Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3": Unboxing & Review

Detailed unboxing and review of the giant new Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3" with benchmarks and software demos.


Buy Here: http://goo.gl/6IDtE

CPU: 1.7Ghz Dual Core Snapdragon 400
GPU: Andreno 305
RAM: 1.5GB
Storage: 8/16 GB + MicroSD (64GB)
Display: 720p (233 PPI)
Battery: 3200 mAh
Cameras: 8MP/1.9MP

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Автор Johnny Chapman (2 месяца)
The only thing I find wrong with this phone is no body has it for sale in
the U.S as of yet.

To the people that say this is just an oversized phone that looks stupid.

I have to say for the people with Small Hands yes this Phone would look
stupid in Smaller Hands because I have big hands and for me to have a Small
Phone I look stupid with the small phones.

So this phone will fit in my hands just right as your small phones fit your
small hands just right, I will be Glad to be able to buy it when it comes
up for sale in the U.S Stores.

I am 6' 7" Tall and I wear a size 17 ring so I guess you can see me with
the Small phones that most people can use and me trying to touch the little
key pads, Most phones when I try to touch a key pad my finger hits at least
two at a time and using the little pen that comes with some phones, Well it
makes a better tooth pick than a pen.

So I have to say Thank God for a Phone for people with Big Hands.

Автор Mr Alex Gaming (4 месяца)
would this be a good upgrade from an iphone 4?

Автор mirzashabsough (5 месяцев)
Samsung galaxy nigga

Автор John Smiith (4 дня)
My phone and the best smart phone ever produced. What makes it so good?
Screen size. Its a phone, tablet, and handheld computer all in one. Its
true that its 720p and not 1080p but I cant tell the difference and most of
what I do is read Ebooks on my phone anyway. The screen real estate makes
it great for typing and taking notes in class. At 3200 mah, it has one of
the best battery lives of any phone on the market. It's too bad it just
went out of production. I'll have to buy a couple spares on Ebay.

Автор Peyton Smith (14 дней)
The only problem with this phone is the screen is so easy to break. I love
this phone.

Автор Mohammed Ali (6 месяцев)
iphone sucks

Автор Ilias echaoui abdelkader (9 дней)
that's not true Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 as the dimensions do not match the
samsung galaxy mega 6.3 has these dimensions 167.6 x 88 mm x 8.0 while the
video puts 159.7mm. watch it because it's not true, thanks from Spain

Автор Michael whitlock jr (2 месяца)
I like the phone and have had it for about 6 months. I will have to tell
you it is really to big to be a phone. It makes a good size for a tablet. I
will have to scale down to something I can carry in a pocket. According to
Metro PCS the Mega has been discontinued. Even though I hear rummers of a
Mega 2

Автор boba jo (1 месяц)
hey i'm from morocco and this phone here worths 170$ and the s4 is like
300$ and i like the mega a lot i have big hands and the screen is amazing 

Автор Steve Redman (3 месяца)
The mega is garbage, it's a low grade dual core processor. Hell my old S3
has better specs. Glad I waited and got the Note 2 when they were both new
on the market 

Автор Daniel Marrett (9 дней)
Best smartphone review I've seen on YouTube! Was considering this phone and
you helped me decide, thanks.

Автор April Murphy (2 месяца)
I love the Mega, I hope Samsung continues with the larger phones. I use it
daily as a mini computer when I am away from my desk, working onsite when
its is not an practical to take my laptop!

Автор Hunter Reynolds (1 месяц)
I wanted to sell my iPod touch and switch to this phone I can go through
the setup process and don't have to activate it with a carrier right? So I
could just use on wifi only?

Автор CobaltHailstorm (9 месяцев)
I switched from an iPhone 4S to the Mega not to long ago, and I am really
enjoying using the Mega. Sure, if I had a couple of hundred dollars I could
have gotten the Note 3, but either phone is a big performance booth. I just
wish it had a Quad Core CPU.

Автор 이상애 (4 месяца)
When you said "Excuse my French" I thought you were going to start cursing
or something! Hahah!

Автор Justin Abdelshaid (2 месяца)
its big and boss

Автор Ali Can (1 месяц)
Good gsm.. I have one and I like it..
With one hand I can use it.. Robust and stable.

Автор mirkoaluf (15 дней)
OMG so thank you make my chois esy as fuck 

Автор Shannon Maxine Barliso (10 дней)
is it in the philippines?

Автор 21x (1 месяц)
Galaxy Note 3 Plus

Автор RedRex300 (3 месяца)
This is honestly the dumbest phone Android has ever made, and I like
Android and Apple equally. Seriously, this size is unnecessary.

Автор RedKill3r (5 месяцев)
...This or Moto G?

Автор Daniel Filippus (3 месяца)
This review is 30min long!

Автор mathieu Poirier (1 месяц)
notice how he made sure that ad finished for his video

Автор alfred dominguez (2 месяца)
If you want a big phone this is the one for you if you care about specs
then its not the note 4 had better specs but for the me I dont really care
for specs and the ballistic company has a good case with a holister which
is great cause its too big for a average size pocket

Автор Justin Abdelshaid (2 месяца)
best phone 

Автор Adam Moloo (4 месяца)
My hands are so small. I probably wouldn't be able to hold that phone in
one hand.

Автор Risyenth Yentl (3 месяца)
is the mega faster than the s4 ? or witch one you recommend

Автор Vincent Alonzo (1 месяц)
I bought this phone and I regretted it. It wasn't as great as I thought it
would be. I would have rather had a note.

Автор ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (4 месяца)
Bigger than the Amazon fire 6. Which is a tablet btw :P

Автор bar gutman (3 месяца)
where you buy this phone ?is very good and i love big samsung and note
is Worse and android is

Автор Andre Spring (2 месяца)
i personally like large phones so it would be awsome if i could get one of

Автор Ray twinlens (1 месяц)
is this phone going to be made here in the usa

Автор Alonzo Roberson (1 месяц)
I have the phone and I love it .....

Автор faye taylor (2 месяца)
I'm excited to purchase a Mega. I've heard that they are quite wonderful.
But I'm excited.

Автор Adrian Villagrana (2 месяца)
would this be a good upgrade from the LG Optimus L70?

Автор I AM NO ONEE (3 месяца)
Can you please do The Samsung galaxy grand 2 unboxing and review!!! Thank

Автор Sergio Hernandez (2 месяца)
Love this phone! I have with Verizon Wireless and I pay $105 per month. In
my opinion it is a great phone! But I did not buy it for $500 i paid
$339.99 plus tax.

Автор UrN SA-MP Ofiicial (3 месяца)
can somebody tell me whats whats its memory ??

Автор Brittney Harris (2 месяца)
I am sooooo getting rid of my iphone. I was kinda on the fence between an
HTC One and a Galaxy S4.....but i want this one! lol

Автор princeicio (3 месяца)
What's the rush savour the moment 4:04

Автор Mandy G (3 месяца)
Would this phone work on AT&T LTE network?

Автор Taavi Tobreluts (2 месяца)
I dont need it. I dont need it. I dont need it. .. I neeed

Автор Oliver De Leon (5 месяцев)
People be asking all these dUmb questions if your old phone could do it
then y couldn't your new phone 

Автор jennifer md (5 месяцев)
i got mi mega a few days and ilove it the pictured are very good and
beautifull, the battery life is good too is last me two days usong the
phone all the time, is soo fast in everything, the games looks amazing amd
the grafics, the sound when i see movies is loud and clear, the screen is
amazing and the phone os very very big and if u put a hybrid/otter/hard
case it will be even more bigger so u have to use both hands but i dont
care i love it i will never go back to a smaller screen/phone i will switch
mi mega only for the the note 4 but in a few years cus im in a love
situation with my mega and i dont mind its an older phone it works and have
all i need and a use a lot of apps and stuff from internet and its works
fine for me e everything i need it have it the only thing i would lovemega
hads is the pen to write but its okey i still love it

Автор Raynbow402 (3 месяца)
I would love to see more phones like this. I have really big hands lol so
yeah any big phone would suit me

Автор Charbel Saade (2 месяца)
I love the phone so much that i actually bought it

Автор Senank Muidz (23 дня)

Автор Fachri Iqbal (2 месяца)
mega 2 please..

Автор Sergio Hernandez (2 месяца)
Yes! Definitely. This is a upgrade from iphone 4!

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