Mission to Rabaul - Nonstop action in the South West Pacific 1943

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Rabaul, a large natural harbor on the eastern end of the huge Island of New Britain (located northeast of New Guinea in the Southwest Pacific) was an essential strategic linchpin for the Japanese from which they could project their forces throughout the region. They poured tens of thousands of troops, hundreds of airplanes, and thousands of tons of supplies and material into this base to make it a mighty fortress. The Allies' brilliant solution to the Rabaul conundrum was to isolate it, slowly starve it, and bypass it -- rather than assault it directly.

This dramatic, high impact documentary film shows some of the most memorable, exciting, and extensive footage of 5th Air Force B-25G bombers conducting tree top level attacks with machine guns and delayed action bombs to come out of World War 2 .The first step in the reduction of Rabaul was the seizure of a string of Japanese bases along the Northeast coast of New Guinea.

The film focuses on the decisive and revolutionary impact of the air component in the strategy, including high & low level attacks, parachute drops, and resupply, accompanied by a magnificent musical score drawn from Holst's "The Planets." You're literally sitting in the cockpit or in the tail gunners seat watching amazing low level attack runs. You'll also see P-38s, A-20s, B-25s and B-24 cooperating with US Australian and New Zealand Forces securing forward air bases to strike against Rabaul and for the invasion of New Britain. "Mission to Rabaul" shows how each piece of this classic strategy culminated inevitably in the first escorted, massed bomber strike on Rabaul on 12th October, 1943 an essential goal in the reduction of Japanese defenses.

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Автор xgi36 ( назад)
We will never again see men who will carry the burden of freedom like those
who fought this war.

Автор Odee “Oz” Dillon ( назад)
As part of the 475th FG, 431st FS, we reenacted this battle in a series of
progressive scenarios throughout October, in iEN's Warbirds 2015. Man what
a sight it was to see over 150 people in the air, battling it out old

My Dad was stationed at a secret airbase in Australia during WWII. He
started the war in the 10th Light Horse but had his knee cap shattered when
another horse kicked the side of the horse he was riding. His medical
status went from A1 to A3, and he was no longer eligible for overseas
service, so he ended up as an army truck driver and helped with the loading
of the bombers. He used to watch Japanese recon aircraft that were
looking for the Bomber's air base fly right over the base at high altitudes
and not even detect it because of heat distortions coming off the ironstone
terrain. They allowed the Japanese planes to fly over unmolested because
the Japanese would have spotted any fighters climbing to intercept them
and reported the location of the base before escaping. The Japanese knew
there was a large air base operating somewhere in the area but they never
did discover it's exact location.

Автор John Hunter ( назад)
The weird background music is annoying.

Автор Allison Hunt ( назад)
Wee-Wack. Now that there is just funny. I don't care who you are.

Автор David Ross ( назад)
Can you imagine what 125 Lightnings looked like attacking? Must have been

Автор Oilsmoke Jones ( назад)
those working airplanes sure look a lot different than the ones in museums,
even the ones in flying museums...

Автор Tom Murphy (1795 лет назад)

Автор resculptit ( назад)
A silly video - - check the planes - first a P-52 and then a B-17...

Автор verbusen ( назад)
That soundtrack is cool, like a 1920's German horror film. The second
narrator sounds a lot like William Conrad but if this was released during
the war it probably wasn't him since he was a fighter pilot then. If this
came out after the war was over it could be him.

Автор Tom Last ( назад)
My father flew with the Marines out of Bouganville. I was hoping for some
video from there. He flew F4Us from the same field (Torokino) as "Pappy"
Boyington, and flew against Rabaul. Guess I'll keep looking.

Автор J.D.@rt ( назад)
Wow, the Pacific is an enormous location in the world(and fittingly the
location of among the largest naval battles in the world). It's astounding
to think of the Japanese and Allied navies moving and fighting around
thousands of miles stretches of ocean and islands in World War 2. If the
Eastern Front was the largest land conflict in history, the Pacific Front
has to be the largest naval conflict in history.

Автор resculptit ( назад)
This video really didn't need back-ground Music. And I would have rather
heard about the guns and bomb types used on the planes rather than the
sounds of their engines with music. 

Автор Michael Hollier ( назад)
thanks zenos

Автор jack60091 ( назад)
My father was at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack. His ship was the
U.S.S. Solace and the only hospital ship in the Pacific until 1944. He
mentioned this attack. He died this year at 94. The war in the Pacific was
brutal with no holds bared. Rest in Peace Dad I miss you.

Автор 375GTB ( назад)
B-25s turret were moved forward, then got a tail gunner and waist gunners.
Bother to READ, before opening up with nonsense.

Автор Brian Downes ( назад)
you don't get side gunners in a fighter

Автор Brian Downes ( назад)
they sunk enough ships in that big harbor you are not safe in a bomber
attwenty thousand feet some anti aircraft shells go higher than that.when I
went int rabaul in 1946 on an Australian frigat it two hours to do about
qne mile there were so many jap ships sunk

Автор robert garcia ( назад)
wow so all the planes so high did they hit anything? uh the music ? is not
with the documentary who picked it? great photos guys so what is going on
there today??

Автор jonlove1969 ( назад)

Автор Ethercruiser1 ( назад)
Great collection of actual footage from the real events.

Автор Monte Olsen ( назад)
Zeno, once again, thanks for restoring and putting up these videos. A great
group of men is represented here, and I hope their history is taught better
in schools than it has been for at least a decade and probably more. Your
work fills the gaps. Is there an equivalent site for our ground troops?
Thanks again.

Автор ZenosWarbirds ( назад)
Glad you lived to tell us about it!

Автор MarsFKA ( назад)
In 1971/72, I worked for a year in Lae and saw leftovers from the war every
day. One day, I was cutting the grass on what passed for the front lawn of
my apartment block and my slasher went clang on something under the hedge.
I pulled the something out and found myself holding a corroded 3-inch
anti-aircraft shell. I put it down very carefully, tip-toed away and called
the police.

Автор 375GTB ( назад)
Oscar is a Betty! Jeeze

Автор 375GTB ( назад)
A-20 Havocs are LIGHT attack bombers! Never mentioned..

Автор 375GTB ( назад)
Most of what I see are "Ds" The mid-ships turret No tail guns.. J's moved
the turret forward, got the tailgunner and side gunners..

Автор Vsshooter ( назад)
My father did not fly, but he did feed the guys that did. 432nd Squadron
475th Fighter Group. They were on this mission also.

Автор Anthony Salvatore ( назад)
To the boy's who fought and died in unwanted wars.

Автор Bull Cedar ( назад)
My dad was with the 317th troop transport. He earned a bronze star flying
into Wau, New Guinea. The 317th was in action from Port Moresby through to
Japan. Dad made it home, went to college and taught high school. He died in

Автор ZenosWarbirds ( назад)
Stu -- I think you and your kids will also enjoy "The Stilwell Road & the
China-Burma-India Campaign" which is also posted on my YouTube Channel,
ZenosWarbirds. I cant post the url here in a reply, but you'll find it if
you search my channel. Zeno

Автор Stu Art. ( назад)
Thanks for making this old Documentary available on the web. For a number
of reasons.This classic historical film will assist my kids and I to know
about what the Pacific War was like for their Aussie grandfather, (my Dad).
I flew over some of this area in a commercial jet a year or so ago, also
lived on one of the islands for a few days, I can identify - in a small
way- with the ruggedness of PNG. Some of WW2's bloodiest battles for future
freedom were fought in the Pacific. "Lest We Forget"

Автор David Floren ( назад)
10:32 ... 1,000 "pound" bombs were dropped. "Followed by crates of M-80's
and Ladyfingers, no doubt!" he snickered. "I wonder if each 1 lb. bomb
costs 1,000 British Pounds? I wonder if that was a bargain?" he mused,
aloud. A military man overhearing this responded, "There's a 1,000 lb. bomb
we're saving just for you. We'll let you stand underneath it when it falls."

Автор offshoreboats ( назад)
Outstanding video. Nice to see the B-25Js

Автор Phased Array ( назад)
Wow some of the best strafing and combat footage I've ever seen from a WW2

Автор Resolved White ( назад)
My father was a nose gunner on the B-17, later he became a United pilot and
retired as captain on the DC-8. IN GOD WE TRUST

Автор Jason Sylvester ( назад)
I want to thank you for digitally restoring and posting this video - my
Grandfather served with the 49th Fighter Group, 8th squadron from 1942-45,
and took part in these air campaigns - Wewak, in particular. He took a lot
of pictures while he served in the SW Pacific, and a lot of the restored
footage in this documentary looks like it could have been from some of the
air fields he served on during the war. Thanks again for posting this!

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