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ITS HERE! YOU CAN STOP ASKING CAUSE ITS HERE! EVERY BODY CONGA! I am afraid this is the last one for a long time. Maybe on day in 2011 I'll make...
The Powerpuff Girls // Born This Way
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a new video it's been a while since i've uploaded. well i hope you enjoy this video because i've been working on this video all week.


Автор Jammer395848AJ (2 месяца)
Guys u know the ppnk girls are just the ppgs when there a bit older? cause
they get grumpy of saving the day all the time and they just change

Автор De'ja Martin (1 месяц)
What's the first song? 

Автор Yaoi Totoro (1 месяц)
As much as I LOVE the CONCEPT of it (and I REALLY do) , I was kinda
disappointed with the fight scenes. I mean for the battle against Oppressor
Plutonium who's pretty much the big macho villain is defeated by a mere
bonk on the head? (6:46 - 6:47) By Jomo no less? If it was THAT easy
wouldn't he have saved the day a LONG ass time ago? That and... that
ending... I wanted to actually see it... unless of course there's another
episode in which they appear... 

Автор Eddie Saba (3 месяца)
You know the powerpuff gurls special coming up in January should be this
instead of the really odd looking one. It should be titled "The powerpuff
girls lost episode DÉJÀ VIEW"

Автор Mariah Dennis (4 месяца)
Those Powerpunk Girls look kinda funny...i mean they maybe counterparts but
they sound like bitches

Автор preyes1279 (3 месяца)
And soo the rowdyruff boys let the punks out by a beam this gurl made a
sequel to this

Автор TopKirby8305 (5 месяцев)
This was supposed to be an episode for Season 4....but due to budget
restraints, they had to pull the plug on it. It's a shame too because this
one would have EASILY been the best episode of Season 4. ;-;

Автор Izzy Mellow (6 месяцев)
This should have been an episode. This would have been awesome especially
if the Rowdyruff boys were in it too.

Автор rosevillemom1 (2 года)
@swfanlver Um...I THINK it was photo bucket, but I don't remember for sure,
it was a while ago.

Автор zahraa ashkanani (2 года)
If they make it an episode.. THAT WOULD BEH AWSOME ;3!

Автор Belldexter1 (1 год)
I hope to see The Powerpunk girls in the reboot cartoon

Автор xX-DaniCutie-Xx (1 год)
GIRLS!!? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ

Автор LordDiscord (2 года)
That would be a good guess.

Автор LaChauntis Washington (5 месяцев)
I would love for this to be an episode

Автор sailor. cure.williukea (1 год)
hey mojo (whoops i mean jomo) your quiz is hard... i wonder between a and
b... but i still choose b :D

Автор thisCCchik (1 год)
Where Did You Find This?

Автор SallyBollwood (2 года)
. if only the episode was made, but i heard a rumor that there was a fight
scene produced between the girls, and the vortex scene was made. i also
heard that these were online, however unsure where, and unsure if it may
have been deleted, but i know a little of the episode was produced and
mashed up with other powerpuff girl scenes to make sense. let me know if
you find it :)

Автор Craven Nastravi (1 год)
because craig mckraken told ctoons to go fuck themselves

Автор Juliana Adams (2 года)
I saw this for the first time and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Автор Adriana Gonzalez (2 года)
I hope they have episode.

Автор THENoobaNoob (2 года)
also, lol MomoJojo has the bitch curl

Автор FefeTheWolfLover (9 месяцев)

Автор minimoonp (1 год)
What is the second song? I know its the ending theme but it sounds

Автор katieloves1 (2 года)
so did jomo kill them?

Автор Niella P. Ella (2 года)
woah how come i never know this episode!!! =O

Автор Briannaluvsbooks (2 года)
wow! Thanks so much for putting this up!

Автор Cancerstarsign13 (2 года)
@toyota4runner1000 omg, total thumps up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор xXJazMarXx (1 год)
This song~ Buttercup ( ImaSuper Girl) I remember Singing it all the time I
actually own this copy too. Some videos don't have the full picture comics.
I''m glad someone uploaded the real thing c:

Автор Babypeach blossom (8 месяцев)
i wish this episode came before the movie! i seriously wanna hear their

Автор SuperElectrogirl98 (1 год)
Why not?

Автор Sharon Lougheed (2 года)

Автор Broccobee (2 года)
nice :) may i ask what is the name of all the songs? :)

Автор Joey Phillips (6 месяцев)
Why can't they make this as an animated episode?

Автор Rameez alsam (2 года)
this was going to be an episode but it was never finished so it was mad
into a comic

Автор TheTobi117 (1 год)
aww well that kinda sucks but oh well, I love the PPG movie. Maybe one day
on a PPG anniversary we will see the episode who knows.

Автор slimgoodie198032 (1 год)
Keiyna. Moore

Автор MrRoMaGi (1 год)
I agree 100%. I also wish that they would have a role in the anime.

Автор UngodlyMystic (1 год)
no. kissing is too nice. there's no way in Him's world that they would do
that. they might rape them though... or something else evil like that.

Автор Tyreek Cruse (8 месяцев)
Him's counterpart would be Mih

Автор UngodlyMystic (2 года)
@Chantizze i figured, what with Jomo Momo, Oppressor Plutonium, and Fuzzy
and the Amoeba Boyz being smart. let me guess, Him in Viletown is a good,
angel-themed female named Her, right? XD

Автор Kelly McNicholas (1 год)
OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор SuperElectrogirl98 (1 год)
Definitely! I honestly don't understand why people are always trying to
pair the PPG with the RRB... PPnkGxRRB is much better and makes a lot more
sense (PPG can be with the good versions of the RRB c:)

Автор EpicOru Ulterra (1 год)
Im pretty sure its legit, but i know for a fact that its totally awesome. I
loved PPG since i was a little boy. i still watch even though im fifteen.

Автор SilverxHyuk (2 года)
@yoursweetasiangurl Haha ikr? :'D

Автор inkrules44 (1 год)
There's going to be a reboot cartoon? When? Sooo exited.

Автор tacnayn999 (11 месяцев)
me to. i hope the new punks look like the old punks. i like the old
ppg,rrb,and the old ppnkg.

Автор EpicOru Ulterra (1 год)
would it be possible to upload the Titans of Townsville comics to?

Автор nikajavari (10 месяцев)
Me to

Автор LordDiscord (2 года)
Then wouldn't the good version of Him resurect them like evil Him did and
make them immune to their kisses like the Rowdyruff Boys.

Автор Lemice Maldavet (2 года)
I think... it may just be me... but I think they should have made this one

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