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Автор Ximena Aguirre (13 дней)
Comic of the Powerpuff Girls

Автор Ximena Aguirre (15 дней)
Comic of the Powerpuff Girls

Автор szemi gi (9 месяцев)
Jomo says at the end: "There are going to be changes around here!"

What changes? The obvious not-seen good counterparts of the Rowdyruff Boys?

Автор Jose Roberto Solis Merlin (2 месяца)
I hope they use this idea in the ppg reboot

Автор ArtyJ Fox (3 месяца)
Brat has a blur top underneath why when I see fanart it's shows her stomach

Автор İclal Çopur (4 месяца)
Hey wow we can mow yay 

Автор Ashlyn Albertson (3 месяца)
"great balls of fire!"

Автор Huntsman Wiz (5 месяцев)
Oooh jomo momo, you cant even scratch on these powerpunk girls, they are
faster, and tougher than the powerpuff girls.

Автор Mackenzie Allen (5 месяцев)
this needs to be an episode!!! )X

Автор Nalisha Beta (1 месяц)
still hard to read, there are parts at the top of speech bubbles completely
cut off

Автор Katarina Zarew (6 месяцев)
Echt toll

Автор Emily Grisham (1 год)
That was cool

Автор devildog452 . (1 год)
Is there more like this?

Автор AceTrainerLiz (9 месяцев)
amoeba boys and fuzzy lumpkins as scientists ... I guess it Really IS a
alternate universe

Автор Jacqueline Futerer (1 год)
One comic went so far to like a 100 episodes fan made

Автор ClassicToonFan64 (1 год)
That was pretty nice... although it felt a bit rushed. It'd have been nice
if the story had taken place in two or three issues. Thanks for the video.

The world needs the Powerpuff Girls!

Автор Hanasaki Tsubomi (10 месяцев)
Dang, that was a good comic! Thanks for putting this up! 😃

Автор Margie Taylor (11 месяцев)
I.like the comic and the music

Автор cielo mar (11 месяцев)
Si te quiero

Автор De'ja Martin (1 год)
What's the first song? 

Автор Lia Par VGCP APPGFT TPNG TEIT (9 месяцев)
OMG I ALWAYS wanted to see this comic

Автор Maryam Ahmadi (1 год)

Автор Glitter Shine Art (1 год)
Guys u know the ppnk girls are just the ppgs when there a bit older? cause
they get grumpy of saving the day all the time and they just change

Автор Yaoi Totoro (1 год)
As much as I LOVE the CONCEPT of it (and I REALLY do) , I was kinda
disappointed with the fight scenes. I mean for the battle against Oppressor
Plutonium who's pretty much the big macho villain is defeated by a mere
bonk on the head? (6:46 - 6:47) By Jomo no less? If it was THAT easy
wouldn't he have saved the day a LONG ass time ago? That and... that
ending... I wanted to actually see it... unless of course there's another
episode in which they appear... 

Автор Mariah Dennis (1 год)
Those Powerpunk Girls look kinda funny...i mean they maybe counterparts but
they sound like bitches

Автор preyes1279 (1 год)
And soo the rowdyruff boys let the punks out by a beam this gurl made a
sequel to this

Автор TopKirby8305 (1 год)
This was supposed to be an episode for Season 4....but due to budget
restraints, they had to pull the plug on it. It's a shame too because this
one would have EASILY been the best episode of Season 4. ;-;

Автор rosevillemom1 (3 года)
@swfanlver Um...I THINK it was photo bucket, but I don't remember for sure,
it was a while ago.

Автор zahraa ashkanani (3 года)
If they make it an episode.. THAT WOULD BEH AWSOME ;3!

Автор Belldexter1 (2 года)
I hope to see The Powerpunk girls in the reboot cartoon

Автор xX-DaniCutie-Xx (2 года)
GIRLS!!? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

Автор LordDiscord (3 года)
That would be a good guess.

Автор LaChauntis Washington (1 год)
I would love for this to be an episode

Автор rosevillemom1 (4 года)
@5600113 The First one is called "I'm a Super Girl", the second one is
called "Super Secret City of Soundsville", and the last one is called
"Rocket Candy" :)

Автор sailor. cure.williukea (2 года)
hey mojo (whoops i mean jomo) your quiz is hard... i wonder between a and
b... but i still choose b :D

Автор thisCCchik (2 года)
Where Did You Find This?

Автор SallyBollwood (3 года)
. if only the episode was made, but i heard a rumor that there was a fight
scene produced between the girls, and the vortex scene was made. i also
heard that these were online, however unsure where, and unsure if it may
have been deleted, but i know a little of the episode was produced and
mashed up with other powerpuff girl scenes to make sense. let me know if
you find it :)

Автор Craven Nastravi (2 года)
because craig mckraken told ctoons to go fuck themselves

Автор Julie Adams (3 года)
I saw this for the first time and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Автор Adriana Gonzalez (3 года)
I hope they have episode.

Автор Tran Pham (3 года)
Did you know The Powerpunk Girls appear again in "A Punky Couple"
(According to the The Powerpuff Girls Wiki) where they fell inlove with the
The Rowdyruff Boys but they didn't make it due to the budgeting issues.

Автор THENoobaNoob (3 года)
also, lol MomoJojo has the bitch curl

Автор TheSupersam120 (4 года)
That was great thanks for posting that

Автор FefeTheWolfLover (1 год)

Автор minimoonp (2 года)
What is the second song? I know its the ending theme but it sounds

Автор Ice Beam (4 года)
i love this song, what's the title?

Автор katieloves1 (3 года)
so did jomo kill them?

Автор Niella P. Ella (3 года)
woah how come i never know this episode!!! =O

Автор Briannaluvsbooks (3 года)
wow! Thanks so much for putting this up!

Автор Cancerstarsign13 (3 года)
@toyota4runner1000 omg, total thumps up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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