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Автор John King (4 дня)
This aired on Thursday 25th March 1993 on French and Saunders BBC Two

Автор Shteve67 (8 месяцев)
Jack! JaaaAAAaack!!

Автор STEPHEN MCGONIGLE (2 месяца)
this cracks me up so it does

Автор lofthouse23 (6 месяцев)
"That will be all, thank you Joseph."

Автор AmandaClody (1 год)
Kathy Burke is so funny, Jennifer was always the star of the show really,
she is a great comedy actress and can impersonate the people she is playing
so well, very underrated as an actress. Dawn was funny but her weight
played a big part in the laughs she got

Автор AmandaClody (1 год)
they are repeating House of Elliot on ITV3 during the day, it's so crap,
can't believe people actually watched it it's so cringey

Автор Lesley1000 (1 год)
The name is ingenious in itself!

Автор flowers321 (4 года)
"I'm just so worried about these missing 'buttons'(slurred

Автор philbyification (3 года)
Yay!! Kathy Burke!!! French and Saunders RULE!!!

Автор sunnydale22 (5 лет)
i recently watched all the episodes of the 3 seasons and seeing this was
simply hilarious! you can really understand all the little jokes haha!!
this is great :D

Автор Hillbilly Doughboy (3 года)
I love how they try so hard to make it a period piece and mess up so badly,
like not knowing how to answer the old style phone and talking about

Автор dancelover020 (3 года)
@Cassavius hahaha that is soo funny...but then this whole sketch is!!

Автор martianboy (2 года)
hahahaha so brilliant! "Miss Bea, Miss Evie I know its not my place...!"

Автор flowers321 (4 года)
Best line from this:The Countess being designed proclaiming "The House of
Idiot has done well."lol

Автор sleepypoodle (3 года)
I never could understand why they didn't do a parody of 'Sophie's Choice' :)

Автор Schnorbs (4 года)
Every time I watch this, there's something else I notice. Never noticed the
estate agent's sign that's _just_ visible at the top at 2:20.

Автор voon100 (3 года)
'The House Of Idiots' title makes me chuckle.

Автор gaz2206 (4 года)

Автор nevashiva (4 года)
thatll be all thank you joseph

Автор caz Loake (3 года)
house of eliot is on itv 3 at the minute, and it reminded me of french and
saunders sketch, this is genious, so funny!

Автор Edward Metcalfe (3 года)
Very entertainingly funny

Автор William Robinson (3 года)
What is that assistant wearing over her ears? Cinnamon buns?? LOL

Автор BlueSmurf10 (2 года)
I loved 'The House of Eliott' but couldn't watch it with a straight face
after this. It was so bang on.

Автор Iwannabfamousgirl97 (3 года)
i remember when i met jen she said something in a scottish accent but i nvr
uderstood wat she said ...ill have to ask her

Автор transonicbuoy1 (5 лет)
Women aren`t funny - but these two are. So women are funny. Not many of
them, mind. Just these two. Class.

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