Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3": Unboxing & Review

Detailed unboxing and review of the giant new Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3" with benchmarks and software demos.


Buy Here: http://goo.gl/6IDtE

CPU: 1.7Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon 400
GPU: Andreno 305
RAM: 1.5GB
Storage: 8/16 GB + MicroSD (64GB)
Display: 720p (233 PPI)
Battery: 3200 mAh
Cameras: 8MP/1.9MP

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Автор Pranabesh Nandy ( назад)
i prefer white u are racist detroitborg.White are the enemies/

Автор Androideri HD ( назад)
How many inch? Sorry if i say somethink bad but i am fromb Serbia.

Автор Amir Bansil ( назад)
my Samsung Mega 6.3 is currently Kit Kat 4.4.2 .😁

Автор Farhan Islam2187 ( назад)
it looks like a version of the Samsung galaxy s3 but bigger!

Автор Ultimateorigami2013 ( назад)
2:21 racist dickhead

Автор Rishelle Fedrick ( назад)

Автор Tristan Bagley ( назад)
Just bought another one.

Автор RETIRED! READ DESC! ( назад)
My galaxy mega has a s6 ROM

Thank you ODIN

Автор Gabriel Pahilanga ( назад)
watching on my mega 5.8 and 6.3

Автор jacky vazquez ( назад)

Автор The Dark Lord Of All ( назад)
galaxy mega=galaxy s4 on steroids

Автор Francisco Bautista ( назад)
do they still sell this

Автор Francisco Bautista ( назад)
do they still sell this

Автор I Love Gaming and vlogging ( назад)
watching on a samsung galaxy A7 2016!!

Автор zion larue ( назад)
yall cant be watching it with yall gs7 or gs6 cuz they came out in 2016

Автор GamerGirl987 GamerGirl16098 ( назад)
nice but ... BIG

Автор faultyJACK ( назад)
Watching On Sprint Galaxy S7 In Black

Автор Eetu Rankinen ( назад)
720p on 6.3 inch phone 🙇🙇😭 just stupid

Автор Jaehan Entertainment Ltd. ( назад)
Android 4.4.4 KitKat update is avilable from 2015....

Автор Elyjah Murphy ( назад)
That's a really big phone

Автор Clunkier Gnat07 ( назад)
galaxy s4 6.3 inches

Автор Fidel Jr Baria ( назад)
how much for this phone?

Автор Ernis Gaming ( назад)
Samsung galaxy s4 :D

Автор Rachel felipe ( назад)
I love this phone i ha e it and i wouldnt trade it foe anything

Автор Rachel felipe ( назад)
I love this phone i ha e it and i wouldnt trade it foe anything

Автор Julian Duong ( назад)
I want a big phone for my tiny pocket! ;3

Автор jon Burton ( назад)
nice :-)

Автор Muhammad Zulkifli ( назад)
i miss old samsung

Автор Brayden Mosby ( назад)
it would be a really good back up phone

Автор Anas Mohd ( назад)
this phone only 500 ringgit (125 dollar) at my contry

Автор De'andre Da Gemini ( назад)
I'm getting one

Автор JT Smith ( назад)
watching on a galaxy s6 edge

Автор RASSMANE SARE ( назад)

Автор Giulio Iannella ( назад)
that "preview" reminds me something.... #apple .-.

Автор MegaBojan1993 ( назад)
This guy probably has big hands. That gigantic phone looks small in his

Автор Deborah Campbell ( назад)
you have a nice voice sir...

Автор Shashwat Sharma ( назад)
this is Indian adapter

Автор Ericka Renea ( назад)
it doesn't look as big as the mega 2 and it looks like the galaxy s6 i have
is the phone the same size as the galaxy s6 or is it bigger???

Автор Jon Burton (1996 лет назад)
i wish I had this phone 😏😁

Автор MinBCraft ( назад)
That looks like a mega galaxy note 2

Автор Istvan Rice ( назад)
the 2015 version of this is the Samsung Galaxy A8, its the successor, but
smaller just like the Note 4 and as powerful as an A5 or A7

Автор Bob Le ( назад)
And I thought my note 3 was a huge phone. lol

Автор Cool trainer Steven ( назад)
I've seen bigger battery's

Автор Hey Its Me ( назад)
I think it looks like the ace è

Автор HydraForce ( назад)

Автор shafiyah jaffar ( назад)
I Love samsung mega 1

Автор Noah Wyles ( назад)
just to warn yall before yall get a this phone it only goes to 15 on the
volume but the good thing is it sounds like its on 100 on the volume

Автор KINGpsycho ( назад)
That's huge lol who needs a phone that big

Автор missy tearth (445 лет назад)
i want big cellphones

Автор missfrasier1 ( назад)
thank you I will let you know Wednesday

Автор Mary Geee ( назад)
Do you recommend this phone over the GS3? I have the GS3 currently, and I
have the option of getting the Mega 6.3. I also have another question. My
sister had this phone, but dropped it, and now the screen doesn't respond
to touch at all. Is there any way to fix it, and if so, can you fix it by
just getting the screen replaced?

Автор Thomas Riggs ( назад)
We all know now where the Apple iPhone 6S got 3D Touch from, Samsung with
it's Air View. Thieves..

Автор Philipp Mustermann ( назад)
hat leute ich intresiere mich auch für Handys aber das er so lange rede 😞

Автор Nicole Anne Anchores ( назад)

Автор Mariiiah “hunnii bun” Andrewsss ( назад)
do they still sale these

Автор Michael Colberg ( назад)
Ich habe ein Kopfwheh. Lol
Good pronunciation BTW!

Автор Lesslie Martinez ( назад)
do they sale it at cricket

Автор Corey Brett ( назад)
do they still sell this phone??

Автор TheStarkest ( назад)
Anyone notice that the air view is basically a 3d touch on iphone 6s?

Автор Jdogweezy 420 ( назад)
s4 and the s5 is better

Автор Robin Nelhams ( назад)
The Samsung Galaxy mega looks like I great phone

Автор Robin Nelhams ( назад)
If it's possible can you do a review on the Lumia 635

Автор ric collis ( назад)
how many phones do you have?

Автор Mikhail Grant ( назад)
I like this I would want one myself

Автор kehvamupetti ( назад)
this is too small hehe :)

Автор Janae Graham ( назад)
It is sold in the us dummy

Автор Edward_Arzadon /Games/Vlogs/Reviews/ ( назад)
6.3 Inch is so big

Автор Mhmod Mebi ( назад)
real review

Автор Dylan Power ( назад)
cool video

Автор Sammy Lee ( назад)
looks like the Samaung Galaxy s6

Автор Jason Warrick ( назад)
no gorilla glass protection?

Автор Rocker Slayer ( назад)
How nice would it be to make a brand new: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Mega?

Автор Amal BENYOUNES ( назад)
wish is better samsung galaxy mega or samsung galaxy s5

Автор Eric Branton ( назад)
i have both phones this one and the iphone 6 plus i like the samsung mega
better then the iphone cause with that you have to type in the password
each time you want sign in to your contacts

Автор Eric Branton ( назад)
i like this better then the iphone 6 plus cause with the iphone you have to
sign in with a password each time i hate that when you slide the phone on
the iphone you have to put in the password there no way to bypass the
password i like this phone better nice and bigger point 6 .3 screen size no
password to get in to your contact i like that

Автор Eric Branton ( назад)
did you ever try pawning them lol

Автор Avianna Claiborne ( назад)
Where Did You purchase Your Phone

Автор kamysamaa ( назад)
oversized GS4

Автор theawsomeyoutuber275 ( назад)
14:30 i saw that ad 3 million times in 2013 so anoyying

Автор Tonio Lewis ( назад)
I'm getten this phone hopely in a couple of days or 3 the phone I have now
is 816 virginmobile so I'm have go with straight talk and hopely the
service is good as I was told it was this phone I have is 5.5 inch so
couple inch wouldn't hurt right 

Автор Martin Sörensen (2004 года назад)
I'm going to buy it! :D

Автор pocketbac.lover101 ( назад)
+DetroitBORG I've been looking for the same phone but not over $300 so I've
found one on eBay but I've seen a lot of people getting scammed on YouTube
so I wanted to ask if you know if you think the phone Im looking out is not
a scam plz check it out http://m.ebay.com/itm/191540348402?nav=SEARCH 

Автор Shaunda Seegert ( назад)
I been wanting a mega for a long time so I ended up getting my husband and
I a galaxy mega 2 from AT&T 

Автор eslam elgyoshy ( назад)

Автор Wong ( назад)
i wait for very long finally i get my samsung mega 6.3 it is quite
expensive, this my dream phone, i am very happy to have this phone, it was
good viewing experience, good for watching movie/drama/music video, gaming,
taking photo,serving internet, the screen colour is beautiful, it has all
samsung function :)

Автор chibueze favour ( назад)
am so getting that

Автор jrnoobzero ( назад)
question can you allshare with it or can you screen mirror using Samsung
Allshare dongle?

Автор howard feather ( назад)
A highly informative and professionally put together review. Excellent

Автор Patricia Smith ( назад)
Where can buy one of these in 16 gb in uk?

Автор ray mcknight ( назад)
I'm is mega user for almost 2 years, first impression for it, it's has huge
screen but honestly the mega it's more easy to hold then sony z ultra, when
first i used my phone after opened from box it feels amazing it's fast not
lag at all...but for 2 week later which i have many applications in my mega
it's make a few lag when i opened some heavy application and then for now
it's feel terrible legging every i use the phone, even the phone just use
for calling its still lagging, so now i to change my mega with new phone,
but i dont know what i should have?? I dont have a lagging phone...are
anyone have advise for me?? But my mother suggest note edge, did note edge
its fast phone??

Автор dalila lewis ( назад)
is it waterproof?

Автор Ttomisabeast ( назад)
reminds me of the Galaxy tab 3

Автор Sovat Oung ( назад)
I like reading, and I'm gonna get this device on this weekend.

Автор The Doctor ( назад)
If you get the white one can u do an unboxing of it

Автор GustinsYo. ( назад)
I think ima gana get this phone

Автор Vaughn Mclean ( назад)
Live life like your first day as an intern 

Автор Bonita Clements ( назад)
I luv the galaxy Mega six... I hope I can get one!!!! 

Автор soulaimane elasri ( назад)
samsung galaxy A3: Unboxing and review

Автор Ieva S ( назад)
lg g2 5,2 " 3000 mAh vs samsung galaxy mega 6,3 " 3200 mAh THIS GALAXY
BATTERY sorry but sucks :)

Автор dreamoutloud 103 (1 год назад)
I have one the mega 6.3 I have gotten it from ebay for 300.00 and man I
just love this phone I have a case that i can put on in my pocket so it
would be hanging out. But this is a wonderful phone.

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