Powerpuff Girls Comic #50 "Deja View" - WORDS EASY TO READ

This video is the comic "Deja View", #50 in the Powerpuff comic series. I love the Powerpunk and Powerpuff Girls, especially when they're together, as demonstrated in the comic. But all of the videos I've seen on YouTube were ones that were hard to read. This took a lot of work, so please respect it!
- Electrogirl
NOTE: This video was uploaded before I got my own official channel, so if you want to get more of my videos, subscribe to here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=SuperElectrogirl98

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Автор Игорь Манченко ( назад)

Автор SquidSketch ( назад)
the powerpunk girls should of been in the sereis (1998_) but pretty good in
the comic & it was funny too

Автор SquidSketch ( назад)
you know where I can read the comic online? I want to know what happens

Автор SquidSketch ( назад)
what quote bubble was said @ 3:35 near above bubbles head? it
s cut off

Автор Aparecida Antunes ( назад)
que. daora

Автор RICO HADY ( назад)
hey nijadude 183 how do you know that the old voice actor powerpuff girls
will voice the powerpunk girls in 2016 reboot ?

Автор Weirdo13 ( назад)
Salt, vinegar, and everything nasty,
These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little punk,
But Oppressor Plutonium purposely added an extra ingredient to the
concoction: CHEMICAL X!
Thus, the Powerpunk Girls were born!
Using their ultra-super powers,
Berserk, Brat, and Brute have dedicated their lives
To wreaking havoc, and destroying the City of Viletown!

Автор Daniel Luster ( назад)
I love it!! <3 <3 <3

Автор albiitha villanueva ( назад)
hxzffsdfrry uds sZxcvh

Автор Space Bear ( назад)
2:19 How do I "click to zoom out" it won't let me

Автор Weirdo13 ( назад)
I honestly hope they don't appear in the reboot because it sucks.

Автор vale medina ( назад)
go bubles

Автор Rj Delacruz ( назад)
Wtf I don't get the story and plus is there a part oh nvm

Автор miro Adel ( назад)

Автор miro Adel ( назад)
I dreamt of ppnk girls in the ppg show

Автор ninjadude183 ( назад)
Hey fellow PPG and PPNKG fans, could you sign this petition to have the
original voice actors (Tara Strong, Cathy Cavadini, and E.G. Daily) return
in the reboot to voice the Powerpunk Girls? Thanks!

Автор Alyssia Maynor ( назад)
mojo jojo looks better

Автор Mini Stegman ( назад)
So here's a question, why aren't the gang green gang in this comic

Автор Semih buğra Bedir ( назад)

Автор Alejandra Garcia ( назад)
Months of the year song

Автор Danielle Baldwin ( назад)
so this is where the powerpunk girls originated from

Автор Cameron Wright ( назад)
awesome comic

Автор Cameron Wright ( назад)
07:26 sudden entrance and confrontation

Автор Ariyanna Williams ( назад)

Автор Luke Smith ( назад)
What's the name of the first song? it sounds awesome!

Автор RICO HADY ( назад)
well i really like how powerpunk girls talk , they are talking like me

Автор Francesca Fleeson ( назад)
lame... no offense

Автор SHADUMAN ALI ( назад)

Автор . ( назад)

Автор devildog452 ( назад)
Think you could make more powerpuff girls comics?

Автор Diana Loom ( назад)

Автор ihearthamsters ( назад)

Автор Zxcvb Bnm ( назад)

Автор lesette frederick ( назад)
I love the powerpuff girls and the powerpunk girls

Автор Coelho Nostálgico ( назад)
these girls need to appear in the new serie who is coming in 2016.

will be exciting...

Автор 200KHFan ( назад)
do you have more powerpuff girls comics like from dc? I'm looking for
issues 4, 40, 61 and 65.

Автор Feather Heart ( назад)
wait are the power punk girls dead?!?!

Автор Octavian x Fernandez ( назад)
can you upload comic# 32 jelly jam

Автор Костя Лоренц ( назад)
?🐱костя лорининц

Автор Catsmile-Scarlet Drawlove ( назад)
Muy bueno jiji 😍

Автор Martha Garcia ( назад)
Oh the Sweet Memories when I was A kid I loved This Show, I will Love 2 See
this Show on Air Again I Was Like 9 or 10 !

Автор Thunder Comics Official ( назад)
If only they reappeared in the reboot... That would be so awesome... I wish
that the "A Punky Couple" episode from the original series had been made...
If it had all the ruff x puff shippers heads would just be exploding... Yet
I'd love it...

Автор Thunder Comics Official ( назад)
YAY! This is awesome!

Автор ninjadude183 ( назад)
Hey fellow PPG fans, if you haven't heard already, Powerpuff Girls is
getting a reboot next year by Cartoon Network. The big problem is that the
original cast for Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are not returning. They
have an entire new cast for the girls.
However, if us fans were to convince Cartoon Network to bring back the
original voice actors as The Powerpunk Girls, that would be awesome. In
that way, newer generations of kids will still be able to hear the original
Powerpuff Girls that we grew up with, just as different characters. 

Автор แนน นัท ( назад)

Автор Samantha Santos ( назад)
Ok i love power puff a gain!!!!!!!😍

Автор TenTen Chan ( назад)
waaauuuu por fin encontre la historieta

Автор Michelle Ferguson ( назад)
I wish there was an episode of it so I don't have to read it 😧

Автор gamejunkie9 ( назад)
What if they used the original voices of the Powerpuff Girls to voice the
Powerpunk Girls in the reboot?

Автор DespairingBlackRabbit ( назад)
I really hope the new series coming out makes an episode of this comic,
even though I know that's a low chance.

Автор lyle peterson ( назад)
I laugh when he said great balls of fire that was funny

Автор Ximena Aguirre ( назад)
Comic of the Powerpuff Girls

Автор Nalisha Beta ( назад)
still hard to read, there are parts at the top of speech bubbles completely
cut off

Автор Jose Roberto Solis Merlin ( назад)
I hope they use this idea in the ppg reboot

Автор Playground King ( назад)
Brat has a blur top underneath why when I see fanart it's shows her stomach

Автор İclal Çopur ( назад)
Hey wow we can mow yay 

Автор Huntsman Wiz ( назад)
Oooh jomo momo, you cant even scratch on these powerpunk girls, they are
faster, and tougher than the powerpuff girls.

Автор Koala Underrated ( назад)
this needs to be an episode!!! )X

Автор Katarina Zarew ( назад)
Echt toll

Автор AceTrainerLiz ( назад)
amoeba boys and fuzzy lumpkins as scientists ... I guess it Really IS a
alternate universe

Автор szemi gi ( назад)
Jomo says at the end: "There are going to be changes around here!"

What changes? The obvious not-seen good counterparts of the Rowdyruff Boys?

Автор Lia Par ( назад)
OMG I ALWAYS wanted to see this comic

Автор Hanasaki Tsubomi (Tera Nguyen) ( назад)
Dang, that was a good comic! Thanks for putting this up! 😃

Автор Margie Taylor ( назад)
I.like the comic and the music

Автор cielo mar ( назад)
Si te quiero

Автор Jacqueline Futerer ( назад)
One comic went so far to like a 100 episodes fan made

Автор devildog452 ( назад)
Is there more like this?

Автор Emily Grisham ( назад)
That was cool

Автор ClassicToonFan64 ( назад)
That was pretty nice... although it felt a bit rushed. It'd have been nice
if the story had taken place in two or three issues. Thanks for the video.

The world needs the Powerpuff Girls!

Автор De'ja Martin ( назад)
What's the first song? 

Автор Yaoi Totoro ( назад)
As much as I LOVE the CONCEPT of it (and I REALLY do) , I was kinda
disappointed with the fight scenes. I mean for the battle against Oppressor
Plutonium who's pretty much the big macho villain is defeated by a mere
bonk on the head? (6:46 - 6:47) By Jomo no less? If it was THAT easy
wouldn't he have saved the day a LONG ass time ago? That and... that
ending... I wanted to actually see it... unless of course there's another
episode in which they appear... 

Автор Maryam Ahmadi ( назад)

Автор Glitter Shine Art ( назад)
Guys u know the ppnk girls are just the ppgs when there a bit older? cause
they get grumpy of saving the day all the time and they just change

Автор preyes1279 ( назад)
And soo the rowdyruff boys let the punks out by a beam this gurl made a
sequel to this

Автор Mariah Dennis ( назад)
Those Powerpunk Girls look kinda funny...i mean they maybe counterparts but
they sound like bitches

Автор TopKirby8305 ( назад)
This was supposed to be an episode for Season 4....but due to budget
restraints, they had to pull the plug on it. It's a shame too because this
one would have EASILY been the best episode of Season 4. ;-;

Автор sundar shrestha ( назад)
My freakish friend managed to make the hottest pole dancer I’ve ever seen
fall in love with him because he cheated by using the Cupid Love System
(search in Google). I wish I found myself pleased for him but I dream an
eye-catching individual would fall in love with me. I’m totally green with
envy. Does that mean I’m a lousy person?

Автор LaChauntis Washington ( назад)
I would love for this to be an episode

Автор megan walford ( назад)
Why is it that at the end the song is "me myself and I" from Phineas and
Ferb ?

Автор rodrigo sanchez ( назад)
powerpunk girls comic #50

Автор joey11299 ( назад)
Why can't they make this as an animated episode?

Автор Nikki Standlee ( назад)

Автор joedaes03 ( назад)
Is that even an episode

Автор ~CelestiaLuna~ ( назад)

Автор Rissa DePriest ( назад)
I did not found this

Автор MoonRaz3r ( назад)
easy to read huh

Автор jeny mendez ( назад)
Umm where were the Rowdy Ruff Boys and where were the Rowdy Right boys

Автор Blossomx Brick Lover ( назад)
I wanna watch the full episode C'MON

Автор Maddalena Kelly ( назад)
which one please tell me ☺

Автор Junnie ( назад)
Not really, i think. Their voices would be a bit different.

Автор PPGcomic ( назад)
As the Powerpunk Girls... are the Powerpuff Girls. The voices are probably
the exact same as the Powerpuff Girls.

Автор Tyreek Cruse ( назад)
That would be the Rowdyrunk Boys

Автор Tyreek Cruse ( назад)
Him's counterpart would be Mih

Автор KrimsonHunter ( назад)
Where can I buy it?

Автор Lew C. Fair ( назад)
4:43 I choose option B!

Автор Babypeach blossom ( назад)
i wish this episode came before the movie! i seriously wanna hear their

Автор mysterymares ( назад)
I'm crossing my fingers that this is going to be the reboot later this year.

Автор Tecno Kitty ( назад)
Not to be mean but I prefer the ppg and rrb ^_^ But that's not a bad at all

Автор FefeTheWolfLover ( назад)

Автор Masuo15 ( назад)
I wish there was the #61 was online :(, I cna't find it anywhere to read.

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