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Автор Sovat Oung (1 месяц)
I like reading, and I'm gonna get this device on this weekend.

Автор Mr Alex Gaming (8 месяцев)
would this be a good upgrade from an iphone 4?

Автор ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (8 месяцев)
Bigger than the Amazon fire 6. Which is a tablet btw :P

Автор Orlando (2 месяца)
Gets a look in 2015, thanks to Samsung ditching the removable battery and
sd card.

Автор Adam Moloo (8 месяцев)
My hands are so small. I probably wouldn't be able to hold that phone in
one hand.

Автор jrnoobzero (19 дней)
question can you allshare with it or can you screen mirror using Samsung
Allshare dongle?

Автор Patricia Smith (23 дня)
Where can buy one of these in 16 gb in uk?

Автор Big Earl Norris (3 месяца)
I have thank you for the most review of the Samsung Galaxy meg 6. 3 and
makes a difference I'm going to metro pcs to get it I hope it has all the
features that y you say it has and I was wondering can you upgrade Android
to a kit kat and I would like to see zerolemon on this phone

Автор soulaimane elasri (1 месяц)
samsung galaxy A3: Unboxing and review

Автор Ieva S (1 месяц)
lg g2 5,2 " 3000 mAh vs samsung galaxy mega 6,3 " 3200 mAh THIS GALAXY
BATTERY sorry but sucks :)

Автор 21x (5 месяцев)
Galaxy Note 3 Plus

Автор ray mcknight (25 дней)
I'm is mega user for almost 2 years, first impression for it, it's has huge
screen but honestly the mega it's more easy to hold then sony z ultra, when
first i used my phone after opened from box it feels amazing it's fast not
lag at all...but for 2 week later which i have many applications in my mega
it's make a few lag when i opened some heavy application and then for now
it's feel terrible legging every i use the phone, even the phone just use
for calling its still lagging, so now i to change my mega with new phone,
but i dont know what i should have?? I dont have a lagging phone...are
anyone have advise for me?? But my mother suggest note edge, did note edge
its fast phone??

Автор Wong Zhirong (5 часов)
i wait for very long finally i get my samsung mega 6.3 it is quite
expensive, this my dream phone, i am very happy to have this phone, it was
good viewing experience, good for watching movie/drama/music video, gaming,
taking photo,serving internet, the screen colour is beautiful, it has all
samsung function :)

Автор Dhaman Surein (3 месяца)
Are u gonna do the mega 2 review..?

Автор chibueze favour (6 дней)
am so getting that

Автор Bonita Clements (3 месяца)
I like the Mega 6".3 I d rather have a large phone!!!! The larger the
phone, the more storage I have for games and movie apps. 

Автор The Doctor (1 месяц)
If you get the white one can u do an unboxing of it

Автор anonymous anonymous (26 дней)
I own this phone its beast

Автор Ttomisabeast1581967 (28 дней)
reminds me of the Galaxy tab 3

Автор SpursDude (1 месяц)
I think ima gana get this phone

Автор Vaughn Mclean (1 месяц)
Live life like your first day as an intern 

Автор dreamoutloud 103 (2 месяца)
I have one the mega 6.3 I have gotten it from ebay for 300.00 and man I
just love this phone I have a case that i can put on in my pocket so it
would be hanging out. But this is a wonderful phone.

Автор Bonita Clements (1 месяц)
I luv the galaxy Mega six... I hope I can get one!!!! 

Автор Benjamin Cheung (1 месяц)
Where do you buy it

Автор Peyton Smith (4 месяца)
The only problem with this phone is the screen is so easy to break. I love
this phone.

Автор dalila lewis (26 дней)
is it waterproof?

Автор Mandy G (7 месяцев)
Would this phone work on AT&T LTE network?

Автор Hunter Reynolds (5 месяцев)
I wanted to sell my iPod touch and switch to this phone I can go through
the setup process and don't have to activate it with a carrier right? So I
could just use on wifi only?

Автор boba jo (5 месяцев)
hey i'm from morocco and this phone here worths 170$ and the s4 is like
300$ and i like the mega a lot i have big hands and the screen is amazing 

Автор Shannon Maxine Barliso (4 месяца)
is it in the philippines?

Автор Vincent Alonzo (5 месяцев)
I bought this phone and I regretted it. It wasn't as great as I thought it
would be. I would have rather had a note.

Автор 이상애 (8 месяцев)
When you said "Excuse my French" I thought you were going to start cursing
or something! Hahah!

Автор mirzashabsough (9 месяцев)
Samsung galaxy nigga

Автор lala (3 месяца)
thanks for the info

Автор Ilias echaoui abdelkader (4 месяца)
that's not true Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 as the dimensions do not match the
samsung galaxy mega 6.3 has these dimensions 167.6 x 88 mm x 8.0 while the
video puts 159.7mm. watch it because it's not true, thanks from Spain

Автор Daniel Marrett (4 месяца)
Best smartphone review I've seen on YouTube! Was considering this phone and
you helped me decide, thanks.

Автор Omari Williams (3 месяца)
Do another review plz

Автор EXTREME TECH (3 месяца)
hello can you play games on this phone beacuse i like to se how to play
games on the big screen 

Автор Michael whitlock jr (6 месяцев)
I like the phone and have had it for about 6 months. I will have to tell
you it is really to big to be a phone. It makes a good size for a tablet. I
will have to scale down to something I can carry in a pocket. According to
Metro PCS the Mega has been discontinued. Even though I hear rummers of a
Mega 2

Автор aberdeen frias (3 месяца)
How much is it in the Philippines? and what stores should i go.? 

Автор mathieu Poirier (5 месяцев)
notice how he made sure that ad finished for his video

Автор SleepyJake Plays (6 месяцев)
I dont need it. I dont need it. I dont need it. .. I neeed

Автор Hakim Nuraldin (10 месяцев)
Can I download Soundcloud for music on it?

Автор RedRex300 (7 месяцев)
This is honestly the dumbest phone Android has ever made, and I like
Android and Apple equally. Seriously, this size is unnecessary.

Автор Ray twinlens (5 месяцев)
is this phone going to be made here in the usa

Автор alfred dominguez (6 месяцев)
If you want a big phone this is the one for you if you care about specs
then its not the note 4 had better specs but for the me I dont really care
for specs and the ballistic company has a good case with a holister which
is great cause its too big for a average size pocket

Автор Risyenth Yentl (7 месяцев)
is the mega faster than the s4 ? or witch one you recommend

Автор Adrian Villagrana (6 месяцев)
would this be a good upgrade from the LG Optimus L70?

Автор Ali Can (4 месяца)
Good gsm.. I have one and I like it..
With one hand I can use it.. Robust and stable.

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