French & Saunders - House of Idiot Part 1

French & Saunders sketch of the 1991 TV show The House of Eliott.

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Длительность: 6:38
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Автор Tom Ripley ( назад)
I wish there were more episodes. Did they manage to get the buttons for the
Countess of Herzogivina?

Автор olafursson kyllian ( назад)
This material has life ...


they are fucking brilliant !

Автор olafursson kyllian ( назад)
HighJack ! Love Dawn

Автор John King ( назад)
This aired on Thursday 25th March 1993 on French and Saunders BBC Two

this cracks me up so it does

Автор lofthouse23 ( назад)
"That will be all, thank you Joseph."

Автор Shteve67 ( назад)
Jack! JaaaAAAaack!!

Автор AmandaClody ( назад)
Kathy Burke is so funny, Jennifer was always the star of the show really,
she is a great comedy actress and can impersonate the people she is playing
so well, very underrated as an actress. Dawn was funny but her weight
played a big part in the laughs she got

Автор AmandaClody ( назад)
they are repeating House of Elliot on ITV3 during the day, it's so crap,
can't believe people actually watched it it's so cringey

Автор Lesley1000 ( назад)
The name is ingenious in itself!

Автор martianboy ( назад)
hahahaha so brilliant! "Miss Bea, Miss Evie I know its not my place...!"

Автор BlueSmurf10 ( назад)
I loved 'The House of Eliott' but couldn't watch it with a straight face
after this. It was so bang on.

Автор William Robinson ( назад)
What is that assistant wearing over her ears? Cinnamon buns?? LOL

Автор philbyification ( назад)
Yay!! Kathy Burke!!! French and Saunders RULE!!!

Автор Hillbilly Doughboy (538 лет назад)
I love how they try so hard to make it a period piece and mess up so badly,
like not knowing how to answer the old style phone and talking about

Автор voon100 ( назад)
'The House Of Idiots' title makes me chuckle.

Автор Edward Metcalfe ( назад)
Very entertainingly funny

Автор dancelover020 ( назад)
@Cassavius hahaha that is soo funny...but then this whole sketch is!!

Автор c-el Loake ( назад)
house of eliot is on itv 3 at the minute, and it reminded me of french and
saunders sketch, this is genious, so funny! 

Автор Iwannabfamousgirl97 (828 лет назад)
i remember when i met jen she said something in a scottish accent but i nvr
uderstood wat she said ...ill have to ask her

Автор sleepypoodle ( назад)
I never could understand why they didn't do a parody of 'Sophie's Choice'

Автор nevashiva ( назад)
thatll be all thank you joseph

Автор Schnorbs ( назад)
Every time I watch this, there's something else I notice. Never noticed the
estate agent's sign that's _just_ visible at the top at 2:20.

Автор gaz2206 ( назад)

Автор transonicbuoy1 ( назад)
Women aren`t funny - but these two are. So women are funny. Not many of
them, mind. Just these two. Class.

Автор sunnydale22 ( назад)
i recently watched all the episodes of the 3 seasons and seeing this was
simply hilarious! you can really understand all the little jokes haha!!
this is great :D

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