Kenny Florian Discusses Cain Velasquez Being Pulled From UFC 207 - He May Have to Retire Now

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Автор Valente Medina ( назад)
All of you talking shit about Cain, Lol look in the mirror I bet you're a fat fuck bent outta shape bud. chill.

Автор Fasharath De Feat ( назад)
cain better retaired is good for him he is a very old to do fight.

Автор Arturo Martinez ( назад)
Cain is afraid of nadie how is the best of he pelear every3 years for the same razon por Que nadie le puede ganar nadie

Автор cvbdr23 ( назад)
change gym cain

Автор Danny1 pa ( назад)
He for sure needs to retire,he slow down a whole lot

Автор Sain Sohtun ( назад)
Cain Velasquez is scared of Fabricio Werdum

Автор Don Juan Bob Jovi ( назад)
why all you clowns hating on Kenny dudes a legend

Автор Don Juan Bob Jovi ( назад)
I hope he keeps fighting he's Best heavy weight ever in my opinion

Автор chirazi ( назад)
Kenny "nobody gives a fuck about" florian

Автор riton collegien ( назад)
he just needs a better surgeon

Автор Vince Jones ( назад)
these two are proper sports fan radio. awful. especially jon anik, fucking hideous voice.cheesy fucker as well.

Автор AbsoluteMMA101 ( назад)
AKA = Always Knee-injury Associates I bet the front desk guy has bad knees too.

Автор chauncey phillips ( назад)
I've heard the stories of how they want to train with me!
-Kenny Florian

Автор TéritoN ( назад)
Velasquez out of the ufc ? (-1 Viewer for the ufc)

Автор luis anaya ( назад)
definitely had something to do with mmaaa.....

Автор Germaine Roundame ( назад)
AKA= All Knees Annihilated

Автор cb7pwn ( назад)
Cain is such a disappointment to fans ... whats with these guys training so stupid

Автор AmericanZombieDos ( назад)
Gotdammnit!! The main fight I wanted to see. If this guy wasn't always injured he could've been the best heavy weight of all time.

Автор Elite 1984 ( назад)

Автор Scott Tyler ( назад)
he looks physically bad like the body of an old man. diet and training regime must be awful. needs to get in better shape

Автор Mark Wheeler ( назад)
You can't book Cain to fight again he can't make it to the fight unfortunately!. what is it with AKA!? it's not good training so much you must rest the body needs rest.

Автор LOCO_COCO_707 ( назад)
My favorite fighter always being held back from being the greatest due to injuries

Автор Kali707 Kush ( назад)
if u really wanted to fight keep ur mouth shut about any pains GOD FUKIN DAM JUST FIGHT ALREADY

Автор liberal tears ( назад)
Disappointing fans as usual. Aka =almost killed again

Автор Fight Fan ( назад)
Please kenny 😂😂😂😂 por favor

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