (1 месяц)

Автор RonJohn63 (3 месяца)
Anyone else recognize Holst's "Mars, the Bringer of War" during the first
raid on Wewak?

Автор wenaldy (4 месяца)

Автор Panzerdeal (1 месяц)
As for competition over supplies...didn't you mean 5 and 7 af, there Robin.

The major USAAF combat organizations in the region was Thirteenth Air
Force, which was formed in November 1942 as a command and control
organization to organize many widely separated Seventh Air Force and
independent units scattered in the South Pacific Area during the Solomon
Islands campaign. As the war progressed, Thirteenth Air Force units moved
into the South West Pacific theatre and coordinated their activities with
Fifth and Seventh Air Force units in New Guinea, the Netherlands East
Indies and Philippines during 1944 and 1945.

Автор Bill Bright (1 месяц)
We Wak, the garden spot of the south west Pacific.

Автор Gil Giley (2 месяца)
America unity at its' best. Don't mess with the Sleeping Giant. 

Автор Irvin bennett (2 месяца)
My father and uncles fought this war. It was true total war. Hundreds were
killed every single day . 

Автор Joe Flatley (3 месяца)
Portions of the soundtrack remind me of "Gladiator."

Автор J Roberts (3 месяца)
Great upload!, The logistics, manpower and sacrifice during WWII was
staggering. Having spent the last 14 years in ME conflicts I often wonder
if we could support the same level of effort on multiple fronts as
effectively as that generation. Well done.

Автор I Boarshock (3 месяца)
Interesting in-house doc from the 5th AF. Obviously they wanted to make
sure they weren't being forgotten way out in the SW Pacific, what with
Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean getting most of the attention
back home in 1943.

The music, by the way, is various selections from Igor Stravinsky's
Firebird Suite and Gustav Holst's The Planets, with a little tiny bit (I
believe) of Ferde Grofé's Grand Canyon Suite during the pretend 'travelog'
portion involving the 'family' on the airfield.

Автор Withab BJ (7 месяцев)
Met a lot of your vets from the 3rd BG (13th and 89th BS) 5th AF USAAC.
I have a piece of metal from one of the A 20s that crash landed on Low
Wooded Island near Cooktown Australia. The veterans that flew it,/worked
on it also got pieces of that aircraft. Lest We Forget. 

Автор Resolved White (9 месяцев)
I like the part the talk of prayer, we must not forget to live for God and
Country. My dad was a gunner on the B-17 , my next door neighbor growing up
was the top gunner on the B-25 in the Pacific, he talked how the japs cut
off heads and rolled them down the hill to his camp at night. I love to
repent as a nation or we can lose our nation.

Автор Ozark man (10 месяцев)
the B-25s had .50s installed in their noses and later models a 75mm cannon
that along parafrags allowed them to wreak havoc

Автор Panuel Manuke (4 месяца)
I am Maureen Dapal from Rabaul on New Britain Island PNG. My father lived
during the war - he was actually 3 years old when the war arrived.
He stayed in a dug out hole in the ground and survived only on coconuts.
He told me that eventhough a large amount of bombs was dropped on the
island not plenty people were killed - and few received injuries minor and
serious injuries.

Автор Andreas Aichner (7 месяцев)
the jungle is being bombed there?


all the poor animals die miserably - great performance!

typical American just ....

Автор chillchillpill (3 месяца)
Terrific old-fashioned accents - "warn tharsand parnd barms are drarped".
Does anyone still talk like that? 

Автор 大津太郎 (5 месяцев)
帝国海軍航空隊よ永遠なれ! 祖国は君たちの勇気を忘れることはない!

Автор thedoubledog (4 месяца)
WWII Bomber footage never fails to amaze. The tonnage it took to destroy
targets was amazing. Most bombs and bombing campaigns caused very little
damage. Was any enemy ship EVER sunk never mind hit by a B-17?
Skip-bombing and strafing were effective, though.

Автор Robin Adams (7 месяцев)
Rabaul Atoll was where my father and his squadron made some his/their
sorties in 1944-1945. (P-38 Lightning) All these years I heard my father
talk about places like Wewak, Rabul and others...and now, here they are!
To the person who uploaded this film...a big thank you! form the bottom of
my heart. (I lost dad in 2012) I can actually see where dad flew! Wow! I
have a photo of dad beside his P-38 at Wewak!
I have in my possession...an instrument panel...and aluminum plate (with
Japanese writing on it) from one of the Japanese Betty bombers shown at
32:18. Dad got it and brought it home and gave it to me years later.
I have a large stack of 'classified' US B-25 Mitchell bomber
photos...showing low level skip bombing of Japanese land and bay targets.
Some show bombs in mid-air, and others show explosions and fires. You can
see buildings, huts, boats and other things. They have military writing on
them from the negatives (in white, handwritten, copy) There must be 100 of

Автор SassyHershsey SassyHershey (5 месяцев)
I wish the writers wouldn't put in their nonsense about what "man fells
like" they have no idea what a man feels like in 1943. Just the facts as
much as they can't lie. It's so annoying.

Автор Redoubt South (6 месяцев)
The 5th AAF was amazing in the Pacific after Gen. Kenney took over. They
took B-25s, removed the bombardier nose equipment and loaded it with Ma
Deuces (50 cals) for strafing. They also rediscovered some old parafrag
bombs that allowed them to bomb at low altitudes while making strafing runs.

It's all quit a story for those into history.

Автор subslr ratcliff (6 месяцев)
well done

Автор Brian Davies (6 месяцев)
I lived in PNG in the mid 60's and from 1970 thru to 1981 in Lae, Port
Moresby, Rabaul, Madang Wewak, and have seen most of the smaller areas
mentioned in the ops. I have the utmost admiration for all armed services
who endured the enemy, malaria,and every other disease that were thrown at
them, I am proud to have known many older civilian Australians who served
as Coast Watchers, and to have enjoyed the warmth & friendship of the
native population who had so many atrocities done to them by the Japanese.
It's a pity the country today seems more of a hell hole than what it was
during WW 2.

Автор yowwwwie (9 месяцев)
My dad was in the Pacific, Commander Anti Aircraft Artillery from 1943 to
1946. I've been trying to trace his activities in the 161st army but many
of the films only focus on air and not ground troops. Do you have any films
showing the invasion of Lingayen Gulf-Luzon, Phillipines, Jan 9th, 1945?


Автор cdnski12 (10 месяцев)
Seems risky to use B-25 Aircraft to strafe Jap Airports. I guess the B-25's
had the range to carry out such activities. Seems like a lot of the bombs
hit the Jungle?

Автор Jack Inderbockz (9 месяцев)
All on your own no RAAF chaps even mentioned.

Автор 37Dionysos (5 месяцев)
Had an uncle in the "Air Apache" squadron called "Rough Raiders," flew in a
B-25, and a father's friend in a like unit. The latter said they used to
call up the Japanese just before arriving to bomb and tell them "We're
gonna kick your ass and there's nothing you can do about it." The Japanese
would reply, "Roosevelt eat shit! Roosevelt eat shit!"

Автор Jonno2summit (10 месяцев)
@ Ozark man- Oh me too! I was looking at the film of the bombing, and
trying to match up individual bomb strikes to existing craters, but looks
like most of them are overgrown now. Thanks to Zenos we can investigate
this stuff and go to bed way too late. lol

(Youtube has been improved into the dirt like many other things online, so
I can't reply to comments directly. The Reply button never lights up.)

Автор aczjbr (5 месяцев)
historical film and very good

Автор LesPaulExpress (7 месяцев)
LOVE IT! Smash and grab. Tree-hopping with B-25s is so cool.

Автор Gregg Heilman (1 год)
Here is another You Tube it tells how the 11 TH BGH at Hickam Field was
in WORLD WAR TWO from the first seconds to the last minute. The ONLY AIR
CORP FORCE UNIT TO do so. There wasn't even an Eighth Air Force yet, it
would months later and the 11 TH was already in the Pacific fighting and
dying for you and me.


Автор Gina Wilson (1 год)
and full of inaccuracies. The footage is good ..turn down the sound and use
academic references for the facts. 

Автор Jonno2summit (11 месяцев)
Thank you for posting these films. I'm able to get on google earth and find
lost airstrips and follow along with some of the footage. Wewak is still
riddled with bomb craters for anyone who wants to check it out on GE.

Автор Gregg Heilman (1 год)
My father was stationed at Hickam Army Air Corp Base. The US ARMY AIR CORP
LOST MEN AND PLANES before Japanese even reached Pearl Harbor and the Navy.
My father lost two friends within seconds of the FIRST PLANES coming over
their Air Field. The Japanese planned to destroy the Army Air Corp before
going after the Navy. Yet December 7 is forever Pearl Harbor Day, how about
the USAAC men who died before anything was dropped in Pearl Harbor?

Автор nightlightabcd (7 месяцев)
More forgotten battles in forgotten places. Even the big battles will only
be remembered by historians in the future, like so many forgotten battles
and wars of the distant past. WW1 and WW2 wars will be remembered but the
battles may well be forgotten. In the distant future, when these films no
longer exist, it will be the archeologist that will find evidence to prove
or disprove that such battles even ever too place.

Автор hansikatz (1 год)
My Dad was there, a navigator/bombadier on B-25s - 345th BG, 500th BS. At
49:00 - 50:00 are planes of his outfit, identified by the white stripe
around the fuselage just behind the wing. Maybe he was in one of those
shown. After New Guinea he flew in campaigns in the Philippines and in
Indo-China. The final strafer version of the B-25 was probably the
heaviest armed US aircraft in WW2, with 18 machine guns. Some also were
fitted with cannons. Sort of a spiritual forerunner of the A-10 of today.

Автор Adam Mangler (7 месяцев)
The music is interesting - mostly a mixture of Beethoven's Ninth and Mars
from Holtz' Planet suite - Mars.

Автор ap xpandy (9 месяцев)
Fantastic documentary - thanks!

Автор Adam Mangler (7 месяцев)
These clips are rare and awesome! Thanks so much for posting!

Автор mloaks (10 месяцев)
love the Mars soundtrack!

Автор resculptit (11 месяцев)
Many of the people involved in making these war and military propaganda
movies later went on to do great works in Hollywood and television news
networks in the 50s and 60s. John Huston is probably one of the Most
famous of these. His films about the islands of the Aluetians in Alaska
were predecessors to "Midway" and several of Humphrey Bogart's films. 

Автор 375GTB (1 год)
A-20 Havocs are LIGHT attack bombers! Never mentioned..

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